A Night Out With the Dancing Boys

We’ve written a number of times in the past about the traditional practice of pederasty in Islam, and the “dancing boys” of Afghanistan in particular (see “Islam’s Nancy Boys”, “Islam’s Nancy Boys Redux”, the psychological background by Nicolai Sennels, and “Homosexuality in Iraq and Saudi Arabia”). It’s a difficult subject to deal with, because it’s so deeply abhorrent to most Westerners. Nevertheless, the custom is widespread — perhaps near universal — in the Middle East and Muslim areas of South Asia. The typical arrangement, in which a grown man takes a pre-pubescent catamite, is not considered a violation of sharia law.

Amazingly enough, a public discussion of Muslim pederasty has emerged in Sweden, of all places. Many thanks to Tania Groth for translating this article from Dissidenter:

In Afghanistan, men and youth engage in the systematic rape of children in a tradition called “Bacha Bazi”. Afghan “authorities” turn a blind eye to this practice, as it is part of their culture.

In 2015 a total of 41,564 asylum seekers arrived from Afghanistan. 34,251 men, 7,313 women and 30,080 “children” under 18 years of which 23 480 are “minors”. This represents a catastrophic number of potential victims and perpetrators.

Source: Swedish Migration Board

“Bacha Bazi” translates to “Boys for play”

Bacha Bazi is a widespread phenomenon in Afghanistan, where young boys are taken away from their (poor) families at the age of 11 to 13 to be used as sex slaves to older men who are often rich businessmen and warlords. The young boys learn to dance and sing. They then dress up as women and dance for the older men. Sexual abuse of the boys also occurs.

Parents receive payment to send their children to these people to engage in this activity. Those of the boys who try to leave the practice may be risking their lives. According to the law in Afghanistan this kind of activity is prohibited but the law is not enforced in practice. The authorities choose not to act and any abuse is rarely punished.

Now they have taken the culture with them here, and the Swedish authorities seem to have much the same view as the authorities in Afghanistan. Afghan pedophiles who rape children avoid deportation in most of the cases we have followed. It must also be remembered that these pedophiles do not even have right to asylum as they come from Afghanistan.

Swedish authorities do not want to highlight this growing epidemic, but have instead chosen to let people suffer, hoping that the problem will disappear without its being brought forth into the public light.

Ivar Arpi writes about this in the article “Refugee Boys sexually abused” in SvD (Svenska Dagbladet — a Swedish publication).

There he writes: “The attitude towards women by unaccompanied youths from Afghanistan has been much discussed recently. The discussion has been about numerous incidents in swimming baths across Sweden, where girls and women are harassed and about the systematic harassment at the festival “We are Sthlm” in Kungsträdgården. Afghanistan is one of the world’s least developed countries, and is saturated by fundamental Islam. Add to this decades of war, and you have an environment that can only lead to the destructive behavior of its men. That the young people who come to Sweden haven’t left this cultural baggage behind is hardly surprising.

But in this discussion another and lesser known side of the Afghan culture fades into the background and that is the systematic sexual abuse of boys. The phenomenon is called “bacha bazi” and it goes hand in hand with the wretched attitude towards Afghani women. When men and women live completely separately, boys, especially boys from poor families, become targets of older men’s sexuality.

The question we must ask ourselves is: How many children have to be raped and sacrificed on the altar of sexual violence?

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  1. “Swedish authorities do not want to highlight this growing epidemic, but have instead chosen to let people suffer, hoping that the problem will disappear without its being brought forth into the public light.”

    – Brand Sweden must be protected at all costs.
    – Curious Swedes might want to examine how Afghanistan became Islamic.
    – Thank you for introducing me to the word “catamite”. I did not know it.

    • I learned it from Anthony Burgess, in his novel 1985, if I remember correctly.

      The novel begins with these paragraphs:

      It was the week before Christmas, Monday midday mild and muggy, and the muezzins of West London were yodeling about there being no God but Allah:

      “La ilaha illa’lah. La ilaha illa’lah”

      Bev Jones shoved his way through the multiracial shopping crowd past the screaming Diskbutik, the tinseled supermarket, the former pub that was now a travel agency specializing in trips to Mecca but still known as Al-Bulnbush, turned the corner of Tolpuddle Road on to Martyr Street and arrived at Hogarth Highrise.

      • Burgess is always good for vocabulary-building, but I don’t think “catamite” turns up in 1985. Are you thinking of Earthly Powers (1980)? It has this memorable opening line:

        “It was the afternoon of my eighty-first birthday, and I was in bed with my catamite when Ali announced that the archbishop had come to see me.”


  2. Thank you for helping me with my weight management. I just have to read a little of this and I can throw up instantly.

  3. I don’t think it’s fair to call this ‘homosexuality’. True homosexuality is an attraction to other adults of the same gender. This is the rape of children. If these men can get away with raping women or girls, most of them would. All they can get away with is raping boys who are *dressed up as women* – a kind of replacement for the normal sex they can’t get.

    Call it pederasty or pedophilia, but this shouldn’t drag adult homosexuality as accepted in most western countries into the mud.

    • No, homosexuality is quite simply one of the plagues associated with an absence of God in one’s life. The Bible is quite clear on that point. The prevalence of homosexuality in closed, non God fearing, centered societies are numerous. I would argue that the majority of homosexuals in the west were abused as children and continue on into adulthood surrounded by mostly this as their identity. And as such, live in just as an isolated, non God fearing community as muslims. Jesus is the way the truth, and the life.

      • What planet are you on, Christopher? It’s now known that homosexuality, and transgenderism, are caused by incorrect doses of testosterone in utero.

        How people deal with these problems (?) as adults is a matter of choice.

    • Bovine excreta. Homosexuality and pederasty are not distinct. The only way homosexuals propagate is by recruitment at an early age. The taste in age preference is a distinction without real significance. The attraction of older ‘men’ to younger men and boys is ubiquitous and

      “Gay” is doubtless the most ironic and inaccurate of all euphemisms.

    • Dancing boys and their families are paid-they could just as easily hire females.
      But the Quran says a muslim can have sex with an unbearded boy and retain his “purity”.
      Along with his 72 eternal virgins the martyr for Alluah is supposed to get 27 eternally smooth faced boys and several thousand slaves.

    • This is the ROOT of homosexuality. This is where it is imprinted on a developing mind. It is not just abuse. It is homosexual abuse. It is homosexuality in its essence.

      Drag homosexuality into the mud? The very act of homosexuality is diving into and wallowing in toxic mud!

      “…accepted in most western countries…”? This is indicative of the depth of the rot in western civilization. May God have mercy on us!

  4. A great Frontline episode on the subject is “The Dancing Boys of Afghanistan.”

  5. This would certainly explain why Afghans see the raping of young boys when they reach Europe as normal. They believe that if they are not in love with the boy, then it is not a homosexual act. Afghan families with an abundance of children are often keen to provide a son to a warlord or government official – with full knowledge of the sexual ramifications – in order to gain familial prestige and monetary compensation. The tragedy of this is that this is happening regularly in Europe but as with FGM, the Europeans Governments like to sweep it under the carpet and do nothing to curtail these barbaric cultures.

  6. The Negative Karma of allowing, and indeed encouraging, the influx of un-evolved, barbaric, and depraved masses into your homeland to predate upon the innocent and vulnerable, must be grave: and all those who have a facilitated this moral and cultural deviance will be trodden into the dust! As a woman, whose innate instinct is to protect the young, I would sign the Death Warrants of all those responsible, with a clear conscience.

    These vile practices, and *all those who indulge-in, promote, and permit them,* must be ruthlessly excised from Europe: by whatever means necessary.
    The venal, and morally bankrupt Political Class has sown the wind – now let them Reap the approaching Whirlwind! Hubris inevitably leads to Nemesis: and Divine Justice is Absolute!

    This is a fight to the death; Civilization, or Oblivion.
    Cry Havoc! and give no quarter.

    • Admiration and Godspeed, Dear Lady!

      May you find some Men in your country to aide you.

  7. To Katzkiner or anyone else who can answer the question below

    But the Quran says a muslim can have sex with an unbearded boy and retain his “purity”.

    Can you please quote the sura and ayah where the Q says what you say it does?

    If you are correct and there is a quotation justifying the practice of this article, then it is halal and the authorities would not be turning a blind eye.

    • It definitely is halal. I don’t think it’s in the Koran, but rather the hadith. Try The Religion of Peace; he has a pretty comprehensive collection of relevant Koran verses and hadith.

      • The nearest I got to Qur’anic authorization was 52, 20-24. Translation by Majid Fakhry (approved by Al-Azhar)

        20. Reclining on ranged couches, and We shall wed them to wide-eyed houris.
        21. And those who have believed and their progeny followed them in belief, We shall join their progeny to them. We shall not deprive them of any of their work; every man shall be bound by what he hs earned.
        22. And we shall supply them with fruit and meat, such as they desire.
        23. They will exchange therein a cup wherein their is no idle talk or vilification.
        24. And boys of their own will go round them, as if they were hidden pearls.

        These verses appear to be explained at https://maldivianapostates.wordpress.com/2011/06/03/bacha-bazi-%E2%80%93-why-now/

        “As you see, Mohammed likened the young boys to pearls, in the same way as he did with Houris, pearl in Arabic poetry is a feminine sexual symbol. Islam considers boys and women as of the same gender hence a woman is considered a minor all her life in Islam.

        However the feminine status of a boy is temporary and it ends with growing a beard. Beard is the symbol of manhood and virility in Islam and many who could not grow beards are treated as less than men and often abused sexually if the opportunity arises.Islam does not consider raping unbearded men as sexual abuse but rather a mere PLAY as described in the following hadeeth, narrated by Bukhari, where a pedophile is not permitted to marry the mother of the boy he raped :
        (Bukhari LXII, 25): As for whom ever plays with a boy: if there is full penetration, then he shall not marry his mother. Arabic: femen yelaebu bissabi: in adkhalahu fihi fela yetezewwejenne oummahu.”

        A fuller explanation of the Bukhari quotation is given at

        “Homosexual activity by homosexuals (eunuchs) is not spoken of in the Qur’an, which mentions only the unjust homosexual rape perpetrated by straight men against other straight men. Besides the Lut story, sexual exploitation of straight males is also alluded to in the assurance that prophet Joseph’s slaveholders “abstained from him” (12:20: “wa kaanuu feehi min az-zaahideen”).

        But the Qur’an and hadith also have traces of the permitted homosexual desires of straight men. There is even a hadith in Bukhari, admittedly giving not the Prophet’s opinion but that of Abu Jafar, according to which a pedophile is prohibited from marrying the mother of his boy-beloved if there is penetration.”

        Assuming the legitimacy of the interpretation given by the Maldivian apostates (brave folk who must presumably hide their identities) and the authors of the Shiachat web site, the Bacha Bazi practices do appear to be halal.

        • Yes, I’ve read other scholarly opinions to that effect. But I can’t remember where.

          I’ll bet Robert Spencer knows some of the references.

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