The Truck Jihad in Jerusalem

It has now become a familiar image in the Western media: a large motionless truck sitting slightly askew, wheels up over the curb, with bullet holes in the windshield and damage to grill and bumper. The languages on the nearby signs vary, as do the license plates and the insignia on the uniforms of the police and soldiers. But it’s roughly the same picture in each case: the aftermath of the Truck Jihad.

And so it was yesterday with the Palestinian truck driver in Jerusalem, who killed four Israeli soldiers and wounded a number of others before being shot to death by soldiers.

Our Israeli correspondent MC sends this brief note about what happened:

As you are probably aware, there was a truck ramming yesterday on the Tyalit overlooking Jerusalem proper.

The media and other sites are speculating as to why many of the soldiers ran away, and this is a bit unfair, for reasons I will explain.

The boys and girls leave High School at the end of the summer term, and for the next few months are inducted into IDF basic training. They do a lot of activities during basic training, particularly Israeli and military history, and they travel around the country to familiarize themselves with the terrain. During this time they are issued with an M16 rifle which they have to have with them all the time, but are not issued ammunition or magazines except for actual weapons training.

They are in ‘sections’ each with two or three ‘sergeants’, and the sergeants have live weapons, of course.

I would think that what the video is showing is these unarmed ‘cadets’ being told to get out of Dodge at the double, whilst the sergeants lock ‘n’ load. You can see one young soldier getting mags out of her pack.

Given that the victims themselves were in their twenties, they would have been the officers and sergeants who were last off the bus.

The recent prosecution of the young soldier for shooting a supposedly ‘incapacitated’ terrorist has not helped this kind of situation. Like the Japanese in WW2, there is no such thing as an ‘incapacitated’ Palestinian terrorist — they are dangerous to all those around them, even whilst supposedly wounded, and will happily lash out and kill the medics trying to care for them.

B’tsalem (‘in the picture’), an extreme left NGO, ‘just happened’ to be there with a camera, and the then Defence Minister panicked and accused the soldier of murder. It took eight months for the court to make a decision…

It could happen anytime, anywhere, worldwide. Islam is sick and revolting, and revels in the untimely deaths of these young people.

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MC lives in the southern Israeli city of Sderot. For his previous essays, see the MC Archives.

12 thoughts on “The Truck Jihad in Jerusalem

  1. Eventually Western governments will have to establish a separate judicial branch to deal with jihad attacks. The only possible sentence for physically violent jihad will be ‘death’ or ‘death + torture’. Imagine that, imagine knowing that ANY violent jihad aggression will always result in death for the jihadist. Except every effort should be made to arrest the jihadist so that a congruent level of extreme punishment is applied. Killing a jihadist at the place of attack just rewards that person with martyrdom and a quick death. It’s a near-perfect outcome from the jihadist’s perspective. The death sentence should be carried out over a period of 2 or 3 months, ramping up the level of pain applied each day. Each day should end with 3 extreme waterboarding sessions. A machine could easily be developed that could do this mechanically while monitoring the Muslim’s heart rate. The sleeping arrangements for jihadists should be solitary metallic cells kept at 50 degrees F.

    In legal system jihad a Muslim files a lawsuit based on false charges to compel the non-Muslim respondent to spend money to defend himself, then the Muslim withdraws the charges days before the trial. When this happens the Muslim should be charged with filing a ‘nuisance suit.’ If found guilty he should receive a similar sentence to that for violent jihad, seriously.

    Any Islamic ‘charity’ that contributes any money to violent jihad should be deemed a jihad-funding organization and treated accordingly. Punishment for this should be about 60% as severe as for violent jihad.

    The media should be held accountable for issuing propaganda, receiving severe financial punishments.

    People are slowly waking up to the realization that Islam demands jihad of all its followers, and there are many paths of jihad, all of which subvert the host society. It’s almost admirable how Islam conducts a ‘cold jihad war’ on all fronts, in voice and text for in all levels of the media, universities, textbooks, government reports, commissions, in the legal system, and in violent attacks which are occurring twice or three times a week somewhere in the developed industrial world.

    And we do nothing. It’s worse than nothing because the Left covers for the jihad and helps it along in a thousand small ways.

    The West is disintegrating before our eyes. Sweden as a secular Western state will be gone within ten years. Germany in fifteen maybe. It’s unbelievable, but 62% of Germany’s military is Muslim. I’m still amazed at that statistic.

    Either we start to fight this or we’ll lose our societies within a single generation.

    • That statistic about 62% of the German military is bogus. I invite our German readers to present more accurate information.

      If you are convinced that your numbers are accurate, please provide a source or sources, so readers may assess their credibility for themselves.

  2. Maybe that policy of employing young Israeli’s fresh out of school and on the streets without the basics in self-defence procedures is past overdue for changing?

    If I was the Defence Minister that policy would be changed overnight.

  3. “During this time they are issued with an M16 rifle which they have to have with them all the time, but are not issued ammunition or magazines except for actual weapons training.”

    This claimn seems strange to me, as someone who served in IDF and continues to do reserve service.
    From what I know, if a soldier leaves his/her base with a weapon, there is at least one ammo clip that the soldier needs to have on him/her.

    • But these are pimply kids, barely out of school. Treating them as soldiers is a bit of a stretch. It could be that there is some thinking in getting them used to being married to their rifles, but it also risks the loss of weapons into the wrong hands. By the time they take a weapon off-base, they should at least have had range training to a very disciplined level, and be issued [even sealed] a live magazine. Otherwise, this practice is a “school” outing to become familiarized with terrain. Wear civvies.

  4. I would think that what the video is showing is these unarmed ‘cadets’ being told to get out of Dodge at the double, whilst the sergeants lock ‘n’ load. You can see one young soldier getting mags out of her pack.

    I am grateful you reported this. I did not know it.

  5. Eventually Western governments will have to establish a separate judicial branch to deal with jihad attacks. The only possible sentence for physically violent jihad will be ‘death’ or ‘death + torture’. Imagine that, imagine knowing that ANY violent jihad aggression will always result in death for the jihadist. Except every effort should be made to arrest the jihadist so that a congruent level of extreme punishment is applied.

    While much of what you say is true, the notion of gratuitous torture prior to execution flies in the face of most Western concepts of justice. That said, you cannot be blamed for seeking some sort of functional deterrent to Islamic terrorism. However, far too many in the West will feel some sort of compunction with respect to this penalty.

    At the very least, you have identified a central problem in regard to dealing with those who praise death and exhibit little, if any, hesitation about inflicting grievous bodily harm, even at the risk of personal injury or fatality.

    In fact, the proposition of imposing in extremis agony as part of capital punishment represents one of the few ways of hoping to deter violent terrorism.

    As Old Bill would say, “Therein lies the rub.”

    This is not to say that jihadist terrorists are undeserving of such an agonizing fate. Certainly, many of them seem all too meritorious of such an end. Neither should there be raised the traditional counterargument of, “we will become just like them!”

    All the same, swift annihilation—as part of collective punishment or massively disproportionate retaliation—however cruel that may seem just as easily could prove to be a more desirable countermeasure. Those subjected to it would more quickly learn the merit of seeking out and neutralizing the various individuals who might otherwise require opposing forces (i.e., the West) to perform such seemingly gratuitous violence.

    Again, this may seem counterintuitive but inflicting greater casualties, without resorting to the equivalent of individual crucifixion, may prove more effective in that it could possibly inspire a necessary degree of self-policing or internal mollification that is, currently, both entirely absent and direly needed.

  6. Just a quibble regarding the organization known as “B’tselem” (not “B’tzalam”, as referred to in the post).

    The meaning of “B’tselem” is, “in the image of” (taken from the expression, “in the image of God”; that is from the biblical quote, “Adam was created in the image of God”).

    There is, of course, a connection between “image” and “picture”….

  7. Are you quoting Ivrit or biblical Hebrew? please make up your mind. There are lots of differences and you need to make it clear. B’tzalem provides cameras (hence ‘in the picture’, nothing to do with Adam) to Palestinians in the hope that they will film abuses, staged or otherwise, but, of course, in their view the stabbing of a teenage boy is not of any particular interest and does not constitute abuse because he is a Jewish Israeli. This is the usual left wing inverted racism, we are very used to it.

  8. In connection with the international threat of ‘truck jihad,’ and recent proposals to repel same, made by the City of Birmingham and reported in the British press, I have a contribution to offer, to which I must preface a few remarks of further explanation, and in mitigation of running possibly somewhat ‘over the top.’

    Birmingham’s reported defence plan involves the erection of concrete barriers disguised as municipal benches – though these fortifications ought properly to be viewed as municipal benches weaponised into concrete barriers. Additionally, a mature tree that has long beautified the rather bare, if popular, open space of Centenary Square is to get the chop, since it interferes with the Council’s military planning for this strategic area.

    Unfortunately, as these fantastic measures for our civil protection swing ponderously into operation – rather like the craning-in of the cyclopean new park furniture, one imagines – and trenches (no doubt) are dug in our urban flower-beds, with, ultimately, the ornamental addition of razor-wire trimmings, I find that the eccentric military fortifications that amused Tristram Shandy’s harmless Uncle Toby spring to the attention.

    However, I increasingly find that a more Swiftian yearning for the summary obliteration of such absurdities, as our governors typically consider a fit response to the daily outrages being committed upon the persons of innocent folk, leaps unbidden upon me, and savages my sensibilities.

    For some relief therefrom, I began to conceive my own, severely rational scheme for the Defence of the Realm. Unfortunately, this scientific reflection all too soon gave way to an outburst of passionate excess that would better befit an Hyde Park orator on his (antique) soap-box (as those will discover who, perhaps unwisely, linger here).

    There is in all this, I know, a sardonic and devilish mix of humour and horror. Such hysteria is today the common lot of the legitimate yet powerless people of the West, though mostly these patient, decent folk suffer their existential agony in silence. Increasingly, they have no choice but to bear their burden without complaint. Even the real agonies of the body are gagged by the official press of La-La Land, when preyed-upon parents and children must not be allowed to betray the whereabouts of Evil, lest the sacred wisdom of our overlords should be called in question.

    But, just sometimes, the pent-up energy of such repression will somewhere flash to earth it’s uncontainable discharge – – –

    Calming myself, I attempt to proceed:

    During the last War, all German nationals in Britain were interned on the Isle of Wight ‘for the duration of the emergency.’

    Obviously this neat solution to the risk of disloyalty and subversion would not work with today’s more than three million Moslems, who were either born elsewhere, or who have utterly failed to integrate and live with us in what have now instead become foreign enclaves, harbouring their brooding malignance within British cities.

    But surely the existence of these alien enclaves suggests the obvious solution: Simple containment of these dangerous populations in the places where they already are. This would avoid the fortification and militarisation of our civil life in the rest of the country (as in Birmingham), while still effectively guarding against terrorist activities. Stern measures would thereby be appropriately directed.

    As it is, the ‘little Hitlers’ of the town hall – as they were satiricially dubbed during the 1939-45 emergency – are delighting in their newly-licensed arbitrary powers to make life even more miserable than it need be. And even if one were to subscribe to the ‘under siege’ mentality of their Westminster masters, I can’t for the life of me see why the fortified park benches being proposed could not be interspersed amidst any surviving greenery, such as trees. After all, mature trees like this one would provide an excellent barrier to any jihadist truck: The truck would certainly come off worst in any collision with this fine tree! But no: the municipal boneheads prefer to execute the vandalism themselves, rather than allow the tree to withstand honourable injury on our behalf.

    Perversely, it is the British Public who are actually being ‘kettled’ in lagers, made to huddle behind improvised defences, all public life severely restricted, whilst wild men with murder in their hearts prowl around us awaiting their opportunity, in an inevitable lapse of our long unsleeping vigilance, or until they spy an overlooked chink in our primitive fortifications. Our leaders, who counsel for our own lot this cringing, cowering life in a daily expectation of ever-more confident outrages against ourselves, they, of course, live increasingly in heavily defended enclaves of their own, but behind a circumference of high-grade military steel and muscle, which allows them to ignore in comfort and absolute security – as if from another world – the miserable privations of their people!

    I seem to see them sally forth from their redoubts – these brave leaders – in their armoured cars, to repose in grand and somnolent pretension upon the great benches of State, whilst their power in the land is manifested in the feeble flapping of a stained and tattered flag, ignored atop a heap of ruin.

    So we are allowing ourselves, the true inheritors of Britain, to be restricted and patrolled in all our movements, in our own country, so that illegal and malcontent migrants may be at large to operate with impunity, stealthily plotting to destroy this green and pleasant land, with our own traitorous governors shamefully tearing up those very roots that support our own, peaceful existence, as they make way officiously everywhere for the onrushing juggernaut of jihad!

    As they lop our living limbs these Plenipotentiaries of Death and Destruction are cutting a swathe through our Island’s old resistance. They have given the enemy free passage everywhere, to surround us in our homes. The last tree of the ancient wooden wall, that once was erected into a mighty engine of defence, powerfully opposing our foes from afar and overseas, is being chopped up for firewood – – – May it’s ashes burn long and fiercely in British hearts! Let it’s symbolic flames drive our Sworn and Eternal Enemy from our Christian Gates!!

    • Britain is indeed the product of many Centuries of Christianity, and it is a huge undertaking to surgically remove that Christian tumour from our society. The medicine of this surgery style is to anesthetize by media injection, and to use immigrant leeches to bleed the body of its lifeblood.

      The surgeons however thing that having removed the growth that is Christianity, then they can ditch the leeches and we can all live in blissful socialism like in Venezuela. The tree, after all, is renewable, the Christianity is not, and since god died of neglect, there is obviously nothing to re-ignite the flame of Messiah. Thus the new religion takes over, but which one it will be we are now not so sure, will it be allah or the bbc? Rumour has it that TVs no longer have an off switch……

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