A Bonfire at the Sternschanze in Hamburg

The Sternschanze, also called the “Schanze”, is a district and metro station in Hamburg. The incident described in the article below took place tonight about 300 yards away from the Sternschanze metro station.

Egri Nök, who translated this brief piece from the Hamburger Morgenpost, adds this bit of context:

The building in the Background is an Antifa squat, by the way. It used to be a theater and they turned it into a squat in 1989. And the name of the square is not “Achidi John Place”, of course; they just put that sign up there.

The translated article:

Commotion in the Schanze

Chaos and frenzy: police gather forces

[photo caption: More than 300 persons gathered for a spontaneous demonstration in the Schanze. Photo: JOTO]

by Rüdiger Gaertner
March 24, 2017 9:24pm

Trash cans burning, sirens howling through the night: there was a large police action at Schulterblatt on Friday evening. At about 9pm CET passers-by reported to police that around 300 demonstrators had gathered on the street.

Several patrol cars immediately arrived. As a precaution, a group of a hundred was alerted, too. Several minutes later the firefighters were also given the alarm: trash cans had been set on fire.

But a police spokeswoman gave an all-clear: according to her it was only about 150 Kurds celebrating their New Year festival there.

A video of the festivities: