An Open Letter to President Trump From Sweden

Many thanks to Da Capo for alerting us to this letter, and for translating the introduction:

The publication Nya Dagbladet today chooses to publish an open letter addressed directly and personally to US President Donald J. Trump signed by Mother Svea [the Swedish equivalent of Uncle Sam]. The letter published in several media outlets is a cry for help about the serious situation our country here on this side of the Atlantic has been put into.

The open letter:

Dear President Trump,

On behalf of the Swedish peoples’ media, we thank you for speaking the truth in regards to the existential crisis of our country. Though your comments were brief, you, nonetheless, spoke more truthfully than our own establishment leaders have in decades.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank all honest international media, for coming to our much-needed assistance by enlightening the world as to what is happening in our country. Your recent coverage has been more honest than the controlled, so-called “agenda setting” Swedish establishment media has ever been.

The truth is that the Swedish establishment in politics, affairs and media are now, through articles in English, attempting to deceive not only the indigenous Swedish population but the entire world. This is why Sweden is no longer the great country it once was. We do not have a leader like you. President Trump, hence, we reach out to you, sir, to ask that you please not only mention our country as a cautionary tale for your own people but that you also please help us help ourselves.

The reason why Sweden is about to collapse on every level — much because of the Third World invasion — is, to a great deal, also due to the policies of previous American administrations. We do not hold your country responsible but acknowledge that the United States is also infiltrated and taken over by globalist fifth-columnists.

We ask that you arrest George Soros on behalf of the world so that his international crime syndicate can finally be exposed and be brought to justice in various international courts. Please do not forget us.


Moder Svea and her children

The full letter can also be downloaded here (pdf).

17 thoughts on “An Open Letter to President Trump From Sweden

  1. This is so sad but also encouraging, I’m sure president Trump won’t turn a blind eye to it! Would be great if other European countries followed suit and finally pointed at the problem

  2. wow !

    i COULD NOT have written this heartfelt piece of a PLEA (h e l p !!)
    any better ….

    ANYONE l i s t e n i n g ???????? … merkle/hollande-Micronesials/Rutte ???

  3. A bit vague on facts though. I would have liked more stats and facts to support: “The reason why Sweden is about to collapse on every level — much because of the Third World invasion”

    I totally believe it, but only because I’ve been following the topic for a while. If they are trying to persuade the world, just waking up to islamic threats, they needed to be more specific.

    Perhaps not allowed, though…

    • @ Guest

      How more specific one could be when one knows that Europe is flooded by Afro-Asian scum?

      • But we all know that large sections of media, politicians and left-leaning populace are ignoring the facts. So they need to be pushed out there.

  4. Sadly, things will probably have to get a lot worse before they get any better. The problem of the West is at its root a spiritual one. The death of Christianity in Europe created a moral vacuum which was filled by cultural Marxism. This, combined with the comfort and prosperity of most Europeans, makes any pushback against the globalist project unlikely. Only a complete collapse of the economy will stir people to action – though the latter is by no means impossible in the near future.

    • But the German churches (I don’t know about the Swedish ones) are some of the most refugee-welcoming institutions.

      • One must ask if these churches actually represent the true teachings of Jesus Christ. Jesus was fairly dismissive of those outside of Israel (see Matthew 15:25-28) , but being who he is, he still helped them. The true church DOES believe in something, to the exclusion of other beliefs. This is what is wrong with the idea of multiculturalism.

    • Emmet,

      Let me offer a few counter-examples to your assertion that it was the deterioration of Christianity that resulted in the opening of Europe to Muslim hoards.

      The Japanese show no tolerance of Islam at all, and they have a relatively small percentage of Christians.

      The Chinese also isolate the Chinese Muslims and show no tolerance of their expansion. The Chinese have a Confucian culture and an atheist government.

      I’ve been reading a book concerning the history of Europe, with a strong view on the evolution of Christianity and its collaborators. The material tends to make me quite cynical concerning the chances of specifically Christian dogma for rallying resistance. In fact, the princes of Europe were the most amoral, greedy, unprincipled lot imaginable. The prelates, including the Popes, offered token resistance, but in the end, went along.

      The church itself, for a long time, actively opposed scientific developments, particularly in medicine. The church had a very lucrative enterprise of selling medical miracles, and looked on real medicine as a competitor. For reasons like this, the Islamic world at the time of the crusades actually was technologically more advanced than most of Christiandom.

      Humboldt considered the Arabs as the founders of modern experimental science, and they were relatively skilful chemists, for they understood the composition of sulphuric and nitric acid, and of aqua regia, beside the preparation of mercury and of various oxides of metals. As physicians they were far in advance of Europe. While the Church healed by miracles, and put experimental methods under her ban, the famous Rhazes conducted the hospitals of Bagdad, and in the tenth century wrote a work in ten books, which was printed at Venice as late as 15 10. Practitioners of all nations have used his treatise on small-pox and measles; he introduced mild purgatives, invented the seton, and was a remarkable anatomist. He died in 932.

        • Au contraire, Dockemeyer. Islam began as the bright idea of a Bedouin caravan-robber. Those caravan thieves were a crafty bunch, but they were illiterate. That was just one reason The Profit refused to have any scripture for his cult – he wouldn’t have been able to read it and would have little editorial control.

          For him, Rome (by then in steep decline) might as well have been on Mars for all he knew or cared about it. It was obscure Jewish scholars whose approbation he sought for his ideas about religion. They paid dearly for dissing him.

          After he died and his band took to the seas as pirates rather than just caravan thieves, the goals were the same. From a dry, blowing desert to a wet, blowing Mediterranean. They were nothing if not adaptable. And the most brutal killers the world had ever known.

          For sheer bloody brutality, no one else comes close to the camel herders. Ask India. For hundreds of years, countless millions of Indians have suffered and died at the hands of Islam.

  5. Well, that was a good letter. It summerizes the feelings and fears of many people in Sweden. However, Sweden is not on the verge of collapse! But the politics. the denial of the Gvt. and its authorities, the social unrest, together with attempts by mainstream media to mislead the population is creating a potentially dangerous path for the future. But we are not there – yet!

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