Reality Moves Into the Light

The essay below from Junge Freiheit is the first in a series of related articles about the glacial shift that is now underway in German cultural and political attitudes in the wake of events during last weekend’s New Year’s celebrations. Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation:

Reality moves into the light

by Karlheinz Weissmann

The reaction of the Green Party leader Simone Peters was merely reflexive when it came to the surface that the police in Cologne used the term “Nafri” for “North African Repeat Offenders”. She was handed the information and she reacted as expected: Those who were stopped at the Cologne train station, who were frisked, who were surveyed, who were fingerprinted or photographed, who were held back from Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, Libya, Egypt or from Lebanon, were victims, and the police were the perpetrators; they acted excessively, disproportionately, breached fundamental rights, were “racially profiling” and “racists”.

The usual suspects, especially among her party friends, seconded her, and many were already afraid things were going to be just like with the Nazis again, and Jan Böhmermann asked inquiringly what exactly is the difference between a “Negro” [unacceptable term] and a “Nafri”.

Political climate change

Confusingly enough, however, there was positive input as well. The Green Party’s co-chairman Cem Özdemir quickly distanced himself from Peters, and MP Omid Nouripour found nothing wrong with the police operation on New Year’s Eve. A similar stance was taken by the parliamentary party leader of the Green party, Katrin Göring-Eckardt.

Among the SPD [Social Democrat] leadership, who usually love to express their “critical” stance towards authority, there was no applause for Peters either. This led to a certain confusion on the part of the larger government parties, but they quickly regained their composure and praised the police who had kept order, the Christian Social as well as the Christian Democrat Parties, along with the Minister of the Interior — all became defenders of the “strong state”.

The sequence in which it is all depicted here is an astonishing indication of the political climate change that has taken place over the course of a year since “Black Silvester” 2015. In other words, this is not about a volatile mood, but it has brought up the argument that what was once seen as the “fundamental liberalization” after the ’68 Generation really does belong to the design and implications of the politics of the Federal Republic of Germany of today.

Reflexive reaction

Such implications have to do with what in Psychology is known as “conditioning”. It’s not just a thing with animals — such as when a dog automatically salivates when he smells food — it goes for people as well. There is a stimulus, which is then followed by a certain reaction. In Simone Peters’ case the stimulus was the “police against migrants” and her reaction was “evil white Herrenmensch against the noble savages”.

In order to anchor such connections in a person, a considerable amount of effort is needed. That effort takes mostly place in education. The obvious educators (parents, teachers, professors, perhaps religious people), and all the secret educators (cliques, other reference groups, those responsible for content of media in all forms) have to collaborate and clarify which behavior will be rewarded and which will be punished. Any person who — like Frau Peters — grew up in the fifties belongs to a generation and lives in a milieu that was successfully “conditioned” more than any other.

The finely-conceived world is cracking

In this cosmos, everything before ’68 was German, ugly, narrow-minded and square and fascist, and everything in the world after ’68 was Western, pretty, and progressive; one belonged to the Good, the Left, the ‘smart ones’, while the others were the Bad, the Right, who wore the wrong clothes and listened to the wrong music.

This world is now cracking. And through these cracks reality is penetrating, and then reality can upset conditioning if anything can, even destroy it, because it realigns the relationship between success and failure.

27 thoughts on “Reality Moves Into the Light

  1. Yes, excellent points.

    Although the window of forgiveness when they eventually come to their senses is rather narrow at this point despite a full understanding of how they have adopted the paradigm they have. Nuanced or otherwise.

    I mean, just how much evidence of harm do they actually need? I have a suspicion that many on the “left” are right now going through the deepest of anguish at the direction their ideology has taken us. The transition will certainly be psychologically very painful for them and this should be acknowledged because we should all have the right to change our mind without rancour.

    Once the wars begin though it will only be black and white.

    History repeating I guess.

    • I doubt those who have brought this to us will seek forgiveness or even that forgiveness should be given if asked for.

      These are not folk who have made a simple error that is easily corrected when the time comes, no, these are people who have been specifically selected for their propensity and utter willingness to carry the agenda forward regardless as to cost against their own kind and culture, and as such, are known for what they are all throughout history as Traitors!

      A country that values its history and culture should never forgive its traitors.

      • Yes, I would largely agree with your points.

        I suppose I am coming from the direction of how one deals with the “well-intentioned” rather than the insightful and wilful wish to do harm? (which certainly would fit the profile you summarise).

        I think we have all had that “my God, what have I done?” moment at some point in our lives.

        I do very much see what you are getting at though.

        • Except that most of us, when we have to tell ourselves “My God, what have I done”, are not ultimately responsible for the deaths of hundreds of people from terrorism and the destruction of a whole culture and civilization.
          You shouldn’t be so kind.

        • Well, usually, the “what have I done?!” moment doesn’t come after twenty years of rape and murder. For, let’s face it, this has been going on in Germany for that time, only the scale was smaller.

          Özdemir, specifically, is often quoted with:
          “What we did not manage on 1648 with our brawn, we will manage today with our brain.”

          Readers of this blog specifically will not need Infogalactic to know what that means…

    • You do not ask for forgiveness when you are right . . . and all evidence to the contrary be damned.

    • “The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, and wiser people so full of doubts.”
      – Bertrand Russell

  2. This gives a very fine sliver of a chance that maybe, just maybe, things can be turned around, albeit at a very slow pace. The left were so rabid in their ideology and their infliction of “white guilt” they they were literally giving the green light for the annihilation of the Europeans.

  3. “Nafri” is a great moniker. It should become the counterjihad’s version of “kafir/kuffar”.

    • That’s very true, Belsay Bugle. But often before it makes you free, first it makes you miserable. Truth isn’t always pleasant.

  4. “gives a very fine sliver of a chance”

    Not exactly I guess; that’s probably the fine silver that preceds every clear morning; nothing will stop the sun!

    I am German but watch politics more in Sweden than here (you exercise a foreign language even when reading nonsense). My guess is, that Sweden has reached the bottom the valley, while Germany not yet has, but is going down the faster.

    An example from Sweden:
    The good intentions and the accident w/o a way to move back

    (Please, could someone with better English than me translate this?)

    This text is written by a former secretary of state and close co-worker of Fredrik Reinfeldt, the Swedish prime minister from 2006 to 2014. Here is my (bad) translation of the summary:

    The number of migrants to Sweden has been many times greater than what system of reception could cope with and what can be handled by the country.

    People are seeking asylum in Sweden with the expectation that it’s easy to get and to find work. But many won’t be accepted. Many who are accepted will be without work for a very long time. Many will get psychically hurt by the long waiting times. Most badly hit are unaccompanied children.

    The current crisis is not yet over. The measures put up until now are insufficient to sufficiently reduce influx of migrants.

    You can’t go back to the politics that produced the crisis. A free or very generous politics of migration does not match with a welfare state as we are used to.

    The migration crisis will set frames for Swedish politics for centuries to come and modify the society forever. Problems are in the fields of employment, education, housing but also collisions because of cultural differences, norms, and values.

    [To get an idea what happened in Sweden in autumn 2014
    Swedish (green) Deputy Prime Minister Åsa Romson cries during a press conference

    • It’s a huge mistake to assume the immigrants want work and are simply unsuited or unable to find work. This is the fallacy of assuming you know a mindset of people in a culture with which you are completely unfamiliar.

      It is every bit as valid, or as invalid, to assume that the majority of migrants are simply looking for the biggest handout they can get, and have no concept of a regular job.

      It’s funny that the left criticizes the right for being culturally insensitive, but the left is by far the quickest to project their own mindset on people they know nothing about.

  5. Sorry two errors with my posting

    1) Should be in reply to Mary Houghton on January 6, 2017 at 3:39 am

    2) Crying Åsa Romson was autumn (november IIRC) 2015.

  6. uhuu — even another serious error:

    The migration crisis will set frames for Swedish politics for centuries to come

    The migration crisis will set frames for Swedish politics for decades to come

    Excuse me!

  7. The author of the article stated that “Nafri” is short for “North African Repeat Offender”, is that really the case? I understood Nafri to be just the short form of North African. Any German readers care to clear that up for me? Thanks

    • It’s comprised of North AFRican, but in the way that police used it in Cologne they also use the I in NAFRI for “Intensivtäter”, which is a person who intensively offends, a repeat offender, serial offender.

  8. “The eye the light of God hath clarified remains open, and we may close it nevermore.” – Geert Groote

  9. Many migrants can get weapons from Kosovo and Bosnia. When there will be enough weapons at migrants, the show will start. The real one, not all these jokes we see today. Until now is just jokes, warming up.

  10. The Muslims must have thousands of vehicles wired and ready to go by now. And of course not to forget the burka molls. Because Western Europe in particular is clearly out of touch with reality the Muslims have been able to do their ‘forward planning’ with relative ease. Now with the removal of borders and raising of stupid to undreampt of levels in their favour I imagine – you name it. By now the leadership must be quite sophisticated.

  11. The lefties will one day realize the truth of the old saying, “When the treason has passed, the traitor is no longer necessary.”

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