Culture-Enriching Knife Attack in Dessau

Earlier today two German men who acted to protect women from harassment by Syrians were slashed with knives and pepper-sprayed for their trouble.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for translating this article about the incident in the city of Dessau in Saxony:

Dessau: Two Syrians attack German men with knives when they try to protect their women

After a knife attack in the pedestrian zone of Dessau-Rosslau, the police are now looking for witnesses. Two Syrians and two German couples crossed paths around 14:30 on Sunday afternoon at a mall. A police spokesperson for Sachsen-Anhalt says that earlier in the day the women were victims of harassment by the Syrians.

Later the Germans and the Syrians engaged in a verbal confrontation, the police further report. During the verbal confrontation, the 17-year-old Syrian pulled a knife and injured the two 35-year-old German men on their thighs. The Syrian’s 23-year-old companion used pepper spray against the German men. After the Germans defended themselves, the Syrians fled. They were later found and taken into custody.

The police are investigating the incident as a case of grievous bodily harm.

4 thoughts on “Culture-Enriching Knife Attack in Dessau

  1. Germany benefits so much from cultural enrichment! I’m sure this is going to continue to do wonders for tourismus

  2. Standby for the German men to be indicted for their hateful attack on innocent migrants.

  3. “The police are investigating the incident as a case of grievous bodily harm.”

    They picked on the women, presumably because they were women… so why not investigate it as a hate crime?

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