The Catholic Immigration Flim-Flam Has Got to Stop

Sharia TipSheet has published a more expansive report on the collusion of the US Catholic Church with the open-borders crowd through the process of “refugee resettlement” — which happens to earn the Church tens of millions of dollars of taxpayers’ money every year.

Also see the earlier report: “Catholic Church Unrepentant for Working with Muslim Brotherhood Front Groups.

The Catholic Immigration Flim-Flam Has Got to Stop

Open Borders: Where is That in the Bible, Exactly?

In October 2016, the Sharia TipSheet published “‘Refugee Resettlement’ a Cover for Muslim Colonization of the U.S.? Nobody’s Talking” (archived here). The story was based on questions put to a government official and a representative of Catholic Charities after a pro-resettlement presentation at a Catholic church in Arlington, Virginia. The story pointed out that the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) is a big government contractor which rakes in tens of millions of taxpayer dollars every year for refugee services. The Migration and Refugee Services arm of USCCB is 97 percent government-funded. One of the questions put to the representative of Catholic Charities was: “do you inform Catholic clergy and parishioners that Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Arlington is 29 percent government-funded ….?” There was no response.

In January 2017, the TipSheet published a second article copiously documenting how the Catholic Church works with Muslim Brotherhood front groups that have ties to terror, but the Church is not the least bit apologetic for doing so. The second article was re-posted at Gates of Vienna (without links).

Now comes an article from the Catholic-oriented publication and website Our Sunday Visitor entitled “Catholics respond to border wall, travel ban” (January 30, 2017). The article expresses disgust with the Trump administration’s immigration enforcement policies as contravening “the teaching of the Church on human dignity and other principles of Catholic social teaching.”

This is quite a pronouncement, but it’s baseless. Several of the Catholic figures interviewed in the article made appeals to the Church’s teaching on “human rights” and “human dignity” but those vague terms don’t get you very far on specific policy questions. They don’t get you anywhere close to the proposition that enforcing immigration laws that have been on the books for decades — laws ignored by the previous administration — is somehow inhumane or an affront to human dignity.

One figure quoted in the article was even more ethereal: “We believe that now more than ever, welcoming newcomers and refugees is an act of love and hope.” The declarant, Bishop Joe S. Vásquez of Austin, Texas, and chair of the USCCB Committee on Migration, is not just any bishop but one directly involved in raking in the dough for the Church from huge resettlement contracts from the government. ‘Love and hope’ — is that Bishop Vásquez or the money talking? Funny how a few hundred million dollars can warp your perspective and lead you to make silly arguments.

Another figure quoted is similarly financially self-interested. Cardinal Daniel N. DiNardo of Galveston-Houston is president of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops whose Migration and Refugee Services arm, as noted above, is 97 percent government-funded. So when Cardinal DiNardo trots out the tear-jerker that increased immigration enforcement will “tear families apart,” the same question arises: Is it the money talking? How can you be sure it’s not?

Another contractor employee argues in the article, “The large-scale ramp-up of immigrant detention and erosion of asylum protections… directly contradict Catholic social teaching.” Ashley Feasley is director of policy for Migration and Refugee Services of the USCCB. USCCB — here we go again. She should be asked the same question that should be asked of the others from USCCB: Why should we believe a word you say when hundreds of millions of dollars are at stake?

Cardinal Joseph W. Tobin of Newark, New Jersey was also quoted in the article as saying, “Closing borders and building walls are not rational acts.” In other words, countries that attempt to control their borders are crazy and the only rational policy is open borders. Unless you believe in open borders, you’re crazy. But when did this country every have open borders in modern times? And, by the way, the gaslighting is not appreciated. Tobin goes on in hyperbolic fashion in the article about “mass detentions and wholesale deportation” as if such things were actually occurring. Hmm… Out of touch with reality. Who’s the crazy one?

Finally, Kevin Appleby, senior director of international migration policy at the Center for Migration Studies (CMS) in New York, was also quoted: “Catholics sensitive to the teaching of the Church should be alarmed with where the administration is going,” Appleby said. “[T]his doesn’t conform to Catholic teaching or the teaching of Pope Francis.”

However, everything Appleby says is suspect because of his ties to Bible-flavored government resettlement contractors. On CMS’ board of trustees we find Linda Hartke, president and CEO of the Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service (LIRS). Moreover, prior to joining CMS, Appleby himself “served as the director of migration policy and public affairs of the US Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) for more than 16 years.” USCCB again. USCCB and LIRS are both among the top refugee resettlement contractors, according to the government’s Office of Refugee Resettlement.
Another huge problem with Appleby’s position as outlined to Our Sunday Visitor is that he contradicted himself elsewhere. In a November 2016 post at the Scalabrini International Migration Network (SIMN), he was asked, “Is the Pope showing support for illegal immigration?” Appleby answered no. In answer to another question, he said: “the church does not support open borders. In fact, church teaching acknowledges the authority of governments to manage and control their borders.” Further, despite exhortations in Church teaching to accommodate migration, “This does not mean that nation-states, to preserve the well-being of its citizens, cannot regulate immigration and control their borders, particularly if it is for national security reasons,” Appleby said on that occasion. Quite a switch from when Appleby was telling Our Sunday Visitor what it wanted to hear.

So, if a country’s desire to control its own borders is crazy as Cardinal Tobin maintains, then the official teaching of the Catholic Church is crazy. There is NO support for open borders in official Catholic teaching, despite the misimpression Our Sunday Visitor was trying to create.

Hundreds of millions in government dough, not disclosed to unsuspecting congregants while the collection plate goes around. Close and unrepentant cooperation with Muslim Brotherhood front groups. And now the blatant falsehood that being Catholic requires supporting open borders. One may reasonably conclude from the TipSheet’s three articles that the Church has lost its way and it’s time for the flim-flam to stop. It’s time for the Church to level with congregants as to just how dependent it has become on government contracts. Time to stop the lies about how Church teachings require lax immigration policy. Time to stop pretending that sanctuary cities square with the Rule of Law or that refugees and illegal aliens haven’t caused real problems in communities forced against their will to take them. Time to stop believing that Catholic-oriented news sites haven’t been captured by the political Left for the purpose of leading the faithful astray.

And it’s time to stop advocating the deliberate importation under the rubric of ‘love and hope’ of people who mean us harm. Why should we welcome more Muslims who hate us and want to kill us?

It’s time for Catholic clergy and parishioners to educate themselves on the Islamic doctrines of taqiyya, hijra, and dawa — the religious duties to lie, colonize, and prepare the ground for jihad. No immigration discussion is informed unless those duties are taken into account. No one can pretend to know anything about Islam unless they acknowledge that the Koran advocates jihad more than 100 times. No amount of airbrushing can ever fix that.

And it’s time for Catholics everywhere to start asking some hard questions of their spiritual leaders about how those leaders have sold their souls for a mess of pottage and become corrupt. This has gone on long enough. Real damage is being done to Catholics and non-Catholics alike. It’s time for some answers and reformation. It’s time to throw the merchants out of the temple.

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34 thoughts on “The Catholic Immigration Flim-Flam Has Got to Stop

  1. I propose an absolute end to immigration.

    I propose the Expulsion of Muhhammadism as homicidally incompatible and incurably un-American.

    I propose the Expulsion of Muhhammadism be extended throughout the Hemisphere, Argentina through Canada, including the island states.

    I propose to iterate the proposals until I expire (I’m old), or until everyone concurs and insistence is normal.

  2. I used to call myself a “Catholic Agnostic”. I’m going to stop that now.
    I want to emphasise that I did not leave that Church “in anger” or anything like that, we just “drifted apart” as they say in marriages gone stale. And, being a fan of Pascal’s wager, I had left a little backdoor open to slip in again for when the time came 😉

    BUT, since that new Pope with a penchant for snogging muslim feet has “DEplaced” the last real Pope, Pope Benedict, I have lost all respect for my former church. I used to defend them vehemently against the often unfair inflation of Paedophilia numbers among their ranks – but now, I am angry enough to put it to that Pope that his deeper motivation for this christian-killing dhimmitude might not be all that “noble” nor naive. If he is not a paedophile himself, those of his “followers” he infects with his pathological Islamophilia seem to be allto eager to embrace Sharia who promotes child rape.

    Imams, Muslims, this Pope, his red-robed brothers: Birds of a feather….

    • Rita, we have a phrase in German, “You are speaking directly from my soul,” which is the sentiment for me reading your post. Superbly stated.

    • rita, francis is a communist. islam is just Marxism with a god, that is why the muslims are the communists number one ally.

      • tommy651: you are right, but this Pope, it seems to me, has already added his Allah to his communism.

        I really hope we will one day know WHY EXACTLY, and by WHOM Pope Benedict was DEplaced.

        I understand Pope Benedict didn’t want the post in the first place and only accepted because his friend and predecessor wished him to. But, once he had accepted, being a German – and what’s more a Bavarian, plus born under the starsign of Aries, he would not be the type to give up merely “for health reasons”. He would have emptied the bitter chalice to the end, if ………..

  3. On refugee resettlement watch I entered search for “form 990 for Catholic Charities.” Might have done better with US Conference of Catholic Bishops. I found enough. One half billion dollars from the US taxpayer since 2008. And they do not do a form 990 because they consider themselves to be a private charity. That is a 97% tax payer supported private charity.

    Please do not accept me at my word, look it up. I am not sure I believe what I read.

    I do believe however that these religions have been bought. If that old time religion is going to be of any help to us, our most prominant religious leaders may best be regarded with some skepticism.

    I believe I said that nicely.

  4. Continuing…

    It crossed my mind to wonder if President Bush(43)’s Faith based initiative helped get too much money into religion. Wikipaedia, reliability uncertain, said Bush’s initiative was an expansion from a 1996 welfare reform act which did allow “faith based” entities to bid on government contracts to serve others.

    Not to say that this is the first error church leaders may have made but vast sums of money might make it seem very difficult to think twice.

    • Yes, this is exactly what happened. At the time W announced his initiative, there were skeptical voices among conservatives (even including some at NRO) who predicted that using religious groups as surrogates to administer government programs would lead to their capture by the federal government. They were right. Now the major denominations are in lockstep with the feds on whatever politically progressive trend is currently in favor.

      • Thank you and continuing after my old guy nap….

        Wikipaedia again, with all its attendant risks;

        Article entitled “white House Office of Faith Based and Neighborhood Partnerships.” Is an office within the white house that is part of the executive office of the president of the United States. By executive order on 29 January, 2001.

        Here we may have the problem and solution encapsulated.

        The problem: an empire of lords and ladies answerable only to the president. Plenty of room for mischief there.

        The solution: it was an executive order. Presidents can rescind executive orders, and by rescinding this one greatly reduce incentives to migrants from wherever.

        This may be a more direct approach than the one being systematically obstructed by power grabbing federal judges.

    • Continuing….to Ann Corcoran’s Refugee Resettlement Watch, her search box on top right, funding. There is a lot to learn here. This is not really simple but it is do able. I would work toward more fiscal accountability and transparancy. Some of the refugee organisations have obscenery well paid ceo’s.

      I do notbyet know enough to say more now.

    • Continuing…

      A federal District Court Judge in Hawaii, Derrick Watson, citing Trumps own past comments, ruled that his executive order was issued with a purpose to disfavour a particular religion. So said Vox Media. So, the judge is a mind reader and unconscious of jihadism.

      Which complicates undoing previous exacutive orders.

      So I did something simple. I asked my server, “number of federal district court judges.”

      Answer: as of may 2012, a total of 3,294 individuals had been appointed to federal judgeships, including 2,758 district court judges, 714 courts of appeals judges, 95 judges to the now extinct circuit courts, and 112 supreme court judges. Wikipedia, with the risks that that entails. I am not prepared to explain these numbers.

      And it is evident that any judge can rule on any topic he pleases with any evidence he likes in any way that he wishes.

      No wonder they have a backlog on the cases which appear to belong in their presumed jurisdictions.

      If a president must clear every decision with 2,700 judges, we have a government which must be powerless, or we have a government which must be deceitful and abusive.

      Too many of our people might be only too happy with either result.

      Smarter people than I will have to be the ones who addrss the topic of court reform.

  5. I was never a Catholic. I was raised a Baptist, and ventured among many various Protestant sects over my life, while even screaming hatred toward God at times. I guess that was part of my protesting. This is not a confession! I am not an atheist. I used to confess myself as a theist, as in “I know God exists, but I don’t know or understand how He works.
    To me, Catholicism is a money based Christian Cult in which a single person cannot have contact with God unless he/she donates to the “church” in order to have his/her prayers heard. (if the intercessor chooses to pass along the message. Depending on how much money you donated)
    I don’t believe in the Catholic kind of forced separation between me and God.
    I had a personal connection with God, that I will never forget, and He has been a part of me, inseparable, ever since. I’ve ignored Him. I’ve pushed Him away. I’ve denied Him. I’ve cursed Him. But He’s always been there in the morning, or next week, reminding me that I invited Him into my life, and once He is in there, there is no getting rid of Him.
    Anyway, I work with a guy who professes to be Catholic, and has recently begun acting like an actual Christian. I fear it is my fault, and I don’t plan to stick around long enough to help him find Christ, but he’s acting like a better person today because of my needling him about his “confessions” (cursing). He just got his wife “accepted” into the Catholic church, whatever it is called when someone does that.
    BUT! He is working diligently in support of all the things mentioned above. He even is helping build areas to support illegals – of all faiths – right in the local area.
    It seems to me, the more we try to help those on the edge of understanding, the greater the gap becomes between salvation and collapse.
    The more I see of the World around me today, the closer I feel we are approaching the words in Daniel and Revelation, and there is nothing we can do about it because, just as with Lot, and Noah, no one is listening/reading.

    • Every Christian who knows the Bible must recognize the signs of the times. We are on a track to “Daniel and Revelation”, no doubt about it. And if I remember correctly, there will be a great tribulation like there never was nor shall ever be again, and that means many will hear and accept the Gospel, but also, many will condemn you or even kill you, thinking they are doing God’s service. That’s the way it is, you have been warned. Your duty to God is to have faith in God and his Son. Do not put your trust in men, be of good courage, and have faith in our Lord. I believe that is just a few things we must do. Lot survived his tribulation, and so did Noah.

  6. Even selling RC Churches with congregations in them on orders from Rome. The One World Religion is here. That is why I am an Old Catholic Bishop. I expect our numbers to sore as this news dawns upon traditionalists.Even my local RC Church- centre of the community and thriving until recently has apparently been sold out. My boss informed me that all Churches “RC”, “CofE” are being converted to Multifaith worship. Even the Pope favours Islam. Allah is not even the same “god”, or even an Abrahamic faith. I studied the ral origins of Mohammed and Allah for years and the evidence is conclusive. I recommend Emmet Scott too and Robert Spencer.

    • @ glt , no need for either , stick with the bible , all the rest are frauds written by sinners ,

  7. Architecture critic Joseph W. Tobin of Newark, New Jersey says, “Closing borders and building walls are not rational acts.” Instead of building walls, what is a more rational way to keep a roof from falling to the ground? Answer: levitation.

  8. The Catholic Church, or rather its hierarchy, foreswore its primary purpose decades ago. It has become a humanist NGO with bishops cynically using threads of Catholic teaching to skew its message. The present Pope is the archetype. The Catholic Church has lurched out of kilter many times in its history, led by corrupt bishops. As has been said more than once by faithful doctors and saints of the Church, the floor of hell is paved with the skulls of bishops. It is the laity which has kept the faith intact. Now, with congregations, and income, in free fall the bishops are desperate to keep parishes going by any means, however reprehensible. Not for spiritual nourishment, but to safeguard their own power bases. By this, and by their collective silence on the systematic persecution of Christians, they are the architects of their own demise at the hands of their new Muslim best friends.

  9. Sounds like it’s time to end the tax exempt status of churches altogther. If you’re receiving tax dollars, you pay tax dollars. If you’re politically partisan, you support financially the business of politics. The arrogance and sense of entitlement shown by religious charities mirrors the recipients of “welfare” (who pay no taxes).

  10. This is beyond disgusting. I had problems with the fact that Pope Francis is clearly a socialist, which in my younger days was against Catholic teaching.

    So I didn’t leave the church; the church left me. And if it (church) is now kissing muslim butts, then I will never ever darken its doors or give it any financial support.

    I am 100% with you, Rita.

  11. “Il pesce puzza dalla testa” as we say in Italy: ” the fish stinks from the head “. The head of the Catholic Church is Pope Francis, who is spreading the Gospel centered on the modern time’s incarnation of holiness, namely ” The Refugee”. So the Catholic sheep must be persuaded to save, to welcome and help, since also Jesus was a refugee. A mission of mercy is expected from the faithful, and all Episcopal Conferences around the world are instructed according that vision.

  12. If you really want to take politics out of religion, start taxing them like you do the rest of us.

  13. You want to stop them. Find out where they live in your local AO. Then, stop them, otherwise they are not bothered by us one bit.

  14. The Vatican is as much a part of the Deep State as the CFR. Of course they have millions of useful idiots supporting them, including most of my family. I swear they have been ‘blinded’ to truth.

  15. Thank you GoV for this article. I am not a fan of Church singing nor do I like nice paintings or disguising smiling happy people for religion. I believe that true Christianity is Reason and Wisdom in its core, because these are the true signs of the true search for The Truth. And and that is why I love to see that our catholic brothers are slowly coming to the realisation, that there is no salvation in a man, because a man, any man, is corruptible.

    There are certainly many good things that the Roman Catholics have done throughout the history. But for us, Pro-Testants, For-Testers – Pope Francis has been God sent, because he is just another proof that you really cannot trust a man!

    Please, do not let your soul fall for the wordly religion, for there is The Heavenly Kingdom, that should unite us all God’s people. Righteous people don’t necessarily have to be Christians, or Catholics at all. Good people are simply good people, God’s Children. Good people do not wear the mark of pride, saying how great and perfect they are… And they all know that man is corruptible, and subject to sin. What a difference to the New Age “You are all Gods, you are all perfect!” philosophy! A philosophy Pope Francis, I suspect, is a victim of.

    Can you see the twisted truth Communist Francis has taken up?

    Anyhow, I am glad to see some arguments in the core of the Catholic Church. To me, it signals that the search for The Truth is in progress.

    “It is better to trust in the Lord than to put confidence in man.”

  16. The giant bureaucracy is no longer needed. People can now get a Bible and read it. There is no need for the centralized Catholic Church. If you are Catholic and do not support the many Marxist positions taken by the Catholic Church, I encourage you to look to the Protestant side of things. There are many different flavors. I’m sure you can find one less destructive of Western Civilization than the “social justice warriors” of the modern day Catholic leadership.

  17. The Catholic bishops have ACTIVELY worked against rescuing truly endangered Christians from the mideast and Africa. It is worth remembering that Judas was the ‘treasurer’ for the apostles. As a traditionalist Catholic myself, I am sickened daily by the antics of these traitors to both church and nation.

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