Strangers on a Train

Here’s some more about German trains. This time, however, there’s no word whether the crazed train passenger — who bit and beat two young women — was a Muslim, or even an immigrant. However, reading between the PC lines, we can make an educated guess. Since the article doesn’t say he was a German, or a Pole, or a Swede, or a Czech, we know that he must be a “southerner” — i.e., an immigrant.

Also, as Egri Nök, who translated the piece, says: “I never in my whole life saw or heard about a German doing anything like that.”

From Bild:

Two young women injured
Man (19) freaks out on train

[photo caption: The Train Station in Bad Oldesloe]

March 14 2017

Kiel – Shock for two young women in the Hamburg-Lübeck regional express.

Tuesday morning, the two young women were harassed by a young man shortly before the Bad Oldesloe station. Despite their repeatedly asking him to leave them alone, he became even more obtrusive.

Suddenly he beat one of the women in the face repeatedly with his fist, and kept kicking her. When the second woman rushed to help, he violently bit her finger.

The conductor could only defend himself by using pepper spray. He immediately alerted state and Federal police. As the 19-year-old massively resisted, he had to be handcuffed. Still, he spat and kicked at the officers and insulted and threatened them.

The woman who had been beaten was aided on site by ambulance staff. The young woman who had been bitten was taken to a hospital for first aid.

The perpetrator was taken to the hospital for a blood test. But he did not calm down, and injured a female doctor by head-butting her. It is unclear at this point if alcohol or drugs were involved. Investigations are ongoing.

7 thoughts on “Strangers on a Train

  1. Without conclusive information regarding race (did I just say the word race? Naughty, naughty me!), we must draw conclusions based on probabilities. The probability is that this male is a follower of a certain cult/political movement that cloaks itself as a religion.

    Why are we so subservient to them? Are the goverments afraid of their reaction if we defend ourselves? Have we become so timid, that the fear of any violence is secondary to being invaded and bullied? Shame on us. Once we felt that our culture was worth fighting for. Now we give it away.

  2. Sounds like the sort of thing my cats would do. But they are cats. This one, no doubt, is ‘mentally ill’.

  3. I guess my question would be, with the hundreds and thousands of actual, confirmed incidents involving immigrants or second-generation immigrants, why go out on a limb about an incident as yet unconfirmed? If some information comes in that he was an immigrant, time enough to publish the account. If he turns out to be one of the increasingly-rare actual native Germans who displayed violence, the story can be used as an example of anti-Muslim “hysteria”.

    So, why devote attention to an account which may or may not be worthy of attention, but which no person would cite as an example because there is no real information on it?

    • You have a valid point there of course. It is just that lately, the following pattern has evolved across German media releases: Ethnic Russian = “Russian”. Ethnic German = “German without migration background”, often first name and abbreviated family name given. Naturalized immigrant = “German” or “German citizen”. No mention of any of the above = none of the above.
      It is a bit like reading food packaging for nutritional information.

  4. As we all know, last year Muhammad Riyad on that Wuerzburg train and recently that bloke from Kosovo on the Duesseldorf train showed an awful lot of tolerance vis-à-vis them Germans.

  5. Dymphna, thanks for your remark last week re my coverage of the Dutch elections, even though it was hardly coverage (definitely insufficiently fleshed out.)

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