White Night, White Flight

The White Night festival is held annually in Melbourne in the second half of February. It’s the middle of summer there, and the city sets up all kinds of art- and culture-related events in the downtown area that go on all night.

This year the White Night celebration became so culturally enriched that police had to act decisively to prevent a major riot. Serious injuries seem to have been avoided, although one young woman was reportedly stabbed.

An Australian reader sent us a tip about the article below, plus the following observations:

These gangs have actually been rampaging around the outer suburbs for years, but now feel they can come into the middle of the city and take over. The Islanders and the Muslims/Africans have been having violent battles in the outer suburbs for a long time. My son has Maori friends and they told him about it. Now that it is in the middle of the city, everyone knows about it which is a good thing — before we could all pretend it wasn’t happening, as it wasn’t on the news.

The violent home invasions have raised it to a new level, as they can be anywhere now.

Our socialist government in Victoria has enabled it by not enforcing the law, not locking people up, letting everyone go because they didn’t want to build a jail, letting them sell scrap metal for cash (outlawed in New South Wales, which means car theft is much lower there). The populations are similar, NSW vs Victoria, but the government policy is different. NSW police chase car thieves; ours don’t. The list goes on and the crime wave gets bigger.

The father of a criminal rang up talk back radio and said his son has been locked up in NSW for something he would have been let out on in Vic, and the police there told him, “You’re not in Victoria now.” It’s terrible, and still 29% vote for them. I think they would vote for a pig in a suit if it was running for the Labour Party.

Two years ago this was worrying me, and I started reading overseas news, as I thought this was going to make the place a hellhole, but everyone else has been stupid, too. Only Eastern Europe has any brains. Russia and China will win this war without firing a shot.

I would have left here if my partner did not have a lot of family and his own business, and I make more income here which I could not do elsewhere. If things change I will be out of here.

The article from The Herald Sun is behind a paywall, but here are some brief excerpts:

Mayhem as police swarm White Night

AN ugly confrontation between rival troublemakers at Federation Square, which marred White Night celebrations, had been planned.

But police thwarted a possible large-scale riot with the aid of a new $15 million hi-tech crimefighting hub.

The monitoring and assessment centre, which opened only weeks ago, gives officers real-time access to intelligence and to live CCTV feeds.

Two groups of youths, mostly aged 14 to 19, had been communicating via social media in the lead-up to the standoff early on Sunday.

Police seized knuckledusters, knives and a baseball bat, and one youth was caught with pepper spray.


The unruly group, which included young women, abused police during a standoff which began about 1am and continued for almost two hours.

Officers used pepper spray.


A 17-year-old boy was arrested and is expected to be charged on summons after police found a baseball bat.


About 10.20pm, in an unrelated incident, a woman, 21, was stabbed in the toilets of Southern Cross station. Three female teenagers of Asian appearance were being sought.

About 550,000 people packed the city for the all-night festival, and police were pleased with overall behaviour: 21 people were arrested for alcohol, drugs, assault, criminal damage and weapons offences.

Daria Jehani, 18, told the Herald Sun a young man of African appearance grabbed her new iPhone and bank card from her back pocket at the corner of Flinders and Swanston streets about 8.40pm.

“It upset me so much. I didn’t feel safe at all. I felt quite scared,” Ms Jehani said.

“I work so hard for what I have and … they don’t work hard for anything they get. They just steal and deal drugs.”

17 thoughts on “White Night, White Flight

  1. It has previously attracted the attention of international news sites that Melbourne has a problem with African migrant gangs.

    • There’s no escape from sharia law because the welfare states of Europe and now Australia have financed the destruction of their own civilisations courtesy of Muslim immigration. Read Gavin Cooke’s new book “The Auto-Genocides” (Amazon and Kindle)

  2. I like Melbourne, it is an easy town to get around in, just hop a tram and you can go almost anywhere. There are some great eating places in the European tradition of outdoor dining and some of the pubs are simply fantastic, but it is full of people who just do not want to fit in and the current Labor (this government is as corrupt as any Western government that most on this site would be aware of) Party government has lost all sense of reason when it comes to enforcing the law and protecting the public.

    It is a shame because Melbourne is a great city!

    • I visited in 2005, and it was one of the loveliest places.

      I’ve recently heard from a Lebanese friend who just visited, that it had somewhat gone to the … and he had a few not-so-choice words to say about fellow Arabic-speakers (much less politically correct than “white” people, these Lebanese).

      It sounds as if there has been some “European disease” going on in there.

      Why do people let this happen???

      • My question exactly! Why is it that so many people have so much trouble understanding what will happen in the future if they continue to do nothing today, why?

        Are they so mentally stunted they don’t realize that it’s the age of ‘minority rule’, and to encourage the minorities now will with absolute certainty lead to chaos in the near future.

        I too loved Melbourne when I’ve been there to visit my brother.
        Come on Aussies, don’t let this happen to one of your showplaces!

      • ‘Education’ has a lot to answer for. Victoria is recognized as Australia’s most socialized state. The current state government is corrupt, even worse than most of the other state governments, and is beholden to the unions who put them into power.

        Soros’ money has found a haven in Melbourne and is used to provide funding for websites such as Getup! and the ‘anti-fascist’ mobs who generally erupt out of the Marxist universities.

        Melbourne has always had trouble with unions and I have often heard it referred to as a union town.

        • Victoria generally was always the place where rot started in the 1970s and ’80s before the disease of socialism spread throughout Australia. As an observer from Queensland at that time, I was dumbfounded by the way every stupid, freedom confining notion that could be dreamed up by government found its first Aussie home in Victoria and was then bound to be adopted in the other states. Meanwhile, thousands of ‘Mexicans’ as we called them then were flooding each year from the southern states into Queensland where they would complain about the Queensland government’s conservatism and immediately begin agitating to turn the place into the same sort of nasty environment they’d just left.

          • I remember those times Mick, those ‘Mexicans’ were also referred to as ‘wetbacks’ because they had to swim the Tweed River to get into Qld – but, we should also remember just how corrupt that ‘conservative’ Qld ‘conservative’ was.

      • “why do people let this happen?” because the colonists are doing just what the leftist politicians brought them to Australia to do, cause the chaos the will lead to the glorious revolution. keep electing leftists, evidently your welfare state will vanish. communist countries can’t feed the people that work never mind the people that don’t.

  3. The interesting thing about White Night is that it attracts the arty types, whose set has a huge majority intersection with that of the greenies, meaning that all the arties getting excited over White Night (keeping the lights on in the city and staying up all night) also get sanctimonious about Earth Hour (turning the lights off for an hour and filling the atmosphere with smoke and carbon dioxide from burning candles).

  4. Of course this article doesn’t tell you anything. What is the ethnic identity of the opposing gangs? Who is the “they” that Daria Jehani speaks of?

  5. One lesson seems to be that the quality of law enforcement makes a great deal of difference, even in the face of an unrestricted migration.

    Law enforcement, like most other functions of a government in a democracy/republic, is ultimately political. Once the identity gangs learn to assert themselves politically as well as violently, you’ll see the police respond in a manner similar to the police in England who purposely turned their backs on the Pakistani rape gangs. It’s not the fault of the police, either. Any policeman doing his job rather than following political directives is subject to discipline, firing, or even criminal charges.

    My overall view is that a strong, homogeneous community is more likely to assert control over dysfunctional leaders, and so it is in the interests of bureaucracies and autocrats to dilute the identity of the population. Political boundaries must be small enough that all elected officials are held accountable, individually, to their constituency. Some, like Victoria, may simply go to the dogs, but the scope of damage is limited, and the productive peoples will simply leave.

    • Another aspect to policing the population not often recognized is that all police forces throughout the Western world became heavily politicized back in the mid 1980s.

      Too, and at that time, ‘education’ of aspiring police trainees became a requirement of the office via the higher methods of learning institutions that are now generally recognized as promoting Marxist views. I had to go through that system myself so can attest to the indoctrination that is imposed on the student. However, I came to realize that not all of those who attend such political instruction strictly adhere to what they ‘learn’, myself included. I guess it comes down to how the individual has been reared and the influence his parents or as is common today, his parent have had on him/her.

      But then there is the operational disparity between Victoria Police and the other states police forces, such as New South Wales, that to me is obviously political in nature, the most graphic example of that political interference, and in my opinion, would be in police in Victoria not being allowed to pursue criminals who take to the roads in targeted and then stolen high powered motor vehicles to escape police in population density areas.

      In New South Wales, the police union is politically, fairly powerful, and generally goes into bat against the state government whenever the state is perceived as overstepping its authority over the police force, but then, and as in all police forces, there is the hierarchy, the commissioned officers, who move in lock step with what the state wishes the police to do, so one should appreciate that there is a continual tug of war between the state and its police hierarchy and the rank and file officer and the union that represents them.

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