Jürgen the German

A faux-German character from a 20-year-old British TV comedy series accurately mirrors the self-hating authoritarian mindset of 21st-century German culture, according to Politically Incorrect.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation.

Jürgen the German

In the light of the hysterical reactions to the justified and necessary speech by Björn Höcke concerning the German remembrance culture — which basically consists mainly of targeted spiritual and intellectual blackmail of everyday citizen in this country through the Left and left-extremists in politics, media and institutions — these videos are a look back at an ideology-free England of times past, where even twenty years ago German national sensitivities and hang-ups had tossed barbs at them.

With “Jürgen the German” the beloved and legendary comic Harry Enfield created a figure who represented the typical German from a British point of view. A German about whom one could only laugh, but who was damned close to reality, and, in light of recent discussions in this country, seems to be even closer to reality now. Jürgen the German is the embarrassing laughingstock, at whom everyone in Britain laughs, mixed in with a hint of pity, but which is also embarrassingly touching because that kind of German actually exists en masse in reality in Germany: uptight, narrow-minded and humorless!

On the one hand, Jürgen the German is ashamed and apologizes permanently for Germany’s role in a war with Great Britain, but on the other hand he outs himself as a notorious know-it-all; aggressive phrases and emotions continually break through in which he mirrors the conveyed image of the typical German “Nazi” perfectly. Even back then, Enfield portrayed the current behavior of German “elites” extremely well and openly: On the outside they play the moral and tolerant Gutmensch, but as soon as that’s met with a different opinion, “enemies of refugees”, “Europe haters”, and “enemies of Greece” are knocked into shape by the Left and the Green speech and attitude police with all the German severity and anger available, regardless of how it’s done. Typically German!

More videos with “Jürgen the German”:

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  1. LOL! An episode of Fawlty Towers did a most memorable, ‘do not mention the war’ skit on German sensitivities, and even after 32 years it still cracks me up.

    But ‘sensitive’ they generally are to the point where it becomes very unhealthy mentally speaking.

    • I LOVE the Germans episode. My favorite.

      “Whatever you do, don’t mention THE WAR!”

  2. “targeted spiritual and intellectual blackmail of everyday citizen in this country through the Left and left-extremists in politics, media and institutions”

    We have that too, in the States. Here it’s done via “racism”. I don’t know if it’s just me, but doesn’t it seem now pretty obvious that all the nazi-minded, totalitarian-minded, Bolshevik-minded people have all piled into the left, and are bashing people over the head (not just figuratively either) with self-righteously-hurled epithets delivered best shrieking?

    Spiritual and intellectual and emotional blackmail is what it is. Rank manipulation.

  3. Yes, it’s absolutely true. I lived in Germany for many years and know many nice people there, but the humorless know-it-all abounds too, especially in the bureaucracy.

  4. Yep, I remember Jurgen ze German well! Other characters worth a mention were the two Dutch gay police officers, who were talking about how much their jobs became easier, after burglary was legalised!

    That said, Harry Enfield’s main character of notoriety was “Tory Boy” – a spotty 16 year-old with no social skills and an unusually high interest in politics, ranting at the Conservative conference, and saying nasty things to unemployed people when passing them.

    This was 1997 – just before the Labour landslide victory, which came despite good economic growth, and decreasing unemployment – but at a time when the Conservatives were perceived to be out of touch with most of the country… and what did the Conservatives do, after one of the worst defeats in their history? They appointed as their leader one William Hague – who had earlier shot to fame when, aged 16, he spoke at the Conservative party conference… the original Tory Boy, arriving to be leader just at the time when Tory Boy was most reviled! Needless to say, the Tories didn’t recover for a long time afterwards.

    • “History of the Twos” is Enfield’s Magnum Opus.

      It’s amazing he got it by the producers at the BBC.

  5. Why do you want your children to carry the cross you carried? When should one put it down? Embracing the Muhammadans and leaving your children to be slaughtered by them is not the answer.

  6. I have encountered a Female version of this. At a museum opening in France of a German Art group show, incidentally about Racism, the usual liberal trite rite-on stuff, I got into a conversation with a freckled pippi longstocking hot type German art-chick, somehow we started to talk about the war. I was trolling and negging her. I mentioned that my grandfather was an Royal Engineer who was on the team who had to organize the clean up of the typhus outbreak at Bergen Belsen and that his unit had made German civilians parade through the scene to see what had been the result of population transfers.

    She cheekily told me that the British soldiers had stupidly fed the inmates milk and chocolate on liberation and that’s why so many inmates had died. Stomach cramps vomiting and the runs.

    So Juergen is real.

    • Actually, I knew someone whose Shoah-survivor mother nearly died from eating too rich a diet received from Western Allied liberators.

      Aslo, I don’t think the Germans have a monopoly on humorous know-it-alls in positions of authority.

      • Of course, it’s lost on this chick that there’s a huge difference between DELIBERATELY causing someone to die by putting them in a concentration camp, and UNINTENTIONALLY causing them to die by overfeeding them with the best of intentions.

        One is genocide, the other is an unfortunate mistake.

      • Juergen is also a jab at the English methinks. Not really the Germans. I got her in bed eventually so alls fair.

    • So, nothing to do with sytematic starvation, overwork and disease then? Oh not to mentione the de-lousing showers.

    • I think the thesis of these type of people was that the Nazis were evil but not genocidal…or, maybe not evil but harsh.

      Most of the grisly pictures of the concentration camps we see are, in fact, victims of typhus and other diseases. The inmates killed in the gas chambers were disposed of neatly by the ovens and weren’t around to be the subjects of grisly movies. I expect if any pictures of gas chamber victims were available, they’d be grisly also.

      It’s time to get over it: get rid of personal guilt, get rid of collective guilt. We did the Indians, we did the Poles, we did the East Europeans for Stalin. We live in a Darwinian world somewhat smoothed over by the genetics of altruism and extended group identity. But, if too far smoothed over, a more Darwinian people will come into your territory and eat your lunch.

    • Uh, I hate to say it but your art gal is somewhat correct.

      There were additional casualties until trained medical personnel arrived and realized the inmates needed slow reacclimation to a normal diet.

      I believe they had to feed the inmates a very thin barley soup at first and have them sip water in tiny quantities to avoid a system shock that could result in death.

  7. I think nations of Europe forgave the Nazis to Germans, but if they do not rise up (vote for AfD) and let migrants destroy Europe… well let’s just say you guys kneeling in the corner a couple of hundred years more!

    • yes except, it’s not gonna happen through the AfD. The AfD has pretty much been shooting themselves int he foot with their shenanigans about Höcke, pushing him out, not having had his back when he said the truth and nothing but, and it will not go unnoticed with the people. I’ve just recently saw something on PI.net that said that AfD has lost quite a few points because of their backstabbing tomfoolery.

  8. This clip is hilarious, but it really does explain the whole problem.

    I do a variant of this on people sometimes, by going on a “rant” about intolerant people.
    How I hate intolerant people…
    How intolerant people are really the problem…
    and finally, I end with:

    It’s interesting to see who “gets it” and how far I have to go before they “get it”.

  9. I find it interesting that Britons would see Germans as apologizing, yet drifting into the “knowitall” mode. The “funny Germans” in the Czech Republic are a bit different, ,definitely not apologetic.

    This video is from Czech “saturday night live” kind of series, these guys would often make real Germans cry “what evil things do the Czech think about them Germans?” Let me just say that it is comedy, and should be taken as such…


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