Hate Speech About South Africa: “The Blacks Will Steal Everything”

Nash Montana, who translated this curious politically incorrect clip from Germany, which says naughty, naughty things about blacks in South Africa, includes this introductory note:

This is a clip from a breakfast TV show where an elderly world traveler by the name of Heidi Hetzer talks about South Africa. First she praises the country, but then she proceeds too say, “the blacks, they steal everything.” (Interestingly, the word Hetzer means “agitator, hate-stirrer” in German.)

The moderator is a black woman by the name of Jana Pareigis.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Ms. Hetzer is being sued!

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


0:01   In South Africa, in Cape Town,
0:04   everybody speaks English.
0:07   it’s a lot like Europe;
0:10   the KaDeWe [large European consumer warehouse from Germany] can’t hold up to it.
0:13   Their malls have everything, everything!
0:16   And everything cheaper!
0:19   And nature of course, it is so beautiful, I could live there,
0:22   but just like everywhere, there are disadvantages there.
0:25   They steal. The blacks will steal everything, even just some old jacket;
0:28   if you leave it in the car, they’ll steal it.
0:31   They steal everything. They stole my chain, smashed my windows,
0:34   they stole my Navigator,
0:37   they cleaned out my whole car, stole my purse…
0:40   Everything! —OK…
0:43   —That is what makes it difficult… —Well it’s a poor country… —But one doesn’t want to…

15 thoughts on “Hate Speech About South Africa: “The Blacks Will Steal Everything”

  1. This move to criminalize and persecute all manner of truth under the guise of prosecuting hate speech is the last gasp of political correctness. It is a move of desperation, and the more they crack down, the more people they will awaken to the evilness of the left and the elites.

  2. I am sure Merkel already salivating over the video thinking, I must bring a million or two of those blacks into Germany…

  3. When I was in SA the thefts started on the day after we moved into our hotel room and never stopped, first it was the children’s shoes and followed by other clothing.

    The Africans tended to steal the little things, the Whites however would steal your house or your business as happened to a friend of mine.

    Bribery is common and seen as part of doing business, hence the problem…..

    • beautyful country, but you better watch your gluteus maximus everywhere you go, even on the beach.Nightime is a no- go everywhere.

  4. This is the reality of Africa. There is a gulf between those who are middle class and “wealthy” and those who some might call the “have nots, so they might take”

    You could do the same interview in a middle class neighbourhood in Nigeria and hear black “wealthy” people say the same thing. It’s not a race issue, unless you are a racist.

    • South Africa is going the same way as Zimbabwe (formally Southern Rhodesia) which Robert Mugabe turned into the basket case of Africa as opposed to the bread basket of Africa.

      The delicious irony is, that having kicked out the (evil white)
      Colonialists, they have wooed the Chinese who will not be leaving anytime soon. It is no coincidence that the Chinese Government relaxed the one child per family rule just as the Chinese started showing an interest in the African continent.

      Plenty of room for industrious, well educated Chinese families
      On the dark continent who will have no truck with the likes
      Of the petty tyros such as Mugabe and Zuma that’s for sure.

  5. Hetzer was also the name of a ferocious WW@ Jagdpanzer that remained in use with Switzerland into the 60s.

  6. “Well it’s a poor country…”

    But the Republic of Moldova or Buthan are also poor countries.
    Not even the poor are the same everywhere.

    • “Well it’s a poor country…” True, but it used to be a very strong country, just like Zimbabwe….

      Wonder what happened?
      “Give Africa to the Africans” happened. No sympathy. For 80 years I’ve been hearing the same chant about the “poor, poor Africans”.

      Yes, the Brits were there, and laid down railways, as they did in India, where the railways are prized, while in Africa….

  7. When I was young I participated in every anti-apartheid march and boycott. The fact that the original people owning their country again can’t get a fair and organised system going is disappointing and very disillusioning.

    • But they are not the original people, they arrived in the early 1800’s and proceeded to massacre the ‘original’ peoples. Read the history, you will find that, as usual, the official ‘narrative’ is a fantasy, the truth being somewhat different.

      Whilst good for the ruling (communist) elite, the change away from white minority government has been an utter disaster for most of the non-Angoni tribes, as someone of ‘South Suthu’ descent said to me – “I can’t eat votes”.

      When you were young you participated in, and supported, crypto-communism, maybe unknowingly, I hope you have learned from the experience.

      There was nothing nice about apartheid, but it was replaced with something much much worse.

      • “There was nothing nice about apartheid…”

        Well, apartheid was a response to the tremendous crime, violence, and lack of organization among the South African blacks.

        You cannot have a functional democracy, with equal rights and political liberties, among peoples of low IQs and violent proclivities. Even the founding fathers of the US Constitution said a republican government depended on an educated citizenry.

        The South African government was experimenting with ways of relaxing the color bars, within their current governmental system, when they gave up the ghost due to the global jihad and boycott against them. This is exactly the treatment the UN and most governments would like to institute against Israel, except for the intervention of the US. I’ve read commentators saying it would have been perfectly feasible for the South African government to stick to its guns, except they became demoralized.

        You always want to increase individual justice (not social justice), but cases of the lack of justice is not reason for destroying a system which is, on the whole, functioning.

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