An Appeal from Vlad: Help Preserve the Video Library!

Regular readers are aware of the enormous volume of high-quality videos that have been uploaded by Vlad Tepes.

Vlad’s online video library is extensive and very popular —his YouTube channel has more than 11,000 subscribers and well over ten million views.

As a result, it has become clear that certain interested groups are attempting to get his channel taken down. To help preserve his oeuvre, Vlad is asking readers to download any of his videos they think are important and upload them to their own YouTube channels, or to other platforms. When multiple mirrors of the videos exist, the loss of any single channel becomes less catastrophic.

So please go over to Vlad’s channel and pick out ones you like (I’m sure you’ve seen most of them) or think are important, and then propagate them in any manner you prefer.

“You can’t stop the signal.”

36 thoughts on “An Appeal from Vlad: Help Preserve the Video Library!

  1. One solution could be the Dutch site
    Here you are free to dump anything you like, video, pictures and sound fragments.
    It’s free of charge though you have to put up with some advertisement every now and then.

  2. I have thought of preserving not only Vlad videos but also all videos and literature and personal opinions of Vlad, Gates of Vienna, JihadWatch and all the valuable list at Vlad site. Treasures that have touched our lives, enlightened our brains and that sheds a light on the black fate that awaits the west.

    In a decade people will ask themselves,”Stupid us, it’s now 2027, and we are in hell caused by jihadis, how did we miss all the warnings, admonitions, and advices that these sites contained.

    Will they go then to the Traitors’ graves and spit on them ?

    • I have to add my main point: Can Vlad put them on dvds and we send money and purchase them, say $5 a dvd? Most of us can afford $50 to get 10.

      • DVD’s are old school. They hold maybe 3 gigs per. This means that even as files, there would be maybe 2 to 15 videos, depending on length, per disk. I would have to hire people to do it.

        I appreciate the thought though. One thing I can do is the odd video to people but really, the simplest thing is to add a downloader to your browser, Firefox has lots of them, and then download any and all of them.

    • Yes, good idea. Certainly many posts, and even user comments, are pertinent and could be of interest in the future… but sadly, older comments seem to have been deleted from Jihadwatch. A pity, as many were very detailed, well-written and significant.. Luckily I saved some of the more important ones I saw.

      • It’s probably a database issue that mandated the deletion of the old comments. We have the same potential problem here, even though we have far fewer comments than Jihad Watch. After twelve and a half years, the number of comments mounts up — more than 200,000 here at GoV. They must number way up in the millions at JW!

      • Like wise, when a bit annoying when some real erudite comment discussion actually explains and relates to you more than the article.
        I have noticed that in JW too.

        I keep any articles/comments that relate strongly with me, and file copy/paste them in “drafts” with original url in my blog, which is over 90 % draft.
        Surprisingly the original can often be lost/deleted/cached and so become difficult to find again.

        So they are not published, but remain there for me to refresh myself.
        Handy tags help to locate the article/comment that I want to recall.
        Search in my blog also is helpful.

        Also I copy paste quite a few of my comments, so that I can recall them, edit/update/customize them for recycling and with more background knowledge and thoughts, so can be quite ready to go in certain situations of debate.

        It has been an evolving thing, and the one thing I do regret is that I did not lay in proper systems/tags urls and other linkages originally.
        Admittedly I am not a total tidy person in an office domain, but search determination on certain points does over come my lax methods.

        And best of endeavours in safeguarding and spreading the news/tapes and knowledge.

    • I would suggest instead going to the traitors’ graves, smashing their headstones into tiny pieces, ripping out their coffins with a backhoe, and dumping the contents into the nearest sewage treatment plant.

      Make sure their followers and enablers get the message. We got where we are now by being “nice guys”…

        • You’ve been a nice guy for some time now. How’s that working out for you?

          In the meantime, terrorists are smashing windows, setting fires, and viciously assaulting anyone who dares disagree with them. And not get touched by Law Enforcement nor the Legal system. The Great Muslim in Chief counseled his followers: “They bring a knife, you bring a gun.” There’s an old saying about continuing to do the same thing, over and over again, and expecting different results. But don’t worry, I won’t bother you any more. Enjoy your life!

        • Try dropping some dry Ready-Mix-Concrete powder down their sewer clean-out plug. They supply the water and the next thing they know is their toilet is overflowing all over their shoes. It has worked EVERY TIME I have done it. Just a little “Constipation” to give them a bit of a headache.

  3. “Will they go then to the Traitors’ graves and spit on them ?”

    Yes, they will.

    Oh what they have wrought………..

    I find myself wondering if, as a group, they will ever realise what they have done?

  4. The time may come when a free internet as we now know it, may not exist. Distribution of ideas and video material may have to revert to earlier technologies for preservation and multiplication. Don’t throw out that DVD burner just yet.

    • Throw it out? I just replaced it. And I found out something about archiving vid DVD that I did not know before, something I’m sure many GoV readers are aware of.

      The standard writable DVD does not have pits burned in it like a production DVD. Instead the darkens some ink inside the disc. This may not be exactly the process, but it is my newfound understanding. The take away is that standard writable DVDs may only last for ten years or so. But there is an archival quality of writable DVD available that is said to last 100 years, if not truly indefinitely. It’s called M-disc and the data is actually engraved by the writer. This type of disc has undergone testing by the US DoD and is impervious to light, temperature (within reason I’m sure), and humidity. The M-discs cost a bit more than the DVD+R discs I’ve been using: about $1.33 vs. $0.25, and they require a writer with M-disc capability.

      The internal writer I bought is an LG and it cost less than $20 on Amazon.

      So if you truly want to archive data, give this some thought.

      • That is very interesting. Thank you.

        As I understand it, a home DVD ‘burner’ actually uses a laser to burn the little holes into a gold/plastic medium which I have found, lasts about 2 to 3 years. Less if you leave your stack of burned discs on a shelf where the sun shines sometimes.

        The factory, silver looking ones, are actually stamped. This means that a die (dye?) is made and silver foil is stamped with the die and its applied to a plastic disk. This is cheaper but you have to make enough to justify making the die. So knowing there is this new process is very interesting. If only it was Blue-ray and not DVD, which holds so little information by today’s standards.

        Ill look into it as well. Maybe there is a blue ray writer that uses that method and disks. I have hard drive failures so often now its not even depressing anymore. So saving them on a fixed non-magnetic media that is archivally correct is great.

        Thanks again for the info!

          • Vlad, I’m glad to have piqued your interest. I’m usually glad simply to avoid being moderated!

            I am not the right person to call for the extinction of any particular media. In my time I’ve shot 126 and 35mm film, recorded on compact cassette, and stored data on 5 ¼” and 3 ½” floppy discs. I watched a friend of mine transfer all of his Formula 1 racing videos from Beta to VHS at some expense. I am currently in the process of capturing family treasures from 35 mm slides, various formats of negative film, and 8mm as well as Super 8 movies as best I can. The original media date back to 1938 and beyond. You might be surprised to see how well seventy year old Kodachromes hold up, even in a harshly warm environment. My family still owns an impressive collection of 78s, they are stored at our cabin in the cabinet that houses the Victrola that can still play them. It’s a wind up, but it does have an electric amp and a speaker.

            I have thrown out bags full of VHS tapes, cartons of computer floppy discs; I never engaged with 8-Track tape but I do have a large collection of cassette tapes and since many of those are irreplaceable bootlegs, I keep them.

            DVDs and CDs are interesting media. Many have called for the death of both but I don’t see it. Not in my house anytime soon, but then again I recently spent $1500 on a middle of the road turntable. There are folks who gladly spend in the neighborhood of $10 thousand on a turntable – try telling them vinyl is dead. I also have a disc player that I really like, an Oppo BD95. It performs up-conversion of video formats and plays DVD (including 3-D, which I have no time for), Blu Ray, CD, and SACD hybrid discs. Among this variety I think the SACD is the most interesting.

            The SACD is an ultra high-resolution dual-layer disc recorded at a sampling rate of 2.8 MHz. Only specially equipped players can play them and they sound fantastic. They have a layer that has the data stream recorded at the typical 16-bit/44.4kHz format so that standard CD players can also play them. I have only found these truly special music CDs at Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs, but since Oppo makes a player for this format, there must be other sources.

            In your search for the ideal medium for today’s requirements keep in mind that a strong Electro Motive Pulse with a Persian or Korean Accent will do nothing to degrade the integrity of those seventy to eighty year old, bakelite, 78s we have stored away. Just don’t drop one.

  5. Build a media server and rip everything onto it. Think a desktop PC with 8 terabytes of storage, Plex as the media engine and Roku as the display interface.

  6. I have a few terabytes of spare storage and will make the time to download them to upload at another date. I do need to know how far back to search – from his yt page, the vids go back only a year (my strategy is to go for the oldest first). Have they already begun to be deleted, or is there another page I need to find for data?

    • Yes this is correct. Several of my other channels were taken down already and I mysteriously lost access to others that are still up, but I cannot access them whatsoever, so the videos seem safe enough on them but I cannot add more.

      This channel is a new one. Any system you use would be fine. They have started removing some which had CR strikes as they see it. Maybe 9 or so. But its at 2 out of 3 strikes right now. So all they need to do is hit the switch and they are all gone.

      This might not happen. Its possible that the first strike will expire and I will get control of the channel back and all will be well. But as I remember from my first channel, once a strike was supposed to have expired, it didn’t and when they hit 3 strikes they pulled the channel and there was nothing i could do.

      So I would just start at one end or the other and grab em.


  7. I’ve been meaning to automate the process of downloading pertinent videos, to preserve them from the vandals. So many important things have already gone. Does Vlad have a list of URLs, one line per video?Also useful if each line contains not only the URL but also a title/description of content. If this already exists, that will speed up the process of backing up the entire catalogue.

    I can look at backing them up on the internet, so that the backup will happen far faster than through a broadband link.

    • I was looking at the Youtube API, unfortunately they still missing a request for listing all videos associated with a channel. They can only do 500 last video but after a convoluted paging process.
      Otherwise it would be fairly easy to get an AWS S3 bucket and save everything there.

  8. Unbelievable degree of technical ignorance among Gates readers . Only one person has so far referred to M-Disc archival media and even he doesn’t realize that not only LG but other manufactures are already on the bandwagon.

    Raid arrays on compact home servers can easily back up 16 TB on 4TB HDD banks at minimal cost. Forget about the exotic technologies which are either unavailable, unreliable or unaffordable

    • You’ve just made great friends of the Gates readers, I assure you. Meh, I realize there are other manufacturers. I pointed out LG because I got a good deal on an LG. I am somewhat flattered though to be referred to as ‘even he’, though I never place much truck with flattery.

      Raid arrays are fine. And I have a tech savvy buddy who set up a home server using a bit of knowledge and an older desktop computer that he was not otherwise using. But you bring up the issue of reliability. The thing is that a raid array would depend on a bank of hard drives and hard drives fail all too often. I’ve had two external drives quit (both Western Digital), perhaps internal drives are more robust? I may be exposing my technical ignorance, but I have been told that with hard drives linked, or raided, if one drive goes down it takes down the other drives. Perhaps the other drives are not damaged, but they become inaccessible until the problem is fixed. Is that true? It sounds like finding the bad bulb in a string of Christmas lights.

      So an important aspect of data storage is the need for backup of all data. Obsolescence is a consideration too. And then there is that EMP that the doomsayers predict. Maybe keeping a backup server with a raid array offline in a copper lined box is the answer.

      • Perhaps the solution to potential Achilles heel is to have the OS on a drive that is not raided. I’m not an IT guy, nor do I profess to be. I am smarter than the average bear and I know just about enough about to computers to avoid paying someone else to fix mine. A computer is another tool to me. Data is something else entirely.

        • Glad to hear you’ve found part of the solution : yes indeed I am referring to offline archiving. Hard drives have a statistical mean life-span of only 4 years if used 24-7 and the the arrays do collapse under single-drive failure but I’m referring to mirror-plus-backup arrays in physically separate units under cold storage with manually initiated checks on data integrity every 6 months running on offline dedicated OS and small workstation-quality motherboard.

          • Coral, that’s a sound plan for robust maintenance of work one considers important. The B is careful to maintain what he calls his “auxiliary brain”. It contains every post, comment, and email from Gates of Vienna’s twelve years of existence. It’s a good thing he keeps such records since his bodily brain suffers from CRS.

  9. You put artwork up top showing the Nazis burning books.
    When you do your research, you’ll see that :
    -it was a one time event
    -a symbolic showing
    -wherein, the Nat’l Soc.Party burned ONLY the books
    showing pedophlia, porno, bestiality and other disgusting
    sexual acts.
    -these books were published under the Weimar Rep.
    -the Allies and the West. were quick to condemn this
    book burning, but never explained the truth of it.
    – for the purpose of Black Propaganda against Germany!

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