Vladimir Putin Discusses the CIA’s Fake “Russian” Dossier on Donald Trump

Yesterday Russian President Vladimir Putin gave a press conference where he discussed the recent reports from American intelligence that the Russians had allegedly compiled a dossier on president-elect Donald Trump’s sleazy activities while the latter was visiting Moscow a few years ago. In the following excerpt from the presser, Mr. Putin emphatically denies that his intelligence service compiled any such dossier, and has a few other points to make about the Obama administration and its behavior vis-à-vis Mr. Trump.

Many thanks to D@rLin|{ for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:09   You know, there is a certain group of people,
00:12   who leave without saying goodbye out of respect for the circumstances,
00:17   in order not to bother anyone or interrupt anything.
00:20   And there are others, who constantly are saying goodbye, but do not leave.
00:25   The outgoing US administration, in my opinion, belongs to the second category.
00:34   What do we see right now in United States?
00:38   We see an ongoing, hard internal fight, even though the election is over
00:47   and Trump undisputedly won.
00:55   I am not acquainted with Mr. Trump.
00:58   I have never met him. I do not know what is he going to do in the international arena.
01:04   Therefore, I have no reason to attack him, critique him, or to defend him in any way.
01:13   I promise not to petition the Nobel commission to award him a Nobel prize for mathematics,
01:18   physics or any other subject.
01:22   I have no basis for such actions.
01:25   But the latest dossier released is an obvious counterfeit.
01:39   When Trump visited Moscow, I do not even recall when it was, probably several years ago,
01:45   he was not a politician.
01:48   We had no idea about his political aspirations.
01:51   He was just a businessman. One of many rich Americans.
01:56   Do you think that our Special Forces are keeping tabs on every American billionaire?
02:01   Of course not! It’s simply delusional to think so.
02:10   So, according to this dossier, Trump arrived in Moscow
02:15   and straight away went to meet with Russian prostitutes.
02:21   We are talking about a mature man, who for many years organized beauty contests.
02:29   He socialized with the most beautiful women in the world.
02:33   I can hardly imagine him eloping with our damsels of low social responsibilities.
02:55   I would like to say that prostitution is a serious and ugly social disorder.
03:03   Young women who participate in this often have no other means to provide for themselves.
03:12   And it is mostly the fault of society and the government.
03:17   But the people who order false dossiers like the one involving the US president-elect,
03:28   and then use these documents as a political weapon,
03:33   they are worse than prostitutes. They have no moral boundaries.

23 thoughts on “Vladimir Putin Discusses the CIA’s Fake “Russian” Dossier on Donald Trump

  1. ‘In Russia there comes the hope of the world, not as that sometimes termed as communistic, or Bolshevik, no; but freedom, freedom! That each man shall live for his fellow man! The principle has been born. It will take years for it to be crystalised, but out of Russia comes again the hope of the world.’ Edgar Cayce, 1944, No 3976 – 29

  2. Putin once again reveals the wannabe boy-king for the mental midget he truly is. Our Kenyan village idiot impersonating a president is like that chess playing pigeon that proudly struts around, knocks the pieces over, defecates all over the board, and then crows to all and sundry of it’s great victory….

    He is so outclassed by Putin he does not even realize they are not in the same league.

    • For Putin, it must have been like visiting an asylum for imbeciles when he dealt with Obama, Hillary, Kerry, etc.

      It will be different when he meets with Trump. I doubt the new president is as ruthless as Putin, who after all was honed by the KGB. But Trump’s a very intelligent man.

      • Obama and Clinton greatly destabilized the Middle East, helped create ISIS, and created the Muslim migrant crisis. The sheer arrogance and incompetency was truly breathtaking. Just for that alone, Clinton should never have been considered by voters for the Presidency. Thank god Putin stepped in to block Obama regarding Syria. Trump is wily, he doesn’t have the verbal flair as Putin but his actions are another story. Hopefully Tillerson is right for the job.

    • Just reading Putin’s body language, tells you all you need to know about his thoughts about looking forward to getting the business started with the POTUS, Donald Trump. Only waiting for the inauguration.

  3. Both Mr. Putin and Mr. Trump were nurtured by caring…loving parents. Both men love their countries…and both men have established respect among the people they work with. The Christian religious revival in Russia with Vladimir Putin at the helm and the election of Donald Trump in the USA by fed up Americans , who has a clear assessment of the Satanic forces at work by the Globalists will be a very effective counter balance to the scum who are trying to destroy humanity. These two men will change history for the better. Pray for both of them.

  4. “But the people who order false dossiers like the one involving the US president-elect,
    and then use these documents as a political weapon, they are worse than prostitutes. They have no moral boundaries.”

    Hear, hear!

  5. “They have no moral boundaries…..” Got that one, Vlad!
    The actions of the snowflake/leftist/democrats in the U.S. right now simply defy belief, for sheer childishness, I have never seen or even heard of their equal–anywhere.

  6. Good speech. Makes a lot of sense, which is considerably more than can be said for the people that concocted some of the activities for the recent election.

    • The In The Now Facebook page people are being roundly abused in comments for their misinterpretation of the video and Putin’s speech.

      I was interested to see this video of theirs as well:

      They appear to be trying to make out the Copts and the Muslims get on ok together but that’s not true. The Muslims persecute the Copts mercilessly. The translation in that video comes under fire too.

  7. Logic sticks so much better than mud . . . with smart people. Vlad uses logic. His distractors sling mud.

  8. you are walking in the dark people – Putin and Trump are the pair of dangerous cads, crazy Nero and Kaligula, driven by deeply ingrained nihilisms and obsessions.

    “presient” Putin is a cross between mafia boss, Gestapo chief, and Asian tyrant, a modern days megalomaniac Ghengis Khan.

    “president” Trump is, in essence, a money-fixated ignoramus, – despite he has some strange intuition for truth.
    on the reality of Trump’s corruption, we will learn during impeachment hearings very soon. it promises to be something unparallel in history, – between 9/11 and Watergate.

    this is sad reality that Obama/Hillary horde was betraying West by subverting it to global jihad and all sorts of bureaucratic and tribal parasites.

    this is horrible reality as well, that Putin’s Russia acts systematically and ruthlessly not only to expand territory via proxy wars, but also to attain undisputed hegemony over weak, cowardly and disunited West.

    one should be consistent about what West is, and isn’t.
    ask people in Poland, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, East Germany, Finland, Baltic states, what do they think about perspectives of Russian occupation.
    because that is where these praising of, and deals with “great conservative hero Putin” will eventually lead again.

    just.. awake please.

    • So according to you the Obama/Clinton horde was betraying the west; (at least you got that right) Putin and Trump are a pair of dangerous cads, and I’m wondering who, in your considered opinion, should be running Russia and the U.S.?
      The fact that you label Trump a money-grubbing ‘ignoramus’ shows me that [ad hominem redacted]; being the President will not make Trump a trillionaire, he had no need or reason to run for President, other than to save his country from the mess the first black President got the country into.

      You also ramble on about Trump’s ‘corruption and impeachment proceedings’, and at that point I’ve read quite enough.

      Not an imam, by any chance, are you?

      • dear irritated commenter, I’m not saying Trump wants more money, but only that he is entrapped in business logic.
        for him,
        – the one who pays is a defendant, a miserable, and
        – any question may be solved by a bribe.

        I also don’t care about “first black” president at all, – actually I think purple would suit him better, – but rather that he goes unpunished for many evils he dispatched to the West.

        you can think about me as imam, or that you win Wimbledon next year, or any other equally probable story; we are here to demonstrate critical thinking ability, aren’t we. 🙂

      • AY, on your own thinking concerning Trump then, if he is stuck in business logic how was he able to communicate so effectively with those who listened to what he was saying which really had nothing to do with business but patriotism?

        I know that some will refer to running a country as being the same as running a business, and while that thinking does have some elements of truth to it, it is not the magic panacea that the practise of good government can achieve, but a kind of thinking that has more to do with fascism.

        And on Putin; I have been watching Putin for nearly a decade now and nothing he has stated or done over that time has caused me to believe what you believe of him, in fact, I believe you completely omit what he has been able to achieve for Russia while the Western world has been trying undermine him and Russia.

        Have you forgotten already the West’s role in attempting to subvert that arch Russian idiot, Yeltsin as first President of Russia then the Ukraine and the false flag of MH17, not to mention the unwarranted sanctions?

        You should realize that both Trump and Putin are fully aware of who controls the world. But, I guess you also have a problem with that?

        • yes – I also have problem with Twin Towers downed by Mossad, Americans filming Moon landings in a barn studio, and flies germinating from dirt.

          that is the same rank as ” false flag of MH17″ and other pearls of yours here.

          • Obviously then, you are prepared to leave many stones unturned that should be investigated if one wishes to arrive at the self-evident truth of any matter. Would that be in case some stones may happen to cause you to question your own personal view of the world?

            Your equivocation by throwing in with other supposed conspiracies in order to bolster your own stance is a known tactic from those who either cannot answer that which is asked of them or they wish to turn the enquirer from getting to the truth.

            I believe, and after reading your many comments, that you do not visit this site as a free exchange of ideas, as in critical thinking, but to sow doubt as to the sources that many who visit this site trust.

            Please correct me if I am wrong.

    • well uncle Donald sees some cause and effect correctly, often calls spade a spade and excelled in repelling MSM attacks.
      he is quite adequate when it is about jihadism, MC/PC esablishment, street crime and uncontrolled low-IQ immigration.

      however, on Russia, his record is to be clarified.
      there are suspicions, that he is a corrupt individual on the hook of Russian government mafia. In particular, Rosneft bribery affair.
      we’ll see.

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