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  1. The general path of revolution is not so much the armed takeover of the government, as was done by the Bolsheviks in Russia in 1917. Revolution is actually the progressive deterioration of ordered society by lawless street gangs covertly supported by the government or powerful factions of the elite, for the purpose of justifying a virtual coup or dictatorship.

    An armed population has an excellent chance of defending itself against the semi-organized street gangs or marauding gangs of whatever origin. This is the reason the left is so passionate about gun control: they wish the general population to be vulnerable to fringe street gangs and random violence.

    I think this is the root of the incredibly idiotic refusal of the left to accept the election of Donald Trump: it shredded their plans for a complete transformation of the country into a socialist dictatorship.

    I think the leftists who are advocating revolution are thinking more in terms of breakaway states such as California, where their agenda is already well advanced. I personally think that solution would be quite functional for the rest of the country, as long as the breakaway states are treated as separate countries with a border that has to be physically defended.

    • And that do NOT have to receive “subsidies” extracted from taxpayers in the remaining states.

      • That’s a can of worms, but this fool will rush in, mixed metaphors flying…

        1) It is a fact, though not always a popular one, that in the UK, relatively wealthy London subsidises poorer areas through higher taxes. Maybe this is justifiable because it is more expensive to provide services such as first responders, health and education in more thinly populated areas, but they might show some appreciation.

        2) The EU, directly and through the (mostly) common currency, the euro, performs a similar function.

        3) Is it not also the case therefore that in the US, the dollar redistributes wealth from the richer to the poorer states? Also does relatively dry California have any business growing crops needing plenty of water? -unless they’re as clever as the Israelis with their irrigation methods.

        • >> in the UK, relatively wealthy London subsidises poorer areas through higher taxes.

          Could the problem lie in the measure of the “value” of taxes? It could all be an error – an accounting matter – in assigning value and fudging numbers. Is there really more value in London than in the Cotswolds? It probably depends in who you ask, because value is a highly subjective substance.

        • Mark H: Valid questions. I would like to address #3, because we’ve all heard the childish argument of “richer states” subsidizing the “poorer states.”

          Why are they richer? Because everything has become skewed. I think someone caring for sick people or building our roads, collecting our waste receptacles in the frigid cold and responding to emergencies should be handsomely rewarded, not the parasitic banks, politicians, and people playing pretend on the big screen.

          Who makes the world go around deserves to be recognized and appreciated.

          (No. California should not be growing crops. The Colorado River is perilously low, and the Ogallala Aquifer that sustains the Great Plains is in bad shape, too.)

          • Althea, I agree people doing the jobs you describe are undervalued; arguably that’s what happens in a pure market economy.

            Not sure why my argument about redistribution is “childish”; it’s a natural result of the States having a common currency, the dollar.

          • Mark H: I apologize.

            Your points weren’t “childish” at all. I regret that I was responding to tired arguments I’ve heard before.

            Again, I am sorry. Thank you for taking the time to share your view.

        • Over a third of the country’s vegetables and two-thirds of the country’s fruits and nuts are grown in California. California is also a major producer of milk, cattle, poultry, and eggs. California has plenty of water that falls on the state, though congress has seen fit from a federal position of legislation to ensure that much of it reaches the ocean instead of the fields. And thanks to governor moonbeam we are spending buckets of money on a high speed train to nowhere instead of developing infrastructure for water storage.

          I grew up in the shadow of San Francisco and made my career in LA. It’s difficult to be a conservative in this state without being hated. It’s one of the locales where conservative bumper stickers will most likely get your car vandalized. It’s hard to get folks hating on California to understand that a large number of our liberal citizens moved here from out of state.

          I see a ton of comments on various conservative sites expressing that California can go ahead and leave the union. Those who express those opinions fail to realize that California is the breadbasket of this country or how much commerce moves through the port of Los Angeles.

          • Just because we would protect the borders of a breakaway California doesn’t mean we would seal them.

            I see plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables from Mexico in the markets. There’s no reason why California couldn’t ship produce across its borders.

            Same thing for ports and shipping: California could continue to receive container shipping and send it to the United States across the border. It would be somewhat more expensive to navigate the borders, but it would be more than worth it to cut off the third-world immigration to the US.

            I will address some of the above comments to the effect that manual workers deserve a higher wage. I totally agree. Note that immigration directly depresses the wages of lower-level workers. If our Mexican yard workers, house builders, house cleaners, factory workers were sent back to Mexico (or wherever) we for sure would pay higher wages to lower-level workers.

            I do not allow my yard work to be done by anyone not a US citizen, if I can verify it. They can be of Mexican extraction if they have valid citizenship. And yes, I miss out on the lower prices.

    • It has become your duty to minimize the amount of taxes extracted form your hide. The money will just be wasted . . . when it is not being used to enslave and bind your even more. With the way that markets and finances are “ordered” these days, tax minimization (I do not advocate “evasion” or “avoidance”, as those are trigger words) is likely the best return you can get on your investments these days.

  2. I am a bit pessimistic (said to be a Hungarian quality – of course we say we are not pessimists, but realists), so I think an armed conflict, a civil war is unavoidable. They are not listening to reason, discussion is impossible when one side holding their hands over their ears and screaming LA-LA-LA-LA-LA…
    How could the productive part of a society exists and work, producing value, when constantly criticized, attacked by a bunch of parasites bent on complete takeover?
    It is exhausting and on long term it is impossible to hold a peaceful stance.

  3. Much of our food – at least what we eat here – comes from California. In fact, that’s one reason the angry Left in California, where Clinton won in a landslide, are beginning to see the wisdom of federalism. Their desire to secede is going to grow as more of them turn to the wisdom of the 10th amendment.

      • See that California legislature? Or for that matter, governance in the whole state, which is controlled by Dems.


        Democratic leaders of the California Legislature announced Wednesday that they had hired Eric H. Holder Jr., who was attorney general under President Obama, to represent them in any legal fights against the new Republican White House.


        The decision by the [California] Legislature to retain Mr. Holder, who is now a prominent Washington lawyer, is the latest sign of the ideological battle that may play out over the next four years between this predominantly Democratic state and Washington. Hillary Clinton, the Democratic candidate for president, defeated Mr. Trump by more than four million votes here.

        Leftists will discover – are discovering – the value of federalism and they will use the 10th Amendment with the same brute force they have the other levers of government. Those red counties have to get their water from blue Colorado.

        Plans to build a Blue Wall against any Republican initiative are building. If you want to see the crazed fury behind these initiatives, just read the comments.

        Yes, they will cut off their noses…bloody socialists is not a metaphorical expression, it’s the Furies unleashed.

  4. Liberals may counter that, despite owning less land, they have around 2 million more on their side (although this number may include illegals, multiple voters and dead people)

    • I don’t know the exact figure for all those of voting age who are not registered voters, but according to some sources it was around 60 to 70% of eligible voters who bothered to vote last November.

      That leaves a sizeable proportion of the population that is an unknown quantity in their political persuasion, if any. So, putting any firm number to those who would wish to secede is probably guess work.

      But the subject of this article inadvertently presents the very reason for why Trump must drain that swamp and the American public be informed about the criminality that has run rampant in Washington and other cities for decades. Those who cannot accept their loss to Trump must be shown the reason for their loss so they may reflect on the error of their ways as to who they openly supported.

      Otherwise that revolution is just laying in wait

      • “Those who cannot accept their loss to Trump must be shown the reason for their loss so they may reflect on the error of their ways as to who they openly supported. ”

        You’re assuming that logic means the same thing to leftists as it does to us, which I frankly doubt. The information on Hillary was completely available before the election. Even CNN and NBC couldn’t ignore it by the end.

        • Precisely. Leftist “logic” is all about how what you say makes me feel, there’s naught to do with whether you speak the truth.

        • Heads on sticks would be better! But, even within the Democratic Party and supporters there are still those who know when to say enough is enough. As wikileaks hints at, the leaked Clinton emails came from within Democratic Party sources and from those who had decided the criminality had gone too far.

          Team players will never of course entertain anything contrary, no matter how self-evident it is, to what their team represents to them, but when members of their team begin to be locked up for offences posted, then only the fool and the criminal will ignore the evidence.

          And when those of the Left feel let down by those they have supported, then no-one hates their own like the Left does.

    • How many votes were cast by Russian hackers? How many times did Putin vote in the election?

    • Unless you think there is a HUGE amount of gun running INTO the US, the numbers are fairly close.

      The other issue is training. Not many of those hoods have people who are trained to fight in groups compared to red America who provides the fighters of the military. It has always been a myth that minorities were overrepresented in military deaths and combat training/duty. They are overrepresented in the military, but, in non-combat positions.

      The [progressives] think they can depend on the Hispanic population to help them take California out of the Union. They forget that many of those Hispanics are here to get away from the Cartels killing, corrupt government, etc. They will not be eager to turn California into another Mexico or Venezuela.

      Those hoods do not represent a high rate of firearm ownership. There is not a large percentage in gangs carrying guns. Finally, you have to realize that the gangs and minority [progressives] will be attacking ALL whites meaning white [progressives] will be forced to fight against them. It is stupid, but, that is the result of teaching hate for generations.

      • Those Democrat-voting Hispanics in the California-the-state . . . will quickly morph into the “right wing” conservatives of the separated Peoples Republic of California.

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