A Civilization of Zombies

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Swedish government under PM Stefan Löfven, 2014

A Civilization of Zombies

by Fjordman

I remember watching a drone video during the height of the immigrant influx to Europe in 2015. The scenes were absurd. With the huge masses of people on the move, it resembled a film of some kind. At one point, I thought it looked vaguely like a zombie movie.

Then the thought occurred to me: If this is a zombie movie, who are the zombies here? We, or the migrants?

While not being a huge fan of the genre, I have seen a couple of zombie movies. Zombies are often portrayed as creatures with very limited remaining functioning brain capacity. Basically, they move around aimlessly and make incoherent sounds. Apart from a desire to feed, they have no clearly discernible goals.

This description does not fit the many illegal immigrants from the Islamic world and Africa that are forcing their way into Europe. These people have very clearly defined goals in their brains and pursue these goals with determination. They certainly want our wealth and status. Some of them probably want our lands.

The people who act the most like zombies in today’s reality are many Europeans. An example of this would be Stefan Löfven. He has been the leader of the Swedish Social Democrats since 2012 and the Prime Minister of Sweden since 2014.

In early April 2017, the Swedish broadcaster TV4 showed secret footage of the privately-run Al-Azhar Primary School in a Stockholm suburb. Boys were seen entering a bus from the front and girls from the back. The Muslim school’s vice principal claimed it had no intention of separating children by sex.[1]

I think this is despicable. This doesn’t belong in Sweden,” Prime Minister Stefan Löfven told reporters. “We take the bus together here, regardless if you’re a girl or a boy, woman or a man.”[2]

Löfven was shocked to discover that some of the Muslims he and others have admitted to his country still behave like Muslims. PM Löfven seems to move from place to place in a continuous state of shock and disbelief. Just a few days later, he was shocked again.

On April 7, 2017, a Muslim man drove a hijacked beer truck at high speed through crowds in a busy pedestrian street in central Stockholm before crashing into a department store. Four people were killed and many seriously wounded.

The terrorist came from Uzbekistan in Central Asia. His application for residency was rejected in June 2016. He was being sought by immigration officials, but had remained in the country illegally. Police say the man had expressed sympathy for Jihadist groups such as the Islamic State.[3]

Prime Minister Stefan Löfven stated that the country was “in a state of shock” over the attack.[4] I was not. I was dismayed by the deadly brutality, of course, but not at all surprised that such an attack took place. In fact, I had predicted it less than a week earlier.

A previous Islamic terror attack in Sweden took place on December 11, 2010. It, too, happened on a busy street in central Stockholm. The terrorist Taimour Abdulwahab al-Abdaly, an Iraqi-born Swedish citizen, carried out the first Muslim suicide bombing in Scandinavia.[5] Fortunately, he only managed to kill himself. However, he could have murdered many people that day.

Since then there had not been a Muslim terror attack in Sweden for more than six years. This is remarkable, given how many Muslim Jihadists the country has imported and exported during that same time period.

I discussed this puzzling fact with some Swedish friends in early April 2017. The only explanation we could come up with is that Sweden is viewed by militant Muslims as such a useful and submissive host that they choose not to target it just yet. They prefer to be pampered by the welfare state, receive free healthcare and perhaps have sex with some local women, with or without their consent.

However, I pointed out that Belgium had been in a similar situation before. It has long been a breeding ground for Jihadists. With the Brussels bombings on March 22, 2016, Jihadists then launched mass casualty attacks in Belgium itself.

Sweden was now in a comparable situation. In early 2017, it was revealed that more than 150 militant Muslims had returned to Sweden after having supported the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS).[6] These people have directly or indirectly supported brutal terrorist attacks, massacres, beheadings and slave auctions. Nevertheless, they are not arrested. On the contrary.

The policy is that local municipalities offer them driving licenses and housing grants in order to reintegrate these hardened Jihadists into Swedish society.[7]

A country simply cannot import and export a large number of militant Muslims for years and itself remain immune from the Muslim terror threat. By that logic, an Islamic terrorist attack on Swedish soil was long overdue. The only surprising thing about the attack in Stockholm is that so many people are surprised.

The reactions to the Stockholm terror attack are predictable: Nothing really changes. A few days of tears, candles and singing. Then business as usual.

Western mass media and political elites no longer respond rationally to genuine threats. Whatever functioning brain power they still possess is used to implement a Globalist agenda of open borders and mass migration.

However, sometimes one gets the impression that they really do not think much at all. Western ruling elites behave in an almost zombie-like manner. They mindlessly walk from disaster to disaster, never understanding what caused the previous catastrophe and not doing anything substantial to prevent the next one.

Is this what we have been reduced to? A civilization of zombies?


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36 thoughts on “A Civilization of Zombies

  1. Great point – the Scandi’s are definitely zombies. The same could be generally said of Europe. Immigration from all countries into the US must be halted until the Euro-progressive-liberals have been consumed by the islamic invaders.

    • The unfortunate thing is that one cannot simply cede lands and nations to these islamic cretins; what is abandoned simply makes them stronger, and someday, our descendents will have to fight a much stronger and implacable foe because we in the time when it could have made a difference did nothing.

      The weakness of islam is that it does not create; it steals and nothing more. They cannot even make something as simple as a Kalashnikov without Western engineers and managers running the factories full of imported workers. Imagine, all of Europe in the hands of such uncultured throwbacks to the Dark Ages; ruling over an empire of castrated slaves to do their technological bidding, and breeding hordes of willing foot soldiers off of the formerly barren wombs of an entire generation of thoroughly cowed European women. The hordes of Mordor is an apt analogy. This is what our children and grandchildren will face if we do nothing and leave the euro-progressive liberals to their richly deserved fates. They will have to be saved in spite of themselves or our names will be cursed by those yet unborn who will be forced to fight them when there is no choice but to do so or submit.

      Unfortunately, no Western ruler or potential ruler has the gonads to do what needs to be done to stave off such disaster; there ultimately can only be us or them remaining, and no one on our side is yet ready to commit to such a religiocide. Maybe when they nuke a few of our cities or gas several million westerners there will be such a resolve.

      • Actually, if one just makes access to Western technology unavailable for them, their numbers and influence will quickly shrink back to what they were circa 1950, i.e., not a big problem.

        No active violence is really required to achieve this.

        • Oh yes. When Moslems run Scandinavia, they won’t understand or proceed with winter weather measures and will die. (So will the real Swedes, of course). When Moslems run The Netherlands, it will be under the sea within five years.

          Remember the state of the art greenhouses donated to the Palestinians? That’s the same story.

          Moslems need not only lands to loot in perpetuity, but also they really need dhimmis and slaves to do the real work.

          • Dream on and perish. There is but one remedy and that is to declare Islam a death cult and forbid it through out the world. For it will never sleep or slumber and forever march us all to death’s jaws.

  2. “Zombie” describes much of the Bubble Class in the West, America included. So now, to replace other soubriquets I’ve previously used to describe, oh, say perhaps, our snowflakes and our clueless socialists, our increasingly bizarre gender separatists, and pandering politicians, I can just shortcut through them all to say “a member of the Bubble Zombie Class.

    Or should it be reversed to Zombie Bubble class? Seriously, I’d like some feedback. I like this second formation because it can be easily shortened to the ZeeBees – and then we’re all on the same page. While we still have “pages”…

    Thank you, Fjordman. As always…

    • I think an American tv show already captured the perfect version:
      The Walking Dead!

      • If I’m up to it this evening, I’ll get on Twitter and talk about Fj’s zombies. Will try for a vast right wing conspiracy hashtag for the phenomenon.

        • I would disagree with D. No matter what we do it is not the right thing.
          I fully expect a dressing down by D even though she gave that up for lent…
          Hint” Lent isn’t over till Saturday.
          So D. hold your tongue and accept what you are selling because I don’t agree.

          • Per Zman, they Elite Rulers are ‘The Cloud People’. We are ‘The Dirt People’. We live out in the suburban and rural areas, they in the Cloud of the Ruling Elite.

          • Thank you, Babs, for the reminder that this is Passion Week. I think I have made it through except for the dressing down of a new commenter who ridiculed our long-time visitor, Bishop Guy Leven-Torres (hope I have the name right).

            With my heart condition continuing to deteriorate, I save what energy I have for my garden…it’s fine with me if ZeeBees dies a merciful death. It’s all just word play while Rome burns – someone ought to take the matches away from Frankie, though.

  3. I’m not convinced. The political class want votes, media must toe the party line and it seems certain that Saudi money funds not only mosques but fills the offshore accounts of most ‘leaders’, the exception being Eastern Europeans. They seem to remeber what Islamic conquest means.

  4. Agree that the role of Saudi money is not spoken about because believe it or not PC still rules. Oh yes, occasionally the hypnotized public gets upset about irritants such as referring to simple exasperation with muslims as “Islamophobia” , that dreaded mental illness. But a moment’s reflection reveals that no one outside of media refers to it. It is a creation of government and its stooges. And the government- beneath – the – surface is always on the take. The push, against which no push back is tolerable, is Saudi funded.
    The good news is that Islam has no intellectual depth to match the deep pockets. More video of streams of hundreds of thousands of nitwits walking in circles around a meteor, please.
    In the meantime I’ll pour a beer. And pat my Dobe on the head. All I have to do is walk him and watch the local Somalis freak – it always makes my day.

    • ChrisLA – I hope the Smithsonian mag is still around to chronicle the fate of Western albatross peoples as they permit, nay welcome this efficient infanticide in the Bubble Zombie enclaves. The ZeeBees are OUR albatross, they with their huge IQs and their startling lack of the common survival sense God gave a duck.

      That’s a feature of ZeeBees – they consider their IQs to be a sign of prestige but as it works out, ‘twould appear to be the mark of Cain. Though we’d need to explain what that meant to the uselessly over-educated and under-skilled.

      • Yes, the albatross being eaten alive by rats is a fitting example of what is going on today in the west.

  5. They mindlessly walk from disaster to disaster, never understanding what caused the previous catastrophe and not doing anything substantial to prevent the next one.

    It’s … it’s … almost as if the powers that be do not want anyone to “connect the dots”. Even when each dot is the size of Gibraltar. Idiotic phrases like “man-caused disasters” and other such repulsive drivel are merely symptomatic of the mindset that constantly shrinks before any utterance of even the smallest truths.

    What undeniable, “larger truth” will it take to make the “dots” connect? A crowded stadium? An entire preschool? A poisoned metropolitan reservoir? What sort of body count will be required to finally strip away this government-sanctioned and media-perpetuated blinkering of the masses?

    Sweden is so far through the rabbit hole’s looking glass (to coin a phrase) such that the mind reels when estimating how long the telephone’s going to ring before anyone finally answers the wake-up call. More importantly, will somebody capable of wiggling the needle on an electroencephalograph actually pick up the phone? Will they even take a legible message?

    On April 7th, that truck had room enough for sufficient explosives to have brought down the whole building, if not that entire block. Exactly how large will the dots need to be in order for regular Swedish people to have the scales fall from their eyes and recognize that the wolf is in the fold? At the risk of repeating myself:

    The EU keeps pretending that if they invite the fox into the hen house, suddenly the fox will start laying eggs.

    • The bigger you make the connecting dots the blinder they get. That is the effect of True Religion. They are among the Zombie Believers. They are those armless little blue beings Al Capp drew, the Schmoo (or Shmoo, in some denominations) who offered themselves up as sacrifices to the greater good.

      And at the risk of repeating myself, this is an illustration of the downside of a culture which prides itself on being “nice” and being intelligent. Neither quality is in a survival skill set. Maybe they’ll eventually put a few Nords in Islam’s zoos so the victors can watch the losers being smart…and oh so kind.

    • “They mindlessly walk from disaster to disaster, never understanding what caused the previous catastrophe and not doing anything substantial to prevent the next one.”

      The perfect description of the Electorate, and all those who are wedded to the concept of “Democracy” … which is really nothing more than sanitized Socialism.

      Property Rights are what made Europe great. Only their restoration can restrain the advance of Islam … for, who will fight to remain a slave to the taxman?

      Will you?

      • Property rights are sewn tight into the fabric of the American Constitution, but – as in EUrope and elsewhere – they can be over-ridden if the price is right.

        In the U.S., those rights are written and are seen as a priori natural rights which no government may gainsay. Some of those God-given rights (as the Founders called them) have been a bit eroded but still, they stand. I’m not sure EUorpe, despite its state-run churches, has been willing to grant that same a priori rights to everyone.

        When I ask about the British Constitution or Bill of Rights, I’m told they’re not written but understood. I hope those who declared so are wrong…that would be one scary situation, an unwritten Constitution. I notice the EUSSR has a YUGE document, remarkable only for its promise of draconian punishments for any violations and for its truly bureaucratic opacity. It’s even more unreadable than our American disgrace, “The Affordable Care Act” (the latter having accrued another 20,000 pages of mark-ups and additions – though the number may be higher since I last looked. Nowhere in them will you find the famous “if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. Ours has already fled to early retirement).

        It was a turning point in my thinking when, in a conversation with Fjordman some years ago, he pointed me to the first iteration, iirc, beginning in the Barcelona Declaration. Searching now, I can’t find what he sent (several computers ago) but I did stumble across a far more interesting (from a personal point of view) page:


        Not only is the page detailed (a bit dated, but still has lots of facts). but it uses an image the Baron created. I’m always elated when I come upon one of those. It’s a solace since his eyesight prevents sitting in the bright southern sun, creating landscapes. Sigh.

        See if you recognize the image they borrowed (and welcome to it they are!)
        BTW, one reason South America has remained less powerful on the world stage is its (Spanish-influenced) failure to put property rights on the same level as free speech and the right to “pursue” happiness. Those lacks are behind the relative South American failure to thrive.

        They may eventually be overtaken by the Chinese,anyway, much as the continent of Africa has, and the continent’s resources drained away in turn. So far, in the US, China mainly want our ports and prime real estate. I suppose the rest can come in due time. A patient, persevering culture.

        I love Chinese food, and their willingness to cook anything.

  6. Spurious radiation from [ defective? or sabotaged? ] Lava Lamps of the prior generation has spawned congenital neurological dysfunction throughout Scandinavia. The lysergic acid festivals weren’t much help either.

    The closest phenomenon to the cheerful reception rendered the crowds of military age rapists and church arsonists flooding in to score big in the State Welfare Giveaway, was the greeting, front paws akimbo, waving placards reading “Welcome Space Visitors”, rendered the approaching asteroid responsible for the Great Permian Extinction by optimistic dinosaurs.

    • Wonderful!

      Or maybe I should be learning to say that in Arabic…on third thought, Chinese would be more likely. They will wait for the Stupid Ones to destroy the Too-Smart-To-Live Ones and then they’ll move in, to clean up run things. Islam is simply an interregnum period of chaotic destruction. But how many battleships does Islam have? Even if it had them, how many could it operate since Islam is fundamentally opposed to manual labor when simple robbery will do?

      The Chinese, though, they steal more than just things they can use to kill people. They steal innovation. So how many aircraft carriers do the Chinese have? How many are they building? Chinese philosophy always includes the political realm…

      Islam is a distraction. A noisy, lethal and extremely destructive distraction to be sure. But don’t bother learning Arabic. Go straight to Chinese.

      • My thoughts many moons ago..Which Asian has the most patience..The museum’d muslims or the Chinese? “Wok With Yan” was a great cooking show..Haven’t ever seen a muslix cooking show..ever.(What too gory for the halal preps?)

        • The prospect of being ruled over the by the Chinese is a lot less scary than the prospect of being ruled over by the Muslim Califate. It would feel like the arrival of freedom, in relative terms, after a few years of Califate…

          I must admit, however, that I’m not very fond of Chinese food. Muslims in general have much better food IMHO. It’s one area in which they *have* achieved success. Moroccan food, Middle Eastern food generally, Turkish food, Iranian food, Indonesian food – all excellent cuisines. So I’ll give credit where credit is due.

          I have no quibble with the idea that the culinary scene is much improved by multikulti. The problem is, that’s just about the only thing that is definitely improved, and a society isn’t built on that!

  7. Yeah, no terror attacks in six years, if you don’t consider rape jihad to be terror.

    Regarding the photo, first thing I’d do is break that finger.

    • And rip off the beard… In a rational society, such sharia-compliant beards would be grounds for deportation of the wearer and his entire family for demonstrated unwillingness to integrate into his adopted society.

  8. And, lest I forget, train daily in martial arts, firearms combat and military tactics. It will get your mind and body right for what is here and coming.

  9. You cannot even begin to resist the expansion of Islam … without first removing your Government. That is a fact of life for every Westerner. In every instance, the Mohammedan’s strongest ally is the Western’ politician.

    I would argue that there is no democratic solution to Europe’s problems, since every institution of State has been infiltrated and corrupted by Marxists.

    It is my opinion that, short of an active insurrection … there is no hope for ANY of the European’ cultures.

    Now, who will dare?

  10. The ruling elites of the West seem to be bent on eradication of Christianity in this world. The bloody mayhem they created in the Middle East and North Africa by ousting Saddam, destabilising Syria and encouraging the deadly ‘Arab Spring’ has resulted in a genocide of Christians in Iraq and Syria where the Christian population has been literally decimated and regular anti-Christian violence in Egypt.

    In their own countries they combat Christianity in softer ways ruthlessly imposing anti-Christian moral attitudes on societies while vocally denouncing ‘Islamophobia’ and allowing Muslims to get away with oppression of women, honour killings, gay bashing, anti-Semitism and a myriad of similar things. A Christian in Europe would be punished for saying publicly that homosexuality is a sin and universally condemned as a bigot and a hater. Muslims do not only say it, they use violence against gays and the authorities and the media usually look the other way.

    The only logic in the behaviour of zomby-like Western elites is that of Christophobia.

    • Sir,i Agree strongly with your comment . As a christian migrant from tbe middle east, i have found Christophobia rampant in the west as strong as tbe east. I can forsee the demise of western civilisation in the near future, thanks to tbe suicidal attitude westerners have towards tbeir own culture. Globalisation, lack of patriotism and intellectual anarchy will lead to annihilation.

  11. Take a good look at that photo of traitors, if they ever need a hangman, I would apply!

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