What is the Current Level of Population Replacement in Germany?

That’s what a politician for the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany) wants to know.

In the following clip from January 20, Dr. Christina Baum (AfD) questions Frank Walter Steinmeier, of the Social Democratic Party (SPD), on SWR (Südwestrundfunk) about the population exchange.

It’s possible that Steinmeier will be voted the next Federal president. He just confirmed his resignation as Foreign Minister.

Dr. Christina Baum is a dentist and politician (AfD), and has been a member of the legislative assembly of Baden-Württemberg since 2016. She is also the deputy chair of the AfD Baden-Württemberg.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation (and the intro), and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


0:00   Confidence and worry:
0:03   two hearts are beating in my chest.
0:06   The worry I formulate as follows:
0:09   I came upon a chart by the Münster Polytechnic College,
0:12   and in it, population development was described.
0:15   I don’t think the spreadsheet was a fake,
0:18   but was based on real-life knowledge.
0:21   According to this chart, one could gather
0:24   that at today’s point in time,
0:27   the number of children under the age of six
0:30   in West German big cities,
0:33   that the number of…
0:36   six year olds with foreign backgrounds
0:39   lies between 55% and 70%.
0:42   My worries arise out of this, because we know
0:45   that this part of the population consists of people
0:48   from all over the world,
0:51   many different nations, many different
0:54   religious communities,
0:57   which leads me to your speech,
1:00   to your sentence, to your… bonding,
1:03   how do you believe you will be able
1:06   to hold this future society together? Thank you.
1:10   This is one of those typical handling of statistics.
1:13   And I’ll tell you honestly,
1:16   when you say 50% to 70% of students
1:19   are foreigners, then that
1:22   is not the correct state of affairs, and I can only
1:25   dissuade you from trying to create certain sentiments with
1:28   these statistics; where will that lead?
1:31   In the end, it will lead to the fact that the discussion
1:34   about actual realities in this society is getting lost.
1:37   Just recently I saw a nationwide survey in which…
1:43   …from a well known and very serious institute,
1:46   where people in Germany were asked what they believed
1:49   was the percentage of muslims in Germany.
1:52   And those people said: 21%.
1:56   The truth is, the percentage is 5%, just about 5%.
2:01   Meaning to say, we really need to talk about
2:04   the things that matter, about the realities in this society,
2:07   and not to try — with individual snippets of statistics —
2:10   to change these realities and therefore cause
2:13   this society to talk about a felt truth
2:16   instead of about actual reality.
2:19   [They clap not because they know he’s right but because he said what they want to hear. — translator]
2:31   And since we’re already talking about worry and shame,
2:34   I would have also wished to hear a word
2:37   about the speech by Herr [Björn] Höcke [AfD].

33 thoughts on “What is the Current Level of Population Replacement in Germany?

  1. Only 5%? OK, let’s pretend that’s true. Britain once colonized and ruled India. At the height of their colonization, Britons represented 0.04% of the population in India. So you think you can’t be ruled by 5%? Think about this: When troubles broke out in India, the Brits would show up with troops and do some shooting… but the Indians fought back! When Muslims murder Germans, the German people blame themselves and shout down any detractors as “Islamophobes.”

    A nation being psychologically defeated is the same, if not worse, than being militarily defeated. Germany is psychologically defeated.

    It’s now just a matter of demographic shift; just a matter of time.

  2. What is it with these “leaders” that they cannot just go off into their bunkers and off themselves, but that they insist on dragging the rest of their countrymen to their deaths as well? And for the Germans, that they have such a death wish or despise themselves so much that they go along willingly with this suicide of their culture; theirs the land of Goethe and Beethoven, of scientific discovery and the finest mechanical engineering the world has ever seen? It would be one thing if the Germans were to allow themselves to be replaced by the French or Poles, but instead they find the most despised and worthless peoples of the world to replace themselves with. Tribal barbarians and practitioners of brutality from the 6th century; thugs unable to dream of composing symphonies or writing literature, or designing a handgun, let alone a vehicle; even the tools of jihad are from the hated infidels since they are incapable of creating anything… This sickness of German culture is not anything capable of being cured from the outside, and it appears the patient is terminal.

    Such a shame and a tragic waste.

    • It’s a matter of jokes around here (I live right on the old “Iron Curtain”) – the way how Germans despise us Easterners and prolonged and made obstacles for Czechoslovaks or Poles to go to work in Germany – only to bring in masses of middle eastern engineers and doctors. Good on you, well done, Germans 🙂

      The other matter is, that the “Usual German Switch” can be expected rather soon – and when that happens, the nice polite and PC Germans will once again switch into killing maschine they are from time to time.

      Germans have such a strong herd mentality it’s not even funny – seeing how they support Merkel only because she is “The Leader”.

    • No it will not! The USA and Russia have already told the would be “Caliphs” that Europe must remain Europe. If Germany and France fall to Islam- both countries just handed control of the UK-French nuclear deterrent according to sources we have- given to them by Cameron and others-Do you seriously think the real powers in the world would tolerate it?

      • The question is whether the real powers in this world are not Malthusian genocidal maniacs bent on wiping out 90 percent of humanity… In that case – handing nuclear weapons to Muslims makes perfect sense.

        • That makes little sense. Malthusians would look to create closed societal blocks to force living within a blocks means. Outgrowth beyond a closed systems capacity, overspill into other systems and then an endogenous nuclear armageddon to somehow correct said mistakes seems a stretch. Endogenous corrective means exist already they just have to be allowed to function.

          A small nuclear exchange or weapons in irrational hands would lead to both nuclear terrorism and/or nuclear confrontation with global escalation likely. Your 10%ers couldn’t hope to be able to choose what cohort they might end up within.

          Progressivism and the liberal economic block have got us to this point through willful blindness. One understands the ponzi scheme can’t continue but can’t admit so. The other would like to punish us all for us for being us irrespective.

          We cut ourselves off from our spiritual anchor (we killed god). I’m not sure the heaven on earth philosophies we have created since have ever been adequate substitutes. Particularly for those wired to need the absolutism of religion.

  3. The notion that we have to replace retired workers is shortsighted and a tired one, and should have been abandoned around 40 years ago, at the wane of our era of Industrial Might (due to CEOs’ greed). People are no longer making good money, but we, most of all, are able to adapt. It is time now because Mother Nature will make it so one way or another.

    I realize that your essay was addressing a different but related concern (shuttling in millions of people from other countries illegally and in the blink of an eye). The enablers’ and cheerleaders’ complete confidence in their horrible decisions and flippant dismissal of our worries will be their undoing because they were certain in their views and contemptuous of ours.

  4. >> the number of… six year olds with foreign backgrounds lies between 55% and 70%.

    This was the number in Baum’s question. In his response, Steinmeier does a “switch” to speaking of the number of Muslims (5% in the overall population according to him), thereby not addressing the statistical dynamic of the Muslim population by age, and what the youthful nature of that population bodes for the future. If the number of six year old Muslims are a majority of the overall number of six year olds, you reasonably conclude that the Muslim majority holds true for even younger and yet-to-be-born “Germans”. It takes no genius to observe the trend . . . that the Muslims will be an effective majority after a generation or two. They will change the education. They will change the culture.

    Denial of reality has become the drug of choice for the old, dying Germans.

    • I had the same reaction as Bob here above : unbelievable that Steinmayer reacts like this !
      5% will be right as far is concerned officially counted amount .
      But , I am non statician , extrapolated for the near future , the numbes are quite different .
      In more than one big city in Europe , under 18 is majority . Now already!

      I have this rarely , but I felt rage hearing Mr Steinmayer . If not by dishonesty of his, it is justified by his utter stupidity . In his position of responsability . He did n o t answer .

      Pse watch :

      • This trick happens over and over as if saying time hasn’t progressed the situation. As this (https://pjmedia.com/blog/latest-survey-finds-25-of-french-teenagers-are-muslims/?singlepage=true) article suggests, it illustrates the wishful thinking of elites, that the lowest figure can be grasped and chosen to be actual reality (and then it somehow not change). This argues that Muslim Children, in France at present, make up a 1/4 of all children.

        Latino immigration to California exhibited similar patterns. Ritual denial for many years. Then when it was to big to ignore it was then made verboten in discussion by insisting it was a positive for the US and to suggest otherwise was racism. This bait and switch will soon begin to happen here in Europe. The bigger the numbers get, expect the energy expounded in discounting them to rise. Latino immigration into the US has relatively few of the downsides of mass Muslim settlement in Europe.

  5. Notice how Herr Steinmeier slithered off the question. Dr Baum quoted figures for children of six and under. He quoted a figure for the existing foreign population as a whole – which would only be those who are registered, and would exclude ‘asylum’ seekers. How the audience or any German could fall for these fake figures is astounding.

  6. In 2010 were 6% muslims, legally registered in Germany. Today they are estimated to be about 10%-12%. And I repeat, legally registered. When it comes to cancer, 5% of organs affected by cancer is not a good sign.

  7. Leftists and greens have killed the notion of mothership being the most beautiful thing in a woman’s life.

    The most beautiful thing in the life of a woman is not having a nice, handsome and well-earning husband. Nor is it having a stellar career. Or living in a fancy house. Or being attractive.

    It’s being a MOTHER.

    I am sad, I am so very sad, that over here in my country, Belgium, there are so many young autochton people who deliberately choose to remain single. It’s depressing. At the very, very best, those who form a couple (mostly living together, getting married is SO old-fashioned) have two kids. That’s it. I’m sick and tired of hearing over and over again, when asking these people who have at least shown some marginal interest in procreation whether there will be a no. 3, “that the factory is closed”. And the looks you get!

    We’re screwed. We’re done with. In Italy, a government agency now posits an authochton Italian woman has 1.27 children. But I would wager it’s something similar in my country.

    • I can’t deny your sentiment, but you don’t take into account that there are still many of us who have not swallowed the sweet lies of Communism and abide, mostly, to a moral life and raise families to be just like us.

      And you’ll find most who are like us live away from the big cities where communist influence is the most pervasive and destructive.

  8. It really doesn’t matter what the percentage is, it matters what the impact is. Hitler was one man yet look at his impact. Today’s Germany is filled with no-go zones each lead by Hitler quivalents, aka, imams. Some imams push moderation others push violence. As Islam grows, Germany will become ever more defensive and increasingly troubled. I do not see how internal warfare can be avoided it’s the Merkel approach that is intended to suppress the natural instincts of German citizens.

  9. Stefan. I do not agree with your calling people a disease .
    The disase is Islam , not as it is practized by goodwilling people , but like it is in its essence , notably including its jihad .
    Mr de Villiers saw 3 reasons why he thought France is going to be an Islamic Republic (see link in former post). The first is that muslims are going to get to know and read again the Koran and Sunna.

    • I should be precise , I object not to you c a l l i n g people a disease , which you did not , but to you c o m p a r i n g people w i t h a disease .

      • As long there are people willing to implement shariah, they are the problem. Islam without people is abstract. Muslims give force to Islam.

        • The source of the problem is Islam itself. The Muslim is raised from the time they can understand what is being said to them to believe everything about Islam – that is indoctrination, and the indoctrinated are almost impossible to reason with after their formative years – but, some are not completely taken in by Islam’s lies, however, the system that Islam has in place prevents many such thinkers from ever leaving Islam.

          You should consider that.

        • But Muslims are Muslims because they are filled with Islam. You have to get rid of one to get rid of the other. Where do you begin?

          • Can you delete Islam, as long there are Muslims? If there will be only one true Muslim, Islam is not dead.

          • There is a problem…islam is aggressive ideology, and as result, real muslims are the same. If you try to modify the ideology, all real muslims will react. There is no peaceful solution. You can’t touch islam, without pushing muslims to craziness. Then, in order to limit islam’s influence, you must isolate muslims in middle east and other places where they are today, without possibility for them to escape in our world. Those who don’t want to share the ideology, the non-muslim muslims, must be rescued from the isolation area. In time, real muslims will kill each other or will change for a better ideology, for a real life. There is no other option. But, with today’s politicians and elite, this is impossible. Actually, it is the opposite. We are isolated and forced to accept islam.

  10. I can add that the expert , Fr. Samir Khalil Samir states that you can find verses who forbid violence and favours peace , but on the the other hand verses that promote and command violence . Neither one of them you can deny .
    In fact the law of abrogation of the older text favours the violence-promoting.

    111 questions on islam and the west of Samir Khalil Samir is partly available on line .
    Question 26 deals with this. An excellent , irenic , fair and objective but frank reference book for many questions that christians and also muslims could have on the subject . See content . Index on page 247. Deals with history, interpretation, dialogue and contempory developments.


    “Islam is a normative religion , and this is both its strength and its weakness” (SKSamir)

    the book is entirely available free online and pdf via the next link i think, by giving email-address:


    • Ab Brody, Islam by Western definition is not a religion. It is a totalitarian supremacist ideology that controls its slaves, the Muslims, into doing the bidding of the Islamic goal which is the complete domination of the world. There are other belief systems that can be likened to Islam and they are National Socialism and all the various strains of Communism.

      No belief system that demands of its slaves the act of Jihad or issues a death sentence to those who choose to run from Islam’s demands can be considered by any man who believes in God to be a religion.

  11. All he’s saying is that he doesn’t agree with the questioner’s statistics and then introducing another statistic of his own on a different subject. In that case, who is to say which is right and which is wrong? Logically, that doesn’t amount to a refutation. At the very least, he is refusing to engage with the issue.

  12. Franz Kafka’s masterpiece “Das Schloss” (The Castle) is unparalleled in exposing German people attitude in front of authority.

    From the Unz Review – December 26, 2016, a dispassionate report “Deutschland on the Eve of 2017″ from a man living in Frankfurt:

    ” Welcome to the madhouse, a country suffering from dementia and denial, and therefore poised for big, big trouble…”


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