Rage, Rage Against the Dying of the Light… Then Let the Tumbrils Roll

Seneca III’s latest essay concerns the handing over of an “Islamophobic” English schoolboy to the tender ministrations of Muslims for the purposes of re-education.

Rage, rage against the dying of the light… Then let the tumbrils roll

by Seneca III


The British Police — at the behest of and with the support of our home-grown traitors and those alien infiltrators who have rendered the Mother of Parliaments down to nothing more than a foetid grease stain on the pages of our history — are now waging war upon us on behalf of Invaders. They are forcefully ‘re-educating’ our white, native children and, with unctuous self-righteousness, handing them over to the apparatchiks of the so called Religion of Peace for indoctrination and then, inevitably, enslavement.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Well now, dear readers, do you think that paragraph is excessive hyperbole? Hysteria? Fake news? Islamophobia? Racism? Anti-Enrichment?… if so then read on and decide for yourselves. But first a warning; this report is going to get personal. I’ve simply had enough. (all following bold is mine — S III)

The Daily Express, headline, January 5th, 2017

Schoolboy put on anti-terror scheme for saying Muslims shouldn’t be allowed to wear burka

A SCHOOLBOY has been put through Britain’s strictest de-radicalisation programme after he expressed his beliefs “Muslim women should not be allowed to wear the burka”.

He had his head filled with nonsense that Muslims were trying to take over the country” and “…the child had illustrated a “genuine vulnerability” said Detective Superintendent Nik Adams, North East regional coordinator for Prevent.

[Unfortunately, I do not have a photograph of this Adams creature or any further details as to where it came from or where it lives and socialises so I cannot even determine if ‘Nik’ is a male or a female, but that is of no consequence. Evil is as evil does and it is not gender-specific. And, if you should read this, Adams, feel free to enjoy my pain but do remember — fortune passes everywhere, and tumbrils have rolled before.]

He [Adams] told The Yorkshire Post: “He [the child] was saying that Muslim women shouldn’t be allowed to wear the niqab and he had his head filled with nonsense that Muslims were trying to take over the country.”

The paper says the child lived in a predominantly white area and he was strongly influenced by the “far-right views of his father” who is separated from his mother.

[Well, at least there must be one ‘predominantly white area’ left in the in the North East, but that won’t be Rotherham or Bradford most certainly, even if those charming, open, so well assimilated and welcoming urban conurbations are not “trying to take over the country”. And I do note the implications in the phrase “far-right views of his father”. Now, apparently, if you are deemed to hold such views the State may take your children from you or your partner and subject them to nothing less than institutionalised child abuse in the name of Allah. Good one, that, and I hope that one day we find out who managed to slip that bit of pure evil past parliamentary scrutiny.]

The white schoolboy was dragged in and ordered to spend time with an Imam and visit a mosque after he made comments in school about Muslims “trying to take over the country“, according to local reports.

As part of the programme, the boy was introduced to a white, male officer of a similar age to his father to build a relationship before he was handed over to a younger, Muslim officer.

[Imam? Muslim officer? Seriously? As to what happened to the lad in those jolly sessions your guess, dear reader, is as good as mine.]

Mr Adams added: “It has had a fantastic impact on him in terms of his school reports, how he has settled, we’re not getting any more of those anti-Muslim comments, he is getting better with teachers.

[Muslim and/or Common Purposed teachers by any chance, Adams? On second thoughts, though, don’t even try to answer that as it would be a waste of time. By now the kid’s probably too terrified to say anything that might earn him another session with the Imam — their educational methods are common knowledge now after the Trojan School revelations.]

The decision to publicise the work of Channel targeting a white schoolboy is an unusual move, but the organisation has repeatedly been branded “racist” and accused of “unfairly targeting Muslims”.

[Really! I haven’t heard of any Muslim children being forcefully indoctrinated into Christianity or dragged into Church to spend time with a Vicar — indeed, it appears that rather than having to put up with that sort of abomination a significant percentage of Muslim children in this country aspire to become Jihadis, or one of their brides. (Allah wills it!)]

Channel is part of the counter-terror Prevent scheme, which aims to curb recruitment by Islamic terrorists and is used in the most serious cases of radicalisation, targeting “individuals at risk of being drawn into violent extremism“.

The organisation said the 14-year-old was signed up to volunteer with a “multi-faith project“ after he was “vocal in his views around what Muslim people should or shouldn’t be allowed to wear”.

[Note: “…the 14-year-old was signed up to volunteer…”. Dragged in!!! Dragged in and intimidated into ‘signing up’ by you and the gutless collection of career-ladder climbing vomitus working with or for you, Adams; too afraid to try it on for size with a white adult capable of obtaining legal representation in an open court? Damn sight easier to pick on a minor under the cover of child protection laws where you are free of any such irritating restraints, isn’t it? (Or did you actually get license to do this from one of those secret courts of yours in order to deliberately perjure this young mind?)]

Channel, under Prevent, has been a controversial scheme with the Home Affairs Select Committee describing it as “toxic” and discriminatory towards Muslims. [Read on]

Home Affairs Select Committee

This Parliamentary Committee was, until recently, chaired by the oleaginous Keith Vaz, MP:

Nigel Keith Anthony Standish Vaz is a British Labour Party politician who, as the Member of Parliament for Leicester East since the 1987 general election, is the British Parliament’s longest-serving British Asian MP. (Wikipedia)

Born: November 26, 1956 (age 60), Colony of Aden
Spouse: Maria Fernandes Vaz (m. 1993)
Party: Labour Party

And Leicester East, in case you hadn’t noticed, is extremely well-enriched so there’s no surprises here, then.


“MP Keith Vaz sex scandal allegations to be considered by police.” (The Sun, September 10th, 2016.)

“The wife of shamed MP Keith Vaz has said she will eventually forgive him for cheating on her with rent boys…” (The Telegraph, September 11th, 2016.)

The BBC:

Police are investigating possible drug offences following a Sunday Mirror story about the Labour MP Keith Vaz.

Mr Vaz quit as chairman of the Home Affairs Select committee in September after the paper claimed he paid for the services of two male escorts.

According to the newspaper, the MP also indicated to one of the men that he would pay for cocaine, although he said he would not use the drug himself.

Mr Vaz, 59, said he welcomed the police’s investigation.

Vaz resigned from the committee only after he/it had laid the groundwork and may have provided the impetus for the Adams creature to implement his/her brainwashing project.]


It is by such means — dark treason operating with impunity within — that weak and fearful tribes are physically removed from the pages of history and their shadow consigned only to incredulous examination by the perplexed minds of future historians.


Cry Havoc! and let slip the dogs of war.

[The military order Havoc! was a signal given to the English military forces in the Middle Ages to direct the soldiery (in Shakespeare’s parlance, ‘the dogs of war’) to pillage and chaos.]

Thus, with Detective Superintendent Adams and his ilk in mind, and with apologies to William Blake and Sir Hubert Parry, hereunder I offer an old hymn modified for these times in the hope that it will help those who may decide it is a far, far better thing to step forward and fight in order to give their descendants a future free of chains, at whatever cost , rather than meekly commit them to a long night of tyranny and barbarism at the hands of the Religion of Peace.

Don’t bring me a Bow of burning gold;
Don’t bring me Arrows of desire:
Just bring me some patriots bold!
With coils of sharp and shiny wire!

Bring me some lengths of hempen rope;
Bring me a pitch-filled torch alight:
And bring me men who, filled with hope,
Step boldly to the coming fight!

When that is done, then march shall we;
Towards a rising sun, heads high:
From northern ice to southern sea!
Hearts filled with wrath, begin to fly!

Then bring me my Bow of burning gold;
Bring me my Arrows of desire:
Bring me my Spear: O clouds unfold!
Bring me my Chariot of fire!

For I will not cease from Mental Fight;
Nor shall my Sword sleep in my hand:
Till we have brought a shining light
O’er this once green and pleasant land!

And, finally, just in case you may have missed it, the name of principle perp in this case is Detective Superintendent Nik Adams and it lives and works somewhere in the North East of England. If anybody up there should bump into it please shake its hand and thank it for its services to Queen, Country… and Islam. But be nice, now!

— Seneca III, standing on the edge of darkness looking out into the abyss this cold wet day, Saturday January 7th 2017.

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51 thoughts on “Rage, Rage Against the Dying of the Light… Then Let the Tumbrils Roll

  1. Not bad! So now police superintendents are there to police “incorrect” thoughts children… What next?

    If some rebellious teenager says that the Catholic church is a threat, will they need to see a Catholic priest?

    And if some trotskyite teenager expresses concern about the EDL or UKIP “spreading hate”, will they be taken to see Tommy Robinson or Nigel Farage?

  2. He’s West Yorkshire and the north east’s ‘counter terrorism and anti-radicalisation’ and ‘Regional Police Prevent’ co-ordinator.
    Google him and download the report he wrote in October 2016 for NECTU (north east counter terrorism unit).

    If you can follow his impenetrable language you’re a better man than me.

  3. I just hope there is someone to minister to this young man tell him he is not wrong and that those who tried to brainwash him are the evil ones.

  4. They don’t DARE do that to a Muslim child indoctrinated to hate unbelievers. Hypocrites!

  5. The British people have traditionally respected the police but by God they are pushing their luck.

    • I wonder how many muslims have been given a just punishment by normal Englishmen but nothing has been reported about it.

  6. this is clear case of child abuse, however under present circumstances, it can’t be filed in court.

    solution to problem is separation (partition) – non-Muslims should start gathering to live in no-Sharia territories.

    in these areas, all efforts should be made to sabotage, discredit, ridicule and negate “sensitivity”, “inclusion” and “diversity” events and programs forced up-down.
    that should all go quietly but firmly, as default survival strategy.

    the desired result is fast growing, cooperation and merger of such no-Sharia zones, therefore leaving Islamic enclaves isolated, boycotted and eventually besieged.

  7. That is why I think it will not help Brexit, if nothing else happens. The enemy is already inside the gates, government traitors are busy to convert the once proud society into NWO slaves.

    • And we have as the prime minister a woman who personally banned Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller from entering Britain, while being a big fan of Sharia!

      • And also popular radio talk show host Michael Savage, author of numerous best sellers. And is she not also responsible as Home Secretary for the utter failure of the Cameron government, contrary to its solemn pledges, to curb immigration?

  8. Seneca III, I’d hate for you to be long without the pleasure of seeing your hero Nik Adams on video in the flesh, so here he presumably is two-and-a-half years ago as Chief Inspector before he made his predictable next career upward step to the Superintendent he is now:


    He looks like a clueless islamophilic liberal to me. More a useful idiot for Jihad than an evil guy. A real clueless gutmensch. He does deserve a serious dressing down, a serious yelling-at, a serious public embarrassment, but let it stop there and go no further. He is one of many thousand useful idiots, not the cynical leaders.

    • If he were just a usual idiot, to ‘stop it there’ would be (barely) acceptable.

      But he is not just a useful idiot; he has power, authority and a ruthless ambition and he uses those things to shill for and protect the murderous slaves of Allah as they proceed to attempt to ethnically cleanse us.

      What he needs is a fair and public trial for high treason and then, hopefully, a rope if found guilty on the grounds that that will serve as a suitable disincentive to others of his kind.

      This is a fourteen hundred year survival fight we are up to or necks in, Cross, not a junior school debate, and therefor Islam will happily permit us the fatal error of misplaced magnanimity.

      • OK, maybe I am indeed too lenient on him, though I suspect hanging is excessive.

        In any case, I am glad we all agree that fair trial (eventually) is the only way forward.

        It should be a trial that sorts all of that out.

      • By the way Seneca III, as crimes go, the criminal dereliction of duty of the British police towards the thousands of girls trapped in the Rape Jihad in Rotherham and all around the UK bothers me more–a hell of a lot more, actually–than this um ‘re-education’ incident.

        • I think Billy-Bob, that both Rape Jihad and the Reeducation Jihad, have the same goal: break our spirit through destruction of our young people. They are meant to disarm us before we even start fighting, by taking away our children’s innocence and hope.

        • It bothers me as well, Billy-Bob but the Muslim mass rape of British children has been extensively covered previously.

          This report on an ongoing series of atrocities is supplemental, it exposes yet another element of the grand plan to destroy us by attacking our younger generation, as was this as I reported at the time:


          It is all conjoined, and each additional element of it has to be brought to the foreground as soon as it is hauled out from under its rock and revealed in the full light of day.

    • That guys face reminds me of some beaten puppy faces made by soldiers tried for war crimes: “I was just following orders…” type of guy…

    • So that milquetoast is a police superintendent? His earnest blathering about “pastoral care” and “family outreach” makes him sound like a social worker!

  9. I take umbrage with this eternal ‘far right views’ nonsense, when they simply mean conservative; and this also applies to North America!

    • Peter, the only thing that is far right on the political spectrum is Anarchy. On the Far Left is totalitarianism. Everything political is situated left of anarchy, with Conservatism squarely in the middle between both extremes.

      The Globalists use the ‘far-right’ mantra to deflect the thinking from what they represent – complete control or totalitarianism and to brainwash those of their useful idiots who have been indoctrinated into accepting that Hitler was of the far-right when anyone who knows anything at all about politics, knows that National Socialism is akin to Fascism and Communism and ideologies from the hard Left.

      • Thank you. I agree, but I’ve grown weary of trying to explain that.

        “. . . socialism, while to the ‘left’ of conservatism, was essentially a confused, middle-of-the road movement. It was, and still is, middle-of-the road because it tries to achieve Liberal ends by the use of Conservative means.” – Murray Rothbard

        The great divide will always be individualism (freedom) vs. collectivism (oppression). It never changes.

      • I do understand the difference between anarchy and totalitarianism, and agree everything else falls in between, but I’m tired of the left/democrats/liberals here in North America often actually labelling us conservatives as ‘far right’ and on occasion as anarchists.

        But then since the election of President Elect Trump there is no restriction, there are no rules any more; the most insane, ridiculous lies are being batted about with abandon by democrats in the States and the Trudeau-ites here in Canada. I’ve seen elections in NZ, Norway and Canada, but nothing as sleazy or downright disgusting as this last American election.

    • “The most important kind of freedom is to be what you really are. You trade in your reality for a role. You trade in your sense for an act. You give up your ability to feel, and in exchange, put on a mask. There can’t be any large-scale revolution until there’s a personal revolution, on an individual level. It’s got to happen inside first.” – the late Lizard King

      . . . or as I like to point out: The revolution takes place in the few inches between the ears. That’s where the change has to happen.

      That is why the globalist brainwashing machine has to be derailed and destroyed. We have a window in history with the internet, but there are always forces wishing to brick it up. The GoV is a pane in that window. Thank you B & D. Keep the light shining through.

    • Absolutely. True conservatives like Wilders and Le Pen, and Breitbart, are labeled “far-right” to discredit them. When the British “Conservatives” and German Christian Democrats are liberal or at best centrist, except on economic policy. And U.S. Democrats, British Labour and European socialists , and Merkel, are radical on immigration, national preservation and other issues.

  10. Britain desperately needs someone like Geert Wilders and his Party for Freedom: a party that is peaceful, responsible, electable, and firmly anti-Islam.

    Someone who just might be able to step up to the role is Gavin Boby, a lawyer and planning permission expert, who provides his expertise for free to communities fighting against planning applications for mosques. Recently he has also been speaking out against Muslim rape gangs. He also visited Germany to speak at a PEGIDA rally, (in German). But I have not seen any indication that he is interested in forming a political party.

    A major problem is that the leaders of such a party would be in mortal danger, just as Geert Wilders is in Holland, and there is no indication that the British Government would provide the sort of bodyguard protection that Geert Wilders gets in Holland.

    British law enforcement is so riddled with political correctness, that if the police provided bodyguards, those bodyguards might include terrorist sympathizers, who might assassinate the people they were supposed to be protecting.

    • British Police love to enforce sharia!!! I lost any lingering “respect” for the Police years ago. If I saw a crime being committed today I would simply ignore it. A priest friend of mine complained about being harassed by “gays” because he refused to marry them in his Church. Guess who was arrested for complaining about the fact they were harassing his family over the phone and internet. Three weeks of hell and the Police accused him of “Homophobia”. “British values”- Upside down values. I just don’t understand why the British don’t react? They arrested him in his own Living room in front of his wife.

  11. Don’t bring me a Bow of burning gold;
    Don’t bring me Arrows of desire:
    Just bring me some patriots bold!
    With coils of sharp and shiny wire!

    Somebody please explain the line about “coils of sharp and shiny wire”. What kind of wire? Electrical wire? Barbed wire? What is the wire to be used for? Why must it be sharp, and why shiny?

    • 🙂 it doesn’t have to be sharp and shiny, Mark, that is just rhyme and metre. Any thin wire will suffice and I will just have to leave it up to you decide what it could be used for.

      Nice try, though 🙂

  12. I have only minor knowledge in this matter, but from what I know from media reports the british youth wellfare system is quite ruthless when it comes to deprive children from their parents.
    It`s one of the political problems UK had with the other European members (which by all critizim have a point here).

    They do this even with foreigners from other EU-countries who live in the UK.
    Sometimes all it takes is an anonymus informer and the youth service doesn`t even look if the accusations are correct.
    The main reason for this lies in how the system is organized.
    The local authorities and institutions get their money with the number of cases they can present. And courts usually never take back these decisions (because it may traumatize and hurt the children – as they argue).

    Of course this is one aspect, the other is that under a strict PC-regime a family might easily get into trouble when not teaching their children the official and “correct” opinions.
    It`s the spirit in which things like the Rotherham-scandal can happen.
    The right opinion and attitude becomes more important then truth.
    So don`t you dare to show a sign of civil disobedience!

  13. Adams reflects the general trend of police forces all over the West. Many are just ladder climbers who are prepared to swallow the ‘narrative’ so long as they get their promotions and not too many tough ‘incidents’ come their way while they are climbing that ladder.

    I have worked with so called ‘bosses’ such as Adams. All show, no substance and generally moral vacuums, and unless their next career move depends on it, will never put themselves out. I have been at ‘incidents’ where people like Adams were duty bound to be in charge due to their rank, but instead, displayed utter cowardice and ineptitude to the point that other more experienced and lower ranked police had to take over – yours truly included.

    The promotion process within police forces has been perverted. Once upon a time, promotion could only be granted on experience (time in the job) and passing written knowledge tests, now promotion comes easy to those who suck up to the education (which is truly just indoctrination) system and it is not unusual to see people like Adams driving a desk rather than a patrol car or paddy wagon after less than 10 years in the job. And to anyone who may object to my summary about police promotions here is some food for thought.

    It takes at least five years for any police officer to just become proficient at their job, but it is then the experience of working another 10 years in the job that will make make a good police officer -and contrary to belief – not everyone will make a good police officer as there are personal qualities not everyone possesses, and that police forces now overlook, that is required in such a job.

    So, I think we can assume that Adams is not such a person as I have described a good police officer to be and one who appears to be in a position of authority without having earned that authority and nor it appears, does he choose to exercise it with any discretion.

    I think Seneca III nailed Adams and the type of person that he represents with his reply to Cautious-Billy Bob above. It is the duty on all of us that we must take note of all who betray us.

  14. I believe that is actually high psychology and trauma based mind control in this: I know because I was too smart at school too – but with mathematics, not politics. Just about that age – 13 – 16, when I realised I am better mathematician than all the professors at school, that is when “they”, the “math professors” tried to force me out of school. Not for being smart, but for “not following the mathematical procedures”. They didn’t care about the math. They cared only about the “procedures”.

    Up until that time I thought school was there to educate me. But that was the moment I realized that “the school” is interested in my obedience more than in my “math genius”.

    And that is how I relate to this story: I used to love math and physics and chemistry… but the teachers taught me out of it by constantly going after my behaviour, not after my “abilities” – which they actively tried to suppress!

    So, my point is that what is being done to this teenager is “trauma based mind control”. That is how it looks like in real life. The trauma will cause the boy have trouble express his thoughts in the future. But hopefully not 🙂

      • I was wondering where that young man’s ‘far-right wing’ father figures in all this. Hopefully he still has custody rights and is still able to be that important role model to his son.

        As for his mother?

  15. We should not forget the role of so-called teachers in reporting this child to the police for correction.

  16. It’s a great regret that Adams pensions rights can not be withdrawn by a ‘People’s’ decision, or, could it possibly be……………………………………… something for the future perhaps?

  17. Nik Adams and his ilk are rather like people trying to peddle a pyramid scheme which has already been exposed. The people know the truth, you idiot! They are not going to be re-educated, they are not going to keep toeing the line. UKIP should step in to the fray and be more outspoken. What if they don’t get on Question Time anymore? Being inside that liberal echo chamber is no achievement. People ( or enough of them) know the MSM is anti-truth, and go to the ‘alt right’ for reality.

  18. Actually Rotherham is still a predominantly white area ( 91.9% at the 2011 census).One of the most egregious aspects of the Rotherham grooming scandal was the fact that the Muslim population of the town was less than 4%! Their votes could not possibly have had much influence so why so much worry about upsetting “community cohesion”.

    • I believe the issue of single parents, usually only the mother, is a factor in all this. Would the same have occurred if those girls had fathers at home?

      Correct me if I am wrong, but that has a huge social impact on what has happened. I have witnessed it first hand.

      • I remember reading that many of those girls were “in care”, i.e., foster children whose own families had fractured. IIRC, that’s why Social Services tarnished itself through fear of being called “racist”.

    • I was going to point out the same… the Muslim population of Rotherham is actually quite low!

      Nonetheless – it strikes me as the sort of place where a donkey could get elected in Labour colours, while neighbouring Sheffield is much larger, and much more Islamified… so could a lot of the groomers have come from there, while the local Labour party did what they do all over the country, and side with the Muslims, at the expense of their core working class electorate?!

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