29 thoughts on “Pat Condell to European Women: Here’s Your Chance to Push Back

    • And also sad: he used to have more humour, now one can tell he’s getting very frustrated, almost desperate :(.

  1. And this is just a beginning, just wait till sharia courts become legal.

    Almost 15 years ago I was passing by a half-open door in a court, and I saw a judge trying to force a helpless English woman into sex to allow for her divorce. It is not only that trapped English woman , almost all women who want a divorce must appease some hungry men in Sharia courts.

    Thousands of this type of crime happens in one single day in ME and none get into the news. Sadly, I had the opportunity to observe how it happens closely when I had to stay for one night in a lawyer’s house in another town. Three women were there to pay their dues to the lawyer as a part of their divorce process. When women have no rights they will have to buy some.

    Under sharia laws, a sheik can aim any woman and declare his husband infidel and take the woman for himself. This does not happen very often, but there have been more than a few occurrences in the past. Of course there are other simpler ways that a sheik can have some fun with ANY woman he wants, i.e: aim a woman, bring four witnesses to sign the testimony that a woman was cheating , and then blackmail the woman. This kind of fraud also happens very often and the four witnesses also get a share of the prey.

    I won’t go into many details of these disgusting things; just be informed that every woman in Islamic countries might have a few to hundreds of such secrets. Europeans live in their lefty pink dreams and have seen nothing yet.

    Deport everyone self-identified as a Muslim, burn down the mosques and avoid the Caliphate, it’s real, it’s already planned for you, it’s criminal and it can be only a few steps away.

      • Absolutely horrifying for a lot of women there but why hasn’t there been any kind of uprising from them? Obviously, they have more of a chance to resist the oppression when they move to Europe but seem just as willing to resume the same lives here. Surely there would come a point where enough is enough. I would really be interested in your thoughts on this as you seem very enlightened.

      • GI-

        Oh, sharia is all about “opportunities”…

        Like the “opportunity” to create a barren, trash-filled wasteland from once lush farmland…

        Or the “opportunity” to create a society built on childhood malnutrition, which impairs frontal lobe development, which impairs overall intelligence, which plays into your ideology’s tenets that questions and questioning authority are tools of the devil…

        Yes, that good old sharia is all about opportunity and innovation, yessir!

    • “Under sharia laws, a sheik can aim any woman and declare his husband infidel and take the woman for himself.”

      Isn’t this exactly what the prophet Mohammed did? He had the hots for the 6-year-old daughter of one of his followers, but the father wouldn’t let him near her. So the next night Mohammed had a fortuitous dream in which it was revealed that the father was a traitor and had to be executed (or otherwise got rid of). This cleared the way for Mo to “marry” the girl — the same 6-year-old we’re always hearing about, the one with whom Mo had sexual relations once she reached the ripe age of 9.

  2. Great. He takes the gloves off and puts on brass knuckles!

    I wonder what the rape rate is in Austria and in Slovakia. I mean as compared to-say-France and Germany. I use those countries because in the former two women are being encouraged to carry tear gas. And in Austria* people are buying guns-compared to the latter, where that not the case.

    * G of V article about gun ownership in Austria.

  3. I dont know who this guy is. Though everything he says to us sounds as clear as day, it is way too long to be effective. He repeats the same thing over and over in slightly different words and frankly he looks like an old-fashioned country hick to most contemporary liberal Euro females. This speech needs to be briefer and spoken with no anger against these women and be done by a younger, more modern looking, better dressed man. Sorry but that’s my opinion. If you want these female libs to listen – they have to be able to identify with the speaker to some degree and you have to come off as being sincerely worried about them, not angry and resentful even though they have greatly contributed to the mess we are in.

    • He’s been around a long time and used to be something of a comedian/satirist but is getting angrier and more desperate (for good reasons). Many of us love his style, but I guess we’re long-term followers.

    • So Gretel, it is all about the presentation and not the message?

      That seems to be so typical an expectation today. As long as the eye candy is right for the seeing, then the ears will follow for the listening?

      What if he was on radio? How would it work out then?

      • Better if he were on radio perhaps. But I still think he needs to tone down the anger and the length and the repeating of the same thing a number of times. Yes appearance, mannerisms and tone always matter in public speaking!

    • I mean all of this respectfully. In my opinion, you made your first mistake in your first sentence when you said “I don’t know who this guy is”. I suggest you go to his YouTube channel and watch some more of his videos. I’ve been watching his videos casually for quite awhile and I’ve found them to very informative, important, and yes hard-hitting. I take your point about messaging as far as reaching liberal Euro females and that should be taken into consideration.

      However, when I hear Pat Condell, Cassandra from Greek mythology always pops up in my mind. From my limited perspective, I haven’t seen the mealy-mouthed, panty-waisted approach to the threat of Islamic invasion to be very effective. We’re in a situation where you can’t even use the plain meaning of words. And, yes, look at these new rules passed by the EU to cut the broadcast of hate speech and offensive material. Why are they doing that? Is it in response to an increasing number of jack-booted, skin headed, tattooed parliamentarians?

      What I’ve scratched my head about is why Pat Condell isn’t in leg irons by now.

      • What I’ve scratched my head about is why Pat Condell isn’t in leg irons by now.

        Same here. It’s a mystery.

  4. Is feminism the only banner women will march under? Condell urges women to exercise the franchise to vote out the surrender to Islam establishment parties. But first they’ll have to feel they are not alone. I can’t think of a better method for getting women to feel they are not alone than the organizing of giant anti-rape parades. We know the feminists will adamantly oppose such parades. Women have to find/create a different banner than the feminist banner — and fast.

    • The ‘feminist’ movement was hijacked by the Marxists decades ago. They don’t see Islam as the enemy, only the white ‘privileged’ male who is responsible for all the ills of the world.

      The ‘feminists’ take to attacking those women who decide that they have had enough of the cultural genocide, that is why there are very few who willingly speak out.

      And according to the ‘feminist’ way of thinking, all that raping and murdering of women throughout Europe is just Christian propaganda.

  5. @Gretel: You state that “This speech needs to be briefer and spoken with no anger against these women and be done by a younger, more modern looking, better dressed man” I’m so perplexed at this comment. I do not think for one moment that should Pat Condell be wearing an Armani suit and be 20 years younger that the “female libs” would listen to one word he has to say. They are far too tunnel visioned to even listen to the likes of Pat Condell no matter how much sense he makes. He is a white man living in a Western culture and is therefore their sworn enemy. I would hazard a guess and say that you are American as no European person I know would ever consider Pat Condell a country hick as you stated.

    • I disagree. I really think a 20 years younger Condell in an armani suit would have more chance of female attention. Women seem to be much more susceptible to image and cosmetic appeal than men. Ask any advertiser.

      But it’s all a bit late now anyway. Big change is coming to Europe. Words won’t alter the course of events. And God bless Condell, but it’s just words. I doubt even he can change a do-gooder’s mindset. They either feel the danger themselves, personally, or they don’t. The huge influx of Muslim invaders may have sharpened enough female minds to make a difference. We shall see soon enough. All is not lost. Imagine a Europe six months from now, after a Wilders win in Holland, a le Pen win in France, and an AfD win in Germany. Impossible? They said that about Trump.

      • Hmmm…you’ve written much I agree with, but not the part about Condell’s appeal vis-a-vis women. Was it Marilyn Monroe who told Henry Kissinger the mind is an erogenous zone? As homely as he was, women were drawn to ol’ Henry.

        From the research I’ve read it is men who are susceptible to images. Thus, we have the enduring magazine, Playboy; I think Playgirl was shorter-lived. It’s not that women don’t marvel at handsome masculinity. It’s nice but it’s not enough. In fact, it’s not even necessary.

        That’s what makes the irony of Mother Nature’s cruelty all the harder: women age and gravity pulls down their former beauty. Men age and all those craggy lines bestow a certain rugged handsomeness. Thus men who were non-descript early on may find that age bestows what they never had when younger. Not that younger women flock around (unless they are exceedingly wealthy), but that women their own age recognize their worth. I’ve seen it at our church.

        Mother Nature has her reasons for this cruel divide: it is her way of signaling that young women are fertile (and conversely, that older women aren’t). With big breasts and wide hips the fillies are (unconsciously) breeding machines. We don’t like that blunt truth so we cover it over with whatever manure the “beauticians” are selling.

        Men, meanwhile, retain their reproductive vigor longer. Sometimes they mis-use it horribly – e.g., dropping the wife of their youth, allowing her to live out her old age in poverty, while they dance off with a younger version of her. They sure have a busload of karma there.

        [Wouldn’t want Trump’s burden in that regard but I’m glad we no longer judge a man’s executive competency by this hallmark.]

        Pat Condell is right cute, just the way he is. Looks like a comfortable old shoe.

        • Re your second para, Dymphna: Rodin got it in his sculpture “La Belle Heaulmiere” (“She Who Was Once the Helmet-Maker’s Beautiful Wife”). I know you love Heinlein; check out “Stranger in a Strange Land”, pps. 295-6. He continues with an equally moving description of “The Caryatid Fallen Under her Load”, which is in the garden of the Musee Rodin in Paris; I have my own photo of her on my wall.

        • Re: the aging process

          To your third and fourth paragraphs, there is an old saw that, “Men age like wine and women age like milk.”

          Perhaps a bit harsh, but there is a bit of truth there as well.

    • What difference do clothes make? We are supposed to be listening to the man, what he is saying, and no one says it better; his words are clear, there is no hesitation, he makes his case with surgical precision, and he has already condensed his speech Gretel, as you should understand! Nor does he repeat himself.

      I too wonder why the traitors that be have not yet cast him into some rat-infested dungeon.

  6. I think this is a great candidate for multiple language subtitling.

    Serious question: How many Swedish girls and women can understand Condell at their level of language ability? German? French? Hungarian? Spanish?

    This Condell video really needs to be translated and transmitted. Then use it like a medical trace isotope. Use it to judge how hermetically sealed Western nations in the process of submission have become. Is this “legal” to transmit to Norway? Can it be linked in Italy? Where is it banned? Where will it cause a visit by the thought police?

    If this message is now “internet illegal”, all hope for Europe is lost.

    • Pat Condell’s videos are widely translated. If you follow his Twitter feed, you’ll see his acknowledgements.

      (Also it’s a cliche that many more Europeans speak English than vice versa).

  7. Peer pressure is a little stronger than the survival instinct in humans. To change this takes chipping away and much time….then the paradigm flips.

    We had to act with tremendous–almost freakish–cooperation in the savannah 100,000 years ago in order to be here today. Can you imagine the planning it took to bring down a large animal? …and then guard the meat? We interpret this sometimes-dystrophic social instinct today as a mental illness.

    Chipping away is how we got smoking under control and the acceptance of the LGBTQ folks…and the Reformation…and the acceptance of the automobile.., and a few hundred other changes.

    Eventually we will see our leaders reject Islamic Sharia and culture. Just pray it is in time.

  8. No one is going to read this, but I’ll mention it anyway.

    Condell is not funny anymore. He’s interesting, but reality has caught up with him and it’s no longer possible to parody anything the Muslims or the European governments do. Muslims and West European leaders are self-parody beyond the hope of any comedian or satirist to exaggerate.

    The second observation that, with notable exceptions, many of them found right here at Gates of Vienna, women are not the right group for Condell to aim his appeal to. Women simply do not react to logic in the same way as men, for the most part, do. His very same appeal should be made to European males, who even if too suppressed and intimidated to act, at least respond innately to his logic.

    Married women in secure circumstances are the ones most likely to even notice Condell.

    • I only recently found out he had been a comedian. I find him to be a good polemicist, but then I tend to prefer logic to emotional appeals.

      Humor is on another plane entirely…do you have any references to his funny work?

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