Tolerance Time, Everybody — Or Else

The following ad for the German state railway service* is loaded with so much saccharine PC that it was almost too nauseating for me to watch.

The following introduction from PolitikStube supplies some context:

The new DB [Deutsche Bahn] Advertisement: A Lesson in PC-Tolerance

The image ads of the DB rarely fit real life. From that angle, the new spot is nothing new. It has nothing to do with the services of the DB; instead it carries out the duty of political education. It is the shaking of a moralistic index finger concerning tolerance and the hijab. In real life on German trains, however, reality looks entirely different. Travelers avoid direct eye contact with other travelers, simply to protect their health from the increasingly intense atmosphere like that on the Orient Express.

This is a spot that purveys a positive image of Muslims in the media in order to distract from the real problems with Islam. The Muslima student studying medicine is rather an exception than the rule. She’s portrayed as an educated but “autonomous” woman wearing a hijab. In reality hijab-wearing women do not seek eye contact with foreign and kuffar men. Maybe the DB should spend more time on their real issues: punctuality, for instance.

As Aristotle said: Tolerance is the last virtue of a dying society. And in current times, once could add this: It’s also a form of cowardice.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


0:02   Why is she wearing this hijab?
0:05   Does she have to? Does she want to?
0:08   Is that what her family wants? Or her husband?
0:11   Although, she doesn’t look that old.
0:14   On the other hand…
0:17   What is she reading anyway? Probably the Koran.
0:20   What else? Doesn’t matter.
0:23   Tomorrow is the anatomy exam; I have to concentrate.
0:28   Where the heck is this Nucleus Preopticus?
0:32   On the hypothalamus. Had that last semester too.
0:42   More tolerance-time. This time belongs to you.

*   Deutsche Bahn AG is a German railway company. Headquartered in Berlin, it is a private joint-stock company, with the Federal Republic of Germany being its single shareholder.”

12 thoughts on “Tolerance Time, Everybody — Or Else

  1. I thought the Orient Express was a pleasant journey, with mostly upper-class Europeans being wined and dined on their journey to, as it was known before WW1, Constsntinople! Rather different from Deutsche Bahn trains nowadays, I’d suspect?

    (Saying that – I found the German ICE trains to be very high-standard. Even second class seemed like luxury! Wonder if theyre managing to keep the same levels of cleanliness today?)

  2. Pc [odious substance]. Pure and simple. Prewar parallel worlds. Live a lie and die the consequences.

  3. sure enough, the german dimwit student of medicine( btw only A graders are accepted in that matter) needed the headscarf’ s advice. The bitter consequence – had this conversation been real and broadcasted – would be the lapidation of the treacherous bitch by father, brothers and cousins, probabely 47 by number.
    Add. : having worked in the trade, I can say that throughout my 35 years, never a muslim male or female aquiered the needed SAT rating for medicine.

  4. I rarely watch television – it’s bad for the blood pressure. It goes without saying that every programme is carefully calculated to set the correct example for its audience. Even the adverts are more concerned with politics and the promotion of globalism than they are with selling their wares – the banks especially.

  5. Apart from larger issues, identity politics becomes just a petty form of rent-seeking. Muslims form hundreds of political pressure groups, so it becomes the path of least resistance for bureaucrats to give them what they want. But, the prejudice narrative is very reliable as a rationale for group privilege.

    Imagine a committe of the Deutsche Bahn meeting to discuss advertising policy. The accepted narrative is, Muslims who dress as Muslims are discriminated against, and that is undesirable. Which bureaucrat is going to dissent from that consensus? Certainly no bureaucrat that wants to get promoted.

  6. Tolerance is the most misused word in English, at least. Not sure if it’s counterpart in German is. I can tolerate some pain, but it doesn’t mean I like it. Unfortunately, over here in the states, tolerance has morphed into another word meaning “Isn’t that great?”

  7. They need to do this to encourage more people to ride on the trains as they are losing ridership because people are more scared now due to the exotic foreigners. What if the woman just has her eyes showing, then they cannot prove the relaxed, friendly face of the woman in an advert. Women were fully veiled from head to toe last Spring in Salzburg when I was there. I took a photo of this to bring home while i pretended to be taking a photo of the castle gardens. We rode trains all over Austria with no negative events though we were alone in cars when maybe 1 or 2 Africans suddenly popped on train. I would have been much more scared if it had been a group of them. Next trip this year, i will buy pepper spray when i arrive and good folding knife for hubby. Not easy.

  8. The woman on the train is obviously not a Muslimah; no mahram accompanies her. Nor may a Muslimah display a nose ring to a kafir; see .

    So she is what she appears to be: a fellow anatomy student, who is perusing Volume 2 of Sobotta’s three -volume “Atlas der Anatomie des Menschen”:

    And she speaks German like native. But why is this coquettish kafirah dressed up like a Muslimah? She must be a theater student who, having flunked out of pre-med the previous semester, is carrying out a performance-art assignment.

  9. Iwill be only too glad two practice tolerance when and only when they as a group or individuals start showing some ‘tolerance’, which IMHO is a cultural impossability. If the practitioners of the ‘Religion Of Peace’ have not changed their ways in 1400+ yrs. I hesitate to anticipate any change. The only thing that seems to change are the outragous demands put upon Western society to service their every ‘need’, demand and whim.

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