“I Think There Will Always Be Migration”

The following report from Bulgaria discusses the Great Migration into Europe. According to its analysis, the wave of immigrants has become too large to stop, and further mass migration into Europe is inevitable.

Bulgaria is a major hub on the new routes from Turkey and the Near East, but it is not a preferred destination for the “refugees”. Virtually everybody who arrives in Bulgaria intends to keep moving, most of them towards Germany. So even though they have to put up with the squalid disease-ridden crime-infested migrant camps, the Bulgarians are largely spectators to the current transformation, which mainly affects Western Europe.

Many thanks to Tanya T. for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


10:45   All countries on the first line [Greece, Italy and Bulgaria], including Austria and Estonia,
10:50   and also the next three that will take over the Presidency of the EU during the coming years,
10:54   insist that the protection of the outer borders must become topic #1 on the Old Continent,
11:01   and the issue must be handled collectively, not separately.
11:05   Neighboring Serbia is in no way bound to those strict rules that we have to follow.
11:17   There is no connection between someone’s asylum application here
11:22   and his asylum application in Serbia.
11:28   The two are separate. Coordination between the EU and Balkan countries
11:34   is even more complicated than coordination between EU countries,
11:41   who have to follow the same rules, after all.
11:47   The earliest migration started 50,000 years ago — from Africa to the rest of the world.
11:53   After the recent conflicts in the Middle East, Europe has taken 1,800,000 refugees.
Map: Migration Period 4th-7th centuries
12:00   Mathematics shows that during the next 30 years
Chart: Population — Europe (blue) / Africa (yellow); right: GDP per capita — Europe (blue) / Africa (yellow)
“In 2050 the population of Africa is expected to reach 2.5B, 1.3 B of whom are expected to migrate towards Europe, with predicted population of 0.7B”
12:04   the population in Africa will reach nearly 2.5 billion people.
12:08   It is expected that at least half of them will endeavor to come and live in Europe.
Chart: Migration; Row 1 — Population (2015); Row 2 Average age (2015); Row 3: GDP per capita (2015)
12:13   Imagine a village of 100 people, and 1,000 migrants head to it to settle there.
12:20   What would remain of that village? It would disappear. And now imagine the opposite scenario —
12:24   a town of 10,000 people asked whether it could absorb 100 migrants.
12:31   Well, it could. 10,000 people can absorb and integrate 100 people.
Chart: Up: Adaptation, Selection, Integration; Down: Square 1 Sustainable Development; Back to Square 1; Global Cooperation.
12:35   Egypt has five million refugees. These refugees
12:39   are not even in camps — they live in the cities and towns.
12:43   Of course, the risk is large that a part of them,
12:46   and even the larger part, would try to come to Europe.
12:49   That’s why it’s important to work in close cooperation with this country,
12:53   to exchange information within Frontex,
12:57   to carry out joint operations for identification of the routes of the illegal traffickers,
13:00   to have perfectly consistent penalties for those involved in trafficking.
13:11   [It’s been] four years since the beginning of the refugee wave to Europe.
13:15   There are four months left till the new spring
13:19   Four months till the next refugee wave.
13:22   Yovo Kachar tells us that the Commissariat [for Refugees] tries to help
13:25   all refugees in Serbia. Four months until the next refugee wave.
13:28   In one of the camps he has hired two migrants to help in the kitchen.
13:32   And in the camp nearest to Belgrade the women can even work.
13:37   It’s a good place. We’ve been living here for five months and are waiting to be allowed to leave.
13:43   I wish I could stay here forever, because this is the best place for us.
13:47   There are many amenities, such as the room, food, clothes, everything we need.
13:52   That’s why we feel good here. Our boss also is a good man, because he helps everyone.
13:56   We have meals three times a day, for which we are very grateful to him.
14:01   We are going to Germany. My family is there. We reached agreement
14:05   to go there simply in order to be together.
14:08   We try to help every time, but we can’t always help everyone here.
14:11   [We can’t help] in every single case.
14:14   It’s difficult to understand which side is right. What is true and what isn’t.
14:17   The truth for them is perhaps different — they believe that since they want to, they must pass.
14:22   We cannot say this [to them]. Even without war, they will set out.
14:28   Everyone looks for the tranquil life.
14:34   I think there will always be migration.
14:37   Migration can no longer be stopped.

40 thoughts on ““I Think There Will Always Be Migration”

  1. The short-sighted fools… Do they not realize that they must, indeed, all hang together or, most assuredly, they shall all hang separately?

    Germany’s problem today will be Bulgaria’s problem tomorrow, and our problem on the day when Europe falls. And the “migrants” most surely can be stopped. By imprisoning or (wishful thinking) executing any people smugglers, and returning any “migrants” to wherever they came from, cutting off all benefits, returning those attempting to cross the Mediterranean to shore and into the hands of the civil authorities, criminalizing any attempt to employ or shelter those in Europe illegally, etc. The point is, there are many things which can be done which are not being done, and invasion of Europe by the third world is not inevitable if there is a will to keep them out.

    • I am an American man in my late 40s and I have become so sick of the “Big Lie” that globalist push about the “inevitability” of migration and how “nothing can change” that I am pre-revolutionary. I have quit paying income taxes since 2010 because I feel no need to fund the globalist project that seeks to destroy me, my country, and all that my forefathers built. There is a storm coming and when middle America wakes up and realizes that there are no other options but revolution, the dead globalists will be too numerous to bury. When everyday Americans riot, the world trembles and millions die.

      • I can certainly understand your frustration at what you now perceive to be. Trump has his work cut out for him in trying to drain that swamp as the entrenched Leftist mindset is taking to undermining him at every opportunity – one only need to take in the ‘news’ whether fake or real on a daily basis to see that taking place.

        Maybe all Western countries need to have a civil war to clear out the built up scum that has been allowed to accumulate in all of our institutions, but would that really solve the underlying problem which has dogged humanity throughout history and that causes this kind of mindset that pits one side against the other?

        Those who have brought this latest cultural and social divide to us are of a many headed snake that includes some of the oldest establishments and institutions throughout the world – would you be able to identify them all? Many of these trusted establishments would first have to be exposed for what they truly represent – will you be able to achieve that? And many of them would have to be sought out in various parts of the world – are you able to organize that? And then and only then, and once those objectives have been attained could all the heads be removed from that many headed serpent.

        Look up Fourth Generation warfare to understand how we are being controlled and remember Sun Tzu in his quote that in order to defeat your enemy you must first get to know him. Revolutions and civil wars make a lot of money for whoever gets to organize them and you must understand that before gearing up for bloodshed.

        You must give Trump a chance to fulfill what he has stated and has already started, and you could put some of that frustration to use in assisting him in this task by standing with him in what you may not already realize, is a counter -revolution.

    • 3:36
      “The truth for them is perhaps different – they think that as long as they want to, they must pass.
      WE CANNOT SAY THIS.” I.e. we (meaning the EU, the Bulgarian state, or border police) cannot allow them to believe that they can pass as long as they want to.
      He only says that migration can no longer be stopped because the situation at the border is really bad (this local border policemen’s chief also patrols the border, and says in another part of the video that he has never seen anything like that in 34 years, so the people at the border are despairing).
      You are misinterprering his words.
      But the bordering states couldn’t cope alone, and I mean, above all, without staff from other countries. Also, as long as there are incentives, i.e. welfare and housing, they’ll do everything possible to come, and the nerves and energy of those at the border would simply be wasted.

  2. Of course it can be stopped .where there is a will there is a way. Put border guards and soldiers at the borders .give them weapons and ammunition and tell them to shoot to kill anyone crossing the border.that is the only way to repel an invasion.And it will only take a couple of deaths for word to get out and no more attempts to be made.

    It’s simply a no brainer. Better to kill few would- be invaders than to allow them into your country.Because once you let the invaders in they will randomly and without warning ,terrorize ,prey upon rape and kill your own population.

    • Our government says the immigrants can not be stopped BUT when the coup d’etat took place in Turkey ,in order to prevent Erdogan’s opponents to enter Greece through the islands ….

      “the Greek government organized a huge business in the maritime line Rhodes-Symi, involving ships of the Navy, Coast Guard, helicopters and aircraft to patrol the area and prevent the entry of the rebels in the Greek islands.
      And it was easy to do, since most were frogmen and could easily pass for example in the island of Symi.
      But when Greece for days sealed all sea routes, the military responsible for the coup were forced to move to the mainland, thus arrested by Turkish law enforcement authorities”.

      As you can see,it is easy to prevent them from invading our countries,but they do not want to.

      There is the Cudenhove-Kalergi plan in development for a non white and christian Europe.

      That’s why the majority of the invaders are young men.

  3. Most of these “refugees” are intending to live from the welfare and taxes of the workers they intend to parasite off. This is in keeping with Islamic Koranic writings. They are here to colonize and no intention of “integration”. I fled from India in 1960s but always worked. I converted to Methodist Christianity and married a Parisian. These people are quite different. They have no shame but openly boast about their aims.I came to UK to escape from Islamic oppression now I am seeing the very thing I sought freedom from come here. Do these political idiots not fully understand what they are importing?

    In what way can one billion black Africans “enrich” a civilization when they have little respect for the sanctity of life and law? the violence in Nigeria and other countries is horrifying, as is the rampant corruption. The whole thing and situation is absolutely insane and criminal! On a recent visit to Paris I was completely shocked at the squalor and filth around everywhere.

    This cannot be allowed to continue. I will never return to that city. My wife cried buckets. The whole thing is criminally insane.

    • These “political idiots” know exactly what they are doing.
      They even award prizes to those whose actions further the erasure of White Europe:
      Read and weep, or better yet tell your friends — not our enemies — that they are being played via the court narrative (“white supremacism, racism, and multi-culti”) in order to disarm white civilization in the face of intentional genocide.
      What else do you (does anyone) think is going on? How else can you or anyone interpret the writing on the wall?
      It’s transparently obvious to anyone whose radar is alert to the intent of PC.
      Disarm, disorient, and destroy.

      Therefore, we must humiliate and denigrate PC whenever and wherever you find it.

  4. Stop giving them free housing, medical, education and allowances. Then watch em stop coming…

  5. Of course there will always be migration but that has nothing to do with the current refugee problem that began with US and EU wars. The bombings that are producing the refugees must be stopped. Either this is beyond the grasp of the Americans and Europeans responsible or they know exactly what they are doing, which is probably to destabilize European countries for various reasons. On top of migration policies, the idea of universal income and the end of personal property is in the cards and most the left-wing imbeciles think this is wonderful. Maybe in an enlightened society, like a Class I or II civilization, it might work, but not now.

    The migrants who have settled into Europe in the last four years are here to stay. Demographic data all over Europe is unsettling and indicates they are producing many many many more children than indigent Europeans. Most migrants are Muslims, and most Muslims (I have run across) believe in a political system that is compatible with Islam. This is called racism and they are allowed to be racists unlike Europeans who will face legal problems if they do the racism thing. Some Muslims would like to convert or dispense with Islam altogether but dare not and they are few in number. I am sure all who visit GoV are aware of this.

    I feel sure Europe is gone. The title itself, “Migration Cannot Be Stopped” implies that we must live with it just as our politicians have told us to live with terrorism. Some of us have chosen. How wise that decision will turn out remains to be seen.

  6. Africa alone has a population of 1.2 billion. There are enough people being born monthly to fill the City of London 5 times each year. Is Europe just supposed to absorb everyone and anyone who fancies moving here. All well and good for the left wing fascists to call for a borderless world, but where does it end?

      • The caliphate has borders – Dar al Islam (The land of Peace).

        Outside Dar al Islam, there is only Dar al Harb (The land of War).

        The caliphate has a “constitutional” mandate to expand the borders of Dar al Islam, so as to reduce Dar al Harb. Only when there is more Dar al Harb will there be peace … Islam.

        Now you know why it is called “The Religion of Peace”. It’s really not all that complicated.

        • Correction: “when there is more Dar al Harb” should read “when there is NO more Dar al Harb”.

  7. It’s a pity that these immigrants are not decent people who would contribute positively to society. If they were, there would not be all the hate. But they are not decent and they do not want to contribute. They want to rape, rob and pillage. They have proven this. We MUST NOT feel sympathy. We MUST defend our cultures from absorption into the “new Europe”. If war is the only way then so it should be.

  8. Shelagh I have thought about this and there is one step that needs to be taken before anything else. It is a decision taken by the state, th government, the leaders in place, that all immigration must end. It is not a matter of legal immigration or illegal immigration. There must be an end to the whole thing. There is not one country which can say that it is looking after its people properly. So how more? There are other points i made in a facebook post I made this morning before reading this article:

    I must stop listening to the BBC garbage. Can I not find some pleasant classical station? Surely I can do so!
    For long hours in the morning the BBC World Service is staffed by two reporters who live in UK but whose origin is Nigeria. A man and a woman team. Both lethal. Total haters of Trump. The hate comes oozing out of these two Britified Nigerians.
    They have no link whatsoever wiith poor Nigerians, with working class British.
    I am a Marxist and a Trotskyist. These are historical roots and go back very deep. You the reader do not understand how deep because you are all without exception totally ignorant of history.
    Here is a question…suppose the working class as a class took power in America tomorrow…what about immigration and here is my answer:
    No immigration at all. Immigration would bring immediate and great danger toi the new workers country. The enemies of the workers country would come streaming in and the purpose would be destruction.
    It is the same now with Trump who stands for America and the continuance of America.
    Obama was the total enemy of all Americans. His aim was to open the borders and to in fact destroy borders.
    By destroying borders he also destroyed nation.
    Also the enemy of the poor Blacks. He stood for division in everything he did in those 8 long years. Remember that divisiveness.
    Obama was no Marxist, not even a socialist. His path was the destruction of America and led straight to chaos OUT OF WHICH CHAOS THERE IS ONLY ONE WAY OUT…and that is Fascism
    Of course you the reader have hardly any idea what is meant by Fascism. You have not been educated. You have been miseducated.
    As a Marxist therefore I support the Trump ban on immigration and I would strongly advise Americans to make it total.
    The same applies to my own country Ireland. No more immigration. There are already too many people for this poor country to support.
    Stop it now!
    If you want a handful of experts just go out and get them but no more than a handful.
    The other aspect of this immigration is that it robs poor countries of their people. They must stay in their own country and fight for a change. In the case of Africa none of these African countries have governments in power which can guide to a future of happiness for humans and they are actually as we speak more and more wiping out all animal life. Why did these two British Nigerians on the BBC programme this morning not fight for a serious change in their own country. For that matter why are they lurking in UK and not fighting for their own country in Nigeria? The more you examine the situation the more you see that immigration is a very bad idea.
    Send these BBC Nigerian journalists back to Nigeria and tell them to make a success of Nigeria and look after the African wild life also…STOP YOUR SNEERING AT TRUMP YOU SLUTS OF THE BBC!

    • So, Felix, you’re a Marxist? Lol. I get my information from Marx from this source, if you’re interested:

      Marx was a failed scholar, a n’er-do-well, a lazy bum, a liar, a treacherous police informant, and a slovenly sociopath who lived in filth and brought the real people around him to ruin.

      Marx drafted a philosophy, entirely based on lies and misrepresentations, in which he idealized the “working class”. In fact, Marx was dismissive of, and abusive towards, those actual workers who put up with him and were part of his group. The closest Marx ever came to a real worker was Marx’s illegitimate son, whom Marx totally ignored.

      Every country following Marxian economics, which is as dense and self-contradictory as Islamic doctrine, has crashed and burned. The closer the country followed actual Marxism, the more total the disaster. Cultural Marxism is, in fact, a very close replica of Marx’s actual personality. Marx probably didn’t think of mass migration as a device to disrupt the existing social order, but if he had thought of it, I’m sure he would have endorsed it.

      Marx most certainly would have opposed maintaining national borders and national identities.

    • Whatever the historical or political cases for migration are or may have been, it is also useful to have a principled or ethical stance on the matter. The debate over this rages WITHIN the libertarian tent. My position – as a property and freedom promoter – is made clear when I state that Open Border libertarians are deluded. [Click on link]

    • Marxism, Communism, National Socialism, Fascism, Progressivism, Liberalism, Libertinism, Totalitarianism – so Felix, you have chosen one of the list in which to follow, was that due to you being able to determine the differences between all on the list or was that pick simple done by the process of eenie meenie minee moe? Grin.

    • Thank-you for your comment Felix. I doubt you hail from the Emerald
      Isle however.Your syntax is not that of a native Irishman.But as imitation is the sincerest form of flattery ,I will take your desire to pass yourself off as an Irishman , as a compliment.

  9. “you are all without exception totally ignorant of history” … and YOU, sir, are totally ignorant of the ectoplasmic hierarchy of the Angelic Legions and of the holy passwords required for entrance through the successive Gates of the Aeonic Palaces of the Metaversal Godhead! So there!

  10. We, the people, have no power to change things. The plan is a new conquest of Europe. I am sure it will succeed. Europe don’t have any more military power, culture power or population power. We can’t organize ourself, or if we try, we are targeted and put down very fast. We are divided. We can’t count on our own people, so only trying to organize something is dead from the beginning. In my opinion, the end of Europe is near. I see Al-Euroba with a muslim population as a fact in maximum 50 years.

    • If there is one thing I hold in contempt over all things temporal it is the evil specter of FATALISM which effuses from the faint of heart, works its way into the sinews of DECENT people, and so effectively disarms us/them in the face of certain tyranny.

      I cannot abide it. And I will not. Such a cowardly and pacifistic response in the face of an existential threat to ourselves, our families, our children and our civilization — not only to our way of life but to our very existence — deserves the strongest rebuke and censure as is possible.

      I am ashamed for you. Truly — I mean that.

      • Don’t be. What else are you doing to prevent this event to happen, beside writing on internet ? I did not write my previous text because of fatalism, but because I realise the state of mind of west Europe. East Europeans in the west are organising. I am ready to die fighting, only that I am afraid there are not so many like me. Are you ?

  11. “Imagine a village of 100 people, and 1,000 migrants head to it to settle here. What would remain of that village? It would disappear.And now imagine the opposite scenario — a town of 10,000 people asked whether it could absorb 100 migrants. Well, it could. 10,000 people can absorb and integrate 100 people.”

    He reveals the content of his heart unintentionally. He basically says that there’s no way 100 people can produce for 1000 terminators (did he say “it will disappear”?), but 10,000 natives should be able to manage things for 100 of them for free. Good insight into the true meaning of “absorb and integrate”.

  12. >> “We can’t organize ourself, or if we try, we are targeted and put down very fast. We are divided.”

    By whom? (That is your target.)

    • Do you know how was under communism the identification of anti-social elements ? I bet you don’t. It is happening in west Europe, and west Europeans have no idea about this technique and how to manage this. I am scared by their fear, by their weakness.

    • Even your neighbour can inform authorities about your anti-social behaviour. What can you do about that ? Can you do something against this ?

  13. The simple fact is these people aren’t escaping persecution or war they are economic migrants wanting to settle in the wealthiest countries with the most generous welfare.
    The men come first claim asylum get given residency then send for their families so instead of one illegal immigrant you end up with eight or ten, so that means an even larger house and more welfare. These people are uneducated and virtually unemployable so their future is welfare, thats why Merkel’s plan to share them out amongst EU countries would never work, they don’t want to live in Poland or any other Eastern European country, why do you think all the Poles go to Britain so they can claim benefits for the children still in Poland, so welfare is just one big fraud. Merkel expected these people to be her new work force as the German population is getting older, she is one deluded old failed politician.

    • Merkel, I would bet, did not see these people (migrants) as the nation’s new workforce. No doubt she sold them as such to native Germans, eager themselves to reap whatever profit accrued to them by importing slave labor. The native Germans proved themselves short-sighted and lacking in political astuteness, much less did they exhibit any curiosity about the government’s grand designs — narcotized as they were by their arrogance born of national prosperity, which I wager they attributed — at least in large measure — to their shrewd acceptance of the policy of importing alien serfs.

  14. Breitbart has this:

    “Sarsour dismisses the fact that women in Saudi Arabia are treated as second-class citizens who are unable to drive, interact with men, and dress as they please as inconsequential.

    In addition to her dismissal of Saudi subjugation of women, she has attacked a documentary calling attention to the plight of women in the Islamic world. Sarsour has been a vocal critic of the executive producer of the film, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a former Dutch Parliamentarian, ex-Muslim, and vocal critic of Islam who was also the victim of female genital mutilation.

    In 2011, Sarsour took to twitter and vulgarly berated Hirsi Ali; and ACT for America founder, Brigitte Gabriel, and said, “I wish I could take their vaginas away – they don’t deserve to be women.” This is especially in vulgar considering the suffering Hirsi Ali has endured. Shortly after the tweet was uncovered, instead of owning up to the vulgar tweet and apologizing, she tried to delete it before it was seen by too many people.”

    Yet there are left wing people (I say so-called left wing) such as Corbyn and others on the left allied to this kind of reaction which surely is fascism.

    It is a vital matter that people like this are shown to be Fascist. It is vital that they cannot claim that they have anything to do with Marxism or Trotskyism. Many of these are using this as a cover. If I can prove it is a cover and is false then surely you as anti-Jihadists win!

    If that can be done then surely it is a plus for the movement against Sharia Law.

    I do not understand those who are trying to associate Islam with Marxism or Trotskyism. The big task is to show they are in opposition.

    If they are in opposition, and in fact they are, then the winners are those who are fighting against Sharia in the world.

    The origins of the Palestinian movement lie inside of the support for the Holocaust by broad sections of the Arab and Islamic populations based on their Antisemitism in the relevant period 1920 to 1940 when Hajj Amin el Husseini held sway.

    Surely it is a big plus if we can show definitively that Lenin, Marx and Trotsky are on our against antisemitism side and on the side of the Jews.

    If I can show that Leon Trotsky as a major leader in the left of the time was supporting the Jews and even supporting the Zionist idea of a state for the Jews in historical Palestine then surely that cuts the ground from under people like Sarsour and Corbyn. I believe that I can do that.

  15. Ronald B

    “Every country following Marxian economics, which is as dense and self-contradictory as Islamic doctrine, has crashed and burned.”

    It can be but is not always dense in the sense of not understandable but can be dense int he sense of containing much detail.

    That is all the same a pretty subjective adjective.

    But you say that Marx was self-contradictory. I would like to see you prove that just one time.

    I bet you cannot so that just makes your contribution as “Fake News” I am sorry to have to say because you certainly make good contributions about the nature of Islam.

    • Your hero Karl Marx would not have become ‘noted’ if he had not married Jenny Wesphalt whose family had many financial, religious and political connections that were put to use to enhance Marx’s ‘thinking’.

      There is now much conjecture as to how much of that ‘manifesto’ can actually be attributed to Marx himself and not to ‘outside’ influences, particularly of the religious kind.

      So, and in my humble opinion, your hero that you base your own ideals on is nothing but a paper cutout.

      They say that truth is always stranger than fiction.

  16. when are you going to stop using the term migrants to describe these colonists. don’t let the left define the language. migration is when people more from one place to another in the SAME country. you will always have that if you have a free country. what you don’t have to have is for people to move to your country from another country for the purpose of conquering your country. that is colonization. what the people of Europe don’t seem to understand or don’t want to understand is that the people executing the colonization are not people from another country but the politicians of their own country. that’s right the same politicians that you elect time after time are colonizing your country to bring enough people there to enable them to acquire enough power to take your freedom away. those politicians are your beloved communists.

    • Actually, “migration” is the term commonly used by historians to describe mass movements of people across large stretches of territory. The era from about 300 AD to 700 AD is known as the Migrations Period or Great Migrations, when huge numbers of people (including Germanic tribes and Magyars) moved from Northern Russia, the Central Asian Steppes, and the Black Sea area into much of Europe north of the Alps.

      “Migrant” and “migration” are useful terms. They describe the large-scale movement of peoples without identifying causes or motivations.

      • sorry but the people that are being used to colonize your countries don’t qualify as migrants. they are colonists plain and simple and their enablers are the sworn enemy of colonialism, the communists.

        • Colonization is one of the purposes of migration, and it is indeed the purpose of this one. But to say that they are not migrants is like saying that someone who builds a wall is not a mason. The wall may be the side of a house, or a retaining wall, or the wall around an extermination camp. But in each case the builder of it is still a mason.

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