The Plight of Female Migrants in Germany

The following video and article describe the experiences and living conditions of women who live in some of the thousands of German asylum centers.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Below is the accompanying article from Die Welt, also translated by Nash:

This is how refugee women live in Germany

Lack of privacy, post-traumatic stress and bad living conditions: For the first time a study shows the difficult living circumstances of women refugees, and the study shows some clear solutions.

Bad living conditions, psychological stress, add to that violence and discrimination: female refugees have many negative experiences in Germany. This is shown now in a study by the Charité that was introduced last Tuesday in Berlin.

The study gave first insights into the lives of fleeing women, and shows how the potential for integration could be utilized more, Integration Minister Aydan Özoguz (SPD) said in a foreword to the study.

For the project, 639 women from five cities and counties in reception centers were studied. They were asked about their experience of their flight, as well as their living circumstances once they arrived in Germany.

Tension due to not enough room

The large majority of refugee women in Germany are between 17 to 39 years old and come from Syria, Afghanistan or Iraq. They feel stressed due to the bad living conditions in German reception centers. Their most prominent claim is that there are too many people living in too small a space, and therefore there is no privacy, which often leads to tensions among people.

More than two-thirds of the women are married or in partnerships. 81% say they have children. About 60% of the Syrian and the Afghan women were accompanied by their children when they fled. About every third or fourth woman from Eritrea and Somalia came alone to Germany.

They primarily fled from war, terror and danger to their lives, but also out of hunger or fear of abductions, violence and torture. Post-traumatic stress caused by what other people have done to them weighs especially heavily, the authors write. Much more heavily than natural catastrophes or a lack of nutrition.

Along with these problems, according to the study, there are specifically female reasons for fleeing that add to it, such as sexual violence, fear of honor murder, or forced marriage.

In Germany the women therefore first and foremost seek safety and stability. But this desire is not fulfilled most of the time: “Repeatedly women report experiencing discrimination in refugee centers, but also elsewhere.”

A climate of no respect

More than one quarter of the women, 26%, say they are being discriminated against due to language, the way they look or religion. Especially the hijab as an obvious symbol is often a point of animosity.

Furthermore, there is a climate of lack of respect, as 21% of the women report. They report of violence in the refugee centers. “Often women do not feel safe in the refugee centers,” one author writes in the study.

Often their direct surroundings are a problem “Women in various centers tell us of severe abuse from their husbands in Germany,” the study states.

About half of the women evaluated their living conditions in Germany as mediocre. More than half of the women said their living conditions were poor, or very poor. And hygienic conditions are also deficient.

Many of the women said the separation from their children causes severe psychological stress. And many women also expressed the worry that in Germany families aren’t as valued as where they come from.

Less than 10% receive psychological treatment

The survey shows more than one third of the women lament about poor medical treatment in the centers. Less than 10% report they’re receiving psychological treatment. At the same time most women say that they do not seek psychological treatment or help and that instead they withdraw.

The majority of the refugee women have received a little bit of education, and about every sixth woman is assumed to be illiterate. Only 6% of the women in the survey have a professional education, and about 9% are post-graduates.

Their willingness to integrate themselves into the jobs market is high. Over one third of the women, 38%, reported that they want to study or work within the next five years.

“With that they see an independence from the government as well as from men as well as a relief from their roles as ‘submissives’,” the authors write.

Special protection for women is necessary

In light of the results of this study, the researchers gave a few recommendations. In order to push integration into society and the jobs market forwards, access to language courses has to be made easier. And psychological counseling should be made more accessible as well, with more offers.

An improvement of the psychological well-being of the women would lead to a faster family reunification.

Furthermore, the women should be supported more by translators who speak their mother tongue and through other helpers. In the worst-case scenario, life-endangering diagnostic assessments could be made because of lack of adequate translations. Especially with languages that aren’t very common and rare, a telephone or a video translation could help.

Also women who are in special need of protection should receive more attention. For instance single mothers, victims of torture, or heavily traumatized women. And women who travel alone should be housed separately.

The translator appends this afterword:

And now I have a few things to say to this “study”.

First of all, how is it that instead of shedding tears for these poor women, I only have questions? The women criticize their living conditions in Germany, which shows me that they had completely wrong picture of what to expect of Germany. They seem to exude a sense of entitlement. What did they expect? Did they expect what the coyotes had promised them? Did the path they took lead to Germany purely coincidentally, the country with THE highest standard of living and social welfare benefits? Despite having crossed many countries that also are not at war and don’t persecute them? If we are to believe these people, they came because they fled war, and not to find and live in a beautiful apartment, no?

And now these women suffer because they’re separated from their families, they suffer so much that they don’t return back home, but instead they wait until they can bring their family here.

How would Syrians, Afghans, and Iraqis react if hundreds and thousands of western Europeans were to suddenly show up in their countries with the expectation of being housed and taken care of according to their standard of living from back home? Would they excitedly wave the “Welcome Western Europeans” signs at airports and train stations and on the beaches of Tripoli, when these Western Europeans only complain and never show any gratitude?

One can live with few things and still be grateful, but one can also make endless demands to a country that took these refugees in without ever once asking its own citizens how they felt about it. It would be nice to see some gratitude for all the free stuff.

Video transcript:

0:00   “One Syrian here in the center often threatened me.
0:05   He often treated me like the Islamic State people treat us.
0:10   At Ramadan he approached me and he asked
0:15   why are you not fasting. As a Syrian it was my duty to fast.
0:22   This felt like when I was a prisoner of ISIS,
0:27   He kept telling me all the time how I had to live
0:31   and that I was an unbeliever.”
0:35   Said Kawash, refugee center housemaster: “One example: There was one woman that came from the Balkans,
0:38   and she had a bad reputation here,
0:41   because she was working as a prostitute.
0:44   And so of course there were these men
0:47   who, when they heard that, they wanted to find out if it was true,
0:50   and that was a real problem here
0:53   that has of course bothered me all the time.”
0:56   Salma comes from Idlib in Syria.
1:01   The 28 year old journalist was abducted by ISIS in 2014
1:06   “They tortured me,
1:09   they berated and abused me,
1:12   and they beat me.
1:16   They marked me as an ‘unbeliever’
1:19   and they condemned me to die.”
1:25   After four months Salma was freed and she fled to Berlin.
1:30   But her past makes her life in the refugee center a living hell.
1:35   “My room reminded me of the ISIS prison.
1:38   It was a similarly small room like this one.
1:41   And the screaming children remind me
1:44   of the screams of the tortured people.
1:48   At night when I am alone
1:52   and I have to go to the bathroom
1:56   or I want to get a drink of water,
2:00   I am afraid to leave my room.”
2:04   Salma’s biggest dream: To have an apartment all to herself.

22 thoughts on “The Plight of Female Migrants in Germany

  1. I do have sympathy for her if she was detained by ISIS.

    I do see the point of the translator’s afterword.

    The room that was shown, was bright, clean, with a window with a bed. Possibly the room is shared, then I would presume with another female.

    A glass or bottle of water would easily be attained for her night time drinks.

    I did, a few years ago, mention about creating a safe protective zone, in Syria, with full on martial law, and run like an army camp. Not by the UN.

    However, the refugees would also have to assist, with cleaning, cooking, (food prep, chefs) health, (Drs and nurses) education, (teachers), setting things up, (builders, carpenters, engineers, plumbers etc.)

    Religion I would also ban. I do not want to concede this, however, so though difficult, perhaps a very controlled regulated set-up (perhaps with women running the show, supervised by ex muslims) or limited times of tenure.

    Why worry about their culture. After all they want to come to the west and should appreciate being safe.

    If causing any problems then banishment, exile, by a martial court. Perhaps even extending to family or a group.

    Yes, it seems too simple, but I fear we are being sold a pig in a poke.
    They are the ones who want western safety. Just what price are they prepared to pay?

    Of course all the cultural relativism, politically correct, multi culture, social justice warriors and here is the chance to make a “safe zone” and so no need of “trigger warnings” for the call of the azan.

    • I think you’re assuming that the West somehow has a responsibility for providing a safe environment, at least for the “deserving” refugees.

      But, these countries have a long history of persecuting each other. The refugees today are of the same stock and culture as the persecutors, and may well have been part of the persecution in another life. Sometimes, in this life. It turns out many of the refugees from the Rwandan genocide were, in fact, prominent organizers and supporters of the genocide.

      It’s the responsibility of Western governments to protect their own people, not get involved in the endless squabbles and atrocities of other countries, and especially not to import the cultures here. Every refuge center places large demands on welfare and the police. The refugees do what they have always done in their own countries: persecute and exploit the weak and unprotected. The only real safety in these countries is for a slightly above-average intelligent dictator to come to power who will deal brutally with challenges to his authority.

      Nature is pretty brutal. Western governments have evolved a means of removing some of the brutality from its own citizens, but will lose even that limited ability if they act out of the hubris that they can change the nature of people outside their own areas.

      • “It’s the responsibility of Western governments to protect their own people, ”
        You are right, we must take care of our own, and over come our own problems.

        As you mentioned, culture, particularly Islamic culture being in line with the snake’s character.

        Assad of Syria, certainly knew how to rule, although not secular, came as close as he could in that country.
        Kemal Ataturk of Turkey was another man though ruthless, led a change for Turkey.
        It is just that one can not get that far away from the character of that culture of mohammadism.

        It is our own people who believe they have the responsibility with all the “social justice” issues, as they attempt and do run with their authoritarian schemes.
        So we are enmeshed with the levies, rates, taxes, etc., making us twist and turn to alleviate these hampering costs by imbibing some of the benefits, seeking some relief.

        Like a man in a life raft, the first sip of sea water tastes not too bad, and so triggers the, go ahead and drink your fill. The effects of this type of dehydration brings a madness and the demise is rapidly closing in with the feel good hallucinations.

        At the end of the day probably what I mentioned is really an appeasement to our own “do gooders”. Still they will always want more, particularly of other peoples, under the disguise of ‘guilt’ or needing to take because of “privilege”.
        Big government is a long way from David Crockett’s “Not yours to give”.

        Nor do I want any of our own military or staff to be risked.
        I definitely do not want the migrants/refugees entering the western world,
        Yet we are manipulated through democracy, human rights, “living document” constitution, or just ignored , supposedly for our own good. Independents, patriots are treated as traitors, to be silenced.

        It will not be easy but we must guard our ‘free speech’, and make the most of it. We must live the independent life, to be secure.
        Some of this has turned, but I believe we can not just leave the heavy lifting to one character, but take our part/responsibility where we can, to change the issues, for the sake of the West.

        Thanks for fleshing out the problems with refugees/immigrants.

  2. So long as they cling to their culture and their religion, these people can never be helped. They will only drag us down.

    • Got it perfectly! If only our so-called leaders would (not could) understand that.
      You cannot make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.

  3. I guess the bottom line for these women is they expected a better set of freebies. It is hard not to feel sympathy for these women, but all they should be entitled to is liberation from their past horrors, not the keys to the castle.

  4. hooh, not enough space! Did anyone tell them, that they chose a country three times more populated than their home countries?For the price of a carport lot here, you can have house in Syria. Hey, and medical treatment was for nothing back home?A day in the ICU here cost me $1.200, without the doctors bills. And sure enough there were ” those men” looking for peace and rest, or was she talking about those groping german social workers and teachers who expected activity? It is as usual with moslems: they pull you a line of sob stories. My experience is they can lie in your face without showing mimical or gestical signs us folks would show when blattently lying.

  5. We have some screwed up situation here in the west. I read a report a few days ago about a petition filed by Syrian refugees in London Ontario, Canada. They are being temporarily housed in a hotel at great expense to the Canadian taxpayers.
    One of the complaints was regarding the maid service! They only get their sheets changed every 10 days!
    Another complaint was regarding the food service. They didn’t like the food. The manager of the hotel said he contracted with a middle eastern restaurant to supply the food. The refugee response was that the food was “Canadian middle eastern food”…
    Not good enough!
    How much more absurd is this going to get?

    • Different culture, different set of assumptions about the appropriate way to act.

      Just because the government which imported all the alien refugees, ignored any counter-indications, doesn’t mean the “refugees” will stop being who they are. It’s like the fable of the woman and the snake: the snake is simply being who he is. If you ignore his character, it’s your destruction.

  6. I completely agree with the translator and there are many red flags here. Definitely there is no thank you coming from these people for being housed, clothed, offered health care and money etc. And why should they, everything comes from alah, not from European taxpayers… The kufars should fork up more money, come after work to clean the migrant centers because the inhabitants are too busy sitting around all day, move out of their homes so the migrants can have enough space, talk to their husbands that they shouldn’t beat them, oh, and pay for the children to come to Germany too (it was safe to leave them behind apparently). Well, at least the though of maybe getting a job at some point has crossed the mind of … 38% of them. Just splendid.

  7. The point about being harrassed by other immigrants at least is legitimate; the authorities should be more forceful with the abusers.

  8. Kindness is weakness.

    Specifically, kindness is the weakness the all-wise Allah installs in Infidels enabling the Believers to exploit and conquer them. Just ask their Imams. It all comes down to enabling Whelp Jihad, consuming the sucker enemy corpus from within like trichina worms.

    And remember, in no circumstance do we ever smarten up a chump [ the Players’ Creed ].

  9. I could not care less for the welfare of the people of the middle east. Men, women or children. Let them stay where they belong. If one group kills another group, then so be it. Not our business. Not our people. Not any of them.

  10. So Salma’s biggest dream is an apartment all for herself?
    With absolute certainty, that would also be the dream for perhaps hundreds of thousands of elderly Canadians, who have worked, contributed to the country, paid their taxes and obeyed the law, but lack the money ($40,000 a year) for a tiny apartment ‘all for themselves’, and are crammed into care homes four or more to a room.

    The entitlement exhibited by these moslems is infuriating, but even worse is the cringing appeasement exhibited by western governments, whose people seem to believe every blatant lie uttered by these people, most of whom are not refugees at all, and are certainly not in the west to integrate, but to complain, demand, and cause disruption and chaos.

  11. I did read sometime back that the German government refused to separate ‘refugees’ by religion, when the Christians desperately asked to get separate shelter for safety reasons. I do have sympathy for Christians, atheists, any non-muslims who are being bullied and abused in these ‘refugee’ shelters.

    She doesn’t make it clear whether she is not a muslim, just that the abusive bully calls her an infidel. People like him should not be given asylum at all.

    • being christian was often used as a scam to get an appartement for themselves, them being orientals after all, scam artists all of them, muslim or not.

  12. If Germany and the West in general had kept their Christianity active, these governments would be more prudent and only be taking in Christian Arabs who are being truly persecuted and muslims who promise to convert to Christianity upon entering. Then, this refugee thing would not destroy Europe and we would see true integration. Moreover the incoming people would want to learn the language and get to work, as Christianity teaches to work for your keep, not to steal from others and to be thankful for what you have.

    But as we know Germans have been leaving their churches formally in droves, chosing not to pay the church state tax which is indeed quite understandable when the leaders of their churches act and believe exactly like their hippie, bleeding heart- liberal, socialist governments. What a crying shame.

  13. The male refugees make life tough for the female refugees. Soon they will be released into the community, and they will be making life tough for their hosts instead.

    We must be stark raving mad.

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