What Really Happened at the Grand Mosque in Quebec City?

On Sunday night six people were massacred and a number of others wounded when a man opened fire with an automatic weapon in a mosque in Quebec City.

Initial reports quoted witnesses as saying that there were multiple gunmen, and that they shouted “Allahu Akhbar” as they fired into the crowd. By the following morning, however, the Narrative had completely shifted: there was only one attacker, a white Quebecois; the other man who had initially been arrested (named Mohamed) had morphed into a witness. The legacy media immediately discovered “likes” for Donald Trump and Marine Le Pen on the accused shooter’s social media accounts, and proclaimed him a “right-wing terrorist” who may even have been inspired by the election of Donald Trump.

The current version of the story is strongly reminiscent of what happened after Anders Behring Breivik committed his massacre in Norway in July 2011. The crime is suspiciously convenient for Prime Minister Justin “Baby Doc” Trudeau, who is trying to get a law through Parliament that would make it illegal to insult Islam.

In fact, the first fallout from the mosque massacre may already have occurred, with the arrest of a man in Montreal for posting hateful remarks about Muslims on social media.

So what really happened that night? Why did the Narrative do a sudden 180-degree turn? Why was “Allahu Akhbar” so quickly forgotten? What was the real role of the “witness” named Mohamed?

Given the fact that Quebec is a leftist multicultural stronghold, and that Canada currently has a far-left Islamophilic prime minister, we’ll probably never learn the answers to these questions. But Faith Goldy of TheRebel.media hasn’t given up trying:

Hat tip: Vlad Tepes.

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  1. The Liberals will cover up everything that doesn’t match their narrative just like a cat in a litter box covers up it’s mess. That’s just how corrupt they are.

    Canada is a great country but deserves a much better government than what it has now.

  2. The “mosque shooters” quickly morphed into a convenient narrative to fit the official
    narrative. Total overnight turnaround. I hope this sort of “narrative” is not allowed to
    take hold over here. I’m surprised it didn’t with the reign of Hussein Obama & I doubt
    that President Trump will allow such nonsense to take root over here in America.

    It will be interesting to see how quickly the “Christian” shooter suddenly disappears
    from the radar screen and gets released.

    • Narrative = Story. And that is precisely what the Canadian muslim lovers have constructed around this incident. It seems to me that Canada, just like many other Western countries need its own Donald Trump to pull them out of the deep hole they’ve dug for themselves.

  3. An excellent report that tends to paint a much clearer picture of what occurred at that Mosque.

    I still stand with my first comment on this incident and that is, both suspects were the shooters. As to their motive, well that is yet to be determined if ever, but too many identify the two shooters for that story not to be accurate. There is no reference as to how the Muslim shooter was found at the Mosque, so his part after the shooting is still unknown, but was he really giving first aid to those he shot, and if he was, why did he choose to do that and not to run?

    The white shooter gave himself up at his apartment after calling police. Why did he do that? And what would prompt him to take part in a massacre at a Mosque with a Muslim? How well did he know that Muslim and importantly, where did he meet that Muslim and why did he meet with him?

    Was that Muslim who assisted in the shooting a member of that Mosque? That is important too, because it could provide a motive for what he did. But why did he employ a white man as an extra shooter, and this is also very important because it could prove that this incident was orchestrated by others who had intentions of using this incident for another but more nefarious purpose.

  4. Sorry I think this is similar to the Breivik incident. Until and unless we ever know better, this does appear to be an action taken by a native Queboecois, against local Muslims. Spinning conspiracy theories here does no one any favours. Obviously there are going to be some people who are a little soft in the head and have psychopathic tendencies, who are going to snap and act out on their rages. Not all psychopaths are Muslim fanatics and their left-wing allies. This incident is made much of in Canada and the West because it helps to sell the left-wing narrative of innocent Muslims facing murderous ‘Islamophobia’; whilst Muslims massacring Muslims and infidels every day from Nigeria to Iraq and Syria etc. is just a bore, like the weather ho hum yawn. These incidents are more likely to occur, among disgruntled and disaffected natives in the West, who have serious psychological problems; admittedly there are thankfully few of them, but as our political situation worsens (that is the Islamization of the West), so those who are disaffected but also suffer from psychotic tendencies may act out in criminal ways. Thankfully it is rare, but it is still going to happen. It doesn’t help to deny it or sell evidence free conspiracies, this only plays into the Left-Islam narrative.

    The thing to do is acknowledge it when it happens and condemn it accordingly. Whilst always pointing out that massacres, torture, brutality and oppression by Muslims are happening on several continents all the time and the Left-Islam alliance is silent. Also whenever there is a Muslim atrocity in the West, the Left has blood on its hands (along with the Islam loving ‘conservative’ types), since they welcome all this Muslim immigration into the West.

    • I’d agree with you entirely, were it not for the “Allahu Akhbar”. I’d like an explanation for that.

      Also, more information on Mohamed the Witness would be helpful. Why the initial arrest? Just because he was scared and ran from the police? Or was there something else?

      We need more info.

    • Exactly Lawrence. I think you have hit exactly where this particular attack lies. Be interesting to see what the shooter says, (if anything), in court.

  5. Let’s assume that the facts are as stated by the Official Media for the purpose of this comment:

    1) Most noteworthy is how rare such incidents are with perpetrators among the general non-Muslim population. They truly are lone, deranged individuals, who without “activation” by jihadist ideology, remain extremely rare.

    2) Adding activation by jihadist ideology, such incidents become much less rare.

    3) Watch how they’ll now come up with restriction on speech European-style, and apply none of the to jihadists in practice.

    4) Funny how “You can’t take jihadists as representatives of Muslims” doesn’t translate to “You can’t take violent (white) extremists as representatives of Quebeckers”.

    This will be double standards up the wazoo.

    Official Quebec and Official Canada are doing their utmost to express their condolences to the families, and I also extend mine. I do wonder, however, if they’d be trying to hard if the incident had gone the other way.

    Perhaps a part of it is that we view jihadist incidents are more routine, and that this kind of incident is so counter-narrative to still (rightly) shock us AS ANY JIHADIST INCIDENT SHOULD!

  6. A couple of things really bugs me with this stuff. The perp is clearly a social outcast, bullied in school… this is a recipe for school shooting! How the mosque and muslims comes here? Even if he was bullied by muslims at school, it should have been a school shooting!
    Another strange is the Moroccan “witness”, who started as another perp and magically transformed into a key witness…
    Third is the original “not-doctored” reports which talks about multiple gunman.
    I know that creating conspiracy theories is not part of this site, but please indulge me!

    So the dude is social outcast. We know another group who likes to approach such people (google “ginger jihadis”).
    So I think what happened is the perp and his Moroccan friend were doing this together. Maybe it was an “test” when they tried to convert the kid.
    It explains the multiple gunmans and screaming of Allah… stuff. It also explains how they got a strictly prohibited firearm.
    After the deed the perp chickens out, feel remorse and call the police himself.
    Then someone from up high the government comes and realize what a prestige loss would be for the pretty boy Justin if this would be just another islamic attack. They also realize their luck as one of the perpetrator is white… So using their islamic relation orgs, the people in the mosque suddenly remember for a single shooter, the Moroccan friend become a witness and the dude takes the whole blame. Adding a couple of likes to social media page from a backdoor is not that big a deal. Right now the fact they did not find other than a FB like for Trump and Le Pen, for me shows this is based on how a Left thinks: for them everybody is literally Hitler and a simple like toward this political figures is plenty of evidence that the perpetrator is a “white supremacist”.

    It is a theory but I think it is a realistic one…

    • I think this is plausible.
      Something is terribly wrong when original story is scrubbed to the point of shaming fox news for NOT completely scrubbing.
      It’s the angry forcing of Fox that really makes me suspicious. But also the fact that when I heard the Allahu Akbar, I thought: This isn’t going to make pretty boy happy. Something is going to happen to this narrative…

      and sure enough, after 12 hours: totally different story!

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