A Really Barbaric Aggression in Caserta

Watch what happens when an Italian TV outfit sends a reporter and a camera crew to investigate the sale of counterfeit merchandise by cultural-enrichers at an outdoor market in Caserta.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:00   We have returned today and look, we find again an activity very similar, so many vans parked here,
00:05   street stalls, with imitation belts at a good price,
00:11   and eyeglasses, obviously imitation, at a good price,
00:16   watches, which are imitations, at a good price. There are children’s’ toys.
00:21   (unintelligible) curious to understand, if perhaps, there are games that have
00:26   all the warnings to place the children in conditions to be safe.
00:31   Attention, look, they have seen us and are starting to take everything away.
00:35   This one turns his back in order to not be recognized. They are covering the merchandise.
00:38   You know these famous shoes, they normally cost a lot
00:41   in a shop, here they all come at low prices. This is an enormous damage
00:47   to the shop owners who naturally pay taxes and have high expenses and are damaged
00:52   by this enormous market of counterfeit merchandise.
00:56   You see they are, they are all covering up — they are taking up
00:59   the belts. (unintelligible) the bags, look.
01:02   Look. Here they are taking away everything. Why? Why…
01:06   (unintelligible) What the hell do you want? I’m going.
01:09   (unintelligible) stay here. They have covered everything, also here, you see…
01:13   everything has been covered, everything hidden,
01:17   So that we cannot see what is underneath.
01:20   Luca Abete, Striscia la Notizia.
01:23   How are you?
01:32   They have given a push to our cameraman. Stay calm. Stay calm.
01:36   No shoving, please, thank you
01:40   Why did you push? Hey, hey! Let’s be calm.
01:44   Do you shop here? —Hey — (unintelligible)
01:47   Why are you pushing me? Why are you pushing me? —(unintelligible) here
01:52   What should I do? —(unintelligible)
01:57   At this point, the aggression begins.
02:16   We’re going, we’re going.
02:20   We’re going. We’re going.
02:23   We’re leaving. We’re leaving.
02:26   You see…, they are even armed with clubs
02:30   They are going after our troupe
02:37   We’re going. We’re going.
02:47   They destroy (smash) our video camera.
02:53   Then they downright stomp on it.
03:03   Here are the images from another video camera. Our operator is grabbed and beaten.
03:11   Help! Help! —He ends up on the ground, on his knees.
03:25   Luckily some people try to defend Abete
03:28   and take him to safety in a piadina shop.
03:32   Luca, Luca, Luca
03:38   But the attackers reach Abete before he enters, and mistreat him.
03:52   We have another shot (angle).
04:04   They even kicked me in the face.
04:19   Finally, our troupe succeeds in entering. —Go down —Go down
04:35   Our cameraman struck on his knees —Go down
04:40   (unintelligible) in bar. more blows, (unintelligible) injured. I had
04:45   in my face. Hit my nose. (unintelligible) broken
04:51   but (unintelligible)
04:55   They saved me. They saved me. Thank you.
05:07   The police intervene, who accompany Abete to the ambulance,
05:15   to the hospital (unintelligible)… a few days.
05:19   In sum, a really barbaric aggression.

13 thoughts on “A Really Barbaric Aggression in Caserta

  1. Yes, and this is allowed to go on, the cops turn a blind eye, one law for us, and another for illegal invaders.

    The politicos ought to be arrested, with police chiefs and council communists.

    They are the ones allowing this muslim black market to flourish, while you or I would be put in jail, fined, ruined, punished.

    This is socialism, the nazis are the commie leftie bureaucrats who are running this all, they enemies of us, the people.

  2. I would like to know whether any arrests were made. These people appear to have committed their acts of violence without consequence. Also the camera crew was outnumbered. As we have seen from previous footage from Sweden, Germany, France and Belgium, the migrants will only resort to violence when the odds in their favour exceed five to one. Where are the football hooligans when we need them? The police are useless.

  3. I was in Rome for a long weekend recently. I was surprised at how few ‘migrants’ there were. Those that we saw were generally hanging around the major tourist attractions hawking leather bracelet type of goods.

    Their tactics were interesting to observe. These people were sub-Saharan African – they’d approach with, “Are you from Africa?” or “I’m from Africa, where are you from?” and then they’d attempt a hi five accompanied by the words (or something in the same vein) “Black and White together…”

    And then they’d proceed to intimidate/pressurise a sale out of anyone naive enough to engage them in conversation. Most people simply ignored them, although partner responded with a “Go away” – she always has to say her piece!

    On fascinating exchange went:
    “Are you from Africa?”
    “No. I’m from Sweden.”
    “My father has lived in Malmo for the past five years.”
    “I’m not from Malmo”
    By which time the Swede found himself in posession of a leather bracelet and the African demanding payment. Much to my pleasure the man from Sweden refused to buy – which is more than can be said for the others I saw inn his predicament.

    Why the Italians allow this to go on is a mystery. Don’t they realise it is making their country less attractive to visitors?

  4. It seems like an instance of the chickens coming home to roost. The government wishes to increase its power and revenue through bringing in immigrants and managing the welfare largess. But, they didn’t consider that the immigrants would systematically undercut and bypass their elaborate tax structure on goods and services.

    And this is yet another example of third-world government, where the bureaucrats respond to criticism by enforcing laws more rigorously against law-abiding citizens, but leave actual criminals alone. Harassing actual criminals is considerably more dangerous than harassing working citizens or businessment.

    • It’s worse than tax evasion — those goods are Chinese knock-offs, with counterfeit brand-name labels attached.

      Mind you, the counterfeit goods may well be of no worse quality than the real brand-named goods. I don’t know whether the real “Nike” label guarantees anything more than an extra $200 on the price tag.

      • I’m taking the point of view of the government. The European governments have long since ceased worrying about protecting their citizens, but are still jealous of their own revenues. Therefore, from the point of view of the bureaucrat, they’re indifferent to whether the brand name is being pirated, but concerned that they are being cut out of the sale, whatever the amount.

      • I don’t know about a 200+ dollar price tag, but sporting goods are quite good value for money given their longevity.

  5. Things are going to get bad enough in some of these locations in Europe where local groups are going to plan to return the ‘clubbing’. Meaning I suspect we shall see in the next few years where militant migrants are baited into violence, then ambushed by vicious and ruthless Europeans tired of the [equine effluvia]. In the end such groups will be organized, rapid responses that [redacted], then disperse before the police can even react to defend the violent migrants.

  6. The Italians should get an international award for always keeping their cool and still remaining charming and delightfully entertaining no matter what the circumstances! Bravo, makes me want to visit Italy to enjoy these warm, fun-loving people before their great Catholic culture goes down the tubes for no good reason at all.

    • Agreed. Rome is worth visiting just for the real ale bars – excellent and very moreish craft beers. I particularly enjoyed the one called ‘arrogant bastard’ (excuse the French – or should that be Italian?) 7.5 percent of pure nectar.

        • If that’s the case it certainly travels well. Or maybe the local brewery did an excellent job of following the recipe. I don’t doubt America’s excellence in brewing ale, but it’s not alone – if you get the opportunity sample the Rat Brewery’s excellent wares, and White Rat in particular (American hops I belive but brewed in God’s own County).

  7. I read in a travel brochure before traveling to Italy last summer that tourists could be fined for buying knockoff or hot merchandise from these street vendors. Selling it is A OK if you’re a muslim. Bangladeshi and African migrants were everywhere trying to push this stuff on tourists in full view of the police. I was virtually chased down outside the Duomo in Florence by a towering African trying to force a fake Prada bag on me for 35 Euro, claiming it was real. These things sell for over $3000 Cdn discounted at Saks Fifth Avenue. Italy is finished if this continues. A few hundred thousand more migrants are expected to cross the Mediterranean this summer. So sad to see such a beautiful country turning into a dystopian hellhole. Throw them all out before it’s too late like France.

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