Residents of Redbridge in London Needed to Help Stop a Planned Mosque

The video below is an appeal for help from Gavin Boby of the Law and Freedom Foundation. It concerns the third attempt to mau-mau the planning commission in the Borough of Redbridge, in northeastern London. The local Muslims are determined to have their mosque expansion approved, and only an equally determined response by residents of the borough will be able to ward off the construction of yet another Islamic barracks.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this video:

For more on Gavin Boby and the Law and Freedom Foundation, see the Law and Freedom Foundation Archives.

6 thoughts on “Residents of Redbridge in London Needed to Help Stop a Planned Mosque

  1. If a Muslim is speaking, you can be sure it is a lie, as long as it is helps spreads islamic filth.

  2. This is on the outskirts of London to where a great many indigenous east Londoners and Cockneys decamped. Their old living spaces in inner London, (eg the notorious attempted Muslim takeover of Tower Hamlets borough by voter fraud), and where generations of true Londoners were brought up are now unrecognisable. They’ll be fighting this to the last.

    • In the process of ‘serving’ and ignoring me at the same time the costumed Muslim employees at a London Tesco store mocked back and forth with his hijabbed conspirator about how he didn’t mind white people. However, “Tower Hamlets doesn’t have any. Only bros live there or something. How do they get away with this merde?

  3. Determination is our greatest weakness, i.e. the lack thereof. We like to believe we’ve reached a state of civilization where we can leave all this nonsense behind, but fail to recognize that such development is not universal. We’ll get steamrolled by reality if we don’t wake up.

  4. If you go to Google Earth Street View, you can plainly see that there is very little parking in the area. A small lot adjacent to the existing building, and maybe a dozen spots under the over pass. Boby has beaten many mosque applications in the past with the lack of parking weapon. I think he will win this one as well, if he can get the locals behind him.

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