The DDR Moves North to Finland

When I was a kid back in the sixties, before détente took hold, we learned in school about social and political oppression behind the Iron Curtain. East Germany — the DDR — was often cited as an example of how vile the state could be in its enforcement of ideological conformity: children in the DDR were encouraged to snitch on their parents to the communist authorities. If a kid heard his mother or father express counterrevolutionary thoughts, and then turned the parent in to the police for remedial action, the child would receive an award in school and the accolade of his teachers and peers.

Horrible, eh? It’s a good thing the era of such abominations has passed!


Check out this state propaganda from Finland, in which a little girl reports her mother to the “police lion” for expressing politically unacceptable thoughts on Facebook.

KGS, who translated the video for subtitles, sends this summary:

The Finnish Police have taken an active role in monitoring Finnish social media over the past few years. In recent months a number of Finns Party politicians have been fined for so called ‘hate speech’ for posts published on Facebook criticizing Islam and mass migration of Muslims into their country.

This Orwellian media attempt by the Finnish police to highlight what they see as problematic language being disseminated on Finnish social media is more problematic than what they believe they’re addressing.

The child is ratting out her mother to the police for telling off a politician, something she admits she’d rather not do in public to his face. What transpires in the video is so Maoist and Stasi-like it turns the stomach, even without the subtitles.

The lion is the national symbol of Finland, like the bald eagle in the US and Maple Leaf in Canada.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:00   “Poliisileijona” (Police lion)
00:07   Alma is sitting on the couch drawing,
00:10   when he notices her mom furiously typing on her iPad.
00:23   What are you doing, Mom? I’m typing a message to a politician’s Facebook wall.
00:28   I’m really going to let him have it!
00:32   Why are you typing it there? Why don’t you tell it to him directly?
00:36   Mom: Well, these are the kind of things I wouldn’t dare to say to him directly to his face.
00:42   Alma doesn’t understand her Mom’s behavior, so she takes action.
00:46   [Poliisileijona] Listen, Mom! That was a naughty thing to do.
00:54   How would you feel if somebody wrote that about you?
00:57   It may even be a criminal offence. It is harassment to berate someone on Facebook,
01:01   write nasty messages and spread sensitive pictures
01:04   or information about someone you know.
01:08   When you put a vile insult on the Internet, you will soon have to have to pay
01:12   an enormous amount of compensation. If you put a nasty insult on the net, it will stay there.
01:16   And that is hard to fathom.
01:20   The choir: Exactly! Exactly! Exactly! I would compare it to getting a tattoo.
01:25   Watch out! Watch out! Watch out! Don’t put anything dumb on social media, please!
01:30   Exactly! Exactly! Exactly! I would compare it to getting a tattoo.
01:35   Watch out! Watch out! Watch out!
01:39   Don’t put anything dumb to social media, please!
01:42   Police Lion! Police Lion!

23 thoughts on “The DDR Moves North to Finland

    • That’s exactly what I was gonna write. Speechless.
      I have a hunch the woman playing the mother doesn’t believe too much in what’s going on there. She doesn’t seem into it.
      And that choir? What side of the Rainbow do they live on exactly?

  1. We have something similar in the Czech Republic: Its a (brand new) Czech children show where the children play cops and hunt down adult criminals. Also, Czech police is taking children out of kindergarden and teaching them how to check parking tickets and so on…

    The Police Mafia has its own propaganda, and the most annoyng thing is that the stupid cops really believe in policing… If you want a well behaved dog, you have to start conditioning early…

    • Bertolt Brecht wrote a play, Private Lives of the Master Race, about Nazi Germany. One scenario in the play was about a boy in Hitler’s youth group turning his parents in. I worked the sound board in a college production of this play and always got chills when watching that particular piece.

      I hate to hear this about the Czech Republic police. They need to go visit the House of Terror museum in Budapest
      and think long and hard about their past.

  2. Those with long memories will recall the squalid tale of Pavlik Morozov, the boy who informed on his parents during the Stalinist terror of the ’30s. The glorious Communist Party of the Soviet Union made a hero out of him and encouraged Soviet youth to emulate him.

    • I can’t provide any detailed information, but it seems to have happened numerous times in communist countries/eras that children encouraged to inform on their parents actually ended up doing it, with all the tragic conséquences that followed.

  3. … and from 1791:

    “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

    The people who wrote that were obviously geniuses then, and they’re still geniuses now.

    It’s very fortunate for all of us that when such insanity takes over a country, there’s at least the possibility of hosting opposition sites in the USA, protected by the First Amendment.

  4. Another thing that bugs me about this video and our times, is that it seems to have become the norm for parents or alleged grown ups to seek for the approval of their kids or the overall youth.
    That’s how you end up with politicians doing hip hop moves to appear cool on TV.
    Since when do you need your kids or other people’s kids to tell you what to do or think?

  5. Hailing from Finland, here.

    Yes indeed, echoes of the long-dead DDR. This video is just the latest attempt to undermine the democracy here. Last year it was racism, but since that word has lost most of its potency because of massive and ridiculous over-usage, the new trend is “hatespeech”. With some highly-publicized showtrials of some of the politicians from the only anti-immigration party of True Finns, the hysteria of hatespeech is now the preferred weapon of the green-left establishment. Of course this is nothing more than an another attempt to shut down all criticism of the ongoing muslim mass immigration, and to whitewash the alarming rise in rape, crime and financial cost of the hijra.

    This video is widely ridiculed amongst the Finns, it’s badly made, stupid to the point of being embarrassing, and fills wievers with anger, instead of the alarm or fear that was perhaps the original intention. Its really seen as nothing more than bad propaganda.

    Nevertheless, despite their best efforts, the cultural marxists have not been able to put a lid on the growing rise of anger and frustration among the common people. It’s just like the rest of Europe. The kettle is slowly reaching a boiling point…

  6. Here is something similar, a very creepy youth indoctrination site created by the Council of Europe:

    I can’t find this quote now but a couple of years ago it featured this excellent bit of doublethink:

    “The campaign is not designed to limit freedom of expression online. It defends freedom of expression and seeks not to curb freedom of speech but to reinforce it”.

    Here is where you make your denunciations:

    I used it to report various bits from the Koran but received no response.

  7. As creepy as that “proper socialist child” is, it seems no one noticed even creepier thing, namely those utterly unserious, undignified, playing the ape actors in police uniform, arrogantly and shamelessly presenting some kind of orwellian tyranny with a cheerful clown’s face.

    • Yes, I noticed that. I wondered if they really believed what the ad was saying of if they had sold their souls for a paycheque.

  8. Nightmarish.

    During the Cultural Revolution, children were also encouraged to betray their parents. Many a Chinese mother and father ended up shot because the son or daughter told the authorities that their parents had said, ah, ‘bad things about the government’.

    I read about that as a teen in Reader’s Digest almost 40 years back. That children would be used in exactly the same way in 2017 (!!!!) in Europe (!!!!) is… unbelievable.

    We should be prepared to take up arms to defend what’s ours.

  9. Portuguese councils and enviroment mafias are paying people to snitch on neighbours in order to issue huge fines against unsuspecting innocent citizens in order to raise revenue to prop up there corrupt and bankrupt communist socialst
    Police state!!!

    Portugal is a commie hell hole, on backside of europe,
    Its a breeding ground of socialist nazis, and left liberal wankers.

    Portuguese councils fine people for anything, knowing it costs minimum of 6000 euro
    To get a lawyer, and make a defence, that will entaill 5 or 6 years in state terror, legal fees, and harrasement from there own private army of brownshirts, known as the GNR!

    These gnr are modern day gestapo, shaking down and terrorising the population in portugal, these nazi thugs need disbanding, arresting and put on trial.

    The portugues councils use them as there private thugs to enforce terror andcspreae fear in portugal.

    Breitbart shoukd do a expose on this little corrupt bananna state, socialist losers hell hole!!!

  10. Well, this is terrifying. The potential for getting kids to turn on their parents is one reason I hope Trump finds a way to stop Common Core here in the US. If it continues to roll out standards in other subjects, it will be scary to see what they may to to social studies, where kids learn about history and their “social responsibilities.”

    • Shouldn’t be too hard to stop Common Core, as it was created and foisted on the states through Dept of Education diktats, easily reversible by Presidential decree.

      Even more pernicious is any federal control of state or local education. In a truly autonomous local educational system, a film like this wouldn’t last more than 5 minutes, or however long it took to bring pitchforks to the next school board meeting.

      It is in the centralization and federalization of educational responsibility and authority that brings the real danger of abuses, where the money and authority are independent from oversight or even from knowledge.

      Incidentally, Trump has promised to return education to the states.

      I’ll have to confess to not being very enthusiastic about charter schools or educational vouchers, their being simply another form of wealth redistribution from the producers to the non-productive, with a healthy commission for the government bureaucrats, who are non-productive by any standards. It will be sooner rather than later that charter schools and voucher schools will have to conform to government “standards” and we are right back where we started.

      • You’re right, a video like this wouldn’t last long if parents got wind of it. Based on what I know about CC, as you said, it is a federal program that has been disguised as something state-led. Much-needed money is dangled like a carrot in front of the states, and most have taken the bait, unfortunately. I only know of one teacher who supports Common Core, and it seems to be the federalization aspect that scares them the most. It will definitely be interesting to see exactly what Trump does with (or to) the Department of Education.

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