“The World is Not Moving Towards Order, But Rather in the Direction of Jittery Unpredictability”

The following speech was given yesterday by Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán at a swearing-in ceremony for new special units of Hungarian border guards. CrossWare, who translated the speech for subtitles, includes this explanation of the new guards’ duties:

These are military-level units, but under the Ministry of Internal Affairs (like police). They are kind of like border control SWAT teams. The literal translation of their name is “Border Hunter”.

Mr. Orbán, as usual, speaks the truth clearly and eloquently. There is no other national leader in the West who is willing to discuss mass immigration so frankly.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


0:04   Respected ladies and gentlemen, dear parents and family members,
0:08   I am happy that I can be here with you all today.
0:12   Grim times require brave
0:16   and dedicated people.
0:20   Today you have taken an oath to defend
0:24   the borders of Hungary, to defend the safety of homes.
0:28   With this you also defend Europe,
0:32   as has happened before in our part of the world
0:36   During the last 500 years.
0:40   We defend ourselves and Europe, too.
0:44   This over the centuries has become the fate of the Hungarian nation.
0:48   Respected ladies and gentlemen, the naivety,
0:52   the illusions and the age of laxity
0:56   in Europe are over.
1:00   We must stand with both feet on the ground,
1:04   and we must start from what we can see,
1:08   and not from what we would like to see.
1:12   There are some who think
1:16   that every person who comes to Europe,
1:20   wants to live by our laws and customs.
1:24   The facts show the polar opposite of that.
1:28   Terror attacks,
1:32   riots, violence, crimes,
1:36   ethnic and cultural collisions,
1:40   all warning us
1:44   that those who come here do not want to live the way we do.
1:48   They want to continue their own lives,
1:52   but at the level of a European standard of living,
1:56   or in that country where the bureaucrats of Brussels,
2:00   want to distribute them.
2:04   We know the migrants are victims too,
2:08   of the human smugglers, the inviting
2:12   and admission-promising European politicians,
2:16   and also victims of their own illusions.
2:20   We understand them, but we can’t
2:24   give in to their demands, and can’t let them
2:28   enter Europe. The principle of human rights
2:32   never prescribes national suicide.
2:36   Moreover, with the
2:40   illegal migrants, terrorists also arrive.
2:44   Because of that, in more European countries
2:48   innocent people have lost their lives,
2:52   and paid with their lives for the weakness of their countries’ leaders.
2:56   We must accept the truth,
3:00   even when it is favorable for the Hungarians.
3:04   The truths is:
3:08   Europe would have been better off if it had not attacked
3:12   the Hungarian solutions, which showed themselves viable,
3:16   were proven useful, and which
3:20   since then have been adopted by other countries.
3:24   The truth is that illegal immigration
3:28   and unlimited migration both endanger
3:32   everyday security, endanger
3:36   our economic success, and endanger
3:40   our culture. The truth is
3:44   we did and we will do what
3:48   our sense of duty and conscience dictate.
3:52   We will defend our borders, we will defend
3:56   our lives and we will defend the safety of
4:00   our days. The truth is,
4:04   we proved with our actions
4:08   that it is possible to stop the migration,
4:12   for only intrepidity, courage and will are required,
4:16   and first and foremost people like you!
4:20   Thanks to the work of the Hungarian military and police,
4:24   today Hungary is one of the safest countries in the EU.
4:28   We do not have terrorism,
4:32   do not have mass rapes.
4:36   Nobody drives trucks into celebrating masses.
4:40   But please never forget, this does not mean
4:44   such horrible things could never happen
4:48   to us Hungarians. Respected ladies and gentlemen,
4:52   the European migration crisis has not ended yet.
4:56   Brussels still wants to distribute
5:00   the mass of two million illegal migrants
5:04   who arrived in the last couple of years.
5:08   The pressure. The pressure against our borders in
5:12   the following years will not stop. Hundred of millions departing
5:16   in a hope of a better life will replenish the numbers.
5:20   The world is not moving towards order,
5:24   but rather in the direction of jittery unpredictability.
5:28   From the outside, from Brussels,
5:32   we cannot expect solutions. Just the opposite:
5:36   we must defend ourselves!
5:40   It is always better to expect that nobody can hurt us,
5:44   than that nobody wants to hurt us.
5:48   From all of this it follows that
5:52   border defense will be a priority of great importance,
5:56   a national security issue.
6:00   I can assure you that the government will provide
6:04   the physical, legal and human resources, and working conditions
6:08   for our triple line of defense.
6:12   Respected ladies and gentlemen, dear oath-takers!
6:16   Finally I would like to thank you in the name of the Hungarian people,
6:20   for your courage in rendering this service.
6:24   Decency requires us to respect those
6:28   who are even willing to risk their lives
6:32   so that the rest of the Hungarian people can be safe.
6:36   For this work, you
6:40   received all the necessary knowledge from your superiors.
6:44   But most important is what all of you brought
6:48   from home: Your courage!
6:52   Do not forget that courage is
6:56   rightfully a primary human quality.
7:00   This is what enables all the other qualities.
7:04   Also do not forget: We Hungarians are a lucky nation,
7:08   because this primary quality is our historical heritage.
7:12   This courage has kept
7:16   Hungary alive for a thousand years,
7:20   And on this courage we base our future, too.
7:24   Please keep that on your mind. Your bravery
7:28   is the foundation of the safety of the Hungarian people.
7:32   I wish you many successes in your work!

28 thoughts on ““The World is Not Moving Towards Order, But Rather in the Direction of Jittery Unpredictability”

    • As he keeps them coming, I will translate them…
      I am really looking forward to the cooperation between President Trump, Orban and the Visegrad Fours!

      • Yes. When Trump takes office, there will be TWO people who say those things. It’s amazing, an American president who will tell the truth about immigration. I never hoped to live to see the day!

      • Do Hungarians appreciate what Mr Orbán and his government are doing? By which I mean: is he popular?

        • He enjoys the trust of large majority of Fidesz voters. He almost has 2/3 in the Parliament and the referendum he proposed more people voted than to get into the EU. (There will be elections in 2018 and so far it looks promising).
          However the Hungarian society and media is crippled by a large number of liberal/socialist organizations and media outlets. (most of them on Soros payroll as proven when he was hacked). I would say the liberals has around 80% of all the media, while their real percentage around 5-10%.
          The socialists are not shy: they stole and doubled the state debt in their 10 year rule, once Orban was elected they demanded immediately where is the missing stuff! (Since he and his government took back the central bank and turned profit instead of loss, kicked out the IMF, increased employment – Hungary now in the 3rd place in the whole EU).
          I think if Trump should go after the Soros brigade and his buddies with criminal investigations. The Hungarian liberal propaganda does have some effect (repeated very often) on people (on the sheep) and it is very hard to combat. Just look at the Trump golden shower allegations. This type of mud getting slinged at Orban on a daily basis in the last 6 years! He certainly has a nerves of steel! Most people love him and respect him, even though some of this party members are not too shy getting rich, he still lives very modestly. He is a grandpa now and has 5 children. (4 of them are girls like in “Last man standing”) http://www.miniszterelnok.hu/en

          • Thanks again. I keep my fingers crossed for the elections next year. And for the elimination from the field of political influence of Soros, who appears to be a disgrace to Jews, Hungarians and any other demographic he belongs to.

    • I love Orban .Every speech he makes gives me fresh hope for the future.I only wish Western Europe ,Canada ,Australia and the U.K had such wise ,strong leaders.
      I only hope Viktor Orban realizes how much he is admired by conservatives everywhere.Hopefully Crossware provides him with this feedback.Best wishes for the reelection of Viktor Orban in 2018 from Australia.
      I’d take him over our wishy- washy prime Minister (Turnbull) in a heartbeat.

  1. What a leader! The French (and Germans) can only dream….

    Have a look what “protection” the French people get from their socialist/islamophile political leadership.

    The then Interior Minister, Bernard Cazeneuve (of which there is talk in the videos below) has meanwhile been promoted to PRIME MINISTER of France. Our brave French Resistants, Christine Tasin from Resistance Republicaine and Pierre Cassens from Riposte Laique, have around 25 court cases brought against them, several of them by Bernard Cazeneuve and the Mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo for carricatures they have posted in their respective publications.

    Yet, Irony of Ironies: Dont get between a camera and Cazeneuve or Hidalgo when they declare, yet again and for the 1000th time “Je suis Charlie”.


  2. Words don’t fail me, my typing skills do. To Z’Dinglebarry minions: Stuff a sock in it.

  3. The freedom Hungary has at this moment in history is appreciated more than in many other countries, so our recognition of threats to it, are and should be pushed back, otherwise in 2-3 generations from now the ottomans would own 1/2 again Not!

  4. He always sounds good, but what exactly will Hungary do now with so-called refugees at the border? Keep passing them on to Germany or turn them back?

    • Why would be Hungary’s responsibility to do anything with the migrants in Serbia? They can go home at any time just walk into their embassies and ask for a transport home. It is not a human right to wander anywhere (without papers) whenever feel like.

      • Agreed, but we both know that with Merkel’s first giant wave Hungary let them through. I wasn’t asking what you or I want, I was asking what Hungary is definitely going to do now.

        • The fact that Hungary now went against the EU wishes and keep the migrants under arrest until they can be deported back, shows Hungary serious about stopping the migrants and not let them slowly trickle into the direction of Germany. I think that is a big gesture toward the Germans and the Austrians…

  5. News is that the invaders are freezing to death. Of course the news is that ‘refugees’ are freezing to death, but we only have to look at the Italian statistics to see how far from the mark such a designation is. I hope that Hungary gives them the welcome that Russia gave the forces of Napoleon and Hitler. (Being a softie, I also hope that genuine refugees, women and children (even though they should not have strayed so far before seeking help), will somehow find somewhere warm to shelter, but for the invasion force I have no such qualms.)

  6. Any hungarian speaker here?
    I have a problem with
    2:56 We must accept the truth,
    3:00 even when it is favorable for the Hungarians.
    3:04 The truths is:
    3:08 Europe would have been better off if it had not attacked
    3:12 the Hungarian solutions, which showed themselves viable,
    3:16 were proven useful, and which
    3:20 since then have been adopted by other countries.

    First two lines sounding like a wrong translation to me.
    Can anyone help me and tell me something about?
    I’m translating this to german

    • Hi, I translated the video and yes that is what he is saying, word by word.
      He is replying to Merkel and the Brussels bureaucrats who were riding the Hungarians back about being “xenophobe nazis” for closing the border… Then quietly try to do same thing later… (no credit for us of course)
      Almost all western government attacked the Hungarian policies and they were not mincing words!
      If you have any other questions, just let me know! 🙂

      • “We must accept the truth, even when it is favorable for the Hungarians.”
        Sound a little bit like a joke?! Maybe favorable is not the right word?

        Greetings & thanks 🙂

        • Word he uses:
          kedvező = favourable

          Do not forget the Hungarians were called everything negative just possible and beyond. Orbán become “literally Hitler”, just like Donald Trump and we called all sorts of names, I will not repeat now. It really seemed like no matter what we said, how trivially truth we said, we were slammed for it.
          For example, if we would state “the apple will fall down from the tree” – once it have been found out the Hungarians saying that, it would have been qualified “as just another delusion of a xenophobic war criminal nazi supremacist nation”.
          That is why Orban says, when truth emerges it should be acknowledged even when the “excommunicated” Hungarians saying so…

          • Ok, thank you for this explaination 😉
            And thank you for your translation too …
            I uploaded a german version now.

            One Question:
            Can you please post a link to the original interview with Georg Spöttle (you translated this too) for me?
            (I want to translate your subs into german too …)

          • There are numerous Spöttle interview I translated. Which one you thinking of? All of them are here in GoV, just look backward in the older news…
            Also you can look it up in Youtube “Vlad Tepesblog”
            and based on the date you can find the article and the subtitle text here…

  7. The “vadász” is a central european military term for the light infantry. Means jager or ranger.

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