The US Conference of Catholic Bishops and the Refugee Business

One of the reasons why President Trump is facing such enormous, vicious resistance to his restrictions on immigration is that shuttling “refugees” into this country is a multi-billion dollar business. Large organizations, especially the Catholic Church and major Protestant denominations, are running a very lucrative “resettlement” scam with the migrants they place in communities — paid for with federal tax dollars. We’ve written in the past about what the Catholic church is up to in Northern Virginia (most recently: Catholic Church Unrepentant for Working with Muslim Brotherhood Front Groups).

Now a reader from California sends this note about the Catholic immigration industry on the Left Coast of the USA:

I know you’ve had articles in the past covering the Catholic Church’s involvement in importing thousands of “refugees” into the US. I was listening to our local Catholic radio station yesterday, and they had a guest on their show, Ashley Feasley of the US Conference of Catholic Bishops.

It was truly difficult to listen to her, as she said things such as how in-depth the vetting process is of those who come in, how we have a duty to accept the refugees, that they are fleeing civil war and we must help them, etc. etc. Most of the callers were saying we had to protect our country first, so that’s a good sign.

It was on the Drew Mariani show yesterday between 2 and 3pm (Pacific Coast time), on 1260 AM Immaculate Heart Radio in the San Francisco Bay Area. Here’s his webpage on the radio station.

You can see Ashley Feasley listed on the right side of the webpage under guests. Also, here’s an article from yesterday on the subject, which has Ms. Feasley commenting on the USCCB’s stand. And if you scroll to the bottom and read the reader comments, you’ll see that readers all back the immigration ban.

The Church profits enormously from their resettlement programs, which of course isn’t really mentioned, and I wonder how many members of the Church realize that. The church leaders quoted make it seem like it’s all about love and caring for the refugees that they’re helping to resettle, but they leave out the profit motive. They don’t even seem to be unsettled about the very low numbers of Christians who are allowed, even though they are very clearly the most persecuted in most of these countries.

Traitors to their country and traitors to Christ.

To keep up-to-date on refugee resettlement news, read Refugee Resettlement Watch.

6 thoughts on “The US Conference of Catholic Bishops and the Refugee Business

  1. Granted I have not read this entire article but I worked pro bono for Catholic Migration for some years. Catholic Migration is not the resettlement arm of Catholic Charities, rather it is a legal immigration law clinic. During my tenure at Catholic Migration we dealt with legal immigration matters assisting all and any who came through our doors of whom we could help as our resources were limited.
    There was no profit whatsoever. Yes, we assisted Muslims, Lutherans, Coptics, Roman Catholics, Agnostics, etc.

    We often had to redo what private attorneys had wrought taking advantage of people.
    I will re-read your piece as I have great respect for the Gates of Vienna.

  2. Just stopping in to point out that Trump’s fight with Silicon Valley over H-1Bs is largely about money and SV’s refusal to pay qualified Americans appropriate wages.

    The liberals screaming, “RACIST,” with regard to Trump’s stance on H-1Bs are simply useful idiots for their corporate overlords that are more than happy to pay subpar wages for what are essentially indentured servants. I would also point out that many H-1B candidates with supposedly advanced degrees simply get them from diploma mills in India.

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