Silvester Night 2016 in Frankfurt: Just Like Cologne 2015

Most readers have probably noticed that we’ve been focusing a lot on German news here for the past few months — maybe even for more than a year — to the point where we might as well rename the blog “Gates of Berlin”.

There are a couple of reasons for that. To some extent it’s the look-for-your-car-keys-under-the-street-lamp syndrome — that is, we have at least eight volunteers translating German material, so we get that much more of it to post.

However, and more importantly, at this particular hinge-point in history, Germany is at Ground Zero of the population replacement project in Europe. It’s been about two years since the Great Migration Crisis began in earnest, with Germany as the primary target. And between New Year’s Eve 2015 and the same date a year later, there has been a shift in German public opinion. It’s hard to measure, because it’s hard to see — the consensus culture among Germans is so oppressive that it makes Swedes look like rugged individualists in comparison. Most Germans are reluctant to reveal any consensus-violating opinions in public, so until they go to the ballot box next September, we won’t have any reliable guide to how big the change has been.

And in any case the change may well have come too late. By the time the groundswell becomes large enough to flip the consensus, it may be futile — there may be no way to stop the catastrophic self-destruction of the German nation. But we don’t know that yet; we’ll just have to wait and see.

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The police in Cologne were determined to prevent a repeat of the Silvester Night Groping Jihad this past New Year’s Eve. By using aggressive, pro-active policing they largely succeeded, so much so that they were labeled “racists” by knee-jerk Gutmenschen in the media.

The same was not true of the rest of the country. It was recently revealed that the hot spot of Silvester molestation was in Frankfurt on December 31 instead of Cologne. The police in Frankfurt were apparently not as pro-active, and failed to prevent the harassment and molestation of at least 900 women by culture-enrichers. And, as in Cologne the year before, the news of what happened was late in coming out. People just don’t want to talk about any groping incidents perpetrated by “refugees”, so the reports get buried, delayed, played down, suppressed, or otherwise kept out of public discussions.

But the news about Silvester Night in Frankfurt has finally started trickling out. Nash Montana and Egri Nök have collaborated on a report about it, with Nash doing the video and Egri the article.

Nash Montana includes this commentary about the video she translated:

Irina is an immigrant. She’s eastern European. She’s not very sympathetic. She seems like the type of woman who can take care of herself just fine.

Also, to me this is a classic simplistic report to ease people’s minds. Of course they already know WHO the men were, they’re playing dumb. Even the bartender didn’t want to say REFUGEES, he started to say “ref-” but then corrected himself, saying “Syrians” — as if he knows their ethnic background and what country they’re from?? They were RAPEFUGEES!

People can’t even say it anymore without fear of either not being politically correct or because they really believe they “shouldn’t judge”.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Below is Egri’s translation from Die Welt:

Silvester Night in Frankfurt: Dozens of men allegedly molested women in bar street

February 6, 2017

[photo caption: According to a report by Bild newspaper, there were numerous assaults on women in Silvester night in downtown Frankfurt. Police have begun investigations.]

The accounts are “worrisome”: according to a report, numerous assaults on women occurred on Silvester Night in downtown Frankfurt. The police are beginning their investigations.

The Frankfurt police are looking into reports of hitherto unknown riots and assaults in Silvester night in Frankfurt downtown.

According to a report by Bild newspaper, in the street “Freßgass”, which is lined with many pubs, numerous men rioted in pubs and assaulted women.

Police have announced they were not aware of any of this previously, and there were no complaints of criminality, a police spokesman tells Welt. “But we cannot rule it out.” Since last weekend, the officers have been looking into the reports; there are intense investigations.

The accounts were “worrisome”, a speaker tells the news agency dpa.

A 27-year-old tells the newspaper how she and her friends were groped and sexually harassed in the “Freßgass”.

Staff tried to intervene — and failed

According to police, the officers were twice called to the “Freßgass” in Silvester Night: there were two complaints of battery; there are investigations against a German and an Eastern European. One case of sexual harassment is known from Silvester night — at the Eiserner Steg. “Those weren’t refugees,” the police spokesman emphasizes to Welt.

But bar owners report that a Moroccan employee tried to talk to the seemingly Arab or northern African men. Those were the ones who invariably harassed guests, drank their drinks, stole jackets, and threw bottles.

Video transcript:

0:00   Irina just wants to forget Silvester Night.
0:03   She never again wants to remember
0:06   how helpless she felt; and I could have said
0:09   exactly the same thing a year ago, and it happened again.
0:12   The 27-year-old tells of massive sexual abuse
0:15   on Silvester Night.
0:18   Irina breaks her silence. She wants everybody to know
0:21   what happened to her on Silvester Night.
0:24   She was celebrating at her favorite bar with friends, as she does so often.
0:27   Here she felt comfortable, but this time it’s different.
0:32   It was pretty full here, where one would walk through right here,
0:35   it’s pretty tight, as you can see,
0:38   you were touched on your body, and like I said you couldn’t really know
0:41   who it was, and if you
0:44   got upset and turned around
0:47   then they all would act like nothing happened…
0:50   The shame, the fear, the helplessness.
0:53   The happy Silvester party becomes a nightmare for Irina.
1:00   You just felt so helpless, because
1:03   first of all you didn’t really know who it was,
1:06   then when you got upset they didn’t even speak German,
1:09   and I could tell that when I said something to them
1:12   they didn’t even understand what I had said.
1:15   And okay, as a woman, you just felt totally defenseless.
1:18   Not just in the bar, but almost everywhere
1:21   in downtown Frankfurt violence-ready young men were
1:24   spreading an aggressive mood.
1:27   The situation threatened to escalate.
1:30   In his bar the owner Jan Mai tried hard
1:33   to keep things under control.
1:36   The mood in here was aggressive, and then we realized that
1:39   there was a massive number of ref— Syrians supposedly in here, OK,
1:42   as it turned out, who had
1:45   harassed and abused the girls in here.
1:48   that they just sat down at tables,
1:51   and just started to drink along,
1:54   came in without coats, left with coats, then hid the coats
1:57   somewhere outside and came right back in, and it just totally escalated.
2:00   Jan Mai tries to handle the situation, alone,
2:03   because the police were not a help
2:06   during Silvester Night, he says.
2:09   I asked the employees, what’s going on,
2:12   what happened now, why didn’t you call the police. They said
2:15   we called the police, but they’re not coming, they were told it was gonna
2:18   take a while, there were so many different things going on… yep, good night.
2:21   But the police insist that no 911 calls came in
2:24   from the restaurant quarter in Frankfurt.
2:27   What happened there was unfortunately not made known to us
2:30   until just now, and we would have a good chance that night
2:33   to get this thing cleared up with strong reinforcement,
2:36   if it had been possible for us and if we had known about it.
2:39   Contradictory statements.
2:42   They’re symbolic of the chaotic conditions that night.
2:45   The police are investigating, but Irina
2:48   doesn’t feel safe anymore since Silvester.
2:51   I still can’t walk home in the evenings.
2:54   I take the car.
2:57   What happened on Silvester night?
3:00   Who were the men who groped and harassed Irina at the party?
3:03   She hopes the police will find the answer quickly,
3:06   so that she finally doesn’t have to be afraid anymore.

12 thoughts on “Silvester Night 2016 in Frankfurt: Just Like Cologne 2015

  1. The comments below this article are typical of what I’ve been reading in German comments section for years now: hopeless, cynical (about politicians), helpless. Some women say they don’t bother to report incidents, because the police were so useless after Cologne. When someone says ‘we should always report though, so that it at least goes into the statistics and the politicians and media can’t claim that there is no serious problem’, another immediately says ‘unsolved crimes that don’t go to hearing won’t even enter the statistics’.

    But surely that can’t be correct? Many unsolved crimes sit in police files, and they presumably become part of some statistics?

  2. BTW, when I was groped in Paris (bunch of laughing Arab youths when I spun around to see who had done it), I didn’t even dream of reporting it. Language being one issue, but definitely also the feeling that it would be utterly pointless. And that bunch of youths gave the impression that they hung around the Sacre Coeur every day, presumably molesting women whenever they wanted to.

    • I never reported any groping or harrassment either. I was brought up – not by my parents, but by teachers and the books and magazines that I was reading – to immediately find excuses for bad behaviour of non-white men, shrug it off, and move on.
      A friend of mine was beaten up just for the fun of it by Turkish thugs in Berlin, and he reported it to the police, because it was just too bad to shrug it off – his eyebrow needed stitching, and he had to get a new pair of glasses for several hundred Euros – and he told me the police were absolutely not interested in taking his complaint. He even felt like they tried to talk him out of it, and they said, “don’t expect anything to come out of this” (and it didn’t).
      Which is amazing because there was CCTV surveillance on the subway. I can only guess that a male white victim is not worth someone’s time to get the CCTV tape and re-watch it.

  3. Well of course this happened in Frankfurt. It is incredible that there is no mass rebellion OS Germans against the Muslims. At minimum, there could be widespread truth telling such that there could be no suppression by arrest.

    If Herself were elected instead of Trump, I expect–or at least hope–there would have been serious actions taken in the US to stop the Muslim incursion, and the immigrant incursion generally.

  4. The media in Europe portrays all the North Africans and Middle Easteners as “refugees”. What they don’t report is that there is a large number of undocumented North Africans who live in Europe, drift from town to town, from country to country and live on crimes. They are not refugees, they have no green cards, they aren’t registered anywhere.
    As far as I understand, this group is responsible for a great deal of the sexual harrassments and sexual violence in public areas.

    When the police arrest them, it is usually impossible to find out the identity of the criminals, or even what country they come from, but when the police check the international crime records, it is not unusual that the criminals have been arrested before, in different countries, under different names, ages and nationalities.

    The Moroccan street thugs have made parts of central Stockholm really dangerous, especially the area around the central station. According to the police they are also at the centre of the drug trade there.

    They are also making the area in central Gothenburg a no go-zone, around the train station and the shopping mall Femman.

  5. It’s difficult to read this stuff because of the sheer injustice perpetrated on the actual citizens of Germany and the women especially.

    So, one wonders how, in the face of such common occurrences, there are still Germans who favor immigration.

    I think much of the behavior of the pro-immigration Germans, and even the immigrants, can be explained by the model of the Tragedy of the Commons.

    My interpretation is a bit different from mainstream economics.

    The first application is that the cheaper the resource is to the individual, the more it is used. And what is dirt-cheap to Germans? Citizenship with full rights. They are born with it. It makes them feel good to sponsor refugees. The costs are almost invisible, especially in view of the news blackout by German media and police reporting.

    The Tragedy of the Commons also describes that in the absence of enforcement, individuals are forced into grabbing as much for themselves as they can short-term, without consideration of the long-term effects. In fact, the individuals who consider long-term effects are actually at a disadvantage.

    This translates to the fact that for unskilled, low-IQ refugees coming into a German of zero low-enforcement, the violent, criminal refugees are actually better off than those refugees who hunker down and try to get a job and go through the bureaucracy.

    Eventually, in the absence of enforced controls, the entire system collapses.

    Probably, the most effective focal point for German patriots would be a general reinstatement of strict law enforcement. I know the German police have been used to intimidate anti-immigrant activists, but this is not law enforcement. It’s giving government sanction to thugs on the public payroll.

    In the US, we have the specter of judges trashing the rule of law. Trump is going through the court process. The legal remedy for this type of judicial overstepping is for the Congress to remove the courts from jurisdiction over matters such as immigration. This is a specific provision of the Constitution.

    Ultimately, if the courts insist on ignoring clearly-written Constitutional mandates, the President will simply have to ignore the courts altogether. This will pass us from a constitutional republic to a completely different form of government. But, in my opinion, it will leave us better off than sending ourselves into anarchy, where everyone grabs what he can when he can, the strongest prevail, and planning for the future is destroyed.

  6. I’m grateful you report on Europe’s chaos wit the massive Muslim migration. Few realize that America is going down the same suicidal path. My heart is bleeding to see my Homeland destroyed.

  7. I was in Berlin one week ago. I walked through the Kreuzberg area south of the city center. I was approached several times by young Turks, apparently drug dealers, I quickly walked away. Assimilation is a farce. I saw women walking around in tents, and aggressive-looking Muslims all over the place. Learning German isn’t assimilation, if anything it makes criminal activity easier. The only practical solution to this mess is massive deportations and repatriations, and not just of recently arrived “refugees”. It’s probably too late for Germany because the bureaucratic state doesn’t operate this way, it’s opposed to nationalism. I’ll fight tooth and nail against this happening here in Poland.

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