Hooray for Oz! Wake Up, Washington

Sheik Yer’Mami at The Winds of Jihad website has wonderful news, delivered in typical Aussie style. In this (partially) mirrored post, editorial comment is attributed to “CM”, one Cristina McIntosh:

Islamic State Fighter Khaled Sharrouf Becomes First to Lose Citizenship Under Anti-Terror Laws

That should be “Counter-Jihad Laws”. — CM

‘Australian’ (sic: “Aussie-passport-holding” — CM) Islamic State (IS) fighter Khaled Sharrouf has become the first dual-national to be stripped of their [Australian] citizenship, under the Federal Government’s anti-terror laws.

‘National security sources confirmed to the ABC that the 35-year old’s citizenship had been revoked, meaning that he cannot legally return to Australia if he chooses to leave the Middle East.

Excellent news. That’s one sorted. Now for all the others… CM

‘The convicted terrorist slipped out of Australia in 2013 using his brother’s passport, and travelled to Syria with fellow Sydney man (that would be “Sydney-resident Muslim man” — CM) Mohamed Elomar to join the Islamic State terrorist group.

Indulging their bloody Caliphate dreams. — CM

Ugh. I can’t go further than that. If you want to see corrupting images of Islam’s idea of honor and brave valor, go to the post.

I wasn’t paying attention when he called them “head-choppers”. Or perhaps I thought he meant it metaphorically. For GoV, that image is what we call jihad porn; the one of his young son holding another head is even more so. It has long been our contention that jihad porn dulls decency. There are lines you can’t cross without damaging the Self. It’s not as if we don’t already know what they do; their sick modus operandi has been unequivocally established for centuries. These images are intended to shock and terrorize… you, the beholder. Eventually, you’re supposed to numb out (and you will), making your mind easy pickings for the jihadists.

Failing to respect the limits of one’s humanity by looking too long at the results of jihad carries the risk of blunting decency. Do that long enough and even glasses won’t help restore one’s moral vision. Then again, perhaps Sheik Yer’Mami hopes an ignorant Leftie will happen upon this post, and the searing of his soul via seeing those images will miraculously restore his rational faculties, converting him into something resembling an adult human being?

It’s an idea.

Yeah, I’ll admit I’m deeply touched by such pictures. That’s the problem with having the lifelong plague of developmental PTSD. Now, for the rest of the day, that image will take up most of the room in my head as my stomach churns and my pulse gallops. There are times I can clear my mind by sleeping off the horror, but that trick doesn’t always work. I’m learning meridian tapping, but am not adept enough for it to help much yet.

I don’t exactly envy those who can take in such horror with equanimity; nonetheless, their ability to do so is far beyond my ken. Would I prefer to be someone who can be briefly, properly horrified, and then go back to watching football? An unanswerable question, since such a mental state is beyond me. It’s like the dividing line for those who happen upon a grisly car accident, well-warned ahead of time by the flashing lights and haphazardly parked emergency vehicles that fragile flesh lies mangled in cars-turned-coffins. The first group slows down to see what they can of the carnage even as it sickens them; the other group, my group, has their eyes glued to the road ahead, thinking of the families whose lives have been turned inside out in a careless moment.

[A personal aside: I remember vividly the day my doctor told me he wanted me to try an anti-anxiety drug. I protested that I didn’t need drugs, what was his deal? Since I wasn’t about to waste my money on such a thing, he went so far as to give me a hospital prescription for exactly one pill. Not only that, but he fetched the medicine himself. I was instructed to wait until the next time I could actually feel anxious (usually, I simply dissociated instead, another state I was used to, though doing so was out of my conscious awareness at the time). It was the following week, after nearly being plowed into by an errant driver that anxiety descended even as the terror receded. I remembered the anxiolytic tablet in the small bottle in my pocket and took it as instructed. Once it had had time to take effect, I was bowled over by the revelation. Wow. This was how other people felt most of the time? As my pulse returned to baseline, the ensuing calm was yet another light on my Damascus Road.]

Those pictures in the post at Winds of Jihad are full proof of the twisted sadism which is the core of Islam. Even as I know intellectually that the man holding those heads was himself the victim of perverse sexual abuse as an infant and child — for only they can carry out such smiling sadism in adulthood — I still find his existence loathsome. America’s laws allowing the execution of this kind of criminal seem the correct response to this kind of crime. Surely such punishment is more civilized than the dhimmi European exclusion of capital punishment? Are not some crimes so inherently evil they deserve nothing less than a mortal strike in return?

A state without the manly fortitude to eliminate those evil perpetrators eventually becomes a failed state. It fails to protect its citizens from mortal harm, instilling in them an existential unease.

Thus, I am glad we executed Timothy McVeigh.

Even as questions remain about whether or not he had help, those questions should not, did not, delay his exit from this earthly realm.

In contrast, Britain’s laws, which allow the killers of Lee Rigby to continue living at taxpayer expense, are deeply amoral and supinely weak. Those laws tell Britons their own lives have little value to the state. How demoralizing is that?

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

At any rate, Australia has revoked this killer’s citizenship based on a law passed in 2015. That revocation tells us loud and clear that the state of Australia stands for something. Meanwhile, in America, in France — all over the West, the killers are returning. Where are all those righteous fools who showed up to spit on America’s soldiers after Vietnam? Resting on their government pensions no doubt. Where are our legislators needed to pass similar laws?

Here’s a link to this Australian Counterjihad law, passed in 2015 but only recently put into effect by the state. Better late than never. Now if we can just get the rest of the West to line up behind Oz in a return to human decency. Perhaps other countries have these laws on the books? Has anyone besides the Aussies bothered to enforce what was once common sense?

As CM says in that post on Winds of Jihad, Excellent news. That’s one sorted. Now for all the others…

Sadly, those who stand to gain the most — at least initially — are the lawyers. Surely they smell blood by now and are busy churning the waters. No matter what delaying tactics the slimers use, I have no doubt Australia will do the right thing.

Hey, Canada, as part of the Commonwealth, why not suggest these same laws to Baby Doc?

16 thoughts on “Hooray for Oz! Wake Up, Washington

  1. It wasn’t easy getting that revocation of dual citizenship into law and it won’t be easy to keep it in place if during the next federal election cycle the country is once again driven into the arms of the Communists.

    I’m with you Dympthna, I don’t look at the readily available and horrific examples of wanton killing that is so perverted and depraved that such actions can only be brought about by a clear lack of any human decency whatsoever and which is driven by the most powerful of all human emotions -hate.

    Every time someone decides to view those extreme messages of hatred they give legitimacy to the presentation of such perverse actions – and that is something that everyone who values human life should always consider before logging onto them.

  2. I’m afraid there are plenty of anti-Jihad sites I no longer visit for fear of being assaulted with images. That’s why I like GoV–whatever atrocities have happened, I can learn about them without having to look at them over breakfast. For me it’s enough to know what’s out there. I’m a bit of a wuss, I expect.

    • There are free extensions you can get for your browser that blocks images on webpages you specify, so you can still read the information without having to see the pictures or videos. I know Chrome has at least two of those, called Block Image and Hide Image, and I’m sure other browsers have them as well.

  3. I could not disagree more.
    I think it is precisely because these horrible images are censored–in the case of the MSM, COMPLETELY ERADICATED–that the population as a whole are ignorant of the islamic threat.
    See no evil, hear no evil eventually becomes ignorant of– and DISBELIEVING IN– that evil which has faced the civilized world for 1400 years and is now likely to become victorious.
    Any sense of resistance is now politically quashed.
    BY “OUR” SIDE!
    Unless things change (and there is little time left) we are DONE .
    “Ali’s snackbar” anyone?

    • There are plenty of sites out there which use jihad porn as clickbait. We will never do that.

      Children visit our site. Would you want your children, grandchildren, or other young relatives to come across that filth here? They can read about it and not be assaulted by images.

      So we’ll have to disagree on this one, Flintlock.

      • Please–I DON”T think you folks should be the ones to illustrate any more muslim horrors. Lord no–we need some islets of sanity still.
        I do believe that there is not enough real information out there that reaches the MSM-reading proles.

        What about sex attacks? NUMBERS, please. And where?
        What about those ‘captured’?
        Sex slaves, anyone? Numbers (again). PRICES ?!#!
        What to do with the murdering CHILDREN??
        Whatever happened to the Christians?? Where are they?(Whilst “Christian churches” import VAST quantities of muslim SOLDIERS. Every(redacted)where.)
        AND–the munnnieee$$!
        TO FUND it all.
        From whence does it COME?
        AND–WHEREVER does it all go??

        That sort of stuff.
        All swept under the rug, it is.

    • What does your cryptic note mean? That Janet Reno should have been executed? After what she ordered at Ruby Ridge? How about the people who carried out those orders? Are they not equally culpable?

      What a lovely stand-in she was for Hillary.

      • I lived in South Florida for decades, where Ms Reno was a state prosecutor garnering a reputation for tolerating police misbehavior, including murder.

        After the McDuffie Case [ and the Liberty City Riots it precipitated ] the feds didn’t trust her, and the Miami River Cops Case was a federal civil rights prosecution, not a state trial for five capital murders.

        I was composing a letter to the Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel regarding her and the astonishingly poor choice she made for our top law-enforcement official, when the ATF attacked the Branch Dividians in Waco. And I submit they did it with full knowledge of their functional immunity, just like they had the AG’s permission. And in both Ruby Ridge and Waco, there were only prosecutions of the of the survivors, not the murderers.

        Tolerating misbehavior induces misbehavior.

        I cannot help but note, that there have been no further mass murders of American citizens by federal law enforcement since Sergeant McVeigh’s vigilante reprisal. Apparently, that’s what it took.

  4. ‘Even as I know intellectually that the man holding those heads was himself the victim of perverse sexual abuse as an infant and child — for only they can carry out such smiling sadism in adulthood — I still find his existence loathsome.’

    I did not know this, but it doesn’t excuse his actions. Many people have suffered worse and have not become head-choppers and rapists. He has embraced evil with focused intent – and will pay the price for that, sooner or later.

    • A Finnish study found a strong association between the mutilation of corpses and childhood sexual abuse. This implies that not all post mortem mutilators underwent CSA and not all CSA victims become mutilators.

      Non-sexual reasons for mutilation can be to impart terror and serve as a warning, which would likely be the case with Mexican drug cartels, or because one regards the enemy as less than human, which may have been the motivation for US troops taking the heads of Japanese soldiers in WW2.

      It may also be judicially prescribed as in the past British practice of hanging, drawing and quartering, as an extreme form of the death penalty, or done for religious or cultural reasons, as done by Red Indians or head hunting tribes.

      And it may be entirely voluntary, my alma mater keeps the preserved head of one of its founders and has his dressed skeleton on display.

  5. Dymphna, I fully understand, sympathize, and (for the most part) agree with your position on not wanting to view jihad porn, and not publishing it on GoV.

    At the same time, I think those anti-abortionists who insist it is necessary to show in public photographs of aborted babies are right.

    We have allowed the politicians and media to camouflage reality by the use of euphemisms, and outright visual censorship of the reality of abortion.

    Sensitive souls will be shocked, perhaps traumatized, by seeing such photos, and I would not wish that. But the alternative is that they will be de-sensitized anyway, over time, to the reality of abortion by never really understanding what it entails. And it is even more barbaric than jihad porn.

    Anti-abortionists argue that if ALL the mainstream media were to honestly publicize, with pictures, the “products” of abortion for 30 – 60 days, there would be an uprising in the country and the barbaric practice would be finished.

    I think the same goes for jihad porn. No more Obama euphemisms (“violent extremism” instead of “radical Islamic terrorism”). Let’s show our fellow citizens the reality that we’re up against.
    – – –
    As to Canada and Baby Doc (“shiny pony”) Trudeau revoking the citizenship of terrorists … that young poseur has already explicitly stated that that is off the table. It would be “un-Canadian,” dontcha know! [I just hate how the Liberal Party in Canada has presumed, for the last 40 years, to dictate what “Canadian values” are.]

    • I could not agree more with your comment Frank but I believe we should be dropping the ‘radical’ descriptor when referring to Islamic terrorism as the word ‘radical’ tends to lessen the impact as to what Islam truly represents because there is no such thing as radical or moderate Islam, there is only Islam.

      • Right on, “There is only islam!” moslems in authority keep telling us this themselves, but still ALL the media everywhere keeps saying ‘radical islam’, and so do all leaders, including President Trump.

        The hoped for world-wide backlash against islam will in my opinion not happen until the word ‘radical’ is dropped, for until it is, people are not blaming islam, but a ‘few crazy radicals’.

  6. ‘Britain’s laws, which allow the killers of Lee Rigby to continue living at taxpayer expense, are deeply amoral and supinely weak. Those laws tell Britons their own lives have little value to the state. How demoralizing is that?’

    As I live in Britain, this point has painfully struck home to me. It was like a revelatory, if crushing, thunderbolt. It confirmed that ordinary people are nothing more than cattle to the Powers-That-Be. Where such killers are not only permitted to live, but when the culture from which they arose is also allowed to continue to validate their abominable existence, it feels like blasphemy against all goodness and innocence. It marginalises outraged decency. It chokes the voice of insulted humanity in our throat.

    Our so-called defenders and protectors, elevated – at great expense moreover – in positions of potentially crushing power, offer only this token resistance to monstrous Evil, yet swing the whole might of the Civil State crushingly against the mildest utterance of resentment and moral outrage from amongst the cowed and despised non-muslim populace.

    Additionally, the increasingly unavoidable identity of perversion observable between the Leftists and Islam – a further dismal observation having once again a like thunderbolt effect – illuminates the utter Evil that rules over this World (other manifestations of which have been established in sinister power since time immemorial). An unholy alliance, in this wicked Cause, is today in place between completely amoral atheistical liberals and the worshippers of something it is not possible adequately to identify except by the ancient name of ‘Satan.’

    To quote Marlowe’s ‘Faustus:’

    Why this is hell, nor am I out of it.

    We are a tragic species.

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