Strange New Respect for Theresa May

After yesterday’s love-fest between President Donald Trump and British Prime Minister Theresa May, it’s appropriate to remember Cousin Theresa’s documented record of dhimmitude during her stint at the Home Office before she replaced David Cameron as prime minister. The video below shows a speech given by Ms. May a couple of years ago to a (presumably) mostly Muslim audience.

The prime minister may well be in the habit of changing her opinions on immigration and Islam whenever the political winds change direction. Since the American winds have most assuredly reversed their direction since November 8, she may find it expedient to abandon her earlier dhimmitude as she climbs aboard the Trump bandwagon. Still, it’s worth keeping her record in mind — after all, as Home Secretary, she made the official decision to keep Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller out of Britain.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for annotating and uploading this video:

29 thoughts on “Strange New Respect for Theresa May

  1. Never trust a liberal. Ever.

    If May seems to be changing her position it is ONLY because she recognizes the strong horse in Trump.

    Like liberals everywhere/anywhere, she’s a Profile in Putty.

    • she isn’t a liberal, just a bureaucratic opportunist.

      real liberals in the UK, who are more or less known:
      – Anne Marie Walters
      – Tommy Robinson
      – Douglas Murray
      – Pat Condell
      – Paul Weston

      if Tommy stood for PM in the next elections, he would very likely win.
      in my opinion it makes more and more disservice to the nation that he doesn’t.
      and he would lift that spell of death fatwa on him and his family, by getting state security.
      if you read this, think about it Tommy.

      • Those people you list are ‘real Liberals?’ Tommy Robinson as PM? Never.
        Get real.
        Just the same, although May has been saying the right things lately, we should as the Baron says, remember her record. As you stated (correctly) PM May is a political (bureaucratic) opportunist, though curiously I (mistakenly?) thought May was/is a Conservative; where are you getting this ‘Liberal’ [idea]?

          • He has always struck me as very intelligent, able to speak to the camera with good points and no notes. How many more educated people could actually do that?

        • Robinson ..a complete false nationalist…not my politicsbat all..
          I am a nationalist…so Bi know how false this man is..

          i asked a question to Pegida Uk..just who paid for robinsons visit to Isreal…not a word of reply…

          i might add here I support Isreal in the ME.

          my friends r jewish

        • these people call themselves liberals and that is who they are.

          “liberals” in my world are those who value individual freedoms most, balanced by civil rights and meritocracy, but also accept some form of centralized wealth redistribution.

          “conservatives” are those who value first the right of free competition between individuals and groups, then the following hierarchy, – and accepting social solidariy mostly in the form of voluntary charity.

      • Complete [assertions I deprecate].. no one here respects Robinson..

        I speak as a person very much for my country…Islam out..

      • A wily politician called May
        was overheard one day to say
        “I’ll whitewash sharia
        if it helps my career.
        Your grandkids will just have to pay”.

  2. This is the Home Secretary who bent ‘Justice’ to lock up TR on trumped up charges and put him in with Jihadis to officially, accidentally (on purpose) dispose of him – any way the wind blows, nothing really matters much to her.

  3. I choose not to finish watching this video. This creature is prime minister of the United Kingdom? She sounds like Cameron’s older bully sister. Is the UK majority Muslim now?
    The ‘British’ government according to the character in this video has a decidedly pro fifth column Islamic bent. Britain needs a Trump – and fast. Where has our beautiful bible gone?

    • Where do we find one…my homeland and Europe is in peril.. The establishment is pro Muslim…

      We need to change this..soonest

      • Europe has to embrace nationalism, and not shun it as we have been taught to do since the mid 60’s. Do you remember “I’m backing Britain” with a Union Jack background?

        We are too afraid of the ‘racist’ label, and we are too eager to join in with the condemnation of so called racism. We need our jobs back and our politics back, If you want to achieve something then ‘come out’ and join LIBERTY GB!

        • on your unspecified “nationalism”, – thanks but no.
          from Pinochet to Erdogan to Putin, they are all nationalists.

          I will be absolutely satisfied by democratic globalism without religion.
          Could you please explain what will be wrong with that.

          • It will be full of moslems, the enemy, what’s right about that?

            Today is a very different world from 50-70 years ago, and if the meaning of nationalism has changed. Seventy years ago it was akin to Fascism, now it’s more synonymous with hope.

  4. Are these very powerful multi faced creatures just playing an age old game? You know saying and doing anything and everything for the moment while all the time being ready willing and capable of plan B. If at some point the Muslims cross that invisible line millions of willing infidels will see a billion Muslims off to their brothel in Hell.

  5. As the late senator Everett Dirksen (R-IL) put it: “When I feel the heat, I begin to see the light.”

  6. I think trump already knows about this lieing womans past, and he knows for now he just has to play her along fir a bit, trump is smart, i really believe hes smart.

    I bet he reads gates of vienna.

    He would have to, to get a look into the facts and feel of the counter jihad.

    T may, is a typcal vote whore, change her colours to get votes.

    She us from same cesspit breeding acadamys oxford, cambridge, eton, where the churn out these pc automatons by the cartload.

    I think t may will soon be removed from office, i think in uk is going be soon major unrest in britain and eu, riots, murders, civil war.

    Just wait few more weeks, after le pen and wilders take over.

    T may is a traitor! I think trump knows it very very well, hes fooling her into false sense of security, t may is the “queen of clubs” on my list of the most wanted traitirs in western world. Her shackles and orange suit are waiting for her and the rest of her oxford and cambridge panys boys.

  7. Let us stand side by side with the British Muslims who gang rape and prostitute British girls. You could have so much fun with that speech, in a dark sort of way.

  8. Actually, let it also not be forgotten that recently and more than a month after Trump’s election, on Dec 12 2016, Theresa May was doubling down on her slander of Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer:

    Equating ‘Islamophobia’ with antisemitism, AND WITH RADICAL ISLAM (Abu Hamza etc.), she said: “It’s why I stopped Pamela Geller, Robert Spencer and Pastor Terry Jones coming too – since Islamophobia comes from the same wellspring of hatred.”

    See here:

    and a discussion of her mentality here:

  9. I think we all need to remember that in the first instance the British Conservative Party is no longer Conservative and has not been Conservative since the days of Margaret Thatcher.

    Secondly, May as Prime Minister and as leader of the British ‘Conservative’ Party is beholden to the party’s major subscribers and benefactors who are in the main the very wealthy of the United Kingdom and the highly ranked and who are mostly in bed with the Globalists and their goals.

    Thirdly, as of the above, May is also beholden to what her ‘advisers’ tell her and those advisers in the main receive their advice from the Royal Institute of International Affairs at Chatham House and who publish their ‘views’ of what the world should be doing some months before the British government adopts them.

    So for all the fanfare of May’s visit to Washington, Trump, so far as the Western world is concerned, is still all alone in his endeavours.

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