“Muslims are laughing at us! They say: Your daughters and granddaughters will be in our harems!”

The following video shows a brief speech given in October 2016 by Janusz Korwin-Mikke, a Polish conservative politician, demanding that Poland leave the EU and stop immigration.

Mr. Korwin-Mikke is known for demolishing other politicians during debates — which may be why they don’t have him on TV very much.

His new party is called KORWiN (Komitet Odnowy Rzeczpospolitej Wolnosc I Niepodleglosc). Before that he was in a variety of parties.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:00   [chant] Korwin-Mikke
00:04   Mr chairman, your floor!
00:08   Ladies and gentlemen,
00:12   I’ll be brief: you can see for yourself
00:16   that Europe is asleep. I am sitting in the European Parliament and sometimes I’m asleep as well,
00:20   as you well know, right? However, what is worse
00:24   is that they don’t do anything. We are being flooded by
00:28   immigration, we know that, but the worse is that
00:32   we are being flooded by inertia, torpidity: nothing is being done! And if anything at all
00:37   gets done, it’s in a stupid way! I’m sitting there and I can see what is going on!
00:40   Ladies and gentlemen: what the rulers of Europe are doing, the people
00:44   who have access to billions of euros are doing such stupid things
00:48   that a child a hundred years ago would have been ashamed of such stupidity.
00:52   And we are living in such a world! Huge means which were supposed funding science and technology
00:56   are being wasted by the current rulers of Europe.
01:00   They are being thrown out the window, but worse, they are being spent for wrong causes!
01:04   To support evil, to support different perversions,
01:08   to support stupidity and weakness.
01:12   We [the EU] are their laughingstock! Those Muslims are laughing at us!
01:16   They say: your daughters and granddaughters will be in our harems!
01:20   And of course they will, if we continue doing what we do.
01:24   And either we wake up, or they’ll come and they’ll shake us awake,
01:28   if they even bother waking us up and instead of slitting our throats right away.
01:32   So, ladies and gentlemen,
01:37   we want an awakening. Poland showed,
01:41   Poland showed on 13 October 1918 that you can wake up.
01:45   Poland was divided between three nations [Russia, Germany and Austria],
01:49   and despite that it rose quickly.
01:53   It managed to confront Germany and the Bolshevik Soviet Union.
02:01   It was able to wake up. It took a year or two.
02:05   And now Europe needs to wake up as well. And if not, we need to leave the EU!
02:09   If the EU is to be ruled the same way, we need to leave it!
02:13   Before it destroys us! Before if destroys our industry, and
02:17   most importantly, our capacity for living, before it destroys
02:21   our clout, before it destroys this warrior spirit that is ours, right?
02:25   It’s still out there in Poland! In Poland there are still people ready to fight and die for Poland.
02:29   In the EU there are no more people ready to die for the EU.
02:33   That’s why the EU will have to collapse!
02:37   It’ll have to collapse, like the Tower of Babel. In the same way the EU
02:41   will collapse. I repeat: either we rebuild it quickly or
02:45   let’s run away from this EU as fast as possible!
02:49   Whatever happens, we need to wake up! It’s a wake-up call! Thank you.

5 thoughts on ““Muslims are laughing at us! They say: Your daughters and granddaughters will be in our harems!”

  1. ” Your daughters and granddaughters will be in our harems!”

    Will be or they are are already handed to them on a silver tray by OUR Traitors.

  2. Well of course the Muslims are laughing. As the infidel might put it extremely mildly, ‘All the way to the bank!’ Unless drastic action is taken soon Western Europe will be a graveyard for many ‘who just don’t get it. Or, for that matter give a duck if all the mountains fell into the sea.’ Or as Jimmy Hendrix once said, ‘If all of the people chopped off all of their heads. Baby I don’t care.’ Time to flush pc and all the other bollox.

  3. Islam is Prophet. Prophet stole stories from Bible Torah and said god talk to him to justify pillage rape jew tribes, women.
    if u want to stop islamic invasion – CHANGE narrative.
    STOP calling islam religion. Call it SUPREMACIST HATE GROUP like Nazis. It would lose all protection religion.
    1400yrs muslim invasions is proof.

    • This is not solving the problem. They are here, and they know what they want. We don’t. This is why the West is weak.

  4. they are correct .

    liberals are well willing to hand over their wives and daughters .

    that is a fact .

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