A Sovereign Italy

The following video is a brief interview with Giorgia Meloni, the leader of the party Fratelli d’Italia. The occasion was an anti-EU rally in Rome of several center-right parties, including the Lega Nord (Northern League).

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Below is an article about the same event from RAI News, also translated by Fousesquawk:

“Sovereign Italy”

Rome: At the Fratelli d’Italia Demonstration, Salvini: “Napolitano traitor to Italy”

Fratelli d’Italia organizes a political demonstration in Rome to confirm the will for elections as soon as possible. Salvini and a delegation of Forza Italia participate in the initiative. Harsh words against Napolitano from the leader of the (Northern) League

January 28, 2017

“Giorgio Napolitano is a traitor to Italy, who merits another treatment and not a cushy chair of senator for life.”

Matteo Salvini, leader of the Northern League, said that from the stage of a demonstration by Fratelli D’Italia (Brothers of Italy).

The League is in the arena “not to participate, but to win”, also with the center-right, the leader of the League continued. “Nobody closes the doors in the face of anybody”, but he who betrays is no longer put on the list, event if Father Pius: Alfano, Verdini and Casini need to go home.”

“Open doors for a coalition as wide as possible, but with a precise program that says,, ‘First the Italians’, and I say to Silvio Berlusconi: A country that doesn’t control its currency is not sovereign. It is a slave.”

The Leader of Fratelli d’Italia: “FI (Forza Italia) don’t lose your bearings.”

Giorgia Meloni, leader of FdI, stressed that her party would like to go to the elections as soon as possible, and about Forza Italia Meloni says: We have invited FI to this demonstration, Brunetta has been sent to represent the party, Toti would have come anyway., there is Santanche… And especially there are many voters who side with us that FI doesn’t lose its bearings. And she confirms, “We want a coalition as wide as possible, but tied coherently to the program. This demonstration is the occasion to invite FI to choose which side it is on, with the stupid or with the people.”

The next step would be the primaries of the center-right: “I believe they are a valid way to involve the citizens who want to count” and they are carried out in (the spirit of) collaboration and not supremacy. (When) the standard bearer of a squadron stands out, it makes fools of the squadron”.

Obviously, the inescapable condition is to go quickly to the ballot boxes. Elections immediately, the word must pass to the Italians: There are no more excuses, also after the pronouncement of the Consulta, for maintaining a government not chosen by anybody. It is the fourth government in a row not chosen by anyone. Enough with the palace games, with the turncoats, with governments that take care of the interests of everyone except the Italians.

Representatives of Forza Italia such as Toti, Brunetta. Santanche, among others, also participated in the demonstration.

Brunetta: United we win, Divided Renzi wins

Renato Brunetta, from the stage of DEL demonstration, pointed his finger at the division of the center-right (his) speech interrupted by numerous whistles from the public. The group leader of FI in the Camera said, “The center-right is in the plural. Whoever divides the center-right wants the government of Renzi. I want Renzi at home, we have sent him home with the referendum. But if we continue with our errors, we let him win, if you don’t want that, you have to want a united center-right. He who doesn’t want a united center-right, takes his responsibility.” That was Renato Brunetta in Rome. During his speech there were numerous whistles from the public.

Toti also points to unity and defends Berlusconi on FB

“This crowd knew how to gather the wind of change that is spiraling everywhere in Europe, we are not all the same, we don’t think in the same way, but we share the same values. I believe that this is the way to return to winning, today we must begin to construct a small step forward, we must begin to say that the center-right can be a candidate to govern this country, and we must do it as we have done for these months, winning so many battles.” That’s according to the political adviser to Silvio Berlusconi, Giovanni Toti, from the stage of the center-right (demonstration) at Piazza San Silvestro in Rome.

Moreover, on Facebook he spoke of never-ending persecution against Berlusconi. “The right has always foreshadowed the principle of ‘ne bis in idem’ (Latin: Not twice in the same thing). For Berlusconi, they have invented the third, fourth; absolution is not contemplated. A persecution without end.”


00:56   Yes, good afternoon. The demonstration that started a few minutes ago,
01:00   they are headed for Piazza San Silvestro where many diverse people, many people are expected,
01:04   who have arrived from all over Italy.
01:07   Giorgia Meloni, who is the leader of Fratelli d’Italia,
01:11   also the creator of this initiative. Indeed, the next day of the referendum
01:15   which defeated the constitutional reform of the Renzi government.
01:20   Why this demonstration, and why an immediate vote?
01:23   Well, this demonstration meanwhile asks for immediate elections, because the word must be
01:28   with the Italians, there are also no more excuses for the judgments of the Constitutional Court
01:32   to continue to hold the leadership of Italy, by peoples who are not chosen by anybody.
01:39   This is the fourth consecutive government, not only not chosen by the Italians,
01:43   but entirely against the decision of the Italians at the referendum of last December 4.
01:47   Enough, enough with the palace games, enough with the turncoats who thwart the majority,
01:51   enough with governments that take care of the interests of everybody, but not the Italian people.
01:55   We want a government in the interest of the Italian people.
01:58   At the next political elections we are going to represent a sovereign Italy.
02:03   We have therefore called this morning, at this demonstration today,
02:06   for an Italy that wants to assume its own liberty, that means the Italians first.
02:11   Our products first, our work first, our people first, our overseas political interests first,
02:14   who want to stand with heads held high in Europe.
02:18   That means the euro has massacred our economy and so many other things we will talk about today
02:22   in this demonstration. So many flags of Fratelli d’Italia as there are today, some from Lega Nord,
02:27   with also Salvini, there are no flags from Fratelli d’Italia — uh — Forza Italia.
02:31   Well, we have invited Forza Italia to this demonstration.
02:35   There will be representatives of …no, no, no, no —
02:39   The party has sent, I think, Renato Brunetta to represent, let’s say make an appearance,
02:43   at the demonstration, official title…
02:47   they would have come no matter what for the work that we do together over time.
02:51   There is Daniela Santanche, therefore there are also representatives.
02:55   rather they are very concerned that Forza Italia not lose its bearings.
03:00   We hope we will see whether this gathering will be as wide open as possible.
03:06   Certainly the bond of the content, agreement, clarity,
03:10   and I have said, in short, this is a good occasion agree and decide
03:14   which side to be on, to stand with the people in the swamp of the ignorance of Matteo Renzi.
03:19   I hope having representatives of Forza Italia today means they want to stand with the people.
03:23   —You are going into the primaries?
03:26   Well, I think that the primaries are still a very valid option,
03:30   and are a way in which we can involve more citizens, as you see
03:34   also in this demonstration, who have a desire to be involved
03:38   to say to them to be out here — to matter.
03:43   And I think that if you organize (in the spirit of) collaboration and not supremacy,
03:47   in that if an individual bearing the a squadron’s flag stands out, it makes fools of the squadron.
03:51   I think they are a great occasion. I think that what is happening around the world shows that
03:55   the ideas that we present today, if well-codified, concrete responses,
04:01   presented well by credible persons with the unity of participation… (unintelligible)
04:06   We can win he next elections with a sovereign Italy
04:10   and for a sovereign Italy. —Thank you, Giorgia Meloni. Naturally we will be heard later.
04:14   The demonstration arrives shortly at Piazza San Silvestro for the beginning. That’s all.

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  1. The Italians are getting fired up and no wonder with how the country has been treated by the Globalists and their Italian puppets. Have their politicians forgotten what Italians do to their deceitful leaders like Il Duce?

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