What’s Become of the Baby?

The above photo presents startling visual proof of the absolute lunacy that is currently abroad in Germany (and elsewhere in the West, especially Sweden). It’s not just that it’s obvious to anyone on this side of the asylum wall that these heavily bearded broad-shouldered fellows are full-grown men. And it’s not even that some of them are probably pushing middle age.

It’s that the German officials in the photo can smile at the camera and keep a straight face while they say the word “kinder” and hand these cute li’l fellows a sugar cone for their morning treat. As if they’re totally unaware of the ghastly reality of what they’re dealing with. And maybe they are.

The following commentary from Achgut (Henryk Broder’s Die Achse des Guten) refers to the photo and an article on the “refugee children” who are beginning their school routine. Many thanks to Egri Nök for the translation:

Bewildered School Satchel-Carriers, Happy Indigenes

by Wolfram Ackner
March 10, 2017

I just cannot get over the photo of a young group of men in this article. The accompanying text says: “For these unaccompanied refugee children, their daily learning routine in a DaZ [German as a Second Language] class starts with sugar cones.”

What do we know about these men? Some of them surely fought in a war, with a 50kg military satchel on their back. Now these men arrive in Germany, full of hope for safety, prosperity, and sexual permissiveness — and suddenly, there are these absurd indigenes standing before them, with happy sheepish faces, trying to put school satchels on them.

As an archaic Saxon, I can relate to the hurt pride of these men. We Saxons, too — just like many of these tribes — from around the times of Mohammed on, went out into the world to exploit new settlement areas.

30 thoughts on “What’s Become of the Baby?

  1. Do you mean what’s become of the BOY babies??

    Germany: another place that doesn’t let females in? Or have the women been abandoned to ISIS?

    • I don’t know what is worse; keeping muslim women out and thereby preventing hordes of future jihadists from being born in Germany, or the colonization of native German women by these bearded Morlocks…

      Better to just keep them out in the first place, but too late for that now. Someday it will be decided by war, a skill which the Germans once excelled at and hopefully have not completely forgotten.

      • I think the Germans left their testicles on the Eastern Front. Those among us who still have the courage to fight the Muslims may have to retreat to the Moon and throw rocks at them.

        • The flower of German youth and Saxon spirit was left to rot on depth and breadth of the Eastern Front, during WWII. Today’s modern Germans are peppered with the progeny of men who were unfit to serve.

          You can’t kill tens of millions of your best men, before they can produce children, and expect follow on generations to have the same qualities as those which came before them.

          I don’t know what happened to the Swedes. [redacted]

          • One book might (partially) answer your question about “german” youth.
            Keeling: Gruesome harvest

          • well said, but just ” millions” would do the job. About 3,5 million were kia.The only vintage born 1925 was decimated by half.

        • As I recall, Heinlein didn’t have any mu[slim]s among his polyglot group of lunar prisoners/colonists. Thankfully science and technology still eludes these cretins!

          • If you understand the structure of their ideology, it becomes readily apparent that it is constructed in such a fashion that the Ummah will never be terribly proficient at science and technology!

        • We all need ent flaccid from scattered 24/7 media. We need to drain the shallows and check mate.

  2. This is already a lost battle.
    Thi “children” will beat us in the art of war.

    • This riff from the raft couldn’t beat anyone at the art of war. Are you kidding? The most inept leftovers from a few hundred year old death march. LOL. Don’t turn your back on ’em though. 🙂

  3. those german officials know exactly what they are doing. there is no such thing as an unintended leftist consequence.

    • Indeed.

      I recall a recent Dalrymple article on North Korea where the more obviously false propaganda is preferred because it forces one to demean oneself in the face of the parody which, in the longer term, is more emasculating. Everyone colludes in the insanity.

      Or something like that….

      It will all go wrong in the end.

      • Found it…

        “In my study of communist societies, I came to the conclusion that the purpose of communist propaganda was not to persuade or convince, nor to inform, but to humiliate; and therefore, the less it corresponded to reality the better. When people are forced to remain silent when they are being told the most obvious lies, or even worse when they are forced to repeat the lies themselves, they lose once and for all their sense of probity. To assent to obvious lies is to co-operate with evil, and in some small way to become evil oneself. One’s standing to resist anything is thus eroded, and even destroyed. A society of emasculated liars is easy to control. I think if you examine political correctness, it has the same effect and is intended to.”


        • Emigres from Eastern Europe all say it was not the substandard material conditions of life they hated but the lies.

        • Sounds a bit like a certain religion…a religion of peace or somesuch…

  4. I suspect the author of the original deadpan article in the Leipziger Volkszeitung knew exactly what he was doing when that photo was chosen for his article. The comments the original article below make it clear that nobody is fooled. One of them struck me: there is something eerily reminiscent of the “how many fingers?” scene in Orwell’s 1984 here.

    How old are they, Winston? 15 or 25? 25?, no, try again. How old are they, 15 or 25 …

    • Yes. The current European leaders have struck satire dead. There is absolutely no room for satiric exaggeration compared to their real actions. How can satire trump an actual news report showing grown men in suits welcoming a group of bearded, partially-balding males as “kinder”.

      Notice that Pat Condell is having trouble with his satire, because there’s no way to exaggerate the news.

  5. We’ve lost the plot. Europe is theirs.

    And the west talked about lies and propaganda in the communist press.

    • The asinine expressions on these treacherous
      German officials makes me nauseous.

      If you cannot differentiate between a middle
      Aged man and a child you should not be
      Employed by the state in any capacity as you
      Are obviously mentally retarded.

  6. Look at all the poor wee bairns. Let’s give them all a sweetie … never mind that half of them look like labourers off a building site.

  7. Hey….”labourers off a building site” are generally hardworking men or women with a real work ethic. The “adults” and the Muslims in the pic are degenerates who will pay a huge price in their own and their children’s lives for choosing to sink so low. Hopefully the Muslims especially will find out that in the West, (eventually), “Grass, gas and a** – nobody rides free”. Its hard to believe countries in the west would strip and dance naked for those from the East and beyond so willingly.

  8. I lean toward no political body but I have worked pro bono in immigration law here in the States. Yes, the US needs immigration reform. Many of you do not realize how difficult it is for a law-abiding naturalized US citizen to bring their relatives to the US. I am not talking about the Middle East. I am mostly speaking of Mexico. It may take 20 years for a naturalized US Citizen to have her mother legally immigrate to the US under her, the US Citizen’s sponsorship.

  9. As I surveyed the European wasteland, it occurred to me that perhaps there’s some sort of organic element causing this mental illness. Has anyone tested the water over there lately?

  10. If they don’t have proper documents than the sensible thing to do is to determine age by cutting ’em in half and counting the rings.

  11. “……from around the times of Mohammed on, went out into the world to exploit new settlement areas.”

    Don’t try to obsfuscate! We all know, that your ancestors went out in a straight forward war mode. The other side saw what was obvious, your battle axes.
    BUt these islamics are not only sliming through, but being given, on a silver platter, the easiest conquest of “the other” – by that same other.

    BTW, the smilies on the faces of this Horde, are laughs at the “STUPID INFIDELS” making it so easy for them. Easy as well, by letting the door open, access to the infidel’s little children, to do with as the islamics want.

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