A Bum Trip for the Salafist Scene in Hesse

The following news video from Germany reports that a “Salafist” mosque in Hesse has been closed, and the Islamic association that goes with it has been banned.

I noticed two things when I was editing the transcript and watching the video for this report:

1.   There is a “Salafist scene” in the town of Hesse. What exactly is a Salafist scene? I picture a nightclub with loud ululating chants on the speakers, a throbbing strobe, and a crowd of bearded beanie-wearing men who gather to groove on halal-slaughter videos and join in gang-rapes of any infidel women (or men, for that matter) who happen to wander into the scene by mistake.
2.   Near the end of the video an “Islam expert and educator” says that we must distinguish between normal believing Muslims and radicals who have been instrumentalized to become terrorists, so that “no impression [is] given that the state was acting against Islam per se.” And how, pray tell, does anyone in authority in Germany have the skill to determine such minute distinctions, unless he is a Muslim himself?

Many thanks to Egri Nök for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:00   The policemen are masked, the streets blocked on a large scale.
00:04   8 o’clock this morning, a raid at the Medina mosque in Kassel.
00:08   This is the second time, following a similar police operation in November.
00:13   The association’s rooms are being searched, and then, we will mark the property
00:16   Torsten Werner, spokesman for Northern Hesse Police
00:20   so that all members, and people interested in visiting the mosque, are notified of the ban.
00:28   This time, the police install red and white signs, which say, in Arabic and in German:
00:34   “The Almadinah Islamic Culture Association does not exist anymore. It is banned.”
00:35   The Association “Almadinah Islamic Culture Association” has been banned by decree of the Hessian Minister of Interior and Sports as of March 16 2017. This mosque is closed.
00:39   The ruling was made a week ago and was implemented today. The mosque is closed for good.
00:46   We know that this association was not only proselytizing, via appearances of hate-preachers,
00:49   Peter Beuth, Christian Democratic Union, Interior Minister
00:56   but that there was also radicalization going on in this mosque,
01:00   that they tried to recruit young people for the war in Syria, and in Iraq,
01:06   presumably successfully. So it was consequential that we pronounced the ban.
01:13   More than 100 police officers were deployed.
01:16   The ban hits a central platform of Salafists in Hesse.
01:21   From here, several visitors of the mosque departed
01:24   to fight in Syria, announces the Interior Minister.
01:27   The mosque association is a threat to the free and democratic constitution.
01:32   In seminars here, two leading imams openly called for armed struggle, and
01:37   for the killing of believers of different creeds, an undercover investigation of the mosque showed.
01:42   The association is not allowed to operate anymore, the organization’s funds are seized,
01:45   Peter Beuth, Christian Democratic Union, Interior Minister
01:47   and concerning northern Hesse, this is an important strike against the Salafist scene.
01:55   We confront the responsible Imam with the allegations.
01:59   Allegedly he is one of the hate-preachers of the mosque.
02:02   He does not give his name. Police handed the prohibition to him and the whole directorate.
02:08   We aren’t terrorists. They are the terrorists. Not me. And what is written there, is a lie. Always.
02:15   The facts speak against that, as not just intelligence and police —
02:19   who have collected plenty of evidence — know.
02:22   But will the scene be impressed? Do raids really have a long-lasting impact?
02:27   The Islam expert Schröter deems the growing number of raids
02:31   the right thing to do to protect our constitutional state.
02:34   But policies should unconditionally stress religious tolerance, and that is done too little.
02:41   In my opinion, you need to demonstrate visibility, and
02:44   very clearly distinguish between Muslims who simply belong to us [Susanne Schröter, Islam expert and educator],
02:48   and between Muslims who just instrumentalize religion,
02:53   this must be clear at all times, so that there is
02:56   no impression given that the state was acting against Islam per se;
03:00   rather, it is about extremists, terrorists, people who are violent; not about believers.
03:08   The state announces a continuing presence, to keep an eye on the activities of Islamists.
03:13   The state government wants to demonstrate that democracy can defend itself.

10 thoughts on “A Bum Trip for the Salafist Scene in Hesse

  1. Shame that the authorities don’t deport all the individuals who attended the mosque, their families, the imams and guest preachers, and anyone who donated money to the association. If they happen to be German citizens, then deport them all to Pakistan, where such islamic paradise-on-earth is already practiced.

    But then, this exercise is not about actually shutting down mosques and suppressing salafist fascists, but about improving Frau Merkel’s chances of reelection.

    • Such step would be way too simple, logic, and consistent. One of the fundamental Gutmenschen mantras, at least in Germany, is “simple solutions don’t work”.

  2. When you say a Salafistan scene….it typically means a store-front operation (not local mosque) that they rent and have ‘fellowship’. Tea, talk, chat, etc. The thing that you notice….someone has to pay the rent, the heat, and electricity. Since all of these individuals are near the bottom on wage-earning, it begs questions. It can only be the result of some charity operation that runs from a Saudi-source and comes in. All it takes is for one guy to apply for some grant….get the money and open up a Salafistan cafe, and you got your ‘scene’. Any idiot could do it.

  3. ” it is about extremists, terrorists, people who are violent; not about believers.”

    I see, but what about the violent believers? Or does this “expert” think a true believer is never violent, extreme, or a terrorist?

  4. Simple minded. decent but naive people in Germany and the United States have difficulty understanding the ” fact ” that Islam ; by it’s nature , is inimical to Western civilization. Most of this blindness is a result of the mistaken belief that Islam is a Religion ; in the generally accepted idea that Religion is benign. Islam ; like Communism , fascism, and other totalitarian belief systems { Naziism for example } seeks to subjugate people to the diktats of it’s creed. Look closely at Islamic countries { Saudi Arabia for example } and ask oneself if this the the social order you want in your country. Wake up….The dummies in academia and the halls of power are clueless to the threat of Islam…and the imams are pleased about your ignorance. Listen to Le Pen and Orban and Wilders before a new generation of tax supported Muslim “breeders” in your neighborhoods overwhelm you without firing a shot.

    • Correct.

      In so many words, our media, even the Trump officials, make huge distinctions between physical terrorists, and a Muslim who is not a terrorist and does not support terror organizations (assuming one exists).

      As francis points out, Islam still consists of sharia, which contains provisions completely incompatible with a western society. And, it is perfectly within the philosophy of the Muslim Brotherhood to completely stop violent jihad in western countries. In fact, violent jihad is actually holding back the advancement of Islam. Violence puts people on the alert.

      The infiltration of the US government by Muslim Brotherhood agents grew hugely under George W Bush and Obama. Islam is partnering with the cultural-Marxist left to demolish our social fabric, including the legal tradition of a Constitution that actually says something. With this type of success, the only possible reason for violent acts is that Muslims are just being Muslims.

      So, if you look at what the government, and the MSM are saying, it’s that everything is ok with Islam and Muslims, except the tendency to commit violence. Other than that, all their efforts at non-violent subversion are fine.

      • Ronald, where are you getting your inside information from when you claim that The Muslim Brotherhood has infiltrated the US govt.? This sounds like you believe they have already seriously established themselves in our govt, instead of one or a few slipping in. There are a lot of Muslims indeed working in our govt, but muslim’s like Hilary’s right hand man, I mean lady– are not fundamentalist religious zealots. Taking Hilary’s muslim secretary as an example– she’s too busy trying to hold her
        head up in public and redeem her unfaithful Jewish husband for the umpteeth time. In other words, she’s just another crazy American with crazy-American problems. A real Muslim does not marry a Jew and vice-versa.

    • I know what it means — I was just having a bit of retro fun, turning the clock back to British-American usage ca. 1968.

      I mean, this 21st-century world just ain’t my scene, man.

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