Sigmar Gabriel: Not Racial Profiling, But a Description of Reality

Sigmar Gabriel is the chairman of the Social Democrat Party in Germany and serves as vice-chancellor under the Grand Coalition that governs the country in partnership with the CDU, Angela Merkel’s party. The article below reports on Mr. Gabriel’s remarks about the controversy over the use of “racial profiling” by the police on New Year’s Eve in Cologne and other cities.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for translating this piece from Epoch Times:

Gabriel calls critics of the Cologne police “absurd and crazy” — “‘Nafris’ merely describes reality”

“With their ‘Nafri/North Africans’ profiling, the police did nothing but describe reality,” the SPD [Social Democrats] chief added. “Because just like last year, hundreds of young men who come from North Africa again arranged to meet this year in Cologne.”

SPD chief Sigmar Gabriel strongly rejected any criticism of the Silvester strategy of the Cologne Police, and he demanded consequent deportation of rejected asylum seekers from North African countries: the accusation that the successful effort for the prevention of violence, theft and sexual attacks was somehow connected to racist profiling is “an absurd and downright crazy debate,” Gabriel told the newspapers of the Funke-Media group.

“The police with their ‘Nafri/North African’ profiling did nothing but describe reality,” the SPD-chief added. “Because just like last year, hundreds of young men who come from North Africa again arranged to meet this year in Cologne.”

Gabriel pointed out the high potential for aggression in this group, and asked: “What exactly should the police have done differently then, instead of confronting precisely these groups of North Africans and not letting them into the city center of Cologne?” That has nothing to do with racism, but with smart, active defense and the avoidance of danger.

Gabriel also demanded consequences from the Federal government: They have to increase the pressure on the home countries of North Africans to take their citizens back. A large majority of them do not have a positive prospect in terms of legal residency, but they are unable simply to be deported, because their home countries aren’t willing to recognize (re-admit) them as citizens. Gabriel warned: The longer these men are here without any prospects, the more their frustration and potential for aggression grow.

11 thoughts on “Sigmar Gabriel: Not Racial Profiling, But a Description of Reality

  1. Hard to believe him saying this – Gabriel is usually beyond left, pro-culture, pro-islam!

    • How pathetic – African countries will not take their citizens back!

      How long is the coast line of Africa, just thousands of mile?

      Suggest landing crafts, with gunship cover and just dump these NAFRI on an African Shore and make them find their own way home!

      Packed lunches of course to satisfy the left wing lunatic brigade.

      • good plan, last time a german gunship showed on the moroccan coast is over 100 years ago,the “HMS Panther” off Agadir.So a visite is overdue.
        No, wait a minute! In november ,a german secretary of state was in Morocco to negotiate the return of their beloved countrymen.It was reported that the officials were not readyly available and man him cruise the block for an hour or two,when finally he was greeted by a third tier official to get the advice to s end them to Mr Putin( this is serious. n.ed.).What arrogant bas?☠️.ds they are.

  2. Gabriel, out of all! He is the one who called critics from PEGIDA and angry German citizens who showed up at some of his speeches to protest the madness as “pack, that should be put away”. If he hopes for the elections that people forget as quick as he does…

  3. Keeping these large groups of North African men out of Cologne was ‘smart active defense and the avoidance of danger’ said Gabriel. A pity that the German & EU authorities can’t apply this maxim at their national borders.

  4. Recommend Americans watch “The lost Boys of Sudan” currently available for viewing, streaming on Netflix. After the British empire gave up its colonies in Northern Africa, Muslim governments quickly replaced them resulting in the genocide of African Christians.

    Brad Pitt helped produce the documentary of the Lost Boys being relocated to the United States. The savagery of Muslim governments is horrific! Meanwhile, Muslim migrants from Sudan (now a Muslim nation) have committed welfare benefit scams in Germany. No surprise here.

    MSM has done a great job covering up the crimes of Muslim governments and blaming everybody except the perpetrators themselves. Much easier to blame past colonization, poverty and famine.

  5. Sigmar Gabriel is also known as “Siggy Pop”, after he became the “Pop-culture emissary” of his party a few years ago.

    However, recently he revealed that his teachers in school almost made the “mistake” of sending him to “Special School” – a school for people with learning disabilities.

    Since then he’s also known as “Sonderschüler Gabriel”

    What quality people we have in our government!

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