Machete Attack in Düsseldorf

And the beat goes on.

Yesterday, an axe attack at the main train station in Düsseldorf. Today, another attack in Düsseldorf, this one rumored to be with a machete.

Once again, there is no information about the Mohammed Coefficient of the attacker, or much of anything else. Once again, a helicopter is circling the area. Schools near the attack were locked down.

Many thanks to Egri Nök for translating this report from RP Online:

Large operation in Düsseldorf-Kaiserswerth

Injured Person found — Police searching for Suspect

[Photo caption: Special Forces in Düsseldorf-Kaiserswerth]

Düsseldorf. The police operation at the Kalkumer Schloßallee in Düsseldorf-Kaiserswerth is still ongoing. One injured person was found there. Police are searching for the suspect. A helicopter is in action.

“The operation is still ongoing”, a speaker of the Police Düsseldorf tells our editors. “But we are gradually reducing the forces”. The officers have been operating since before noon. Around 11:20am an 80 year old man was attacked by an unknown person on the Kalkumer Schloßallee/An der Reith, near a parking space, with an item yet to be identified. The police have not confirmed reports that the weapon used was a machete. The senior suffered grave slash wounds and is currently being treated in a hospital. According to physicians, his life is not in danger.

The search for the suspect is still ongoing in the area Kalkumer Schloßallee. Police are present with special forces and a helicopter. In general, there have been a lot of police on duty in town after the rampage at the Düsseldorf train station last night, a speaker says. Currently there are no clues about any connection between the two events, police president Norbert Wessler said at the press conference about the rampage.

The large police operation is causing upset in the nearby Theodor Fliedner High School. Pupils are calling their parents. Parents are calling the school or showing up outright at the school, says the principal Michael Jacobs. Police asked the school to instruct pupils not to leave the school premises for precautionary reasons. “Some pupils act very upset and frightened. The feeling has intensified, so that immediately after the announcement, the children called their parents with their mobile phones,” says Jacobs.

The police operation is still ongoing near the school. According to police, there is no police operation on the school’s premises.

All children at the Angermunder Elementary School (Friedrich von Spee Schule) were taken inside from the schoolyard, a mother reports.

4 thoughts on “Machete Attack in Düsseldorf

    • I don’t know what good it would do if they did describe the suspect. Imagine such a description; “a bearded ape named Mohammed with a Southern appearance”… It would be like trying to find a needle in a (muslim) haystack.

  1. Currently there are no clues about any connection between the two events,

    Sometimes the way something is phrased can implant false ideas in the reader’s mind. One idea implanted, in a muddled vague way, by the above phrasing is that there is no connection between the two events.

    But just on the basis of statistics, that is highly unlikely. For this reason. People being attacked with cuts that resemble those of an axe, is statistically very very rare. For it to occur twice, in a short time, in the same area, is statistically virtually zero – if the two events had no connection, that is, if they were statistically independent of each other.

    Hence, the two events occurring in the same area in a short time period have a probability very close to 100 percent of being connected.

    I’m open to why the above reasoning is not accurate. But so far, it seems accurate to me.

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