Culture-Enriching Knife Attack in Frankenthal

Here’s some more migrant knife action in Germany, this one from last week in Frankenthal.

Man thanks to Ava Lon for translating this piece from F. Desouche, which had been translated and summarized from German to French:

Frankenthal (Germany): Egyptian asylum seeker attacks passers-by with knife, 4 wounded

By Horatius
March 12, 2017

[Press Release:]

Tonight, March 12 2017, around 7 pm, a 29-year-old Frankenthal resident wounded several passers-by in the Frankenthal city center. This 29-year-old Egyptian attended a bar [shisha bar, says another source] in the evening near Willi-Brand Park. He wanted to leave this bar without paying for his drinks. The boss ran after him and stopped him in front of the bar. The man then took out a knife and fled in the direction of the city center. According to what is known at present, four people were attacked by the fugitive and injured with a knife. These injuries are not of a serious nature.

The 29-year-old man was arrested by police.

A police investigation is underway.

(Translation [from German to French] by Fdesouche):

According to BILD, this is a 29-year-old Egyptian asylum seeker.

Polizei Rheinpfalz @PP_Rheinpfalz

#Frankenthal Innenstadt — 29-Jähriger verletzt am Abend Personen mit einem Messer. Tatverdächtiger ist festgenommen.

15:36 – 12 Mars 2017

POL-PPRP: 29-Jähriger verletzt mehrere Passanten mit Messer

Frankenthal (ots) – Heute Abend, 12.03.2017, gegen 19 Uhr, verletzte ein 29-Jähriger aus Frankenthal mehrere Passanten in der Frankenthaler Innenstadt mit einem Messer. Der…

A man attacked four people in Frankenthal (Rhineland-Palatinate) with a knife this Sunday evening. He was apprehended and arrested in the city center, police said on Twitter.

Four people are injured. The individual’s motives are not yet known.

Spiegel. (translation by Fdesouche)

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  1. Shisha lounges should be banned as a hazard to the public health; due to low standards of hygiene and clientele they are potential breeding grounds for tuberculosis infections.

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