Ungläubigenschubsen verboten!

The above graphic refers to the incident in Dresden last week when two culture-enrichers pushed a local Dresdener onto the tracks at a railway station when the train was coming (see the translated articles here and here).

The German authorities are convinced that they only need to improve their educational outreach to the “refugees”, to help the newcomers understand which behaviors are considered unacceptable in Germany. To that end, they keep producing new signs with pictograms instructing the “New Germans” about what they must not do — don’t grope the girls, don’t urinate in the flowerpots, don’t defecate in the showers, etc.

So the pictogram above is designed to be placed on the pillars along the platform at the railway station in Dresden. (Yes, it’s satire — but only just barely.)

Egri Nök provided the title for this post. It means “Pushing unbelievers forbidden!” But she notes that schubsen, which means “push” or “shove”, has a nuanced overtone that minimizes the action, making it more like “nudge”. As she says, “This is this obnoxious downplaying word the media use all the time.”

25 thoughts on “Ungläubigenschubsen verboten!

  1. “Pushing unbelievers forbidden!”

    Ha ha. A million laughs. Until it dawns on one – breaks through the barrier we naturally build against the horror of our situation – that it is ECSTASY for a Muslim to kill a kaffir. Then…pffft, no more laughter. And please, please don’t tell me about “Good Muslims.” Please spare me that final insult.

    • You can’t teach an animal with signs. The obviously are ignorant ppl.

  2. “Pushing unbelievers forbidden!” is like saying “murder is forbidden.” But if someone doesn’t care what good does the law do?

  3. Clever! Gut gemacht!

    Can I get this in t shirt format with the German logo description? You could start selling these to German, Austrian and Swiss patriots.??

      • I wonder who would be crazy enough to wear that in public? Even in the U.S., wearing a Trump T-shirt in public can be an invitation to a beating…depending on where you live/go.

        • I would be crazy enough to wear it. Here in the Midwest we hava alotta rednecks and can easily get away with this kind of thing!

          • I was more thinking of it as a European article of clothing…or maybe the various sinkholes of robot thinkers in Berkeley, Austin, etc.

  4. I grew up London as a member of an often hated white minority group. You were frightened and anxious a lot. You endured never being called by your Christian name. People seemed to have difficulty even pronouncing it. You were reminded often that there were “too many” of your fellows around. Every now and then you got beaten up for some reason or other. Often denied admission or jobs. Now an American in my 70’s I look at the current situation in London with a dominant alien Muslim enemy within who really are a threat – and wonder.

    • Can you pls explain this better or give more detail. It’s hard to put the pieces together.

  5. I can already hear the excuse: “that is a steam train. How were we to know this applies to electric trains as well?”

  6. The German government functionaries are only treading water at this time, hoping to get their retirement before everything collapses, and hoping to keep a lid on any electoral shifts that might cause any pressure on them.

    They’re like a group of harpy, feminist professors who review each others articles and sponsor regular conferences at taxpayer and student expense. Everything is ingrown, and insulated from any outside influence.

    I see the most likely scenario as the splitting of Europe into countries like Hungary and Poland, that are relatively homogeneous, and the splitting of unnatural confederations like Switzerland, Belgium and Italy into ethnic enclaves. There may or may not be internecine wars like those in Yugoslavia. But, the advantage of confederation is defense, and Turkey will present a deadly danger to isolated European provinces.

  7. Delusion at its finest. They honestly believe this drivel. My German cousins and Munich are convinced that all this ‘lone mentally ill’ business is the work of right-wing extremists AfD or PEGIDA. They literally cannot make 4 out of 2 and 2. Leftism is mentally crippling, apparently.

  8. It is true, you can’t teach a dog new tricks. The unsanitary habits & killing addictions these ‘new germans’ bring with them is what makes them 3rd worlders & they want to stay 3rd worlders demanding economic support while continuing to be lazy migrants. They expect free food, free housing, want to complain all the time, kill when they are bored, rejected, want their 75 virgins in what they think is heaven, and expect free sex from all living things (animals, elderly, women, men, children, dinosaurs – though they killed those off).

  9. It stands to reason that as the number of ‘refugees’ increases so will the number of assaults and strongarm robberies. Cartoons will IMHO never change the behavior of these (controlling my anger) cultural misfits.

    • You did get the irony of the sign, right? You know the B created it for the purpose of satirizing previous ideographs the German government put up – in swimming pools, etc., didn’t you?

      Please don’t say you thought this was serious. Please let us know you understood the point of this deeply dysphoric image, and that you knew there was NEVER an intention to “change the behavior of these cultural misfits”.


      • I do completely understand, if the behavior of the practitioners of’ The Religion Of Peace’ has not changed in the past 1400+ yrs. there is very strong doubt that it ever will. By my past postings you know exactly how I feel. BTW these are the same ruling elite that coax everyone to place the candles,teddy bears and balloons at the sites of terrorist murder sites, never really condeming the horrorific acts, or naming the prepetrators I find this sickening and depraved.

        • Yes, the facile grief expressed by teddy bears and candles *is* depraved. Not even authentic grieving is safe in our dumbed-down culture. But those ruling elites know they’re providing a relief valve for emotions that could turn ugly unless they find a way to channel them. Ergo, stuffed totems, votive lights and flowers…kind of medieval, isn’t it? Soon we’ll have joss sticks and other incense to cleanse the air of the evil spirits causing these horrific scenes.

  10. Why don’t all of the Muslims go to Saudi Arabia, Yemen or Iran etc? They all somewhat agree with their Religous practices. They should not live with ppl they hate!

  11. I saw the same scenario play out before me in 1994 when I was on the Gare du Nord station in Paris while back packing. It was my last stop before returning Stateside. As the train to the airport was pulling up to the platform; I started to nudge my way close to where the doors were going to be, I saw a group of Pakistanis push this gentleman out of the opening doors of the train. The man’s foot got caught by the wheels, and was immediately pulled, but not immediately- the man’s upper tros0 had paused for a moment before turning in to a mangled mess of hair, black leather, skin and explosion of blood ( the human body contains a lot of blood). Before disappearing completely the 30 year old man looked at me with a panicked look pleading for help, but it was too late for anything- nut as I tried to reach I was met with a blast of blood drops. The Paki muslims ran out the door, and escaped the station. The trains were all shut down, except for one the would terminate at the airport, but would stop at every stop so that travelers can make it home. The majority of the passengers were Paki thugs, who kept eyeing my blood stained clothes and my cold angry stare. That wasn’t the last time i would experience violence, because ten years later I would be fighting muslim dogs in the streets of Baghdad during two combat tours as an Infantryman. That angry stare is still with me.

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