Terror Alert in Essen

Map showing attacks and alerts in North Rhine-Westphalia, March 9-11, 2017

And the beat goes on.

Today a shopping center in the German city of Essen was evacuated and closed after the security services received indications of an Islamic terror attack. Egri Nök, who translated the article, created the map, and wrote the commentary below, includes this note about the regional clumping of recent attacks and alerts:

All this is happening in the same region of North Rhine-Westphalia: Thursday the Düsseldorf axe attack, Friday a senior chopped with a machete, and today the shopping centre in Essen.

Below is a video news report from Reuters:

Surprisingly enough, the authorities have already acknowledged the role that JIM played in the planned attack. The following report was published today by the NRW public broadcaster WDR:

Terror-Alarm: Apparently Islamist Background

  • Indicators of a possible terror attack on a shopping mall in Essen
  • Police search apartments in Oberhausen and are interrogating men
  • Shopping mall stays closed all Saturday (March 11 2017)

The first investigative results after the terror alarm in Essen have been released. As police announced Saturday (March 11 2017) afternoon, the apartment of a man in Oberhausen has been searched. The owner of the apartment is being interrogated. Shortly thereafter the arrest of another man was announced. Police arrested him in an internet cafe in Oberhausen. His apartment is to be searched, too. Both men are not suspects at this moment. According to police, there is “concrete information” of a possible attack on the shopping mall Limbecker Platz in Essen.

Connection to Islamic State terror militia

According to information obtained by WDR, the case has an Islamist background. Someone from abroad with connections to the terror militia “Islamic State” (IS) reportedly ordered a bomb attack in Essen and sent instructions for building the bomb. A man who traveled to Syria to join ISIS is said to be connected to this.

The tip came on Friday

[Photo caption: Heavily armed police cordon off the building]

According to police, they received the information about the attack on Friday from another security agency. The shopping center was evacuated and cordoned off on Saturday morning. It will remain completely closed all day long.

After the police operation in Oberhausen, police presence at the Centro shopping mall was also strengthened on Saturday afternoon. There are no concrete indicators of a planned attack there. But in general Centro is “a possible target,” police announced. Back at the end of 2016 alleged plans for an attack on the Centro mall became known.

Counter-terrorism authority is involved

Federal security agencies are “closely cooperating” on this case, a spokesman for the Federal Interior Ministry says. They are in “constant contact” in the Joint Counter Terrorism Centre (GTAZ) of Federation and States. The police in Essen additionally set up a situation center. A spokesman calls the operation “large-scale”.

Officers with machine guns in safety vests secure the shopping center in Essen. All entries and access roads are closed. Police set up a telephone number for concerned citizens at 0201-8291055.

Egri Nök sends this summary of this week’s events in the region:

Today’s alarm in Essen shows there is no rest for North Rhine-Westphalia.

The whole area — Essen, Düsseldorf, Duisburg Marxloh, where Lauren Southern filmed her video, Bonn, where young German men are beaten to death just for fun — is one of the most densely=populated areas in Germany. I would not go so far as to call it a megalopolis, because Düsseldorf and Cologne are still their own entities, but the cities upstream just melt into each other:

“Die Metropolis Region Rhein-Ruhr with ten Million inhabitants is one of the most densely populated, and most populous, regions in Europe.” (Wikipedia, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Bevölkerung).

All the Muslims and asylum applicants move there (and to Berlin) because their cousins already live there.

I could only find numbers from 2006:

“In 2006, the proportion of the inhabitants with a migration background (registered inhabitants with German citizenship and at the same time of foreign descent) was 22.6 percent. The proportion of foreigners (registered inhabitants without German citizenship) on Dec 31 2006 was 10.6 percent” (Wikipedia, Nordrhein Westfalen, Demographics) — 33% already in 2006.

That, and the fact that North Rhine Westphalia is under a red-green government, explains a lot.

Hat tip for the video: Vlad Tepes.

12 thoughts on “Terror Alert in Essen

  1. Frau Merkel has committed a historical error. Some other European leaders are as blind as she is. Consequences are very bad to the Europe. But, what surprises me more is the silence of the French, German and Belgian people, more affected by this wrong policy. How much does cost insecurity and the lives of the victims of terrorist acts? It will be cheaper, I’m sure, send all of them back, even in executive class…

    • They have plenty large street protests in Germany every week against the Merkel govt. And courageous people over there make youtube videos and write articles talking about the drastic seriousness of what is going on.

      But there is only so much people can do over there. If you get too upset with your “extreme-right, islamphobic, pro-Nazi” sentiments– don’t be surprised if you are in court over there to maybe even get arrested for your strong opinions. People will also beat you over the head when you get out of the subway if you become too well known for your anti- mainstream, anti-multiculturalism tactics.

      The German chief of police just gave a talk, I think at a think tank which went public, saying we Germans are fools if we think “integration” is possible with these people, etc. And a lot of people over there loved his strength and nerve but they are afraid he will soon lose his high position from what I understand.

      Not easy to stop what the govt. is doing anywhere, never has been.

    • Their media as colluded with the government and suppressing information. They deserve to be hanged on the same tree as their traitor leaders.

    • Do you also know about the tear gas attack on a crowded train in Hamburg yesterday? I saw this on Breitbart early this morning but was nearly impossible to find in German press but found it in British sources. Many went to hospital. 2 guys got away they are checking train cameras to try to find suspects.

      • I think the reason you hardly find it in German news is, because this sort of thing is so normal.

        • I had no idea this was going on often, but you’re right according to Focus.de there were 2 tear gas attacks on separate trains yesterday in Hamburg and in Munich. Wow, not something I want to experience even if non lethal.

  2. Did not mean to reply to a poster above, meant to post a new commentary about the Hamburg train incident that occurrred last night.

  3. OT: is German MSM waking up? The WDR: http://www1.wdr.de/radio/wdr5/sendungen/morgenecho/kommentare/afd-programm-108.html

    The AfD belongs to Germany

    “They do exist under German roofs: people who are sick of eco-social patronisation and red-green enforced happiness. People who feel pressed against the wall by morals-soaked arrogance. People who distrust the proclamations of islamic peacefulness, because they hear quite different stories in the news – from sexist attacks to islamic assassinations.

    Are all these people dimwits and blindworms? Not at all. Generally well educated people who follow the AfD, who btw mostly come from the milieus of Union, SPD and Left-party. Their discomfort, their fears are real and it is their right to be taken seriously.”

    • If that is the case, why is someone worse than Merkel, namely Schulz leading the polls. I am assuming the polls are correct.

      Everyone keeps blaming Merkel but she did not act alone. She had the support of the German parliament. She also had the support of large numbers of Germans. I still remember the video clips of mostly women enthusiastically welcoming the invaders in numerous cities.
      – Look at the data on party support by gender.

      • no, berserker.The polls are manipulated.All show the AFD under 10%, when in elections, they always score two digit results.And Schulz is booked as loser. He had to cheer up his own party youth at a venue to give him a hand and do shout outs. Just embarrassing.

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