ESW in Denver: “A New High Point of the Patriotic Spring”

Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff spoke yesterday at the pro-Trump rally held in Denver Colorado. Many thanks to Henrik Clausen for recording this video of her speech, and to Vlad Tepes for uploading it:

Below is the prepared text for Elisabeth’s remarks:

My dear American friends,

It is a joy and an honor to be speaking here today, at this event in support of your President.

My name is Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff, and I am an Austrian with close ties to America. I stand here in the proud tradition and spirit of transatlantic friendship, to show and tell you that many Europeans are profoundly relieved by the revitalization of democracy taking place in America.

For, as has been the case repeatedly since the birth of your great nation, we are facing common challenges and enemies. From the shores of Tripoli, over the beaches of Normandy and at the Berlin Wall, America has been with us. And we are grateful for that.

New challenges are never the same as the old challenges, and the ones we are facing now may seem formidable. Not only are we yet to solve the dual problem of Islamic terrorism and Sharia law being introduced into our societies, we are also burdened by incompetent politicians and a press unable or unwilling to address our true problems honestly.

The election of Donald Trump constitutes a public rebellion against this dishonest establishment. It is a new high point of the Patriotic Spring, a new time where nation-building is something you do at home, for your home.

Your newly-elected President did not have to take up this battle. He could have stayed on the sidelines. But rather than enjoy a comfortable life, he chose to enter the fray, to work for his country, for decent, hard-working Americans, to make America great again. To restore the greatness that made America a shining example for freedom-loving people everywhere, living in free democracies or under repressive regimes.

Also in Europe, a Patriotic Spring is emerging, struggling to break the ice of political correctness.

Also in Europe, this is met with stiff resistance from the entrenched elite and the traditional media.

But despite the subtle or not-so-subtle methods of the elite and the media, the free flow of information and the ability of citizens to educate themselves are starting to drain the swamp. A swamp that shall once again become fertile land for freedom and prosperity.

Your President cannot accomplish this alone. He needs your active participation and support. This means public events such as this one; it means unsubscribing from the world view and fixed ideas of the old establishment; it means taking the time to understand what really goes on; and it means being active participants in the world’s largest and greatest democracy.

This will make America great again. And we will be grateful for that.

Thank you, and may God Bless America!

For previous posts on the “hate speech” prosecution of Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff, see Elisabeth’s Voice: The Archives.

Photo credits: Henrik Clausen.

4 thoughts on “ESW in Denver: “A New High Point of the Patriotic Spring”

  1. ESW and Valerie Jarrett

    Wikipedia is supposed to have a biographical article about all prominentoes of world importance, but somehow it lacks a bio on Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff. But something called Wikispooks says of
    “Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff is the daughter of an Austrian diplomat, and was partly educated in Iran, where she was present during the Islamic revolution of 1979.”

    Hmmm, that biographical information seems somehow familiar. says
    “Jarrett was born in Shiraz, Iran, to American parents. Her father, a pathologist and geneticist, ran a hospital for children in Shiraz in 1956. When she was five years old, the family moved to London for a year, later moving to Chicago in 1963. As a child, Jarrett spoke Persian and French.”

    Now that Valerie Jarrett lives in Barack Obama’s house in Washington DC, maybe Elisabeth can show up there to say hello to her fellow “old Persian hand”.

    Side note: Take a look at the last photograph in that Wikipedia article about Valerie Jarrett. Someone is pictured with a Pinocchio nose, in a rather obvious way.

    • Wikispooks (?) dosn’t mention that Elisabeth was convicted for merely quoting the Qu’ran, nor that the conviction is (I believe?) being appealed. Spooky indeed.

      • Actually it was the Sirat, the life story of Muhammed. She asked a rethorical question about sex with minor constituting ‘Pedophilia’, and three levels of Austrian court considered that “An excess of opinion”.

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