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  1. Event organiser Romanna Bint-Abubaker, founder of modest fashion website ‘Haute Elan’ told Sky News: “The fastest growing global consumer is at the moment the Muslim market.

    “One in three people by 2030 will be a Muslim in the world — that’s a huge population.”

    How in the world did she come up with that number? Are we all going to be converted??

    • >> “Are we all going to be converted??”

      No, probably not on a global scale; but at a local level the West is being outbred (data already 9 years old). [click on link]

      We do not have the numbers. Thus, democracy is our enemy. We do not have the will in our flaccid leadership … or lack thereof. BUT, we are still a civilization of IDEAS. Our statist school and propaganda systems are designed to bury those ideas as deeply as possible. No matter how they try, they cannot destroy them. It is incumbent on the remaining sane ones to keep those ideas present and shining … even if we and our descendants have to do it through stealth. At the core of those ideas, is FREEDOM. That is an irresistible force once it invades enough minds. It can even overthrow the insanity of Islam. It must.

      • I don’t buy into the idea that the West is defined by “ideas.”

        The West exists as a particular people, an ethnicity, a heritage and history — a people whose roots reflect the best of classical civilization, English common law, and Judeo-Christian ethics.

        To reduce our civilization, to distill it, into a mere set of “ideas” dismisses, I would argue, the central role of the people themselves who hold to such ideas.

        Ideas issue forth from the people, not the other way around.

        The late Lawrence Auster wrote much about this topic, for anyone lurking here of a curious mindset on this topic.

        • I don’t disagree with you Harriet. Indeed, the West used to be much more … but over the past century it has committed suicide; and during the past fifty years it has doubled down on infanticide and demographic collapse. All we’ll have left after the coming decade, will be the ideas. Our hope lies in keeping these ideas in heads … instead of in fading history texts.

      • “We do not have the numbers.”

        Strictly speaking, it is not necessary to outbreed other races as long as we maintain effective borders and a coherent identity.

        In my opinion, the biggest barriers to maintaining a stable (not shrinking) population are the deterioration of the freedom of association (affirmative action, especially) and the welfare state.

        Having a coherent, relatively homogeneous, close-knit neighborhood encourages child bearing, because it provides support for fertile couples.
        A welfare state removes resources from productive people and shifts those resources to non-productive people. This discourages productive people from breeding, and encourages non-productive people to breed. This is particularly true in light of the fact that more intelligent, more responsible parents use more time and resources training, educating, and protecting their young than non-responsible parents.

        I am personally convinced the vulnerability of the West European states is due to the fact that they have stopped all selective pressures for their people, and as a result, traits such as aggressiveness, courage, and independence have all but disappeared. Everyone goes along to get along, and government bureaucrats, including state press, are given a free rein to sweep any problems under the rug.

  2. Oh, god! If you make clothing that is fashionable you will appeal to the shallow need women have to play dress-up. I saw this when females started entering high level business organizations. They wore those “cute” I-am-a-women business clothes. Look how women have started covering themselves with tattoos. Look how they color their hair green or blue or pink. Face it: women really want to be Christmas Trees. All sparkly and covered with shiny baubles.

    • At risk of offending half the audience, I will opine that it has more to do with seeking recognition and attention in a male dominated sphere. Since the traditional role of a woman as a good wife and mother is looked down upon in many quarters, many women choose careers and the status thus conferred rather than the perceived lower status role as mother and homemaker.

      Men too, face similar pressures, since it is much more difficult for men to find work which pays well enough for them to support a wife who stays at home to raise their children. Since the traditional male role as breadwinner and guardian of his family is denied to many, they either refuse to participate and marry their partner, or act out in fake displays of manliness such as tattoos, enormous pickup trucks, promiscuity, etc.

      The end result which has been deliberately engineered by the globalists and elites is the destruction of the family and the forcing of everyone into the workforce which depresses wages for all, and therefore encourages dependence upon the state.

      • I have a somewhat different perspective.

        Women enter the workplace, not from social pressures, but from economic pressures. The decline of alimony has played a huge part in this. Previously, when women could get alimony, it made sense for them to specialize in tending a household, while the male earned money and developed skills.

        Now, any woman who devotes herself to taking care of the house is extremely vulnerable. If she is divorced, her real job skills are zero, while her husband earns money at his usual rate. So, it is purely defensive that women balance a career with a home.

        There are big problems with alimony, admittedly. For unscrupulous people, the deed to the gold mine is to trick a real wage earner into marrying them. I’ve known more than one wage-earning woman who married a shiftless bum that she supported. When she finally divorced the leach, he sued for alimony (big problem in Canada).

        But, if we are concerned with maintaining the quality of our population, we have to look at ways of naturally encouraging reasonable childbearing and child rearing. Also, we should not be adverse to allowing irresponsible people or peoples to handle disasters on their own.

    • “Face it: women really want to be Christmas Trees.”

      My brother was in the Stanford band, excuuuse me, the Leland Stanford Junior University Marching Band, and he told me that the person inside the Tree costume is almost always a young lady. So the band is obviously protective of their Tree and fans of the opposing team seem to find it appropriate to physically attack the Tree. Bro told me about one day that the young lady inside the costume was a girl who was rather expert in martial arts and she was physically attacked by someone from the stands, probably a USC alum -they are mostly dirt bags who can’t hold their liquor. As expected, the LSJUMB cleared the benches to come to her defense but before they reached the field the girl in the Tree costume had her attacker on his back begging for mercy.

      I love a story with a happy ending.

    • Aqsa’s honor killing was tragic. She just wanted a fair measure of freedom. I’m proud to have contributed to her memorial.

  3. There’s dressing modestly out of respect for yourself and others and then there’s erasure for the shame of having been born female. Hijab is the latter and it’s disgusting. Even Muslim women are getting sick of it. Just look at the new “fashion” trend in Iran of women shaving their heads so they can leave the house uncovered, since the religious police can’t make them cover their hair if they have none!

    • As soon as the Ayatollah issues a fatwa forbidding head shaving for women those Iranian women will be back to square one. Was it Khomeini who issued a fatwa that decreed that if a goat that a man has had sex with is sold to a different village then that goat’s meat is again halal?

      Are those fatwas the Executive Orders of the Iranian regime, or what?

      • I once read a part of his treatise on scatology (i.e., [excrement]).

        He was obviously a disgusting, obsessed pervert.

    • I would love to hear an Iranian women forced to wear a headscarf against her will give her view on this fashion show. Or an Islamic scholar who can demonstrate that headscarf s are not a religious requirement.

    • Let me remind you that strictly speaking, it is not necessary for a woman to shave her head. It is only necessary for her to wear a wig, since then she will have not shown any of her hair. I would not expect Muslim enforcers to observe these legalities concerning women, although sharia authorities dicker endlessly about the exact circumstances under which an apostate should be killed.

      I don’t have any legal objections to these weird practices, as long as they are voluntary. The Israel file “Kadosh” presents a devastating picture of the bias towards women in the Israeli Orthodox Jewish community. At the end, the protagonist woman simply walks away from the community. No hit squads or assassinations. She simply didn’t fit in, and had to make the individual decision to walk away.

      For Muslims, as all GoV readers know, a Muslim who leaves Islam is in constant danger. It is part of sharia code that Muslim apostates be killed. There is a world of difference between the weird practices of the Jewish Orthodox community concerning women, and the malevolent practices of the Muslims.

  4. Satan has always gone after the woman. I suppose what he did in the Garden of Eden wasn’t enough, or was it that Jesus Christ was born of a woman. Go figure, I am trying to.

    • True, that Satan deceived the woman.
      But let’s not forget that the man, Adam, (then as now) stands idly by as the woman dictates the program, and he, who should be her protector, plays the part of a willing accomplice.

      From the time of Genesis to present day, both women and men are living out their fatal flaws. Which, by the way, leave them impotent in the face of existential threats.

  5. I think we are a species whose females like to adorn themselves. Go to museums and see the fancy female regalia from all cultures. Get married and have daughters. It may be a genetic instinct. This could be very deep. Imagine the psychological damage and depression that denying such a need would bring….especially if it were a genetic trait. Think of denying males the hunt, or both sexes, art and music, and handicrafts. Islam may be messing with the deepest needs of Homo sapiens.

  6. This event is called “Modest Fashion Week” and it should cause outrage and protests. What did “modest” mean according to this event? That every woman parading or attending the event has to cover (at least) her head with an islamic item of clothing. So it stands to reason that every woman who isn’t wearing such a piece of islamic clothing is immodest, immoral, impure, regardless of her religion. This is deeply offensive and discriminatory. And if we go with the islamic doctrine, it also means that women who aren’t covering up are not modest, they’re sluts who are asking to be raped. Why was this non-diverse offensive event allowed to go on? Ah, because London has a muslim mayor and a massive muslim population…

  7. This is my reasoning for creating and sharing this type of meme: to split apart one of the weakest points of the Leftist-Islamic “intersectional” identity politics alliance. The Left, Islam, new wave feminism, LGBT groups etc are anything but natural allies. This is purely an alliance of convenience based upon “the enemy of my enemy is my friend.” The weakest fault lines among this temporary alliance are between Islam and women, and between Islam and the LGBT community. Those are the intersectional points where we must shove in our crow bars and pry.

    Forget about separating the hard-core Left from Islamism: members of both totalitarian cults are natural allies, and it is no problem for Leftist men to make the switch to Islamism, following the well-worn path of the old terrorist Ilich (named after Lenin) Ramirez Sanchez, aka “Carlos the Jackal.”

    No crowbar will ever split the Islamists from Leftist men, but left-leaning women must learn that while conversion will be seamless for Leftist men, it will mean eventual submission and subjugation under Islamic Sharia Law for all women.

    Hence memes and messages like the one above, I hope they are shared to as many women as possible. If we peel women and gays away from the Islam-Left alliance, they will not be able to dominate the political sphere.

    • > left-leaning women must learn

      But there’s the rub … they won’t; because they cannot. Changing will mean that they are no longer “left”. Self-deception is a powerful drug.

  8. I have lived in a part of London with a large Bangladeshi presence for close to 40 years (Tower Hamlets). From my own recollection and from looking at photos there has been a marked increase in headscarf wearing, in the past it was mainly older first generation immigrants who wore them and younger women mostly did not.

    Now many if not most younger Bangladeshi women wear them, often in a highly decorative style. This suggests that headscarves are an item of cultural fashion / identity as well as a religious symbol, akin to the baggy knitted hats of Rastafarians.

    Also now seen are women in full black gown, veil, scarf and even gloves, which were completely unknown in the area fifteen years ago. Presumably due to the growing Saudi influence amongst some British Sunni Muslims.

    Interestingly further north in Hackney, where the Muslims are mainly Turks and Kurds (many of whom though are secular or Alevi) headscarves are far less common (actually rare) again suggesting a cultural trend.

    • Same could be said of most of the muslim world. I visited Egypt in the late 1960’s, the educated and middle class women wore western clothing. That’s all changed now.

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