Raped by a Culture-Enricher in the Toilet of a Swiss Train

The incident described in the following article occurred on a train after it left the station in the Swiss city of Lausanne. It bears some similarity to the report about the Ravensburg rapist we posted a few days ago. And, as in the Ravensburg case, the perpetrator is apparently going to receive a light sentence, judged by American standards — anything longer than six years is considered “serious” and “rare”.

[I hate to bring up the dark, ignorant, atavistic practices of my childhood, but I can remember when the law in many states allowed judges to sentence convicted rapists to the chair — and they sometimes did.]

Many thanks to Ava Lon for translating this article from 24 heures:

Moroccan tried for the rape of a teen in a regional train

Justice. Faced with the Lausanne Court on Thursday, the accused claimed that the student consented. But the evidence for an extremely violent crime is important.

February 9, 2017

[picture caption: The trial started Thursday morning at the District Court of Lausanne.]

He starts by multiplying the versions of his date of birth and even his name. He promises, he swears, that he is innocent of the rape of which he is accused. Still, he admits to being a thief of wallets and telephones, because the money paid to him by the state as an asylum seeker is not enough to eat and buy his daily dose of cannabis. The picture is not brilliant, but it does not yet make this young illiterate, brilliantly mastering the whimpering look, a rapist. At the Tribunal, prejudice must be swept aside to leave room for the facts.

And on Thursday, the facts for which this Moroccan of 19 years, 20 years or 22 years, was sent before the District Court of Lausanne were very serious. So much so that the court decided to convene a criminal court of five judges on the possibility that there might be a sentence that would exceed six years in prison. Rare for rape.

The alleged victim is not present at the trial. “Too hard,” explains her mother, also devastated. Her daughter, this student described as brilliant, creative and funny, is now nothing more than the shadow of herself. She sank into depression, stopped her studies, isolated herself, and no longer eats. Because on June 22, 2016, she lost everything. Her innocence, her virginity too.

According to the prosecution, the accused had spotted the girl at the station in Lausanne, just before 8 pm. He approaches her, she leaves, he follows her. On the platform he steals a kiss. The girl drank a few glasses. She doesn’t push him away. But she leaves. The regional train from Lausanne to Vallorbe would then become the transport of horror for the teenager. The defendant is accused of taking the girl to the toilet. He allegedly locked the door, pinning her to the floor before raping her savagely. Thirty-five minutes of hell where attempts of defense of the alleged victim were to be futile. A passenger who knocked at the door allegedly put an end to the ordeal.

Partial confession

Lies, said the accused on Thursday morning. He did not have sex with this girl. The Chair reminded him of the evidence. DNA, bruises on the teen’s knees, bruises, scratches, marks on both sides of the throat, and tears in several intimate parts of the girl. She must have done it herself, the defendant dares to assert. Faced with the evidence, he retracts: “It was she who wanted this relationship. She never showed me that it was against her will.” The accused bursts into tears. Real ones, this time. The sign of a confession, the weight of remorse, shame? Not really. “It’s unfair to me, I’m innocent. But if she didn’t like it, I ask for forgiveness,” he explains.

Two versions of a story. As often happens in these cases. For the prosecution, the facts are clear and the evidence implacable. “He trapped her and imposed bestial sex on her,” Prosecutor Donovan Tesaury said in his indictment. To a kiss him on the train platform, as she explained it, she just didn’t react.

However, the defense sees that as an invitation. Véronique Fontana Esq., pleading for acquittal, evokes shadowy areas. Why didn’t the victim shout when there were other passengers? There are also stills from video surveillance of the train, where they are seen coming out of the toilet and sitting side by side. He kisses her, she doesn’t move.

“The images especially show that when the accused leaves the train, the victim collapses”

The sign of a defense mechanism, support the prosecution and the lawyer for the victim, Coralie Devaud Esq. “The images especially show that when the defendant leaves the train, the victim collapses,” recalls the prosecutor.

The next morning the girl went to the CHUV [University Hospital of the Vaud Canton] emergency room. Why would she have chosen to suffer from cumbersome auditions, gynecological examinations, preventive triple therapy? Why would a teenager want her first time to happen with a stranger in a violent and sordid way, only to sink into depression ever since?

Without a defense case, the prosecution requested a 6-year prison sentence. The Tribunal renders its verdict on Friday.

31 thoughts on “Raped by a Culture-Enricher in the Toilet of a Swiss Train

  1. Get their biometric details and deport once and for all, but it won’t happen. I have no hope that Europe will save itself from eventual Sharia law.

    • Indeed it may be too late for those who reject the personal responsibility of self-defense as immoral. God made man in “His own Image,” therefore an attack against humanity is an attack against God. Satan uses people raised up in pure Evil to attack Him, and those made in His Image. Lethal force against those aligned with Satan is morally permissible. Laws to the contrary notwithstanding.

  2. Regardless of whether she invited the rapist’s attention and appeared to not completely object, is this not statuatory rape? I would be interested if she was not also high since it sounds like she had been drinking too. To me, it sounds like a case of buyer’s remorse, but there should be consequences for the rapist since the victim was underage. She certainly exercised poor judgement by dallying with a Moroccan in the first place, and not rebuffing his advances in a clearer manner if she did not in fact welcome them.

    And yes, I too think punishments for rape are too light here in the US too. Violent rapists should be castrated or put to death depending upon the circumstances. Our society has become too averse to consequences for any action, it seems.

  3. Until the native European girls are told – early – that they are regarded as whores by the followers of Islam and easy pickings by the sub Saharans than this will not stop.

    Anything less than violent rejection by the girl is seen as a green light and it seems she gave mixed signals – which ruins another promising young life in present day Europa.

  4. This was not a rape. This was subjugation, according to Shari’a where the Muslim overlord takes whatever his right hand allows. Six years for destroying an innocent girl’s life? How about asking a father of a Muslim girls what is the just punishment? Medical castration is more of a just punishment for such bestiality

    • Yes, six years is an utter travesty. Women in Europe should start carrying box cutters. Keep it in your pocket and have one hand holding it in your pocket at all times when in public. If a Muslim even speaks to you then immediately lash out. Don’t even speak with Muslims, ever. Completely ostracize them. Either scream loudly or lash out with your box cutter if a Muslim approaches and speaks to you. Always recall that behaving respectfully and quietly is interpreted by Muslims as submission and is an invitation to attack. It’s foolish to trust a person that comes from a culture that holds you in contempt, regards you as a whore, and considers rape their right as the conqueror. In their eyes the proof of conquest is the very tolerance the elite blathers on about endlessly. The proof is also in just this refusal of courts ever to hand down a serious sentence to any Muslim. The refusal ever to respond viscerally to Muslim intimidation is regarded by Muslims as the de facto acquiescence to their unfolding cultural conquest. I reiterate, it’s foolish for any European (especially women) even to speak to a Muslim after all the ruin their community has caused; it invites sexual and other forms of criminal attack.

  5. Having had a fairly traumatic experience at 18 years of age, I have had a lot of time to think on it,
    Can you realize what the thought process is 0f an 18 year old girl?
    I can.
    Do you actually want to condemn her?

  6. I believe that due to the excessive brain washing of the women and girls of Europe, whether it be overt or subliminal, they are not mentally prepared to react to these savages . One could actually charge the Governments of European Countries with “dereliction of duty of care” towards its citizens. These include dishonesty, oppression, misconduct in office, gross negligence Article 2 of the EU citizens’ rights and freedoms, states that the following must be adhered to: respect for human dignity, freedom, democracy, equality, the rule of law and respect for human rights. Where are the rights of the women of Germany and Sweden when its Governments willfully allow millions of unknown people, many of whom do not believe the rape laws apply to them , to inflict such brutality on its citizens.

  7. Six years for rape is not enough. From what I’ve read over the years, the euro weenies as well as Great Britain condone and excuse the abuse of their women by muslims, Hindus, and sub Saharan Africans. Why?
    Like NYC, Berkley, Austin, Minneapolis, LA, etc. in the U.S., rape and murder of whites and females is considered part of everyday life.
    Unless it happens to your daughter, wife, mother or someone you know.

  8. What vetting standard permits admission of the incurably incompatible subscribers to notions of their supremacy, divinely manifested in them by their proprietary Almighty?

    I’ll tolerate the Ahmadi, the people claiming the fat lady has yet to make her arrival upon the appearance of prophets. Until they start making trouble, but they have few choices.

    The rest have to go. I don’t want another Muslim whelped in my Hemisphere.

    • Do you have a plan to rid your Hemisphere of those who “have to go”? I wish we could prevent their infiltration by Constitutional means – i.e., to which law do they have final allegiance and how do they prove that?

      One action that proves their allegiance to Sharia is attendance at a radical mosque. The radicalized mosques are easily identifiable -see the ME Forum for a listing of signs and symptoms. This essay from 2011 remains the definitive work on the subject:

      “Shari’a and Violence in American Mosques”

      Some of the signs are subtle.

  9. This clash of cultures is a war. It is a war of infiltration, subversion, sedition, and violence against humanity by a vile and uncivilized nation; the Nation of Islam.

    In the USA we have a Constitution which is designed for a moral and just people. It allows for the defense of the individual against this type of attack. Whether by self or by other, it is perfectly legal, moral and just to come to the aid of a victim with lethal force.

    Unprovoked violence, can and should be met with such force. Victims should not be victimized a second time in court (by people like Hillary Clinton, who laughed at the victim of the rapist she defended).

    Carry a weapon, a firearm if you can be properly trained in its handling and use, and do not fear fighting back with extreme prejudice.

    Rapists deserve nothing less than a lethal response.

  10. Any discussion of the reality of Sharia Law and Islamic supremacy in Europe runs the risk of being categorized as “hate” speech. People have been prosecuted in France, Italy, Holland, Austria, and Germany for speaking out against the barbarism of Islam. When such a state exists it is easy to understand how this young woman was prepared by her society to be a lamb led to slaughter. The powers that be in the EU are ready to sacrifice many more to their craven ambitions.

  11. I remember when I was young and traveled during my summer vacation using the rails on a Eurail Train Pass. Sometimes you’d travel at night going from country to country. It was during the 80’s and one met the same college age students enjoying seeing Europe this way. Today I would NEVER allow my daughter to do this. It’s a mess. Unsafe mess. Europe is gone.

  12. What is a Moroccan doing in Switzerland? I would have an extremely difficult time moving to Switzerland legally. But, apparently, if one is willing to lie, one is welcome. The tax payers are even willing to pay for your stay. One is allowed to rape the local girls and the courts are willing to be generous with punishments.

  13. How are the fathers and brothers of these women not “handling” these rabid dogs quietly after the fact!!!

  14. Probably the poor girl was in shock when a stranger came up and kissed her out of the blue. In my opinion, the appropriate punishment is castration, followed by deportation.

      • Why not? It has a grim historical symmetry to it. Full castration was the usual practice of Ottoman Empire Muslims on Africans who were to become slaves in the various kasbahs. If they lived they lived and if they bled to death or died of infection so be it. White Europeans taken as slaves were sometimes prized as administrators and bookkeepers and so were given the ‘benefit’ of only partial castration, which was the mechanical crushing of the testes.

        I have no sympathy for Muslims in this regard. It makes a disturbingly attractive fantasy to imagine this two legged beast being given a partial then a full a week later but a simple firing squad execution would really be enough.

  15. It’s unfortunate that it is individuals who suffer. But on a social level we shouldn’t forget that Europe so eminently deserves this. Europe deserves to be in flames for the treason of its elites, who must have known what inviting millions of military-age single Muslim men to resettle there. They could not have been ignorant of what would happen. Plus a majority of Europeans are apparently quiet willing to demonize Israel and cause endless difficulty for the ordinary citizens of that tiny, beleaguered state. For years Europeans have practiced a less-visible version of Tehran’s hate-America rallies. This is all coming home to roost. Even so, it’s very disturbing that such innocents suffer.

    The red-green alliance is getting precisely what it wanted, the destruction and immolation of Europe. It’s now up to individuals to take measures to protect themselves. Stay away from crowds. That should be everyone’s #1 rule, b/c inevitably violence will be launched by all sides.

    The current fires in Paris will not spark a civil war. It’s still too early. But it’s ramping up week by week; it’ll be soon.

  16. I recently read the account of a British security guard at the mass transit station that in Rotherham. Apparently, school children use mass transit to go to and from school. For years, he saw groups of older “Asian” thugs harassing schoolgirls at the station: calling them slags, whores, spitting on them, asking them to perform oral sex and chasing them off into corners of the station, etc.

    He saw one young girl openly refuse and boldly tell the “Asian” thugs, “No! Leave me alone!” The thugs beat her unconscious and continued kicking her lifeless body on the ground. He called for backup. The girl and her parents never prosecuted. He assumes it was out of fear and the knowledge that the authorities would not do much about it.

    This is why girls and women will often appear to not react to sexual aggression – in other words “freezing”. If they are not armed, they can easily be beaten to death by one man, let alone him and his buddies. So, let’s not blame the young girl for “freezing”. She was terrified and didn’t know how to get out of the situation.

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