German Women Now Have to Fear the Streets

The following report from German television discusses the practical consequences of Chancellor Merkel’s invitation to all the refugees in the world to come and live in Germany. The incidence of sexual harassment, groping, assault, and rape has increased to the point where women are afraid to go out alone, especially at night.

One point that occurred to me while I was watching the section where the culture-enrichers approached and verbally taunted the group of women and their interviewer: Was the videographer a male? The interviewer and the partygoers were all female. Was the only thing deterring the “Nafris” from even more aggressive behavior the presence of a man holding the camera? Or did they restrain themselves for other reasons?

Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


0:00   Do women still feel safe? This question has been
0:03   keeping us busy since Silvester [New Year’s] more than ever,
0:06   because in Cologne and other cities a lot fewer women
0:09   visited public places than in previous years; that’s what
0:12   the police say; the numbers are there. The main reasons put forward
0:15   were again and again young male refugees from North Africa.
0:18   The so-called Nafri discussion is fresh in our memory.
0:21   A study now confirms the following:
0:24   The fear that women have of abuse
0:27   in public spaces has soared.
0:30   We went to Freiburg and met a young woman
0:33   who barely goes out at night anymore, and
0:36   she is not the only one.
0:39   Out alone in the evening… Ann-Kathrin has to overcome fear.
0:42   For quite a while now the 24-year-old’s heart beats fast
0:45   and she wants to run whenever someone is behind her.
0:48   The reason: on her way to a party
0:51   in the summer of 2015 two men
0:54   tried to rape her in a parking lot.
0:57   “When I walked through the lot,
1:00   two men came.
1:03   They held me down from both sides,
1:06   one had a really firm grip,
1:09   and the other one
1:12   tried to undress me.
1:15   And at that moment, ahead in the street,
1:18   a man was walking past
1:21   who noticed what was going on,
1:24   also because I tried to scream…”
1:27   Kathrin was lucky, she could get away.
1:30   But the attackers escape, and she can’t recognize them.
1:33   Only: The men were barely taller than her,
1:36   and they didn’t speak German.
1:39   But it is not just because of the attempted rape
1:42   that she — like many of her friends — have become extremely careful.
1:45   “Because of stuff like this we see to it that we
1:48   make arrangements with each other,
1:51   that we don’t walk alone but in larger groups,
1:54   that we call each other when we exit the street car,
1:57   or mainly that we take a taxi home or when we go out at night.” — “Rathaus”
2:00   Ann-Kathrin is meeting with her friends
2:03   in Freiburg’s historic downtown.
2:06   But the nightlife is just not the same anymore.
2:09   Whenever there are encounters with groups of men,
2:12   there’s a feeling of anxiety present nowadays,
2:15   just as we are experiencing during our video shoot.
2:18   “Yeah, you really have to be a bit afraid of that, especially when
2:21   you’re alone, going to a party, go home alone, you’re afraid, feel anxiety.”
2:24   “Especially when they’re in groups,
2:27   and when for instance five girls are out and about
2:30   and you have to hear the things they say,
2:33   and that is very uncomfortable.”
2:36   “WHORE”
2:39   “Yeah.”
2:45   [incomprehensible German-Muslim pidgin]
2:57   “Well, now you know, right?
3:00   And that is why we don’t go out alone.”
3:03   Ever since two women had been raped and murdered around Freiburg,
3:06   including the murder of a student by a refugee,
3:09   the need for security has increased.
3:12   Nobody knows that better than Bernd Ramsperger.
3:15   He sells self-defense products in his store.
3:18   “We hear the stories in our store every day, women saying,
3:21   ‘We do not go out on the streets anymore in the evenings,
3:24   we don’t go jogging alone anymore,
3:27   things that we previously used to do alone,
3:30   please sell me something that will make me
3:33   feel somewhat safe again, so I can go jogging again’.”
3:36   Pepper spray that looks like lipstick,
3:39   an alarm in heart form, or a taser in pink.
3:42   The makers of these articles have adjusted
3:45   their products to the needs of women.
3:48   Husbands buy for their wives, parents buy for their daughters.
3:51   Bernd Ramsperger says he’s never had so many customers.
3:54   “The whole of last year, especially after Cologne, the demand
3:57   for these products has soared dramatically.
4:00   Previously I sold around
4:03   10 to 15 pepper sprays per day,
4:06   but I sell around 70 to 80 per day nowadays.”
4:09   Going out… it just doesn’t feel like it used to previously,
4:12   Most women confirm this to us,
4:15   those we ask on the streets of Freiburg.
4:18   “Yes one is a bit more fearful. I used to love to
4:21   ride my bicycle to work, but not anymore, I have to drive the car.
4:24   I would have to ride over a farm road,
4:27   and that is simply too dangerous for me by now.”
4:30   “I stopped daring to go outside alone,
4:33   and I, I mean I come from Brazil,
4:36   where it is a lot more dangerous than here,
4:39   but I just never thought that
4:42   I would be afraid here in Germany all alone at night.”
4:45   “I wouldn’t call it fear, but I am more careful,
4:48   and many of my friends have bought pepper sprays
4:51   and alarms and stuff like that.”
4:54   “I wouldn’t go home alone anymore;
4:57   at certain times I would spend the night at a friend,
5:00   or I would ask someone to drive me home.”
5:03   “For us women… it’s a step back, I have to say.
5:06   It’s actually really sad.”
5:09   The group that includes Ann-Kathrin only go out and about
5:12   in groups nowadays, yet it’s out of the question
5:15   for the Freiburg girls to go out less.
5:18   “I’m the type of person who will say,
5:21   nonetheless, what was or what is.
5:24   I don’t want to be limited; I don’t want
5:27   my liberty taken away, that if I want to go out,
5:30   I will go out, and I’ll go where I want to,
5:33   and I will not let this restrict me.”
5:36   But they already are living with fewer liberties
5:39   when they don’t dare to go out alone anymore,
5:42   because they do not want to lose the fun of going out.

63 thoughts on “German Women Now Have to Fear the Streets

    • Idea: If Merkel wins again, the normal people should flock to the V4 countries and USA. The JSW Germany will collapse very soon, because nobody would work. (Not the islamist, not the leftist gender study ideologes). Once it collapsed the muslims will kill and rape the leftists. Once they are done, USA, V4, Russian alliance forces will invade Germany clear out the muslims and retake the country for their rightful citizens.

      • >> USA, V4, Russian alliance forces will invade Germany

        Don’t – actually NEVER! – count on the USA (personal experience). As for the rest of the scenario . . . very dangerous and unpredictable.

        Here it is: The Islamic caliphate of Western Europe controls the united Euro-military, which they had inherited from Brussels. That force inherited the nuclear arsenals of France and the [former] United Kingdom. NATO is still in effect. It can invoke Article Five. After the disastrous economic results under one-term president, Donald Trump, the USA has swung back to the globalist allure, with renewed commitment to NATO and the old imperialist alliances.

        Don’t count on wars, referenda and elections to turn this around. You can win all of those, but it will gain you nothing if you have not won the cultural wars . . . the wars for the minds of the [young] people who have to carry humanity into the future. Start in the schools. Reconstitute the family as the essential building block.

        If not, then European women should tattoo “Refugees Welcome” on their bellies . . . with an arrow pointing south.

        • DeriKuk-

          You clearly get it.

          As I’ve stated over and over, it is NOT sufficient to merely rage against that which we have no use for – the counterjihad MUST provide positive programming to fill the void in Western lives if we are to have any hope of winning this struggle in the end.

        • “Don’t – actually NEVER! – count on the USA (personal experience).”

          Why not? Can you give details?

          • I prefer not to. It’s history, and it has become irrelevant . . . except as a life lesson. When I say “USA”, I am referring to statist operatives; not the millions of upstanding individuals, several of whom are my friends and relatives.

            Live as an individual; not a collectivist cog.

  1. Someone is getting fired…

    My intuition tells me that these women will still reelect Merkel and continue to import even more of these vermin.

    • They will never admit that the problem is Islam. Therefore they are the embodiment of the definition of insanity…

      • Something might happen when a combined Bataclan-style attack with a rapefest in a girl’s school or someplace. Something unimaginably horrific, young teenage girls raped repeatedly and livestreamed like in Sweden recently, and then tortured and killed, and all of it streamed out. Maybe even then the authorities would cave and turn it around and blame the school or German society or something. Once it reaches a certain level of horror with no pushback then the time for action expires, and people just surrender, a Stockholm syndrome moment. Islam has lots of experience with the pyshcology involved in this sort of coercion and degradation.

        • Thousands of white girls raped in the UK (my country) by Muslims. Civil uprising follows? No.
          Hundreds murdered in France (bataclan etc) by Muslims.
          Large scale violent reprisals? No.
          Dozens murdered in Germany (Christmas markets etc) by Muslims.
          Muslims running for their lives in fear of revenge attacks? No.
          And so on.
          So you are right with the Stockholm syndrome analysis.
          But the political situation is now much better than say 2 years ago.
          God bless Merkel and her immigration invasion wave.
          Seriously. Without it, I fear we would lose slowly, steadily, over decades.
          At least now we have a chance.


  2. Funny. A year and a half ago, those very same moderators held a sign in the studio, beaming at the camera, that read “Refugees are just like us”, and shared that message on Facebook.

    I commented underneath: “But that is precisely the point: the are NOT just like us, if they were, their country would be like Germany, and they wouldn’t need to come!”

    I was blocked instantly.

    But as long as those girls are still grinning into the camera, all must still be well, right?

    • Well, irony is a B… (women specialized on sexual services, with questionable attitude)

  3. What a mindset! Still cannot bring themselves to publicly announce the root of the problem except in uttering that some members of the problem don’t speak German. Simply mindboggling!

    • In some environment an accusation of “racism” leads to social ostracism. Probably she feared to be labelled as a “racist bigot”and treated worse than a leper by her friends and colleagues. I am 100% serious.

      • Yes, and you are probably right. But at some point in all that is going on around them comes a recognition that personal slandering by those one thought they could trust soon nulls the invective and opens the mind so that a choice has to be made.

  4. This would have been even better if the women had also been asked about their previous and current attitude to ‘refugees’. I suspect 100% were totally for ‘refugees’ a year or so ago. But how many now?

  5. Good. Serves them right for tolerating, aiding, and abetting the left for centuries. And let’s not forget how German women swooned by the million for that cryptoleftist corporal from Braunau am Inn.

    Now, does the German feminist remain obdurately resistant to admitting that feminists, including males, helped to bring about this situation? If so, then there is a solution for that:

    Distribute weapons and ammo to the colonists.

    • I only feel sorry for the normal ones, but I guess they can leave while the rest can enjoy the enrichment!

    • I’m a feminist (old fashioned: just give me equal rights and opportunities, not ‘positive discrimination’), but I know that basically equal rights for the weaker depend on the stronger being decent and fair enough to share them.

      In other words: I appreciate men being gentlemen and don’t want my country filled with barbarians.

  6. I’ve said it before – it’s getting awfully hard to pity the Germans. As long as these things go on in their streets and yet they are complacent, nothing changes. They should be breaking down the doors of their incompetent pro-Islamic government and demanding Merkel be ousted, amongst others. You can’t fix stupid. You can’t fix intentional blindness. At this point, I’m out of pity.

    • There’s an old Native American saying, ‘you cannot wake someone that pretends to be asleep’. It’s impossible. I go through it with my daughter every morning at 6AM.

    • This is going to be very bad year for self-hating leftwing idiots everywhere, so one has to be sparing with the sympathy.

  7. I will be interested to see the breakdown of votes by gender when the elections are held next time.

        • I wish it were the latter. Agreed, if asked in person some wouldn’t dare say they will vote AfD, but even the keenest AfD supporters don’t think the numbers will be much higher.

  8. I wonder if you could handle this by augmenting the justice systems?: bring in the tort system and require all refugees to be bonded. They lose this bond to the victim if they are convicted on any misdemeanor or worse.

    Or make the politicians responsible for this immigration policy bet their own money in a futures market: that their foreign charges will not be responsible for any criminal act.

    Increase the criminal penalties to include castration for rape or significant molestation. If this is too shocking, require estrogen or anti-testosterone treatment.

    • How ’bout just not importing them in the first place? And dumping the ones currently living in Europe back into the islamic cesspools they slithered out of.

    • Yes, it’s SAT 1, yuge viewership, in constant viewer number battle to RTL and PRO 7. They have all the reality shows and food shows and human interest stories and German versions of Bachelor, Idol, dance with the stars etc. Bigly! 🙂

      • sorry Nash, but all the quoted channels are low- life entertainement sources,not viewed by ” decent” and informed people.

      • Keep it clean and lubricated and use good ammo. Glocks are actually one of the most dependable weapons on the planet. However, HK, I love HK, nothing wrong with HK at all. Regarding moslems, if it shoots a bullet, it’s better than having nothing, I don’t care what brand it is.

    • Exactly. Thank you. Right in the heart of Glock, HK and Sig country. WHAT is the problem?!

  9. Yet again, the words “Nafri” and “männer” are used… anything to avoid mentioning the dreaded JIM?

    But the group of “men” who were brazen enough to start gesturing in front of the camera did indeed seem a mixture… sure, most seemed to be middle-Eastern, or even African. (not sure how Germans can tell that they’re all North Africans – Are they such experts, that they can distinguish between different types of Arabic?) … but there was also one “man” who was clearly white… what would make him join in?! Could he be

    a) a rare native German Kuffar part of the gang, trying to impress his mates? (perhaps he’s converted – or on the way to doing so?)


    b) one of those mohameddans who’s as white as snow – perhaps thanks to having a German mother? (when I was in Germany, there were plenty of white folk who looked just like native Germans – except that they weren’t called Hans or Jens, but had more “exotic” names like Yassin, or even Mehmet/Mohammed… some even spoke Turkish or Arabic!)

    • He might have been Bosnian or Kosovar, don’t forget that. They’re as “white” as I am.

  10. This is so depressing to me personally as I am involved with a group that is promoting cultural and biz relations between Freiburg and my American city and when I see this it makes me afraid to want to go there now for this group I am involved with. I see only 1 European looking German in this video of the girls. The others are clearly migrants themselves from non- Eoropesn countries whom everyone posting here is considering “German girls,.”Why do you wonder that they don’t accuse these thugs as being third world invaders. They too have probably benefitted from the largese of the German social welfare system. There are so many foreigners in Germany and Austria now that it starts to resemble the US. Was in Austria last March for 3 weeks and I tell you what – I did not want to be out in Vienna after dark for long even with my husband and the Kärtner Strasse looked very different from when I lived there 20 some years ago. Not a lot of people looked traditionally Austrian, beggars everywhere, small groups of thug looking gangs, huge amounts of Asian tourists, grafetti in beautiful public spots, Arab taxi drivers who put fear in my heart as they had Arabic writing, prayer rugs and other muslim paraphenalia hanging all over the interior of the taxi. another African taxi driver started nearly throwing our suitcase around and throwing a fit because we only had the name of the Salzburg hotrl not the address and he was pissed as he had to waste time trying to find it and asking other drivers for the address in his broken German. I did not wsnt to continue driving with that nutcase after he figured out the address but my husband told me ti get in. my husband was not scared of that man but I was. What a different Austria the land of my ancestors that I love. I want to cry all the time when I think about what has happened over there and feel helpless to chane it.

    • Nothing is the same anymore. I know what you mean.
      The Switzerland of my childhood and youth is gone too, only living in my memories anymore.
      I feel for you…

      • Nash, please share your opinion ….
        What are the chances for the AfD in the coming election?
        In the wake of Brexit, Trump, probable Wilders victory … is Germany too far gone or what? I keep an eye on German politics and certainly don’t write them off, not just yet.

    • That’s why I’m not leaving: I desperately love my country and I am going to defend it to my last drop of blood. Vienna was destroyed before, and it will rise again.

      But I agree with your experiences, Gretl, and they are similar to what I see happening every day. I weep for my beloved Austria.

    • I can’t believe people are doing this to themselves. This has got to be one of the most masochistic and death-worshipping acts in history. I, too, have been to Austria and Europe several times–enough to love it–and this brings deep sadness to my American soul. All the West has mother Europe. We are all Europe.

    • Well, I was an immigrant in Germany, though white, so I won’t complain. I’m not in the least concerned about other ethnicities changing the landscape in my current country. Most of the ones coming here really contribute intelligence, education, beautiful cooking, commitment to learning western culture (including classical music), and quite often are also strongly christian. Mainly Chinese and Korean.

      I don’t think any country suffers from such immigrants. Also, there are many black people in Paris and they were clearly not muslims (very sexily dressed women) and didn’t cause any bother when I strolled about the streets.

      None of this stuff is my problem: my concern is just about a horrible ideology disguised as a religion. And people of every colour and nationality are falling for it.

      And any caucasian who wants to only uphold the white genes can decide with whom to breed. LOL, I met a German boy who fancied me but had been told by his mother than he *must* marry a German. I was white, spoke perfect German and was fully assimmilated – but not German enough. His loss (not that I cared): he was not very bright.

  11. If Austria and Germany don’t change course in the next ten minutes all is lost. Let you know at the end of this mash up.

    Those young ladies have been swallowed whole by the Hegelian Dialectic. That the political elites of Europe would entertain the fantasy that they could include pure Islamic Fascism into this (formula/cognitive dissonance), was beyond Napoleonic hubris. They have turned upside down the world of those soon to be furious five females. And frankly soon they will be washed ashore on our newly liberated land. And what will they do? They’ll come to America full of Marxist Bovine Smaltz and spew it out in that congenitally malformed subtext that was blathered about in the “Women’s March on Washington”. Simply, they’ll blame Trump/Bush. Obama, well he gets a pass. Why? You know why! He can’t be a racist.

    Austria Germany. You have one minute to get your act together.

    • Marxist Bovine Smaltz. Exactly. Thank you. I’ve been looking for a phrase to describe Euro and American leftists and feminists and their utterly vapid, self loathing/destructive, virtue signaling, external female genitalia displaying descent into the Islamoabyss.

  12. I saw the video, very disturbing indeed. A Brazilian girl was interviewed and she mentioned her background, and one can safely assume that a girl in Brazil have to be extra careful especially in isolated places of big urban areas – they usually don’t go out at night alone, but fears are a bit different, basically robbery and some cases end up in murder as in most cases the perpetrators are stoned and couldn’t care less for the life of others, but are cowardly enough to usually target old people and women. A few cases of rape yes, but that’s not the main threat. She probably went to Europe after a better life, which she probably got. But she certainly didn’t expect the way things turned. As I believe must Germans didn’t either. At some stage the Germans will have to react. If it’s not too late. Leftists and their PC BS destroyed Brazilian economy in the last decades – fortunately not to the level of Venezuela – and what is happening to UK, France, Belgium and Germany proves that on the loose leftists can destroy even the most developed countries. One way(corruption, Marxist policies) or another(facilitating islamic invasion). What is not clear to me is what goes in their minds, if they ever think what they will do when Sharia is imposed and the hordes of godless communists become a minority in their own country.

  13. Thank you for not leaving Elisabeth and for doing everything in your power to get the old Austria back. When I went to Austria in 2013, it was not nearly as bad as the feelings I got on my trip in 2016. I feel heartbroken, as I was hoping to convince my American husband to buy a small cottage house in a town outside of Salzburg and he seemed open to the idea. But I know in my heart that it is not a smart idea as these low-impulse people will soon invade those areas too, and the locals will be trying to sell their village properties and leave Austria by the time we retire in 15 years from now when we could then spend more time there. If the trains will be dangerous and the subways we know are already worrisome, what is the point? Driving everywhere feels just like America. I want to walk and take trams like I did all the time in Europe previously as a young adult-night or day. That is what made me feel so happy and able to reap the mysterious joys of these great Austrian cities and towns. And Germany and Switzerland too, as I also lived there too in my youth.

    It was very hard for me to see so many women in Salzburg with the head coverings happily scooting and scurrying around as if they owned the place, as if it belonged to them. Call me selfish. Sorry, I am fine with their head coverings and their religion in their countries of origin, but we here in the West, have no where else to go with our Christian-Judeo civilizations that we built up over 2,000 years. When I look at all these people amongst all the great Catholic and classical architecture, castle gardens and cobblestoned streets and so on, I want to scream. Yesterday was my birthday and you all made me feel better with your sympathizing responses. Thank you, vielen Dank.

    • They really don’t like us white men do they? I say we feed ’em to the Muslims, feet first.

      Watching this lot, you get the impression you have been handcuffed to a lunatic who wants to drag you out onto a ledge and jump, taking you with her.

  14. Ive just watched the film lone survivor. Theres a lesson for western man inthat film.: man up!!

      • Didn’t much like the movie, but yes, did like the message.
        Better to die standing, than to live on your knees. But that’s just me.

      • Instead of killing the shepherds they preferred to have themselves and their colleagues killed. Ah, but at least their consciences were clear.

  15. My position on all western EU nations – from “hold” to “sell”. Trump is right to pull out of NATO; we don’t need to be involved in the next European disaster.

  16. Pepper spray won’t do it. Unless you are trained in martial arts, those self defense gimmicks will only be taken away from you and used on you. The only solution is training daily in martial arts and firearms combat and to carry iron all the time. Three of the best firearms on the planet are made in Germany and Austria … Glock, Sig and Heckler Koch. THAT is a hint.

    Wish I’d been there when that little white leftist punk showed off in front of the camera.

  17. Everyone wants an easy, non-intrusive “fix”, a can of pepper spray, a little pink electric thing, walking with friends, etc. THERE IS NO EASY FIX. When the problem is as hard as stone, the solution must be harder than stone, much harder. Until we stupid Westerners get that through our thick skulls, Islam will keep on winning.

  18. What I don’t understand – or don’t want to think about, I can’t tell which – is that Germany hosted Hitler and Lebensraum in the 1930’s and now less than a century later are actively conniving in their own displacement and “going under”. I know a million – odd tons of bombs dropped and a Stalinist state occurred but still….
    was the Allied “de-Nazification” and re-education really all that effective? I mean, don’t people want to live and breed others that look like them?
    This depopulation of Germany and Europe in general makes me fearful of some sort of brainwashing we are not aware of. Something the tinfoil hats know about but won’t talk about publicly.

  19. No good deed goes unpunished…… people in Germany should show them (Syrians) why Germany is a strong country……you don’t owe anybody anything…..except maybe America for patrolling your borders and keeping you safe millitarially…..when are you going to stand up for your women ……thats why we carry guns in America…if someone or a group of people tried to hurt my wife or daughter, I would kill them…..don’t worry you just have to kill a few , and the message is sent……….God bless Germany

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