Culture-Enrichment With Baseball Bats Comes to Rural Germany

The following article doesn’t provide enough context that would tell us whether there is an asylum center near the town of Vreden in Münsterland. But the violent culture-enrichers must have come from somewhere, and it seems unlikely that they drove great distances to crash the party, so we must assume that migrants have wormed their way into every nook and cranny of Modern Multicultural Germany.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for translating this report from Politically Incorrect:

Farm house enriched with baseball bats

Vreden (Münsterland) They had hoped the issue was over and done. But the unwelcome party guests returned and the windows were shattered. This happened more than two weeks ago. But that night of violence has left deep marks on this Vreden family, which are fading only slowly. The idyllic countryside seems to be perfect. A picturesque farmhouse on the outskirts. The farm dog unhurriedly trots towards visitors to greet them. But the world here is not OK anymore like it used to be before the night of January 28th. The family had to painfully learn that violence could target them on their land, too. They’d rather not read their names and address in the newspaper.

There was nothing that could have indicated that evening what would unfold just a few short hours later in the farmyard. “Our son had organized a party with a few friends”, the father tells. A party among youths that know each other. A carefree party for about fifty participants who gathered in a party tent in the yard of the farmhouse.

They refused to leave

But after a few hours, uninvited guests showed up. “There were about ten young men, they came with three limousines, two Mercedes and a BMW,” the man of the house recounts. They apparently had heard that some young people were having a party in the secluded peaceful countryside. “The men were between 18 and 25 years old, they had dark hair and darkish skin, and they spoke German with an accent.” the owner describes them. “We asked them to leave. They refused to leave the property.”

The party guests and the visitors had a standoff, bad words flew back and forth, there was some pushing, and a few fists flew. But finally they managed to force the uninvited guests back so that they got back into their cars. “We don’t ever want to see you here again,” the farmer told them.

The possibility that the foreign visitors might make good on their promise “we will come back tonight” was at that moment taken as an empty threat: “We thought the problem was over.” And that is why he refrained from calling the police. He would do things differently now.

The scared youths continued celebrating for only a few minutes. The atmosphere was noticeably deflated, the party was over after just a few moments more. The smashing of windows at 3:30am shook the farmer’s sleeping family out of their beds. “I just could not believe it,” the farmer says. When he went downstairs to see, the intruders were already gone again. They had demolished the front door and smashed the windows of the farmhouse. He got in his car, and drove around searching for them. Not far from his house he found a taxi driver. He had driven a few late comers to the party, but instead of the party they came upon about 30 hooded figures that had carried baseball bats. “They surrounded the taxi, they shook it from side to side and beat on it.” The occupants were shocked.

The farmer was glad that the party was already over when the men came back with obvious reinforcement: “If they had started beating people with their baseball bats, there would have been a lot of injuries.”

The family needs time to recover from this shock. Nobody is thinking about a party in the future on the property. The neighboring families with young kids also are wary. The man gave a good witness report to the police: “They reacted well, and they arrived with five cars.” But of course the offenders were long gone.

The police are investigating

Now he hopes the incident can be resolved, and he appeals to others to not hesitate if something similar happens to them: “Call the police immediately!” Dieter Hoffmann, a spokesperson for the local police, can only approve. And he gives hope to those who were affected: “We are still investigating.”

Afterword from the translator:

If I were the owners of that farmhouse, I’d get me at least four trained pit bulls. Oh, never mind — you aren’t allowed to have pit bulls in Germany! You’re supposed to wait for the butchers to return and let them do to you whatever they wish.

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  1. My guess is that they were affluent Turks and friends. Indicated by the Mercedes and BMW’s they were driving. Turks are getting super gutsy lately. They are encouraged to bully Germans, more and more.

    • The arrival and reception of their fellow brethren has emboldened them. They have seen how the police, the media, the politicians and the public have responded to the many crimes committed by their brethren especially the ones against children and women. They have little to no respect for the Germans especially for the German men. As Sennels has noted, their psychological mindset is different: they see appeasement and compromise as a sign of weakness.
      – It is up to the German men to do something about it.

  2. This happens every night in Melbourne as our left wing socialist government won’t hold them after arrest. Baseball bats had sold out in the western suburbs. They always arrive after midnight, they 4-5 come in a stolen car (BMW, Mercedes etc), they smash in the door and threaten the householder and demand car keys and drive off in the car(s), then move to the next house until they all have a stolen car . They do this about 4 times a night until each one has a stolen car. They drive off to their “homes”. The police find some cars, some criminals, arrest them then let them go as no one is held. Some Victims are assaulted, the elderly are most vulnerable and have been beaten in their beds by invaders. It is a big mistake for people to buy an expensive car as it attracts them like bees to honey. They also hijack cars on the road. They surround a car on the freeway and block them in and force them to slow down. They often “bump” the victims car so they get out to check damage and exchange detail as required by law. The gangs attack them with hammer and steal their car. Only the HeraldSun reports the violence, ABC (Australian Brainwashing Corporation is silent), 3AW allows people to ring up and tell their sad stories every day. However, now people are not ringing as much as they know how bad it is and what is the point of everyone ringing every day to report “my house has been smashed in, I have been assaulted, my family threatened, my car etc stolen…” day after day after day. You still have a nice place if it is still “news” to report this. Here in Melbourne we are overwhelmed with African gangs.

    • Meanwhile, Dan Andrews (premier) gets to ride around with an armed escort!

      Maybe that needs to be aired on 3AW?

      What Andrews has done to that state he should go to jail for!

    • Our rulers better functioning as Traitors to the descendants of the Pirate so-called prophet . . . let the jihadis take our keys, smash our windows and doors, arrive at our houses, demand our cars, let them steal our properties, rape our women, let assault us. . . and never dare jail them or give them a hard lesson to repent.

      So just remember what the Traitors mantra – ed in the ’70s, and ’80s when they started to import “oppressed people from Iraq, Libya, Egypt, Syria, Somalia, Sudan . . . etc. They told us that those people/jihadis have talents but they cannot use them under “dictatorships” . They are/ were smothered.

      And now they show their talents in Aussie, Sweden, Denmark, Belgium, France. Just look at jihadis and their talents how to burn cars, chase infidels, empty whole districts of Jews, torture everyone.

      Do you remember: ” lest we forget”

      Does it mean we should not forget the reasons and behaviours that lead us to bloody wars.
      Does it mean that we must not forget the hatred in human soul that led 6 million Jews to be murdered and be murdered over the past centuries.
      How quickly we forgot: Does importing jihadis with Everests of hatred in their marrow towards us lead to peace?

      Poetry of Oscar Wilde

      Christ, dost Thou live indeed? or are Thy bones
      Still straitened in their rock-hewn sepulchre?
      And was Thy Rising only dreamed by her
      Whose love of Thee for all her sin atones?
      For here the air is horrid with men’s groans,
      The priests who call upon Thy name are slain,
      Dost Thou not hear the bitter wail of pain
      From those whose children lie upon the stones?
      Come down, O Son of God! incestuous gloom
      Curtains the land, and through the starless night
      Over Thy Cross a Crescent moon I see!
      If Thou in very truth didst burst the tomb
      Come down, O Son of Man! and show Thy might
      Lest Mahomet be crowned instead of Thee!

      By the way I listened to America’s Saviour President Donald Trump, God bless him that my heart warmed and encouraged by every truthful sensible, reasonable, and logical idea he said. Compare to Merkel and the naive (humanists) in Scandinavia, and feel how Mr Trump, God of Abraham and Moses, protect him, wants to ward off that black fate.

      Still the flea-brained, and other milk-veined Traitors do not get it.

      How could so called politicians/ Traitors be so blind to Truth.

      • “merkel and the humanists” they are not naïve. you are the one that is naïve if you think that the muslims are doing anything other than what merkel and the humanists(leftists)brought them to Europe to do. the muslims are the communists proxy army, the muslims are doing to you what the communists want but don’t have the numbers to do. unless you fight the communists you will never regain your freedom. but I’m afraid you are so addicted to the dole that you would rather lose you life than your “benefits.” what good are your “benefits” going to be if you are dead or enslaved.

    • that kind of garbage will not happen here , ( U.S. ) they will be met with a serious case of ” the empty magazine ” syndrome .

  3. I live in Arkansas, but lived most of my life in Texas. If these thugs came to my house they would have left with holes in them. No way is my town putting up with that garbage. Somebody needs to go after whoever lets this kind of thing go on. It’s going to end up either them or you. Tragic.

    • You are speaking as an US citizen. This is Germany we are talking about. You’re not allowed to defend yourself. In fact, you’re told to just lay down and take it in Switzerland, and when it’s over you’re expected to call the police.

      • “You’re not allowed to defend yourself.”

        In Germany, you may defend _yourself_ (or another person):
        § 32 Notwehr

        First point says that “Notwehr” is not unlawful; second says: “Notwehr” is the defense that is necessary to stop an ongoing unlawful attack on yourself or another person.

        There is also
        § 34 Rechtfertigender Notstand

        which might allow the use of a gun even when not defending a person but in such cases you ought to be extremely cautious.

        • I should have made my statement clearer:

          Of course you can acquire a gun, if you jump through all the hoops. But I was talking about the millions upon millions of Germans and Swiss people who cannot afford the expensive and lengthy process of owning a gun. To those people, authorities will tell them that they should never fight back, but always run and then notify police. They tell them to lie down and take it, basically.

          The police in Switzerland is very clear on this: If you fight back, you will be complicit in the altercation and you will be held accountable too. And we all know how that will end.

          Socialism 101.

          • Make Perp Atitude Adjuster
            Buy Pure Grain Alcohol (PGA)
            Put in squeeze bottle
            Carry squeeze bottle and barbeque lighter.
            In event of dire physical emergency, apply PGA to perp and flick lighter to ignite.
            Instant Prep Attitude adjustment.

        • yes, the law says you may use a gun if its not in excessive selfdefense.But then , you will be punished for possession of an arm,which in my case would lead to losing my pension as an ex- tenured. So,hit and run.

    • Texas is better than most, but it pays to be very careful when you use a gun.

      For example, funny as it sounds, in this case, it might have been better to not use a gun at all. There was property damage, and nobody was injured. With the wrong type of prosecutor, you could get into trouble shooting someone when you’re not physically threatened. Last I heard, you have a right to use a gun to protect your property in Texas, but I myself would be hesitant to risk property defense with a gun unless I had firearms insurance and some legal backup.

      If you are being physically attacked, there’s not much choice, if you have a gun available. As a lawman said, “I’ll rather be tried for killing someone than have him tried for killing me.”

      Don’t forget Dallas, Austin and Houston are sanctuary cities. Do you think you’d be in the clear if you shot a Muslim refugee smashing your car windows when you weren’t in the car, if you lived in one of these cities?

  4. We each have beautiful loaded guns in our nightstands. (Locked away when the grandchildren come. Mine has a nice laser so that I won’t miss.

  5. No mention here of the farmer having obtained any vehicle registration, so good luck with that investigation!

    Back toward the turn of this century I was stationed in the Hunter Valley of my state which is also a wine producing area. I got a call out to attend the manager of a ‘wine country’ resort who had some guests at his establishment, a father and his four sons, who were harassing, intimidating and threatening him. As the call had come through on the 000 emergency network, the police radio Dispatcher thought it appropriate to describe those nice guests to me as being from Sydney and of ‘middle eastern’ appearance.

    As I had previous experience when working in Sydney of the ‘middle easterner’, generally Lebanese Muslims and their antics, who to the unwary can be quite intimidating because they willingly display the kind of behaviour that can easily turn violent, especially if they get to detect any weakness in their ‘opposition’.

    So, and with that in mind, I requested an extra car as back up which would then even the numbers and provide a ‘show of force’ of four officers attending and not the usual two officers that ‘middle easterners’ expect to turn up to their little shindigs they like to put on from time to time.

    After speaking with the resort manager and getting the general picture of why he had called police and that he only wished his disruptive guests gone, and from what he told me I did suggest to him that he lay a complaint for which he was not interested or too scared to. I knocked on the door of the now unwanted guests room to be greeted with, “There’s four of them!”

    There were times when being a police officer gave me great satisfaction in being able to deal with people who have absolutely no respect for you as a person and even less respect for the uniform that you wear. This was one of those times.

    I gave the father two minutes to ‘get out’ or we would remove them. And I have to admit, that I was not very pleasant to him. At first the father wanted to argue but desisted when I began looking at my watch. I could see into the room and his sons who were all adults, and it was obvious to me were becoming quite agitated, so I suggested to the father that if he didn’t calm them down we might arrest one or two of them.

    And it was our show of force that prevailed.

    As a precaution against any backlash to the manager, which is what the Muslim is infamous for, we held our position until they had loaded their vehicle and left the area. I cautioned the manager that if they happened to return to call us immediately.

    When one is forced to deal with people like this one must be prepared to use some aggression as is my experience and is now the experience of that farmer.

    • Your story is a great example of how their mentality works, they’re like flies going after a weakened animal and need to be smacked like you did!

    • A muslim, will look for their opponents weaknesses. If they find any, they will attack, If they find they are actually in a weaker position, they will appease, and apologise and show humility. They udnderstand one thing only, rather like I imagine Homo Habilis and other promitive humanoids did, who is stronger? Might is right. When will the West learn, their culture is not the same as ours? Not one little tiny, bit.

      • Sadly, it seems the west is absolutely determined not to learn.
        It’s true most westerners loathe the sub-human scum, but even sadder is the fact that many westerners, the English in particular, seem to be regarding the moslem invasion as the new normal, i.e. something to get used to.

        And that can have only one ending. Might is indeed right, particularly where moslems are concerned.

        • it is the leftists in the west that are determined to keep westerners from learning what that the muslim colonization is all about. it is about turning your countries into communist dictatorships. the muslims are the left’s army to conquer you. it is what the left in the united states has done with Hispanics since the 1980s. if we can’t change the minds of the people we will change the people.

        • Correct. It’s frightening to talk to leftists/liberals/democrats about the moslem invasion; like trying to reason with a retarded child, and the naivete!

    • If several people go out of their way to trespass on your property then the second they refuse to leave is the second you ring the police, take licence plate numbers, take pictures of the offenders. The part where they attack your guests and then threaten to return should hammer home to anyone who isn’t a drooling feeb that a report needs to be made.

      I would be shocked if no pictures or video exist of these offenders given how practically everyone carries a phone these days capable of capturing images. Hopefully these are now in a police database being scrutinised.

      That aside the farmer was stupid, not ignorant, stupid.

      • I think you are being a little hard on that farmer who has probably never experienced a ‘gate crashing’ before. If I had been at that party the cops would have been called immediately once the new arrivals were not recognized, but if you, the occupier of the house set out to find if the new arrivals had been invited by someone at your party and you have many guests drinking and talking over loud music, and it is not daylight, then getting people’s attention to an urgent matter has to be done by actually approaching your guests individually.

        And that takes time.

        I would have taken to slashing the tyres of the vehicles that they had arrived in once that phone call had been made, of course making sure that no one could see what I was doing.

        All one needs to accomplish that is a sharp pocket knife.

        No gate crashed party that I ever attended had any of the guests give descriptions of the motor vehicles arrived in or registration numbers because no one reacts to these incidents without having had previous experience of them, especially if they are intoxicated. And when there is not much light around it is difficult to actually determine who is doing what to who.

        That farmer was naive, not ignorant, and he certainly does not sound stupid in his reaction to what in my opinion was an extraordinary event for him.

  6. BRB. To make myself feel better, I’m going to YouTube to re-watch that security cam footage of that Chinese lady in the US blasting away at 3 home invaders who broke into her home in the middle of the night. She managed to kill at least one of them, too!

  7. Does anyone have data on the marketing of sports equipment? In Europe and Australia, who buys baseball bats, and for what purpose?

    • I don’t think you would find any such date Mark. I know from experience that cricket and baseball bats do find a lot of homes and that they are used in regular sporting events at schools and clubs and by the criminal and those who wish to defend themselves.

      But swinging a bat in self-defence does have its drawbacks to the uninitiated!

      And I have a theory, which is this; that somewhere in Melbourne, a city that is experiencing an African crime wave, there is a gun owner, and there would be many of them, but this gun owner is quite prepared to use his weaponry to defend his family, his castle and his possessions should that need arise and he could care less about what happens to him via the ‘justice’ system afterward.

      But, that is just a theory while the crime wave continues to escalate.

  8. To my distant German Kin: please get yourselves some guns. I do not care if it is legal or illegal, we are talking about the lives of you and your children. Go to the US or an Eastern European country if need be, for some good training. Do not discuss these guns, do not discuss ammunition-with relatives, neighbors, or “the authorities”. If you have a farm, you will have equipment to help you. If this situation occurs to you: shoot, shovel, and shut up. Merkel and her ilk in the European Union have armed guards, security, and barbed fences to protect them. You have nothing. And your children and your elderly are very vulnerable. Take a long vacation to Texas, Montana, or Arizona. You need to fit a good gun training class into your schedule. Just my two cents.

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