Islam v Free Speech —The Political Show Trial of Tim Burton

Below is a press release from Liberty GB about the upcoming trial of Tim Burton in London.

  • Tim Burton of Liberty GB faces trial on 27 March 2017 for satirical emails sent to Tell Mama Muslim organisation
  • Charge of ‘Religiously Aggravated Harassment’ could put him in prison for two years
  • Tell Mama Director, Fiyaz Mughal, is an adviser to Crown Prosecution Service, which decided to prosecute the case
  • Tell Mama advises the police on ‘Islamophobia’, even though the organisation’s statistics were found to be fraudulent

On Monday 27 March 2017, one of the most important political show trials of the century is taking place at Southwark Crown Court in London.

Tim Burton, a member of the Executive Council of the political party Liberty GB, is being prosecuted for sending five satirical emails, employing mockery and ridicule, to Tell Mama UK, an organisation run by the prominent Muslim Fiyaz Mughal OBE.

Fiyaz Mughal has declared himself to be harassed and distressed by the satirical emails, sent by Mr Burton in response to a job advertisement for a caseworker on the Tell Mama website in April 2016.

At one point in the emails, Tim Burton referred to Mr Mughal as “the Mendacious, Grievance-Mongering Taqiyya-Artist-In-Chief of Tell Mama UK”. Taqiyya is part of the Islamic doctrine of deceit, divinely sanctioned in Islam’s ‘holy book’, the Quran — a doctrine that tells Muslims they may deceive non-Muslims if the goal is to advance the cause of Islam or to prevent the denigration of Islam in the eyes of non-Muslims.

The Metropolitan Police and Crown Prosecution Service complied with alacrity to Mr Mughal’s request to have Tim Burton charged and prosecuted for Religiously Aggravated Harassment — a charge which on conviction can result in a substantial fine or a long prison sentence.

Fiyaz Mughal sits on a panel that advises the Crown Prosecution Service on how to prosecute cases of so-called ‘Islamophobia’.

His organisation Tell Mama UK works closely with the Metropolitan Police to deal robustly with the wave of ‘Islamophobia’ that is supposedly sweeping the country and terrorising the Muslim community.

We venture to suggest that a non-Muslim making a comparable complaint about a Muslim would have been laughed out of the police station or the courtroom, at the very least told to stop wasting police time.

Fiyaz Mughal was called out by Andrew Gilligan of The Daily Telegraph in June 2013 for (allegedly) fraudulently manipulating so-called ‘hate crime’ figures of Tell Mama UK in the wake of the Lee Rigby murder in order to maintain his taxpayer-funded grant. Following this exposure, Tell Mama UK was investigated and temporarily had its funding withdrawn. Strangely, no charges of fraud were ever brought by the police or CPS.

Since then Tell Mama UK has had its funding quietly reinstated and is carrying on its activities much as before, with Fiyaz Mughal frequently hitting the headlines with stories on the mythical ‘Islamophobic’ backlash against the Muslim community following recent terrorist atrocities in Europe.

Liberty GB say the prosecution of Tim Burton embodies the double standard by which Muslims and non-Muslims are treated. We think it is time for a review into the preferential status that Islam currently enjoys under UK law.

Here is a link to the circumstances surrounding the trial.

14 thoughts on “Islam v Free Speech —The Political Show Trial of Tim Burton

  1. If all goes well then it appears that the ‘offended’ freeloader, Fiyaz Mughal, may have shot himself in the foot along with all the other Muslim freeloaders in places of authority who have also been milking the system.

  2. Here we go again; Fiyal Mughal OBE. When, I ask will the Brits stop heaping honours on undeserving minorities, and particularly moslems.

    In this case they have honoured the moslem, and seek to punish or imprison a patriot; how typical of today’s Britain.

  3. Dangerous situation for Tim. If he gets convicted he’ll die in prison.
    We need this man. His speaking abilities are advanced & his
    grasp of Islamic subject matter is second to none. This truly
    is another stretch for Britain if a conviction is forth coming.

    • It seems to me that this is attempted murder, in view who runs Britain’s prisons. Just ask Tommy Robinson.

  4. “…Fiyaz Mughal sits on a panel that advises the Crown Prosecution Service on how to prosecute cases of so-called ‘Islamophobia’….”

    Am I mistaken if I suspect that this piece of work, if he was sitting on the panel advising the Crown Prosecution during the years and years of systematic sexual abuse of British white children, was sitting on his hands ?

  5. Well hopefully the Liberty people have put all their money into defending this, by employing top tier counsel. Because if they lose this, they may as well pack up.

  6. The country that was a haven for satirists like Hogarth, Gillray, and Swift is now persecuting satirists. God help us. When will all this end?

  7. This is a lesson for the US. We need to get rid of all hate crime designation. If a crime is violence or harassment of a person, it should be punished on that basis. Any additional penalty for “hate” content is an open door to speech restriction which will lead to a similar situation as in Britain, Germany, Holland, or other West European countries: a soft fascism suppressing speech unpopular with government bureaucrats and hacks.

    Hillary was quite open in 2011 about using the enormous power of the government to suppress criticism of Islam. We dodged the bullet. With Democratic Supreme Court justices, who can doubt the erosion of the First Amendment freedom of speech, as well as the Second Amendment right to bear (and possess) arms.

  8. Islamophobia is similar to witchcraft in the middle ages. Both occurred in societies gripped by mass delusion & hysteria. Both resulted in victims being denounced and severely punished for imaginary crimes.

  9. Approximately half of convicted burglars in Britain don’t do any jail time. So it would seem, that calling someone a taqiyya-artist is now worse than burglary. And, in view of what happened to the guy who placed a bit of bacon outside a mosque, may well command an effective death sentence.

  10. This just really is abhorrent. If it’s so bad for them and they feel so persecuted, why is it you never hear of them fleeing en-masse back to their homelands? Thousands of Jewish people who were born and bred within Europe are seeking refuge in Israel as they do not feel safe in their own countries anymore. Personally speaking, I believe that they are a great loss to Europe as they contribute to society in so many ways. They are more likely to be in employment and crime rate among them is very low. Statistically, approximately 5% of the British population is Muslim, and yet they represent 15% of the prison population according to Government statistics, and are increasing year on year, compared to a few hundred Jewish people who are currently incarcerated. Additionally, when do you hear of the Jewish people putting pressure on the Government to serve Kosher food the way many of our children are now eating halal food? And now this ridiculous prosecution (persecution). Perhaps MAMA should focus more on their own community and the barbarity of some of its adherents, namely FGM, “honor killings” and child abuse. Considering they represent only 5% of the population, they sure do make a lot of problems.

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