What Happens When the Antifas Acquire Automatic Weapons?

Like most of the American geezers among Gates of Vienna’s readers, I can remember the “revolutionary” phase of the 1960s. It lasted from 1968 — the year of revolutions throughout the West — until about 1972. It petered out after Richard Nixon’s re-election, and the president’s resignation in 1974 provided a coda.

There was plenty of violence in those times — street riots, bombings, assassinations and attempted assassinations, the killing of police — but it seems to me that all that pales in comparison to what’s been going on in the USA for the last couple of years. Back then the violence never reached the well-organized intensity that the Antifas and BLM troops have been displaying recently. And the incidence of brutal action for its own sake — “revolution for the hell of it”, as Abbie Hoffman put it — seems to be more widespread these days.

For a few days after the November 8 election, mass demonstrations against the president-elect were organized in major cities. Most of you have probably seen videos of the miles-long ranks of parked buses in Chicago that carried the protesters to their mustering areas, and hauled them away again afterwards.

That was an expensive operation — it cost a lot of money to charter those buses and hire the drivers. And there were undoubtedly provisions for the demonstrators, plus printed signs and other paraphernalia. Someone paid for all that.

Which raises an obvious question: What if one or more of those deep-pocketed someones decided to forget the buses and snowflake signs, and instead started buying up automatic weapons from the cartels and handing them to the black-masked thugs of Antifa?

It would become a different sort of civil war at that point. And it wouldn’t be at all like the Civil War of 1861-1865, which was actually a sectional war between two distinct and geographically separate political entities. We haven’t seen this sort of civil war in the United States before. In order to get an idea of what it might be like, we’d have to look at the “Dirty War” in Argentina in the 1970s. Or maybe the war between the Freikorps and the Communists on the streets of Berlin and Munich in 1919 and 1920.

Mountain Guerrilla is a blog run by a man who goes by the nom de guerre of John Mosby. His post today, entitled “Skull-Stomping Sacred Cows: Reality Isn’t Nice. It’s a 2×4 to the Teeth”, discusses the emergence of a “hot” civil war at the hands of the black-masked progressives who have up until now been throwing firebombs, breaking plate-glass windows, and beating up supporters of Donald Trump. As far as he is concerned, the war has gotten pretty toasty already. Will the next phase be the emergence of disciplined Antifas carrying AK-47s to their street battles?

Mosby’s post is rife with non-PG language, so the brief excerpts below are just relevant segments that didn’t require much bowdlerizing. I recommend the entire piece — it provides much food for thought:

While not technically accurate, Fort Sumter was the first “official” battle of the War of Northern Aggression. It was the real opening of hostilities between the uniformed services of two distinct, autonomous governments. In the current conflict, the legitimate government of the United States is, at most, a bit player, thus far. The War of Northern Aggression, while labeled a civil war, was not. It was a conflict of conquest by a sovereign state, against a sovereign state, that had declared its independence, and been recognized as a sovereign state, in accordance with international law. None of that mattered of course, but the difference with the current conflict should be obvious.

This is an actual civil war, as in a conflict between ideologically-opposed factions within the civilian and political population of a country. Like real civil wars, it is not going to be pretty. It’s not going to be armies, in pretty uniforms, fighting pitched, conventional battles. It’s going to be a matter of assassination, sabotage, hit-and-run raids, targeting ideological leadership figures, enemy families, etc.

As Matt Bracken pointed out in a recent Facebook post himself, we’re looking at more of a Balkans and/or Argentine “Dirty War” conflict. People just haven’t accepted that, because it doesn’t fit their mental images of what “war,” even “guerrilla war” looks like. That, in turn, is because, even the most devout conversions to the “Church of the Anti-Media” in this country today, have a lifetime of conditioning to the media’s portrayal of what “reality” is. From what a “proper” war looks like, to what “collapse” looks like, to what “bad guys” look like.

We commonly jump to the idea of “well, George Soros is funding this [excrement], so it’ll cause a breakdown, and currency collapse, and he can make a fortune off it.” There’s probably a lot of truth to that. I don’t know Soros, so I can’t tell you what his ultimate goals and motivations are. I have however, met a lot of Leftists, both in the US and elsewhere, and I can tell you, they are not looking for a currency collapse, in order to get richer.

It’s easy to sit in your lounger, with your laptop across your knees, and pontificate on the false motivations of the Leftist activists. “Oh, they’re just attention whores!” “Oh, they just want their safe spaces!” “Oh, they’re just useful idiots being played.” “Oh, they’ll quit as soon as the money stops.” There’s a very real problem with that though, and it’s called underestimating your enemy. If you don’t believe that a dude who is out, in wintertime, in a protest/riot, and eating some riot cop’s baton, as he receives a solid washing with “hickory shampoo,” is not a dedicated True Believer, you’re deluding yourself.

If you think that some twenty-something kid, who just saw his buddy take a bean bag round from a PD riot gun, in the [genitals], and then ignored his friend’s screams, to continue advancing, is not dedicated, and a True Believer, you’re [vulgar intensifier] stupid.

If you think POTUS is going to magically save you? You’re dumb. Large urban areas and entire states are telling the federal government to go [perform an anatomically impossible act upon] itself on the immigration issue (and granted, the states are wrong on this one, but that doesn’t change the fact that this—as I mentioned, in detail, in Forging the Hero—is symptomatic of the collapse of the American Empire.) Things are not normal, and if you’re still stuck in your normalcy bias about “Make America Great Again,” you’re WAY behind the learning the curve.

And then there’s this:

Dirty civil wars are ‘tribal’ guerrilla wars. This was discussed in-depth in The Reluctant Partisan, Volume One: The Guerrilla. This is not about dudes in cute camouflage coveralls, running through the woods with Kalashnikovs. This is about people burning down their neighbors’ houses and businesses, to run them out of town, over ideological differences. Look at the Balkans in the early 1990s.

This is about a group from one side, murdering the entire family—Dad, Mom, Brother, and baby Sister—of their neighbors, over political differences.

There’s nothing pretty or heroic about it. It’s about pragmatism. It’s not about dying for anybody or anything. It’s about changing the dynamic of the battlespace, so none of your people die…or at least, as few as possible.

Read the (uncensored) rest at Mountain Guerilla.

Also, Matt Bracken sends this meme pic on a related topic:

Hat tip: WRSA.

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    • Sorry, but I laughed. Just because “Blazing Saddles” came to mind!

      “Howard Johnson is right!”

      …I don’t know why. I think I need some sleep.

  1. It certainly is prudent to never underestimate your enemy, and I proffer that California state government has become an enemy as well. If firearms or bombs are used in by black cladded rioters in California, I expect the state to blame the right and do nothing to protect the innocent. And I would then expect an incredible uptick in violence statewide, which would eventually force the state into action. That action could include a “temporary” ban on firearms which would force a wedge between state’s rights vs constitutional rights. A fecal storm of court cases and mayhem in the streets will be blamed on Trump by the corporate titans, who want California to secede. The trillions in wealth held offshore could be repatriated in order to form a new, progressive state headed by Apple, Google, Amazon etc.

    Or maybe not – but it doesn’t seem to be out of the realm…

    • Southern Cali can have its water cut off from the Owens Valley and Colorado River as well as its power from the Colorado Dams. Northern Cali and the Central Valley and Sierras don’t want to secede. The coast from San Fran down and southern Cali are it. The Navy sitting offshore. They don’t eat, drink or have power or water. It is not sustainable.

      If Trump with his Goldman Sachs cabinet and his love of Israel starts a war with Iran and its allies Russia and China, the whole country may secede from dc!

  2. Wow! History’s about to be revised again, perhaps on the bodies of melting snowflakes. Not something the Left can get wrapped ’round what remains of its atrophied brain. A post-adolescent who has no wisdom to fall back on but slogans and platitudes might even turn on the Sorosian hands that feed it. Beats getting a real job in this world where there aren’t any jobs for social science and feminist ghetto majors…

    Hmmm…The War of Northern Aggression?? For our European readers, that means the South didn’t start the war. The US lost maybe 700,000 people in that massacre. Conveniently that gaping wound in the American soul laid open huge areas for new immigrants…

    …now descendants of those mid 19th-century newcomers who happened to hail from Scandinavia are showing us how persistent DNA really is: they are busy making Minnesota a Somalian hellhole. Meanwhile, the descendants of earlier 17th century Scots-Irish immigrants make up the backbone of today’s US military – a persistence of (our) DNA…

    [Yes, I realize that epigenetics demonstrates exceptions to these cultural rules. But it can only account for outliers.]

    I often wonder what would have happened had Lincoln been defeated. Or, even more, had he lived to serve out his full second term, perhaps he’d have prevented some of the worst of the ravages of Reconstruction. OTOH, in allowing Sherman’s March, he set up a permanent impoverishment of the South.

    • BTW, sometimes our surest prognostications can be pitifully, mortally wrong. Thus, early in the War of Aggression, people who lived in the Washington area sometimes made day-long picnic drives out to “watch the war” when it was nearby, so sure were they that it would be over in a matter of weeks.

      The same for a wide-spread myth in Europe in 1914 that what turned out to be the slaughter of World War One would be over in “a few months”. The gaping, incurable losses of the cream of European manhood in that massacre continues to be seen today.

      The what-ifs echo in each and every culture wracked by the maelstrom.

      America didn’t lose at the same level, but the folly of joining in had unforeseen consequences in the huge death toll among young American men who were crowded together in military tents on the East Coast, either in training or waiting to leave. Many of them – healthy as horses country boys – were part of the massive die-out caused by the Spanish Flu. 375,000 dead in America by the end of it and yet we kicked dirt over our losses and moved quickly on to the Roaring Twenties.

      • Thank you Dymphna for your comments, I see it quite similarly: We are in for years of trouble. But I still hope that if “the people” see the real problems, as many seem to see them, thank also to your efforts, we are somewhat safe.

        Because it is in our human nature to be ok as long as we think it is all bad.

        The real trouble will begin, I believe, when most people left and right will think “we are ok now”. Sudden destruction, by definition, must come suddenly, out of the blue – unexpected.

        The way I see it is like when Jonah went to Nineveh (Mosul). God will have mercy on the repentant – on those who hush their pride. Or – if I turn it other way around: The leftists of today are prideful over the top, and that signals their sudden destruction is coming fast, if it is not already here.

        So – I believe we should be much more concerned with those, who work diligently night and day on their conquest – and actually have real fighting experience, strategy, ideals and purpose…

        The “leftists” we discuss here are nothing compared to an experienced, motivated, and united army. Even the Muslims themselves know that the “leftists” are no match for them, should it come to real down to Earth fight – because the left is not concerned with real military tactics: They thrive on “Ideological Warfare” – not “real warfare”.

        PS: I like your take on genetics – I agree that we are all descendants of those who came before us 😉

        • I suppose you think that what the Red Army offered up to the Nazis in WW2 was not real warfare. Or maybe they were not real leftists either.

    • Most of this is happening because [faux conservatives] failed to address race questions honestly in the 1960s.

      Your grandchildren’s generation will have to take out the trash.

    • Over 100,000 southern civilian deaths and tens of thousands of rapes of Southern women by the US Army. Lincoln was the biggest mass murderer of Americans in history and his generals killed him.

      • I disagree with your unsourced, sweeping generalization. Lincoln isn’t my choice for the greatest American by any means but your contention that he was the “biggest mass murderer of Americans” is so over the top that it trivializes the harms he did do as he tore apart the Constitution in order to “save” the nation.

        Show a reputable source for your claim that “his generals killed him”. Lincoln’s generals were neither disaffected nor were they organized into any sort of cabal. The cause of his death was far more trivial than that.

        As is often the case with history’s hinge points, it was the actions of a sore loser that killed Lincoln and led to the decades of organized crime against the South known as The Reconstruction.

        [The most famous of the modern paranoid assassins who changed history has to be Gavrilo Princip, the Serbian assassin of Archduke Franz Ferdinand in June, 1914. Presciently it was the powerful Bismarck who foresaw this calamity when he predicted at the end of his life that “One day the great European War will come out of some damned foolish thing in the Balkans.”]

        As for Southern women being raped by Union soldiers, the most documented of those violations occurred during Sherman’s march through Georgia. I seriously doubt there was a big enough population for Sherman’s men to have encountered these “tens of thousands” on that savage journey. And where were the babies who were created in the process? Where are the folk tales commemorating their fate??

        Even if the myth were true, rape is not the worst tragedy of war. What was such an utter waste is the *documented* 700,000 deaths in toto, on both sides. As is true in all wars, the real tragedy was/is the obliteration of a generational cohort of the best physical and intellectual specimens each side so heinously wasted.

        Here’s a conservative source for numbers:


        You’ll notice that far more Union soldiers died in the carnage. The simple fact was the Union had more men to waste, so they did. But their infrastructure stayed intact while that of the South, whose wealth was of the rural variety, was destroyed. You can see the evidence even now, if you know where to look.

        The Civil War was a tragedy, but let us at least stick to what can be known rather than conjecture.

          • No lessons learnt either. Those killed in Iraq and Afghanistan had theur lives thrown away in pursuit of utterly unrealistic goals informed by poor understanding of the region.

  3. Hello, the german antifascists talked about it on their side https://linksunten.indymedia.org/de/node/102039
    “Some day we may have to shoot”

    They talk about a leftwing building in Hamburg, the Flora, and say:
    German original: “200 Leute, 400 Mollis und dazu 50 GenosInnen mit Zwillen, jeweils 15 Schuss Stahlkugeln – und die Bullen werden den Abstand einhalten der geboten ist. Zweitausend bewaffnete, mit Hand- und Schnellfeuerwaffen – und die Bullen werden das Viertel verlassen”
    English: “200 People, 400 molotov Cocktails, and 50 comrades withslingshots and 15 steelballs and the cops will keep the respectful distance. Twothousand armed, with handguns and automatic weapons and the leftwing quarter will be abandoned by the Police.”

    So, yes they think about killing us. I think on westernrifleshooters there was a nice link to it:

  4. People are emailing me and asking, “John, what can we do?” “John, what should we be doing right now to get ready?” I see the same questions getting asked everywhere; Sam’s pages, Matt’s FB page, etc. Here’s the problem….
    WE ALREADY F***ING TOLD YOU WHAT YOU NEEDED TO DO!!!!!! WE’VE BEEN TELLING YOU FOR THE LAST SEVERAL YEARS!!! Hell, in Bracken’s case, he’s been telling you for over a f***ing decade!

    (That part made my day. That is why I became a writer.)

    • Every one of your day should be “made”. (Well if you had doubts, after this sentence you will know, that I am ESL) We are very grateful for your writings, sharing your experience and knowledge!
      Thank you!

  5. Thanks for link.

    It’s important for both your American and global readers to grok the speed and severity escalations being chosen in both the US and Europe by the globalists.

    Regardless of where you are across Europe and North America, you are living in territory prized by the Reds and their allies for more than a century.

    They are on the move.

    Are you?

    Are you doing everything you can to protect your family?

    Tempus fugit.

  6. “The War of Northern Aggression,” is the way the Civil War is described by Confederate recidivists. The war began when the Confederacy opened fire on Fort Sumter, i.e., with an act of Southern aggression. Note the irony.

    Prior to that, there’d already been a guerilla-style civil war raging for several years across the western Mason-Dixon line exactly as Mosby described — murders, assassinations, running battles between opposing militias, families killed in their houses.

    All over the issue of slavery. Were new states to be slave states, or free?

    Ignoring the constitutional question of secession, the Confederacy was on the wrong side of ethics and morals concerning slavery. Had it won the civil war, the Confederate States of America, dedicated to racial purity as it was, would have been a natural ally of the Nazis; bringing WWII into the Americas.

    I agree that the antifa (another ironic name, as they are fascists) and the progressive left are vile and dangerous, and deserve serious police action. But that doesn’t justify a revised history making out the Confederacy as the aggrieved party in the Civil War. They sacrificed states’ rights on the altar of slavery; a huge injury to America.

    • YOU ALL WERE DOWN HEAH!!! My folks did NOT have slaves!
      They did their own work!! My great-great grandfather fought at Shiloh
      because YOU were invading our country. My father fought the NAZIS
      in N. Africa, Italy & Germany. As a hardened combat veteran, he would
      have eventually invaded Japan IF Truman hadn’t used what he had
      (the bomb) to stop that madness.

      Keep on deluding yourself. IF we end up having to lock & load against
      an army of thousands of Muslim Jihadists, YOUR enemy is NOT going
      to be us Southerners or President Donald J. Trump or Vice President
      Mike Pence. Just like in WWII, the “enemy” becomes suddenly crystal

    • That’s just the propaganda. The North invaded the South to stop the loss of the European trade which would have occurred had the South become independent. (Southern States produced 3/4ths of all the European Trade in 1860. )

      Lincoln himself said he would keep slavery if it would stop the war. Yes, they lied to you.

      • Heck, you can even trace the source of the conflict further if you want; with the old bad blood between the English (Northerners) and the Scottish (Southerners). The reasons for the (first) Civil War are varied, complicated, and have their passionate advocates. Everyone that picked a side had personal and shared reasons for doing so.

    • That’s a broad brush on a complicated subject. Most southern and northern soldiers had no choice but to fight or be killed. My g-grandfather was one of 5 sons who fought. He was forced into the union and his four brothers and father were forced into CSA and all died. One politician who bears the brunt of this tragedy was President Buchanan – elections have consequences.

  7. Good grief.
    More of this {bovine excrement}. (See–I can do that too.)
    Fort Sumter? REALLY?? And just who shot first against who?? HUH?
    That makes it NORTHERN aggression??
    Don’t start the shooting–lose the damn war–and then blame the other side for their “aggression”. Let alone ignore the “reason” for it all in the first place.
    NOT a good beginning for the article, and it goes downhill from there.
    From all that I can see on the internet, those valiant leftoid attackers’ bravery is NOT much in evidence. They seem to fold readily when confronted–and only seem to act when the PTB have told Police to stand down.
    Soro’s troops may be bought and paid for in respect to some of this ‘anarchist’ stuff–smashing windows and beating up the odd LONE MAGAhatted ‘enemy’, — but just you wait.
    Try being the megaphone leader at the head of your uniformed (BLACK-HOODED) Soros unit with the crosshairs centered on your thick skull. One trigger squeeze and your career is brought to an abrupt, permanent end. A few more “squeezes” any your mob becomes a stampede–to all the available exits.
    AND burning lines of rented busses.
    Bye-bye mob.
    (Don’t believe me? Ask ANYBODY who has had to fight against snipers. ANYBODY–there’s a lot of ex-service folks around.)
    Speaking of ex-servicemen(women), we ALREADY KNOW what to do–and how to do it.
    This is really just a pitch for somebody’s paramilitary training school.
    When the time comes (and we ALL will know) we won’t need any additional training. Neither will we need those thousands of rounds of ammo and dozens of spare loaded magazines.
    I doubt I’ll even empty the magazine of granddad’s .30-30.

  8. I’m afraid he is correct. They’re ideologues who are bent on militant action. I keep coming across a woman named Yvette Felarca who is a leader in an organization called By Any Means Necessary (BAMN) which was at the Berkeley riots. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HUykmlHungo&feature=youtu.be This is just one of many videos where she has vomited her disturbing rhetoric. The fact that she seems to consider any meeting of a group of primarily whites as fascist and white supremacist which needs to be stopped by literally any means necessary both infuriates and frightens me.

    Another point of concern is that she is a middle school teacher who was suspended last year after a video surfaced of her violent tactics. It’s seems as though the Teacher’s union has lawyered up and gotten her back in the classroom. I don’t even want to think about what she’s “teaching”.

    Why aren’t these people being arrested?

    • Trump is waiting for them to decisively overreach. Some handlers like Shumer, Reich, Emanuel and Soros have realized they have let their gullible pet Anarcho-Communists get too aggro and must reign them in for now. The higher IQ lefties in the University, banks and party know Trump could squish them pronto if a big enough building were torched.

    • Felarca’s group, BAMN, has been accused (by card carrying leftists) of being a cult:

      I will take their word for it (as they are leftists and have no reason to turn on one of their own otherwise). If so, then she is exactly the type of person who will be used to start something.

      And parents in that area were the ones who protested and lobbied to bring her back in the classroom…they love having their kids involved in this.

  9. Playing along with this “what if” scenario: if the antifa and similar groups really did begin killing with assault weapons, it would be the beginning of the end for them. There would be such outrage that the establishment (even most of the the stupid Democrats) and the law enforcement establishment would have to come down hard on them. Remember violent groups like the Weather Underground? This would wipe them out relatively quickly.

    That is why they are not doing it. And probably will not. They get much more mileage when continuing on as they have been.

    • I think you had better take on board that the hard Left do not play by any rules that you and I as law abiding folk would take for granted. The hard Left play by their rules only which is no rules at all for us except in how to make us disappear.

      That is the mentality of what we are up against and I can’t see any of those within the lying media protesting if the violence turns murderous, after all, they are paid to tell the lies they tell, so what makes you think that a few thousand murders of those they hate would change their stance?

  10. For awhile now each time I read comments claiming the weakness of the Left’s movement and how they will break at the slightest escalation to their safe spaces or ridiculing them as ignorant, I see something very worrisome in that precisely as the author argues from historical precedent, these same people’s ideological grand-parents and all too often, actual grand parents, were killing far over 100 Million European Christians in their “revolutions.”

    A wasp can be crushed quite easily, it has only one stinger – but a warm has many and cannot be easily crushed. They swarm and attack in superior numbers against lone targets. They are prepared to attack when their opponents are not.

    Chile under Pinochet and Argentina under the Junta are apt comparisons to what a civil conflict will be like in America. The fact that both nations were European Styled democracies with similar ethnic and religious make-ups lends itself to what will befall us.

    The die is already cast, we are witnessing its final polishing at this moment. We cannot laugh off these domestic terrorists burning campuses, attacking lecture audiences, and setting cities aflame. The hour is drawing were we will be in their cross hairs with no help from police who have been ordered to stand down and all too often are more afraid for themselves and their pensions to ever put down such a violent rampage.

    It will break down to sectarian violence as these things always do – we are so far down the road that we are watching open Communist marches of modern day Maoists.

  11. I’m not in the US (which doesn’t make me or mine immune from the antifas), and certainly don’t have the erudition or insight of others here. Also I remain unapologetically somewhat to the left, notwithstanding (or maybe not?) a couple of recent votes for UKIP.

    But I do remain, broadly, a supporter and admirer of the US as a- maybe the- defender of freedom, notwithstanding the recent aberration of the Obama years, among other issues. So, given the nightmare scenario suggested here, isn’t it probable that if called upon by President Trump, the majority(?) of law enforcement officers, and certainly the military, would (ironically?) stand up for the federal authority? I sincerely hope this will not be put to the test, of course.

    • There is much evidence that the U.S. Army has been preparing for an ’emergency’ within the United States for some years now. Whether that training is in anticipation of something other than civil unrest is hard to ascertain, but you can take it to the Bank that the training includes the occupying of towns (read suburbs) and house to house searches which increased in regularity under Obama – maybe in anticipation for President Clinton’s role in continuing the undermining of the United States?

      • Mark, I forgot to add, if that civil unrest takes hold within the United States there is a strong possibility that it will also occur in your own country soon after. So stay alert.

  12. One side is young, motivated, and aggressive, and the other is passive, lazy, old (yet still adolescent), alcoholic, ignorant, fearful, and needy. The former is dynamic; the latter is hidebound, backwards, and a reliable parrot of leftist propaganda, esp. the lie that some leftists are “liberal”.

    One side is already on the offensive in the streets of the big cities—and is preparing for much more. The other side has deluded itself into believing that “feral pig hunting is just practice” for a civil war which could never be won out in the sticks and mud. One side dresses in urban colors, and the other runs around in camo jammies made for rural disguise. One side is self-willing; the other is superstitious and eager for Sky Daddy to make it victorious.

    So the end is nearly a foregone conclusion: A totalitarian dictatorship will be established in the USA.

    • Well I would not generalize about who is lazy and who is not. One thing I think we can agree on. This war they will be no prisoners taken. It will be a massacre, where the opposing parties will be “neutralized” permanently.

    • I wonder how many on that self-willing side, and you seem to champion, will stand their ideological ground when their comrades start falling around them and their ‘pay checks’ stop coming in?

    • It’s true that ordinary working people are sleepwalking into this, in every western country, but once these left fascists actually start killing people, the police will move in and defang them, and the other side will respond. I cannot see the left fascists getting away with their disgusting behavior much longer, anywhere. Personally, I long to see a whole bunch of them hospitalized with lasting injuries.

      I think a much more worrying scenario, which awaits all of the multiracial west, is 1970s Northern Ireland. Here you have two basically similar communities, both wealthy and as individuals all with much to lose, who pick each other off in a very nasty but low-level street conflict that largely comprises “we-know-where-you-live” score-settling. If this could happen in a place as wealthy, supposedly civilized and “tolerant” as the UK–and it most certainly did–it could happen anywhere. I fear it will.

  13. Those of us who were in Viet Nam or later in Iraq or Syria are already quite familiar with how a civil war plays out when there are no front lines. As there will be no weekly resupply we already have preps put away. Our only question is it enough put away…likely not…put away more. Do you have comms/ham to hear what is going on? You aren’t really relying on the MSM are you? Have you been doing that garden to know what grows well and what bugs and beasts like to eat there as well? But even more, do you know where your enemy lives and hangs out. Where is the local liberal university and its resident student and staff troublemakers? Where do they live…their friends…their family. Where’s the ghetto and their hangouts.

  14. Calexit, Sedition, Foreign Subversion and Civil War

    The big difference between the South and California trying to secede from the Union is that the South’s reasons were truly homegrown and organic to the region. The South was rebelling against the North’s hegemony without foreign powers being prime movers of the effort. The State of Jefferson wanting to secede from California is similar to the South’s cause. This isn’t the case with California wanting to secede from the Union.

    Calexit is a Comintern operation allied with various actors both foreign and domestic. The Communist Chinese have been strategically acquiring Californian agricultural lands as American farmers have been driven out of business from the manufactured drought. Mexico has long dreamed of the reconquista of the Southwest and is allied with domestic racial supremacist groups, like La Raza, and Latin gang-bangers, essentially a guerilla force and anti-white death squads in waiting. And, of course, the UN and its desire to dismember these United States, which has long been their greatest impediment in establishing world governance under its aegis. All these groups are being aided and abetted by the crypto-communist Democrats.

    Many equate Calexit with other secessionist movements, both historical or contemporary, but this is a mistake. What is happening is far more nefarious than simply a grass root movement expressing genuine grievances. This supposed grass root “just cause” is astroturf propaganda to garner sympathy or mute the criticism from those who normally would oppose the Left’s agenda, as well as to obscure the sedition of Californian Democrats and the foreign subversion taking place.

    This effort is in its political phase and could easily turn hot and become an open armed rebellion to be carried out by Antifa communists rioting in the streets and by Latin gang-bangers with targeted assassinations of law enforcement and massacres of whites. The State of California has been systematically disarming their law-abiding citizens with ever-increasing restrictive gun laws — they want a populace that is defenseless and easily intimidated and who will gladly submit to the state’s authority for the promise of personal safety.

    Calexit is only now possible because California is essentially a one-party state. The whole point of flooding the state with semi-literate, undocumented Democrats from Mexico and Central America was because the Democrats are, and have long been, demagogic and masterful at misleading the masses of low-information voters into assenting to their own repression. The sad irony for the Mexican peasantry is that they’re going from peonage to serfdom. They’re being hypnotized with the shiny objects of the welfare state and tricked by the political legerdemain of their eventual oppressors (meet el nuevo jefe, same as el antiguo jefe) to ethnically cleanse California of the traditional liberty-loving American patriot.

    It’s going to get uglier.

    • This makes excellent sense, Craig. Is it your own work or have you been collecting from other sites? Either way, I’d like to use it as a post…especially if you can explain in a bit more detail about the manufactured drought. California is essentially a semi-arid climate. It has been getting water to the agricultural areas from Colorado (I think. I read about this years ago – both how essentially fragile it is and the ways in which it ends up depriving Colorado of some of its own water – but I don’t remember the source).

      You’re spot-on about California being a one-party state.

      You’re even more spot-on about it getting uglier. The Mexicans have driven blacks out of towns (like Compton, iirc) that were traditionally theirs. Black gangs were tough but they hadn’t nearly the killer instinct or sadism displayed by the Mexican gangs…the latter are supported indirectly by Mexico’s vast corruption.

      One way to begin would be to cut the remittances back to Mexico. That seems unfair to the waiting families, but there will be many more victims than those. And they wouldn’t need it if their own government hadn’t helped to actively create the mess.

      But don’t forget Central America, where it’s even worse…anywhere the Spanish conquered and stayed is like that. No robust rule of law, no property rights, no history of respect for individual liberties. We may share a border but there is a vast cultural chasm and we may end up falling into it after years of neglect and/or ignorance about the cultural collide…Islam is an evil supremacist ideology which creates Bedouin-type killers. But a man on a fast horse couldn’t tell the difference between a Muslim terrorist and a Mexican drug gang member. Evil always ends the same way.

      • The foregoing was written off the top of my head and stitched together from a variety of sources: interviews, current articles and general knowledge crammed into my head. It was trimmed down from an email that I was going to send to someone in response to a blog post specifically dealing with Calexit and it just so happen to be on topic for this thread and so I repurposed it. I would have to think long and hard to properly vet everything I touched on, especially to make it a post worthy of GoV (and would be honored to do so).

        The simple answer for the manufactured drought in California’s is its water management policy that has allowed its water reservoirs to deplete. The most well-known reason for this that is directly attributable to willful action is the water diversion away from farmland and into the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta to protect the smelt, water which then runs out to sea. In 2013, for instance, farmers were only getting 20% of their allocation. Another facet of this is that, despite California’s booming population, there has been no water reclamation projects, such as new dams or water diversions for irrigation, undertaken in many, many years to account for this increase. California’s agricultural productivity comes primarily from the San Joaquin Valley and it was all the water reclamation projects beginning more than a century ago, such as the Klamath Project, that made this productivity possible. There is also the dam-busting movement going on throughout the nation of removing water management projects entirely; undoubtedly, this has also taken place in California, but to what extent I don’t know. Then there is the pettiness of the well-heeled who can afford to violate water conservation directives and simply pay the fines, something the average Jose can’t do.

        So, the decision of politicians to divert water from agricultural regions and let it run out to sea, the removal of existing dams and water reclamation projects (almost certainly true), and not constructing additional capacity of water storage for a growing population, would all be subject to some sort of planning, which can be construed as “manufactured.” All of this contributes to water shortages from what is already available but doesn’t account for a drought in a climatological sense.

        This is where the proverbial rabbit hole gets deep.

        As I began to write a response for this aspect of a manufactured drought it became apparent that is was going to be far too elaborate for posting here (and time consuming for a rapid response). Feel free to contact me via email that you have in your system if you like and to redact any portion of this response you deem appropriate. This subject matter is a bit out of GoV’s domain, though there is a connection between the Mexican drug cartels and Islamic terrorists that is related to Calexit.

        • Well enough said. But from your seat in Michigan you may not see everything so clearly as a conservative Angelino Who regularly drives up and down the San Joaquin valley from LA to SF.

          Several points to be mindful of:
          • Yes, we have a manufactured drought. US Congress, not state legislature, diverted water from the San Joaquin to favor the smelt and on to the sea.
          • Most of that water which is not going to agriculture is not coming from the Colorado as you claim. It’s coming from the Sacramento River. LA’s drinking water, however, does come largely from the Colorado.
          • Name the dams which were there for water storage for California that have been removed, because I know of none.
          • Thanks to the liberals lead by governor Moonbat (Jerry Brown) the state is paying huge amounts of taxpayer money on the high-speed train from nowhere to nowhere instead of wisely spending it on water storage projects. That train is a white elephant using nineteenth century rail technology and it will NOT be high speed over most of its course. In all likelihood it will not be completed in our lifetimes. The California bullet train is just as much a payoff for leftwing cronies as was Solyndra or any of the other deliberately failed green energy companies.
          • If you think Compton is all Mexican and not black, let me show you Compton. It’s plenty black, it’s just a couple of miles from where I live (ghettos and expensive neighborhoods are surprisingly close to one another this close to the beach in LA).

          It is a hoot to read the ‘expert’ opinions about what is wrong with California from people who don’t know.

          • • The protection of the delta smelt originally fell under the purview of the U.S. Endangered Species Act and the Fish and Wildlife Service, but it was also protected in 2010 by the California Endangered Species Act, so if we are to assess blame in this regard, then the state is fully on board and Congress can no longer be solely to blame.

            It was the Natural Resources Defense Council who filed suit in 2007 that has led to the current situation (no pun intended), with the Ninth Circuit Court in 2014 holding that the water projects were indeed a threat to the existence of the delta smelt. It was environmental activists who initiated events that put this diversion in place.

            I only referred to the delta smelt diversion as the “most well-known,” not necessarily a primary reason for a manufactured drought. The smelt issue is overweighted in this discussion about water management and was brought up as an example of questionable prioritization.

            The lack of any new construction of water storage capacity is far more important and the aforementioned diversion would be a moot point if not for this lack. The information on water project construction was recalled from articles by Victor Davis Hanson (a native Californian) who was observing how there has been no accounting for the vast increase in population with a corresponding increase in storage capacity. This failure to match the growing demand leads to acute shortages when precipitation is lacking.

            The State of California must have considerable say about any water projects undertaken within its borders. Little has been done since the 1970s to expand capacity and the state surely bears some of the responsibility for this. This isn’t all the federal government’s fault.

            • I did not claim that the Colorado River was used to irrigate the San Joaquin Valley. Water for irrigation from the Colorado is diverted to the Salton Sea area. And I’m aware that the Colorado is the primary source for LA’s municipal water supply, along with the aqueduct from Mono Lake and water from the north via the California Aqueduct.

            When I cited the Klamath Project, which straddles the border with Oregon, this indicated an awareness that the water is coming from the north and not from the Colorado. Admittedly, this was slightly in error: the Klamath Project doesn’t supply water to the Central Valley (rather, to the Klamath Basin) and I should have referred to Oroville or Shasta or the like that does and are in the Sacramento’s watershed.

            • While there have been 67 dams removed in California since 1922, you are likely correct that none of these were dedicated water reservoirs.

            • Ha! Bullet train. Yeesh. No argument here.

            • Lastly, I made no assertions about Compton and its demographics.

            It can’t be easy being a conservative in LA or SF and I imagine the drive through the Valley can be a welcomed respite.

    • As someone said, “Let them secede and then we can invade!’ Or there may be a massive earth quake (act of God) and the whole of it will sink beneath the Pacific.

    • Craig…unique and brilliant post. You may have put the last piece into the jigsaw puzzle. Long-time Cali resident here…

  15. > started buying up automatic weapons from the cartels and handing them to the black-masked thugs of Antifa?

    Handing weapons to “anti-gun” protesters is probably not a healthy thing for those protesters. In most countries around the world it wouldn’t matter much in the initial stages, but in the USA it could get very bloody from the get-go.

    The next question that comes to mind is: How will the existing security forces – police, military, emergency services – respond? Will they retain cohesion? Will they remain “loyal” … and to whom? Who/what are they sworn to protect?

    What escalation/de-escalation plans exist? Who will be held responsible; and have they been “pre-convicted”?

    • Police are not soldiers, and many within police forces today are women who in general, will have no stomach to remain in that uniform once the blood starts flowing in the streets. Martial Law with civilian police assistance (arrests and charges) would be the only available means of containing the violence within any given area of high density population.

      • I think you should ask yourself what it is about the hard Left that is so obvious a standout. It is hate, the Left is driven by hate for its enemy, and no one hates like the hard Left hates, so that step you mention to taking up arms has probably already been bypassed by many of the hard Left.

  16. While the Snowflakes are pretty nasty, does that mean they’ll get violent – in a firearm, murderous kind of way? Surely it takes a step to another level to go from protesting Tom Brady and the Patriots winning the Superbowl, to going on a murserous rampage? Even if the mere fact of the former happening is pretty shocking and pathetic, in itself…

    Besides, the Snowflakes are not really known for being so crazy about guns… if I’m not mistaken, that’s more the domain of the Donald’s supporters. So if the Snowflakes ever were to open fire, they’d get plenty of shots also coming in their direction. A lot more, probably….

  17. Ughh, I know what some of this can look like from long ago in Latin America. These “antifas” have only been discouraged by law enforcement mainly because of political restraints. Those restraints can come off, even in a whiff ball place like Berkeley. It was ultimately 4 dead protesters at Kent State Univ. in 1970 that stopped the open protest movement dead in its tracks. Just 4 dead. If “antifas” escalate, so will law enforcement. Rioters becomes mobs and mobs are always put down, hard if needed.

  18. I have more questions. When will the tickets to the public executions go on sale? Who will sell them, and where? What is the premium for front-row seats … or will there be standing room only?

  19. Everything will depend on whether the military is loyal to middle America, or is corrupted – or a bit of both! If Trump is assassinated -which the Left are calling for on a daily basis and not getting arrested for it – then we will see where the chips fall.

    China could take action to ‘protect’ its US investments, if it thought there were enough traitors in the military not to pose a threat. At the least it might swoop on Taiwan and South Korea while we were in a state of weakness.

    It may be that the daily atrocities committed by Muslims in Europe, will build up anger to a higher pitch than in the USA and that is where war will begin.

    Our first line of defense is to destroy the teachers’ unions and change the education curriculum. Otherwise we are just producing more and more violent idiots.

  20. Matt Bracken “predicted” islamic tet offensive 2016 – and no it haven’t happened.

    the same is here.

    leftis have
    – no sufficient numbers,
    – no unity, and
    – no sacrifice-centered ideology,
    to deliver, spread and sustain vioence.

    they dream about muslims and LGBT people, sluts hand in hand with FGM butchers, BLM gangstas and avocado milkshake drinkers happily marhcing against evils of global warming, gender gap, Unconscious Bias and Microaggression The Plague of Humanity.

    c’mon, who would take these clowns seriously.

    • LOL. Yes, what a rabble eh. Not so the Islamists, who know what they want. The only question is when…. But 2016 was probably too soon. There’s a lot of goodies in the West for them to enjoy – benefits, crime riches and much much infidel booty (even if they’re not virgins)… Time is on their side – so do they want to bite off the hand that feeds them?

      But that all may change if Le Pen wins the French election… then there may be a mass of US-style protests. Just that instead of latte drinkers, LGBTQ weirdos and trendy twitterati, it might be tooled-up Islamists who are marching. After that, anything’s possible.

      • Trendy Twitterati?

        Perfect word notes!

        When I’m well enough to think, Twitter is one of my favorite places to hang out. Heraclitus, a pre-Socratic philosopher who lives on these thousands of years later in the form of a few twitterable fragments, would have loved it.

        • If you just follow some twitterati, and add some original thoughts, then it can be excused… if, however, one is part of the Twitter PC lynch mob, then Heraclitus would probably be not best pleased!

  21. “Or maybe the war between the Freikorps and the Communists on the streets of Berlin and Munich in 1919 and 1920.”

    Likely the most accurate comparison. But don’t forget who won that one, and let’s make sure the right side wins this one, too.

    • maybe i dont understand history, but werent the Freikorps the first stab at Nazism? if not, please provide correction. or were they taken over by the nazi movement. in my understanding this was evil fighting evil.

      • The Freikorps were demobilized soldiers who opposed the Communists. Some of them went on to join the NSDAP, but by no means all of them.

      • Largely it was German nationalists killing Communistic Jews. The profiles of the combatants well known.

        • It’s true that a number of German Communists were Jewish, but the qualification “largely” is not warranted.

          Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht were the leaders of the Spartacist Communist revolt in 1919. Luxemburg was Jewish; Liebknecht was not. Both were murdered extra-judicially by the Freikorps.

          • Yes, and so were many others. Unfortunately, labeling them all “Jewish communists” performs a disservice — especially in these times, when Jew-hatred is so rife, and increasing.

            It’s important to look at the wider picture of European communism of that time, in Germany and elsewhere.

            First of all: Communism was (and probably still is) a brain disease of the intellectuals. That’s why it had to be imposed from above — it wasn’t spontaneously embraced by working-class people, who have enough common sense not to take up communism. The more intelligent you were, and the more educated you were, the more likely you were to become a dedicated communist.

            Now imagine that you’re looking at a room full of intellectuals in Germany, ca. 1910. A chamber music performance, say, or a literary soirée. All those intellectuals! The cream of society. And how many of those were Jewish (assuming they allowed Jews into that particular venue)?

            I don’t have any verifiable data, but I would be willing to bet it was 30%-40% of the crowd. That’s because:

            (1) Jews, on average, were more intelligent than their Gentile neighbors in Europe, a full standard deviation higher IQ, if I recall correctly; and

            (2) Jewish culture valued (and still values) education highly. Children were brought up to expect that they would receive as high an education as possible, and were pressured to excel. Those who did well, and received a university degree (especially at the doctoral level) were rewarded with strong parental and community approval. Therefore Jews were way over-represented at the highest level of educational institutions, and they still are, except where “affirmative action” keeps them out.

            Now. What was the percentage of Jews among communist leaders, eh?

            Once again, I don’t have any verifiable data, but I would be willing to bet it was 30%-40% of them. That is, Jews were over-represented among communists because they were over-represented among intellectuals. A far greater number of Jews than their proportion in the population took the highest university degrees. And a far greater number of Jews than their proportion in the population became commissars for the Bolsheviks.

            For people who consider Jewishness to be suspicious, sinister, alarming, and dangerous, this over-representation among the communists is proof of their semitic evil.

            For people who do not regard Jewishness as alarming or dangerous, there are other, more plausible explanations.

            I repeat: communism is a mental disease of the intellectuals. It’s proof — as if we needed any — that intelligence is overrated. It doesn’t always confer a survival advantage, and at the highest levels may even be a Darwinian disadvantage.

            We’re simply too smart for our own good.

  22. This is something that now concerns me and yes these Antifas traitors are very dedicated. It makes me want to join the Arizona militia and prepare myself. I can only hope this passes and people will work out their differences peacefully. Still, Conservatives need to wake up, get off the couch, and prepare for the worse, hopefully not. I go on the Antifas Facebook page just to see what they are doing. One group talked about going into rural areas to locate and organize Antifas. Good luck with that I live in rural America and the vast majority out here are conservative. Most of the Liberals out here are not as extreme as these commies. Hopefully Trump will crush their violence before it spreads. I am not sure if these Antifas will turn to guns but at least in rural Arizona we are armed with numerous war-time vets from the Korean war to the recent Iraq war, most are conservative.

    • Antifas in rural areas? Bwahahahahahahahahahaha! (I live in a very rural area, so rural that most of the time my internet is quite slow…) And, as I often post on a particular patriot site, when I warn govt. stooges out to get me and mine–and I ain’t afraid of these mothers, as someone who chased a hoard of javelinas (porcines with large tusks who can gore you) out of my garden with a spiked garden tool…I will tell these antifas to–watch out for mountain lions.

  23. Wow! This reads like a really interesting thriller, made ever-more interesting by the fact that it’s real.
    Calexit has become a hot topic, and while many of the arguments presented here make sense, I can’t see the rest of the union standing by idly while the Republic of Caliph-fornia is proclaimed. Anyway, coming from down-under and living in Canada, I’m out of this one, just content to be educated.

  24. Hey snowflakes, the Commies did actually burn down the Reichstag. If the last two week has failed to demonstrate it nothing will!

    • How many people besides me remember the old Gilbert Shelton comic strip of the Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers, where Free-Wheelin’ Franklin sets fire to his own broken-down car and then runs off yelling: “Long live the Marinus Van Der Lubbe International Fire-Bombing Society”?

      I thought that was cool when I read it back about 1972 — a hippie cartoonist knew who Marinus Van Der Lubbe was.

      • Baron, I had no idea you were a fan of the FFFB. I grew up in the time and the sphere of those comics and I still have mine.

        A couple of my favorite moments were when Free Wheeling Franklin told Norbert the Narc that he was a Junior Peace Man and was merely cleaning the bird droppings from Norbert’s car. I also really got a laugh when Fat Freddie’s Cat defecated in Freddie’s stereo headphones.

        So much of that is indelible on my mind.

        • The Fat Freddie’s Cat strips are the BEST. I have a collection of those, a separate one.

          I’ve been trying to find the comic with Marinus van der Lubbe in it, but no luck so far.

          Crumb was the best, but Gilbert Shelton ranked a close second. He had the traditional comic strip artist’s sense of humorous absurdity and slapstick.

        • It sure was an indelible genre, those hippy-dippy comic characters, most of whom could only have been conceived by some mind previously bent somewhat – or even bent severely into pretzel form. But the latter usually no longer possessed the brain cells to actually conceive of and carry out a story line. Which is why so many of them sat chuckling over some scene that was probably quite funny but by then beyond sharing…

          Do you remember the cover illustration which showed the living room, FF’s cat lying in the sun, snoozing, while the room around his lethargic form was evidence of the grand time he’d had? He’d scattered any number of Fat Freddie’s belongings, shredding a few in the process – so well-rendered you could almost see, for example, the joy he’d had in destroying that sweater beyond redemption. There was a large, equally shredded plant, the pot overturned. And atop the album still sitting on the open record player, a glistening, fragrant evacuation (FF’s cat was obviously healthy and well-fed, no?) IIRC, the reader could glimpse Fat Freddy approaching the door.

          Youd’a thunk that FF would have long since learned to cover the top of that turntable. And maybe hung the plant in the window, using one of those macrame pot holders. And put his magazines on a high shelf. OTOH, planning ahead was one of the first functions to go in Fat Freddie.

          I saw many Fat Freddies strolling on down the avenue in Cambridge back in the day, their scruffy little beards a sartorial statement that could well have been left unsaid…years later, long after we’d moved to an apartment in Wellesley, I used to wonder if any of them survived with their great innocence intact. Probably not.

  25. I’m under no illusion that the Left along with the elite hates our collective guts and wishes us doom. They’ve been making it clear for decades they have wanted us dead and gone.

    That said, it’s very hard to extrapolate what anti-fa can do when we’ve only seen them defecate in their own living room so to speak and being protected by the local cops. Right now they are just a source of amusement. For the most part they are simply paid agitators nothing more.

    The rank and file Lefties are even worse off, most have been gas lighted by their leadership since GW Bush was in office and are emotional wrecks who can’t think for themselves anymore. Their leadership gas lights them to keep them in line. Fear and hate are their tools. That’s all they have, this is why you can’t debate them and why they resort to hysterics of one kind or another.

    So far most contemporary expressions of violence by the Left in the West have been a disaster. Weather Underground, Baader Meinhoff, Red Brigade. They were all killed or sent to the big house in record time. And these weren’t mass movements, just some dim bulb psychopaths who got to play out their urges.

    Now ethnic and religious violence is a whole nother ball game. Such as what happened in Yugoslavia, there you have grudges that go back centuries and religious hatreds that are beyond our comprehension.

    Yes events can spiral out of control real fast and none of us know how it will start. Only that it will and probably come out of left field. Two years ago none of us thought Trump would run and become president.

    All we do is prepare to the best we can to our ability.

    • war in Yugoslavia started after major destabilization of federal power and institutions due to explosion of mutual ethno-religious, nationalist and separatist hostility.

      In USA, I think the only analog is BLM and Latino gangs, but they are, albeit also archaic minded, – essentially crime-driven rather than idealistiacaly motivated.

      then what – Ivory Coasts. Liberias, and Honduras enclaves in USA?
      and where is the idea, and a leadership capable of uniting them to defeat federal army? where would they get weapons and ammunition supplies – from local gun store?

      Islamists are too insignificant in numbers.

      it’s all fairytales.

      • Guns? no. Where would they get Food and Water that would surely be denied any group with the numbers to be an actual threat.

        • If the Western reaction to the “Palestinians” is any indication, the political establishment will discover a distinction between the “military” wing of the Antifas, and the “political” wing. The former will be interdicted; the latter will remain unfettered and even receive aid (government grants, NGO help, etc.).

          The authorities will negotiate with the political wing, wherein the “moderate” Antifas will be said to reside. The public will be informed by compliant media outlets that such negotiations are necessary, otherwise the “extremists” will be strengthened. We will be enjoined not to oppose Antifa ideology entirely, because that will drive the moderates into the arms of the extremists. Rather, we will be urged to discover the “root causes” of Antifa violence.

          After every violent riot that causes serious injury or death, after every building is torched or ransacked, new rounds of negotiations with the Antifas will begin so that the “peace process” will not be threatened. Local authorities will be pressured to make concessions in order to further the cause of peace.

          The slogan will be: “Office Space for Peace”.

      • “It’s all fairytales.”
        Remember the prolonged panic begun by two black Muslims in one car with one rifle? Was that a fairytale? How about a half dozen roaming freeway shooters? Think that would be insignificant?

        At the same time that Amazon and Ebay are paralyzed by a rash of parcel bombs sent to conservatives. That is coming next.

        • well small scale activity is nuisance, no more..

          digital, social media saturated world presumes
          – no anonymity
          – no covert large scale association
          – no critical military purchase or smuggling

          however, my own vision of situation in the West rather tends to Separation, a multi-apartheid society.

          according to the Moral Foundation theory, there are 3 distinct types of political affiliation:


          in addition, next essential qualities are

          high IQ/low IQ

          altogether there are 3*2^3=24 combinations.

          this is the field on which sane politicians make alliances, compromises, do planning, – extend base, preserve loyalty and engage in competition, without destroying the arrangement.

          whereas civil war scenario presumes violent confrontation between same-type, most vile, most archaic groups.

          but, anthropological reality in the West is a variety, and for now definitely not dominated by archaics.
          we’ll be OK.
          likely more separate from those who aren’t like us, but still OK.

  26. The ‘movement’ evaporated ‘poof!’ when the draft ended in 1973. These narcissistic radicals went to the beach, Europe, and drifted off into meditation, communes and ‘sexual liberation’ and drugs. Obviously it was all about saving MY [nether region].

  27. aiming for the head sounds uber-tacicool and all but believe me aiming for the groin has a far better pay-off, on multiple levels

    • The only place to aim is for ‘the center of mass’. Everything else is for trained sniper teams or movies. Anyone who doesn’t know this already is dreaming.

  28. What we are seeing, and yes, I have been watching this for about the past four years, is a spiritual tide that wants this planet on its terms and wants it NOW! The tide doesn’t care who is killed or who starves, as long as they are dead and out of its way. My response is to take the whole matter to the Lord Who is seated on the Throne and is watching this as well. While I am on my knees I am also on the watch and prepared. The front lines at the home front. Well….Jesus told me there’d be days like this, strange days indeed! (no apologies to John Lennon)

  29. My wife is Facebook friends with a guy I met on a “fathers” group. Come to find out, his background post stated that he was a communist and proud of it. He is quite literate and has a sizeable following on FB. A NGO type, he has made inroads in the environmental area of the Calif. government even running a lobby group on this matter. Telling you his background is important in that many in this liberal state are look up to their leaders. You wouldn’t believe how distraught they are. Not talking about the snowflakes, but the so called affluent, educated people thinking the sky is falling. In their discussions on FB, they are as angry and violence talking as any the young anitfa protestors. Is is very shocking to read their comments. I would not be shocked at all to see them encourage the protestors to arm themselves and provoke an armed confrontation….

    • Yes, it has been shocking to me to hear these affluent, accomplished, well-educated professionals spout the UpChuck Schumer/Nancy Pelosi line. They believe every word of it.

      But I take heart from reading that the partisan liar, Robert Reich, is saying that the U.C. Berkeley violence was a false flag operation fomented and carried out by Breitbart! Apparently, he can’t bring himself to admit that lefties are really violent. And that some of them are paid to be violent. That’s supposed to be the domain of the Trump people. So I don’t really think that most of these “liberals” who are really lefties–haters though they are–would want to see other lefties murdering people with guns. They still want to think that they retain the moral high ground.

    • I am guessing that right at this moment 100s of snowflakes are pondering how to search ways to build a parcel bomb without leaving a trace on the internet. In this gadget-mad age, with everybody using parcel services like Amazon and Ebay on a weekly if not daily basis, it does not require Nostradamus to see what is coming next. Something the size of a cell phone can blind, maim, cripple or kill. Tools that the Unabomber could not dream of are now in everyday household items. Prediction: package bombs are coming next, I think.

      (NEVER tear open a package where it has a pull tab. Use scissors at the other end. If it’s a bomb, the pull tab will be glued to a string to a friction fuse or electric switch inside. Always check the return address, routing labels, postage, postmarks etc. If you are a conservative writer or blogger and you didn’t order a package, treat it as a possible bomb. Also be aware of how and when a package “should” arrive. It is easy to intercept a legitimate parcel from a doorstep, take it and turn it into a bomb, then return it to your doorstep.)

      >>”Standard Disclaimer: I Hope I Am Wrong (Again).”<<

      • From reading the above and other sources I would think that having access to a firearm in the very least is essential for any American regardless of their political persuasion.

        There seems to be a breakdown of consensus in society with liberal vs conservative, black vs white, Latino vs black vs white, rural vs urban, federal authority vs individuals etc. With ongoing threats from Islamists and the possibility of a war with China.

        Unless some grounds for reconciliation are found I imagine that only a strong authoritarian leader can keep the country together, and one who is able and willing to neutralise the opposition including the press, academia, and judiciary. The examples of Franco, Pinochet and the Greek junta spring to mind.

        Is president Trump willing to go this far? Would the majority be behind him? Would the military back him?

      • You’ve given me something new to think about.

        But I don’t see how it would be easy to intercept a package that was en route to here. I know the few people who work at our post office and it would be difficult to intercept one of our packages there, or to insert a bogus one into that system. Same goes for UPS…I even have our driver’s cell phone number and generally know when he’s coming.

        But Fed Ex is a whole nother problem: they don’t have regular employees. Instead, they hire regional contractors who then hire individual drivers, and the latter seldom get a chance to know their routes or the customers on them. *That* system would definitely be permeable: just drive up in a van sporting a Fed Ex logo, have the customer sign for their bomb, and be gone before it goes off.

        Hmm…I doubt Soros hires anyone smart enough to do that. He buys trouble en masse rather than individuals who are hired to target particular individuals.

        But I grok your general warning about the potential fragility of the mail delivery systems. As drone delivery spreads, just imagine the potential for horrific trouble. As a rule, every time someone smart invents a useful device or creates a helpful technology, the haters are right there to figure out ways to use them for murderous purposes. The now-ubiquitous cell phone industry has been repeatedly used by terrorists. Death by cell phone detonation is commonplace; no doubt even more ingenious ways to use phones to kill will be devised.

        • From the anarcho-communist POV, disrupting Amazon and FedEx would be just as wonderful as maiming or killing a conservative. From their view, it’s a two-fer.

        • I think we are talking about Spencer or Alt-Right public figures here. The counterJihad folks such as they are happen to be no threat.

  30. I doubt if even the writer understands the motivation and ideology of the antifa, they are a tribe, an anarchist subculture. For sure many are staunch believers in the revolution, but equally some are opportunists who just like smashing up stuff, and better still if Soros will pay them a wage.

    • If you study history, you will see that the Communists often use anarchists as their early-stage violent disruptors, while the water begins to boil under the society.

      If you study any “black bloc” or Antifa march and demonstration photos, you will see plenty of red flags as well, and lots of printed signs pointing to “revcom.org” and other overt Communist groups.

      Birds of a red and black feather often flock together.

      • Until the revolution succeeds. Then the anarchists get taken down to the cellar and shot.

      • The February Revolution started with International Woman’s Day. The first traitors are stuck up chicks.

      • Oh sure. My point is many of the Antifa rabble are just that, a rabble. Not a homogeneous indoctrinated disciplined band of comrades. Some are commies for sure others just like “commie chic” and wearing red stars and Che Guevara T shirts, and kicking people in the ribs. Most of these idiots were born after the Cold War ended and know nothing of the dreary life and bread queues in the Democratic Socialist states. They persist while the Police are restrained, but unleash a riot squad with batons swinging and the revolutionaries will evaporate. You give them far too much credit as a threat.

  31. I’m late to this thread (again). In reading the comments I don’t see anyone zeroing in on the concept of “rule of law”. That’s the foundation that supports civilized societies. Without it you have chaos, anarchy, continuous mayhem. We, the U. S., are definitely at the beginning stages of this, if not, then even further along.

    One of the primary enabling factors that brought us to this place we now find ourselves was BHO and his administration of “look the other wayers”, many of whom still reside deep within the various Federal agencies. When you have your chief executive reward cities and states with copious federal dollars (mine and your tax dollars) for not enforcing valid immigration laws and not cooperating with federal agencies then things start to deteriorate, imperceptible at first but that’s the beginning.

    Compounding this egregious wrong are some state governments that “pile on” this avalanche of bull excrement, California being a prime example. Here is a direct quote from Moonbeams’ recent State of the State address: “In California, immigrants are an integral part of who we are and what we’ve become. They’ve helped create the wealth and the dynamism of this state from the very beginning. I recognize that under the constitution federal law is supreme and that Washington determines immigration policy. But as a state we can and we have played an important roll. California’s enacted several protective measures for the undocumented – (1) the Trust Act, (2) the drivers licenses, (3) basic employment rights and (4) non discriminatory access to higher education. This is what made the dreamers and you made it happen. We may be called to defend those laws and defend them we will and let me be clear, we will defend everybody, every man, woman and child who’s come here for a better life and has contributed to the well being of our state.”

    So what is the Beam saying? Here’s one possible translation, “Yeah, we know that federal law is supreme, but we’re going to break it anyway.” Tell me this isn’t accurate.

    On top of this, as reported in Breitbart, California’s state Senate Pro Tem Kevin DeLeon has recently stated that “half his family” was in the country illegally, using false documents, etc. Now, I don’t know state Senator DeLeon so the following is in no way personal. I would just say that this type of political leadership and the passive acceptance of it, is unacceptable and dangerous as it flouts the “rule of law”. Period.

    I have a fairly “black and white” perspective on this “rule of law” concept, that is, you either have it or you don’t, and when you don’t, it bodes ill for the future, for our posterity.

    And one final thing, the American Civil War started in either late June or early July 1776 when the Committee of the Whole removed Jefferson’s anti-slavery paragraph from the DoI. (I realize it had to be removed in order to obtain the 100% concurrence mandate the rules of the Congress agreed upon for passing the DoI.) It just took 84 years or so for it to come to armed conflict. This, in a very direct way, was akin to what the multikulti globalists now embrace as being a plausible scenario, that being parallel societies within the same country. Yeah, right.

  32. Excellent post! Bravo! Bravissimo, in fact! And, as someone who in the early 70s was one of those “neo-commies” (who was part of a group that would evolve into the Revolutionary Communist Party), I can say that these folks must never be underestimated, and must be prepared for, AKs or no AKs. But I will say this–one of the biggest reasons I left this nonsense was because I did have a real job that I had to do and to support myself, and in my travails in life realized these folks were nuts. But even if Soros is paying every single one of these mothers a ‘salary’ so to speak (even if they live in mom’s basement), at some point many of these people will leave this nonsense in one way or another. Not all young folks grow up, but many do–it’s the thirty-to-fifty year olds in this movement you have to worry about, as well as all the illegals, MS_13, etc. These illegals and gangs and older radicals will likely be the ones on the receiving end if you know what I mean…

  33. I find it scary… that so much attention is paid to Trump’s relationship with & communications (real & imagined!) with “Evil” Putin… And nobody is upset enough, outraged enough to shine a bright spotlight upon the promotion of Anarchy by George Soros & his money. He is Hell ben upon enlisting Americans – from college-age students to high placed politicians & wealthy business people – in his mission to destroy our Republic as it was designed & created by our Founders.

  34. “All politics in this country now is just dress rehearsal for civil war.”

    It was in Usenet, the first time I ever said that; about fifteen years ago, now.

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