Riots in Rotterdam

As mentioned earlier, there was rioting by Dutch Turks in Rotterdam tonight. Here’s a brief video.

Below is a report on Rotterdam by our Dutch correspondent H. Numan.

Riots in Rotterdam
by H. Numan

Last night [or tonight, if you’re in the USA] serious riots erupted in Rotterdam. Turkish-Dutch citizens ran amok after the Dutch government refused entry to the country to Turkish minister for family affairs Fatma Kaya and declared her persona non grata. She was extradited to Germany.

Riot police had to quell the unrest of Turkish-Dutch citizens with several charges and water cannons.

The Turkish minister was on her way to campaign for the referendum to be held in the 15th of April in Turkey. Turks can vote to give even more power to president Erdogan, so he can rule as a dictator for the rest of his life. Or not, but that possibility is rather remote. The German government didn’t like it, but they didn’t dare to defy the sultan-to-be. The Dutch government, surprisingly, did.

The mohammedan mayor of Rotterdam is furious, at minister Kaya as well as the Turkish consul in Rotterdam who outright lied to him. The latter called upon Turkish-Dutch citizens to gather around the consulate to voice their protests. Which they did in droves.

The Turkish government replied that the Dutch embassy is now under protection of the police, as people might do something nasty. The Dutch ambassador cannot be extradited, as he is not in the country. The Turkish government has stated that he can stay wherever he is for the moment, and is considering many more measures in retaliation.

Surprising? Not really. As you all know, Erdogan is flexing his muscles wherever he can. Milk anything for what it’s worth. Merkel caved in rather quickly, and allowed a Turkish minister to actively campaign in Germany. But Rutte didn’t. This surprised many. At first the Dutch government tried to negotiate with Ankara, but in vain. Total surrender is the fashion of the day, not a face-saving solution.

Rutte is in serious domestic trouble. His party isn’t doing half as well as the media would like you to believe. He is fighting a last-ditch battle for his own political survival. He successor Klaas Dijkhof is already waiting to take over from him. The best way to cure domestic trouble is to look for a nice little foreign brawl. The Argentinean junta tried it. Thatcher did it with great success. Erdogan, so far, did it better than he could hope for. Rutte is trying to win the elections by pretending he has a spine.

That would kill two birds with one stone: he shows his enemies within the party he’s not done yet. And Wilders is a member of the opposition. All he can do is walk around with a banner in front of the Turkish embassy and very little else. If Rutte pulls this one off, he’ll be the winner. Certainly not Wilders.

Though Wilders is proven right about his position on dual nationalities. He has said so for twelve years, and that will definitely work in his advantage. But over all, Rutte will be the man who defied the great Turk, not Wilders. Here’s the statement by the Dutch government.

Can a man serve two masters? No, he can’t. We worked that out in the middle ages. The Hundred Years’ War, and in Holland the Hook and Cod wars were the result.

Most European nations have had similar experiences. After those wars, real nations slowly emerged and the lesson learned was that one man can only serve one master. Not two at the same time. That lesson has been intentionally forgotten by the ’68 generation and their offspring. Nations are soooooo old fashioned.

These riots are the first, but almost certainly won’t be the last in The Netherlands. Turkish-Dutch citizens are Turks first, Mohammedans second. Only after that they regretfully admit they hold Dutch nationality, with great shame, at that. Moroccans exactly the same, and that goes for every mohammedan in the country. There are very few mohammedans who openly say they are Dutch first or Dutch only. The few that do almost invariably do that wearing a headscarf or something else to remind people they are first and foremost mohammedans.

That is what Wilders and the PVV are fighting against.

— H. Numan

30 thoughts on “Riots in Rotterdam

  1. I wouldn’t be suprised if this diplomatic comedy caper was by design from the get go to make Rutte look good.
    It’s a deal between Rutte and Erdo.
    “You Turks help me to make me look good and in turn I will help you with your EU membership”
    In international diplomacy nothing happens unintentionally.

  2. I think the writer is wrong. Just because at this moment Rutte look like he suddenly grown a spine most people not that stupid to believe he is a savior. The riots will bring more people to Geert’s side because he offer a program to clean up the mess too. Maybe some people are that stupid to fall for the bait but I think most of them intelligent enough to realize this empty gesture from Rutte.

    • Don’t be so sure – look at France, at Sweden – lots of riots there, and only now Marie Le Pen is gain real popularity. At Sweden – lots of riots, still the people support their government.

      I guess it more depends on the mentality of the average Dutch.

      • it is hard to measure how much Le Pen is gaining popularity. Most polls are distorted or misreported.

  3. The Dutch authorities repeatedly urged Turkish diplomats NOT to travel to the Netherlands and attempt to marshall up support for their “let’s make Erdogan a dictator for life” cause amongst “Dutch” Turks.

    From what I understand, the Dutch authorities informed them that a small, relatively private meeting with a selected entourage or representatives at the Turkish embassy was fine, but that they could NOT rally or campaign on Dutch territory in publc. Reasons for this would seem obvious : fear of social unrest, there will security issues (police and who will finance that ?) besides the rather obvious fact that the Netherlands as a souvereign country and not an arena for Turkish politicians to campaign in.

    The Turks immediately brought out the big guns and threatened with sanctions. They then doubled down in defiance of the Dutch pleads, and decided to travel to the Netherlands anyways so they could do their pro-Erdogan campaigning among the big Turkish community in Holland.

    They must have thought the Dutch would back down as usual, but surprisingly, that did not happen this time : The Dutch promptly revoked the landing rights of Turkish minister Cavusoglu’s plane, thus preventing him from entering the country,
    Next Turkish minister Kaya decided to enter the Netherlands by car, in a convoy from Germany. She and her entourage were also prevented from entering the Turkish embassy and stopped by the police.

    Interestingly, the DSI (“Special Interventions Unit”), a highly specialized commando / SWAT team was deployed to escort Mrs. Kaya’s bodyguards back to the German border. (When there is such a problem, perhaps an airplane hijacking situation or something like that, this is when the PM will on the phone with the DSI people).
    All of this seems to suggest the Dutch are not taking any chances (I presume Mrs. Kayas security staff may be armed, and there is no way of determining just how crazy these people can get). It appears that we really are dealing with a serious diplomatic row here.

    While Mrs. Kaya herself was not arrested, she was allegedly seen cussing and swearing like a sailor, and promptly took to Twitter to further vent her outrage, calling the Dutch “fascists”, “nazis” and so on, which is pretty ironic given the fact that she is basically running errands for the great dictator Erdogan, and the Dutch have every right to stop her.

    MEANWHILE, thousands of “Dutch” Turks are running amok and fighting riot police in Rotterdam. Here in Amsterdam it is more quiet but I read reports about thousands of cars blocking streets in the centre, honking their horns and waving Turkish flags in support of Erdogan and his cronies.

    Indicating once more, where their loyalty and allegiance lies.

    Screenshots of Mrs. Kaya’s tweets are here :

  4. ” If Rutte pulls this one off, he’ll be the winner. Certainly not Wilders.”

    Actually I don’t agree. Three days before an election to have 1,000 Turkish Islamists flexing their muscles in the country, protests outside the Dutch Embassy in Turkey, threats from Sultan Erdogan, will alarm many Dutch people, that the growing muslim population will continue to get more and more assertive. This plays exactly to Wilder’s key platform, this is the sort of thing he alone has been talking about. And it may carry him over the finishing line on Wednesday.

  5. When I was growing up, under Australian law, if you took on another nationality for any reason but marriage, you relinquished Australian citizenship. If you took on Australian citizenship, you were deemed to have relinquished your previous citizenship — although some nations didn’t recognise that (the Swiss are a case in point, and I believe Iranian citizenship is also difficult to slough off). Then a couple of decades or so ago, it became popular to collect citizenships and the law was changed. People started taking out Australian citizenship (which only took about a year of residence–I remember when it was five years, uninterrupted by trips back ‘home’) and then going back to their countries of origin, getting into trouble (whether deserved or not, I can’t judge) and suddenly an ‘Australian businessman’ was in trouble in a foreign country. As someone who’s born and raised Australian and doesn’t live anywhere else, I only get one nationality, and I rather resent others being able to collect them like stamps, coins or cigarette cards. So there, I’ve disclosed the real cause of my discomfort, but still, I think there was wisdom in the old law as it forced people go choose.

    • The negative side is that it makes it near-impossible that they’ll ever go “home” for good…

    • My parents were British, but my brother was born in Canada and lives there. He holds both passports, but I suspect the British one is for sentimental reasons. He does not get to vote in UK elections! (Though he would have voted for Brexit.)

      The EU nations should insist that ethnic Turks and others make up their minds, and live and vote in the country they choose to identify with.

      I understand that the US allows its citizens living abroad to vote, but this is on the assumption that they will be returning.

  6. I came across a YouTube video of a Turkish diplomat insisting before various police officers, in Rotterdam (I believe it was but am not certain) that he be allowed to proceed past them along the street, to the restaurant he wished to dine at, that they had no right to stop him. “I have diplomatic immunity. I can go where I like”. (stupid, arrogant p****)

    After five minutes I lost this 20-minute vid and can’t find it. Does anyone have a link to it, please?

  7. Foreign ministers campaigning in another country as if it’s theirs…Sounds and smells like a takeover. I live in Canada and I wouldn’t tolerate it here. Those thugs rioting have no loyalty to the Netherlands. They are Muslims first, Turks second, and human third.

  8. Now is the time for Europeans to feel what does it mean to live with the Turks.

    When my country fell under the Ottomans,the then Pope and the rest of Europe were very pleased,even when they occupied half of a Greek island(Cyprus),they did nothing at all.On the contrary every time we had a dispute with these barbarians either the Europeans looked the other way or they supported them.

    The time that a war between Greece and Turkey will take place is near and remember,what i am writing now,NO European country will support us.

    To be honest i am not happy with this because Europe is my home and whatever happens there has a effect on us.

    If we do not do something,NOW,with the illegal immigrants,Turkey will use them to install Islam in all Europe,and believe me no nation is so bloodthirsty and barbarous as this.
    Understand this:
    Erdogan by trying to campaign in the European cities for his referendum wants to show that the time that Islam will control Europe is not far away.
    His tools are the illegal immigrants.

    • It is a sure thing that the Europeans won’t support you. They are generally spineless. They’ll make polite noises, at best.

  9. A perfect illustration why Muslims owe no allegiance to any of their adopted states, only to the larger caliphate. As more Muslims arrive in Europe, as their demographic impact moves remorselessly on towards majority status mid century, the puny efforts of an appeaser like Rutter will look like a last stand in retrospect. I recommend David Vincent’s prophetic book “2030: Your Children’s Future in Islamic Britain” (Amazon and Kindle).

  10. What’s a Dutch Turk? Seriously, how can one be a Turk and also be Dutch? The Dutch wear wooden clogs and make cheese. The Turks wear a fez and make strong coffee. No, the Dutch-Turk moniker doesn’t work for me.

    • You can’t. It’s a contradiction. Often humored: “This is Hamid. He’s born in The Netherlands. He’s Dutch”. (A picture of a mohammedan with a beard wearing a kaftan). “This is Tiny. He is born in an aquarium. He’s a fish.” (picture of a cute hamster in an aquarium.)

    • No it doesn’t work for you and it doesn’t work for me, but get used to it. Every place is now all mixed up like the great melting pot of America. If you want to experience the specifically Dutch, Italian, German or whatever, better go to the smaller towns of those places within the next 5 years. Also try to find out beforehand from the tourism bureaus if those little quaint areas have any refugee homes. If yes, look for next quaint town, and repeat process. Oh and when you arrive, find somewhere to buy a knife for yourself and pepperspray for the lady. They might come in handy while you are strolling those old cobblestone lanes or riding in a cute streetcar. Try to remember to look behind your
      shoulder every few minutes too, in case a non-local, mentally ill person has the need to attempt to stab you in the head.

  11. Message to Turkey from Wilders:

    – I don’t agree that the kerfuffle is going to help Rutte. The Dutch know the man and can see the game he is playing. If anything, I think this is a strategic error by [Erdogan].
    – It was not clear whether Wilders’ party would have won enough seats on its own to form the government. No other parties are likely to support him, either. Now the situation has changed and people are once again reminded of the cancer within their midst. That might motivate the many who may have been undecided.

  12. What a gift for Wilders, all it needs is a red ribbon tied in a bow.

    The arrogance of Muslims is just breathtaking. I wonder what those ‘useful idiots’ who supported Turkish entry into the EU are thinking now.
    Rutte might be ‘standing up’ to the new Sultan, however he doesn’t have the solution to the problem, does he? I’d agree with ‘berserker’, it’s an ‘own goal’ by Erdogan.

  13. It sounds like after such an event, the Dutch should have arrested the worst of the rioters, stripped them of their Dutch citizenship and send them to Turkey.

  14. Thi sis the best thing that has happened to The Nehterlands. The Turks have shown their true face. These Conservative Turks are a very dangerous Islamo-fasistisc group.

  15. Suppose Geert Wilders is elected. His government then says, ‘We have pictures of the rioters. All those identified, and with dual citizenship, will be stripped of Dutch citizenship and deported back to Turkey.’

    Question: does Holland have anymore the military strength to actually do such a thing?

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