Geert Wilders: How Much Longer Will We Remain the Masters of Our Future?

On March 15th the people of The Netherlands will go to the polls and vote in a general election. The following video is a campaign commercial from Geert Wilders, the leader of the Party for Freedom (Partij voor de Vrijheid, PVV) in the Netherlands. The original was in Dutch, and was then subtitled in German.

Many thanks to Nash Montana translating it from the German, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


0:00   The Netherlands;
0:03   A magnificent country!
0:06   The land of our ancestors.
0:09   A land that generations have turned
0:12   from swamps into a miracle.
0:15   The only country that we have.
0:18   It is our only homeland: The Netherlands.
0:21   A flag that stands for freedom;
0:24   it is the symbol of our independence.
0:27   It’s a flag that says: We are the masters
0:30   of our own future!
0:33   The elitists only think of themselves.
0:37   It is time for a change!
0:42   The Brits have done it.
0:48   The Americans have done it.
0:52   And we, we will do it as well!
1:10   Our traditions are precious, they make us unique.
1:13   They make us into who we are.
1:16   They are centuries old,
1:19   and we will not negotiate with anyone about them!
1:22   But how much longer?
1:25   How much longer will we remain the masters in our houses
1:28   and the masters of our future?
1:31   The floodgates are wide open!
1:34   Our borders have been completely abolished!
1:37   The Rutte administration set one immigration record after another!
1:40   More than 100,000 people from Muslim countries!
1:44   We have had enough of Rutte’s lies!
1:50   €1,000 of supposed tax relief, the never-acknowledged Ukraine Referendum,
1:53   Greece, and so it goes, on and on!
1:56   Dutch citizens have paid a price for all this.
1:59   Mark Rutte has to go!
2:02   And we have to close our borders!
2:05   By the end of this century the population
2:08   in Africa will quadruple
2:11   from one to four billion people!
2:14   Many of them will of course come here.
2:17   The most important thing, therefore, is
2:20   that this time you don’t stay home,
2:23   but that you actually go to the ballot box, because only that way
2:26   will the Netherlands remain the Netherlands!
2:29   Go and vote and make
2:32   the Netherlands our country again!
2:35   I thank you.

32 thoughts on “Geert Wilders: How Much Longer Will We Remain the Masters of Our Future?

  1. Dear Mr. Wilders, Do not worry about the population increase in Africa…..or any other place on Earth for that matter. The sky borne spraying of toxins { Geo Engineering Activities } will soon put an end to most life on earth. This very obvious { visible } enterprise is unacknowledged by politicians and most scientists. My heart goes out to you and others who are clear headed enough to see the obvious. Is it not amazing that the bulk of the world’s population is so dumbed down ??.

    • So Francis, do those responsible for this alleged spraying have some special immunity? And if so, how will they get by when the rest of us are dead?

  2. We have not been masters of our future for decades now. Didn’t anyone notice we have been shooting up on low grade dope with a vengeance of some kind? We are occupied more than Vichy France ever was. If we are not willing to fight and die for freedom we lose. Period.

    • You need to read more carefully: “The original was in Dutch, and was then subtitled in German.”

      In other words, Nash translated it using the German subtitles.

    • Copywriter: Dutch to German to English. Sometimes it’s Hungarian to English. Other times it’s Valley Girl California dialect interpreting Midwesterners’ smooth tones. Occasionally, some of us may step in to interpret other people’s pets’ vocalizations, including their aquarium fish and the ants in the cupboards, but only if we’re well rested.

      Copywriters are very good so I have a feeling that you skimmed over the article because you are exhausted.

      Mr. Wilders’ speech was great.

  3. There must be no Islamic immigration because of their birthrate and their pathological incompatibility. And Islamic immigration to date must be undone and the Muslims removed for these same reasons. Or we will be the ones undone, for these same reasons.

    FWIW, I am unconvinced that the fastidious vetting claimed by some Canadians will succeed in removing the worm of supremacy and jihad from the fruit of Islam. I suspect they will become convinced otherwise, and will be compelled to request our help, which we must provide in our own defense.

    Ultimately I consider the removal of the ideology from the Hemisphere as an unavoidable exigency.

    • I agree 100%. It’s as easy as 1-2-3. Just look at all countries which have let islam in–they have become islamic, 56 and counting! Now they’ve infested Europe…

    • WW2 guilt. The Germans are blind to the fact that Islam is the far right, and afd onservative.

      • Germans are led by that chubby leftist wombat Merkel, Federika Mogherini is Italian-and says the same stupid things. Italians don’t have that WW2 guilt, and as Francesco da Mosto says, “just scratch the skin of many Italians even today, and you’ll find a sneaking admiration for Il Duce”. (Italy, Top to Toe)

    • Also probably those polls are Hillary approved ones!
      Not to mention that German censorship is so strong, people can get into trouble just by verbally supporting AfD. So most of them keep quiet… The only time we will know the truth when the voting completed (if the Globalists are not cheating)

      • Hmmm…so do you think the Germans will consent to a robust monitoring of their voting places and/or their vote counters?

        Me neither.

        What is the next step beyond “censorship”? Maybe draconian penalties for violations of the coming Laws of Suppression?

        I think these are already written up in that Lisbon “Constitution” Fjordman showed me — so long ago now it seems like a lifetime ago. The penalties added up to loss of your whole person: job, pension, any hope of medical care or state benefits, citizens’ rights like voting, drivers’ licenses, professional accreditation, etc…and that could (as I remember the details) happen even if you spoke up while in another country and the authorities were to somehow discover what treasonous words had passed your lips. Just *words* – no action…

        I remember reading that bumpf-filled excresence and having an actual physical allergic reaction. Try to read it and you’ll see how thick the bureaucratese really is. Makes ObamaCare legislation clear by comparison.

    • Another reason is that Merkel and German voters support the EU. They support the EU because it has been pointed out —correctly I think– that the EU is geared for the benefit of Germany.

    • My intake is that Germans are far more conservative than the Dutch. the Dutch had several traumatic experiences: the murders on Pim Fortuyn and Theo van Gogh. Both more than a decade ago. The Germans had their first major attacks only the last two years.

      Another reason is their electoral system. A party must gain a 5% to be elected. If they score less, they won’t get into parliament. A Wilders would be utterly impossible in Germany. Supposing a member splits from his party (as Wilders did) he’d be out of parliament 99.99% certain the next election. Or gain more than 5%. Which is not impossible, but pretty damn close to it.

      An electoral threshold is often suggested for The Netherlands, but I think this kills democracy. In Germany there used to be 3 major parties: the Christians, the Socialists and the liberals. The latter pretty small. AfD is really something new, and it will shake up Germany.

      Problem is, that will take time. Time we no longer have.

      • I am going to respectfully disagree that the Germans are more conservative than the Dutch. As a whole, Germans are extremely liberal, even so-called ‘conservative’ Germans are liberal in so far as rarely do they ever make clear proclamations such as “ALL muslim refugees” have to go, instead they say stuff like “only the muslims that are bad and not real refugees”, or “can’t throw them all in the same pot” stuff. Even the conservative Germans are politically correct to their detriment.

        But that’s just my observation.

        • quite right,Nash! The Dutch have a liberal lifestyle.One shouldn’ t take that for their political conviction.They are very conformist in a positive way: do it like everybody else not to hurt someone and be a good buddy.

  4. Good advertisement. It shows the choices we got here in Europe. Very well balanced, so the usual elitist (their wishful thinking) will not have substance for persecution.

  5. Good advertisement. It shows the choices we got here in Europe. Very well balanced, so the usual elitist (their wishful thinking) will not have substance for persecution.

  6. One thing that never ceases to amaze me is how the smallish European countries that are (at least almost, allowing for leakage round the borders) the only place in the world where their language is spoken are so happy to go all multiculti and destroy their unique culture. The Netherlands is a case in point. So, too, are the Scandinavian countries, including Sweden, which I call reading was dumbing its language of broadcast down and having a sort of multiculti Swedish instead of posh Swedish to make Non-Swedish-Speaking-Background people feel comfortable. The languages of Europe alone demonstrate that we are dealing with a lot of localised unique cultures. Why are these not precious?

  7. The insane immigration will slow and perhaps, end – though not reverse – when the welfarist states go bankrupt. Of course, no politician will get elected on a platform of abandoning the ‘Free Stuff’.

    “You cannot simultaneously have free immigration and a welfare state.” – Milton Friedman

    For this stance, Friedman was labeled a ‘xenophobe’. Ignorant people are fast to use such labels.

    • I’m glad you mentioned Milton Friedman’s quote. I’m in a libertarian discussion group online and some libertarians while very good on issues such as political correctness and war are nevertheless without a clue on the immigration issue. They think in terms of abstract Pareto models. But immigration in problematic in the context of the welfare-regulatory state. I’ve made the point that immigrants are going to vote for non libertarian policies. In reply to my point, crickets.

  8. To Mark H who asks on 9 February; about the ” alleged spraying ” ; I can only respond to him that ” alleged ” refers to something in question. The particulate spray is quite evident Worldwide ; IT IS NOT ALLEGED. Go to Geo Engineering Watch . Org if this issue. As to the very valid question about those responsible for this activity being subjected to the same after effects of the toxins ; my answer is that they protect themselves with special Chelation procedures which are provided in several European Clinics. Ever wonder why so many members of the Multigenerational Elites have such long life spans ??. Normal people have a very difficult time with the idea of Evil principalities , and their neighbors being agents of such principalities. Those ” Old Superstitious ” Religious ideas about good and evil are not in vogue today.

    • I’ve checked this out before and I’m not convinced. Contrails are a normal phenomenon, observed at least since WW2.

  9. Americans tend to forget that the Netherlands is ONE FIFTH the size of the state of Kansas and have about 16 million people, about 1/20th the U.S. population. 100,000 Muslims is equivalent to 2 million Muslims entering the U.S. in one year. Sweden has more land, much of it rugged, but only 10 million people – it is a lost cause already.

  10. Who is a German? What is a German? The gist of this question, is what is a German to an American?

    I could not say “the heart” of the question because the colloquial essence of that it is in actuality pretty much non-existent in most modern Germans.

    Most contemporary “Germans” are “Eurotrash”.

    This term in recent times has lost its bite but has some piquant meaning and I’ll define it from both its recent slang usage and my own understanding of how it fits the German manner to my American eye.

    Classic eurotrash are Germans who immigrate to America and take quick careerist paths in New York and other major cities in the US. Dress really nice, bring bright and shiny European airs and manners and often times master English language with a bit of a regional accent to wherever they land. Often times easy to spot by their professorial demeanor in how they examine American combustibility all mashed together with our passive aggressive ethos. Some stay in the US and many float back and forth between the two continents.

    Classic remembrance of Eurotrash sauntering into a major NYC movie theater to view Spielberg’s Saving Private Ryan. They were drunk or high but very loud and inappropriate. Laughing loudly at the German dialogue making sure they talked to the screen having their say with the narrative on the display and with each other. Some of the New Yorkers asked them to shut up, but whatever they were on said “nein”.

    Super attractive blond and two tall handsome guys. Just like you would spot in downtown Frankfurt 1am, 2am. Just like Frankfurt cold soulless, everybody waiting for the light and not a single vehicle in your path but everyone soullessly waiting for the light to change green. My American feet (New York trained) strained not to move, yet even tipsy Germans held their ground motionless till the light gave them permission.

    Tight […] regimental bureaucrats tell them to go, Angela Merkel tells them to go, NATO tells them to go, the IMF tells them to go. Like the perfect herd they go. Yes, and Donald Trump freaks the bejeezus out of them because he is the freak that keeps on freaking. He says no then the German mind reasons they must say yes. Donald says no the German mind determines, they must say yes. Can eurotrash save themselves? They have minimum time to get their freak on.

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