No One in the Room Feels French

The following brief video exemplifies the dismaying reality of life in Modern Multicultural France. The same scenario is undoubtedly being played out in almost all of Western Europe.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:00   Raise your hand those who are French, who have French nationality.
00:04   He has no papers. Do you have
00:08   French nationality?
00:12   Who feels French?
00:16   So the others, no?
00:20   If I understand it correctly, you all have French nationality,
00:24   And none of you feels French.

14 thoughts on “No One in the Room Feels French

  1. Deport, deport, deport… They don’t feel French or want to try and integrate then they can go and feel Afghani or Algerian or Morroccan or whatever unrepentent islamic or african nationality they identify with.

    Do it now, peacefully and with only injured pride, or be forced to do it later with violence and bloodshed on both sides.

  2. Omg… speechless. Not because I don’t already know this, but to see it is a whole other thing.

  3. We had a European student visiting here (Canada), and she was amazed at how patriotic immigrants are.

    Now I understand what she meant!

    That is a country heading towards a catastrophe!

  4. This parallels the #ShyTrumpVoter in our last election. The MSM pollsters kept asking and people kept saying “Hillary” – so she led in the polls.

    What those same people did when they got into the voting booth was something else entirely. Which is why Hillary won’t be sworn into office on the 20th.

    If those kids were able to answer anonymously, more of them would have “voted French”…despite leftist teachers. But in an open classroom, if you value your well-being, you’re not French – you’re just part of an underground.

    • I’m not even sure about that. What if deep down they really haven’t got any clue what that means or worse, didn’t want to be a part of it?

  5. In UK, flying the George Cross Flag of England is liable to end in tears, one is immediately labeled ‘far Right’ (whatever that is) or worse.

    Any overt show of nationalism is unacceptable in modern society, the paid shills of the NWO will hound you ruthlessly if you step out of line.

  6. Not out here on the plains of America. We are not loud but we are proud. We are proud and grateful to be Americans, let me assure you of that. I fly the flag on certain holidays. My parents were immigrants to USA and never have I regretted it. I went back to Hungary to visit the relatives and I enjoyed it, but I was happy to get back to my country of USA.

    I really feel sorry for Europe. They have lost their way so horribly that I wonder if they can ever find their way back to rationiality. I agree with the Deport, Deport, deport comment. If you don’t like it where you are, then go back to where you came from. IMO Europe does not need more muslims, there are too many already. I read the news faithfully and I am sickened faithfully — every day.

    Viktor Orban and the Polish guy are the only ones who have their heads screwed on right. In 1683 they were stopped at the Gates of Vienna. Europe has become far more stupid since then. Very sad.

  7. That’s what we can call a disaster. Those kids are supposed to represent the future. What’s it gonna look like when they’re 30?

  8. Still they claim to be “French!”, and “as French as you”(native French).

    – Well, dear muslims, welcome to the club of the “Dirty French!” (Sales Francais)

    – Sale(s) Francais! is a traditional insult of the French since quite some decades now.

    Anne Sinclair, French journalist (and ex-wife of Dominique Strauss-Kahn) once interviewed the Moroccan king Hassan II, who firmly stated that

    – ..the Moroccans will never be 100% French! That, I can assure you.

  9. This is what goes as Australian currency these days!

    Surprised, anyone?

    Propaganda images showing muslima girls wearing hijabs claiming to be Australian, and somehow more Australian than the natives.

    “Both images are used to spread Islam. The first one is a full frontal attack on the infidel nation state by Mohammedans, who use children for propaganda and jihad, and the second one is a more insidious form of Islam promo used by leftist useful idiots and Mohammedans alike to rub Islam right in our face for Australia Day.”

  10. Mission accomplished. This is what the EU wants. National pride has been diluted to a minimum so the EU super state can exist. But will back fire as most them are 3 rd world trash.

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