Antifas vs. “Islamophobes” on Parliament Hill

Earlier today I posted about a group that opposes M103, the bill that would outlaw “Islamophobia” in Canada.

There was an anti-M103 rally today on the steps of Parliament Hill in Ottawa sponsored by another group, Suffragettes Against Sharia, whose leaders include the apostate from Islam Sandra Solomon.

The protesters declared their opposition to sharia, and thereby incurred the righteous anger on the antifas, who gathered at the foot of the steps with their anti-fascist banners and hammer-and-sickle flags, chanting “Nazi scum off our streets!”

Many thanks to Mike Gwilliam for recording this video, and to Vlad Tepes for annotating and uploading it:

13 thoughts on “Antifas vs. “Islamophobes” on Parliament Hill

  1. This is the result what Viktor Orban said in his speech about the victims of Communists:
    The west never judged the Communism in the same way as they did with the Nazis, just the opposite: all the intellectuals actually endorsed what happened there. 100 million DEAD, Nazis not even came close to that.

  2. The only good thing about an Islamic takeover would be seeing the “anti-fascists,” as they are about to be hanged (if they are lucky) saying, “How did we misread those signs?” With apologies to Woody Allen.

    • Except that “we” will go first, the Mohamedanian herds being helped by their eager “neo-fascists” (lets not mis-call them “Anti-Fascist” they are far from it) assistants.

      And one of the most unsatisfying rights is the right to tell someone: “I told you so” (I think)

    • Most of them would be submitting to Islam. No problem, skin being intact is a primary concern of all these Communists.

  3. No wonder these erroneously named “ANTIfascists” (sic) are so comfortable being in bed with Islamists (and their children?) – they are, like the Mohamedanians into “extreme projecting”.

    Lets not play their game any longer and lets call them what they really are: “NEO-FASCISTS” and “NAZIS”.

    Their collective IQ may be low, but, financed by (I suspect) partly by the Taxpayer and partly by Kapo Sorros, they are very dangerous.

  4. They know nothing of history and care even less. They have experienced nothing but indoctrination by so-called educators. The march of the left through the institutions of the West has done its work and produced a generation of chanting zombies.

  5. GoV, please stop using the idiotic term “Antifa.” There are no fascists in 21st century Europe. There haven’t been since Franco, if he counted. If our side called itself anti-Bolshevik, we would be laughed at. But “fascists” are just as outdated, irrelevant and ridiculous today as Bolsheviks. (Actually, you could make a case that Bolsheviks DO still exist but let’s leave that).

    Point is, why on earth are we using their terms, and by implication smearing ourselves? Language, for Pete’s sake, is one thing we *can* control. Let’s control it. They are far-left thugs, who get away with it because they have quiet or tacit state backing. That’s all.

    • That’s what they call themselves. That’s what everybody else calls them.

      I could invent my own term, which no one would understand, and thus no communication would take place.

      Or: I could invent some elablorate circumlocution that would designate exactly what these thugs are, but would be cumbersome and annoying to type out, and for readers to read.

      I don’t generally have a problem using terms that are in common usage. One of the dictionary-masters (can’t remember whether it was Dr. Johnson, Webster, or someone else) said: “Usage is everything.”

      • It’s not even English. It’s an import from German, and it wasn’t used at all in English until very recently. It is not yet common usage in this language.
        What is wrong with “far left thugs”? By using their idiotic term you are making it sound like they are out on some worthy mission. You’re doing their propaganda work for them.

        • It’s not only German. It developed simultaneously in Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, and Scandinavia.

          I’m not doing anybody’s propaganda. The word antifa is the common referent. When I expand it into the full phrase, I call them “anti-fascists”, always using quotation marks to convey my utter contempt. Similar to “Palestinians”.

          My suggestion: eschew straining at gnats.

  6. sarc on : if they outlaw claustrophobia as well, will elevators be forbidden in Canada?

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